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Scarlett spent 3 hours getting dressed for her appearance tonight and Kross just came out in the same clothes he's been wearing all day.


The Moxley way


Probably also doing photo shoots, backstage interviews, backstage segments etc etc. 2 bird 1 stone and all that. The Demon makeup is probably the worse one because he is not doing anything else.


It was worth it tho she looked awesome. Like she is coolest thing about that entrance.


She’s always been the star.


Can confirm... Date night is usually 45 minutes to an hour of the wife getting ready and me like 5.


Dudes on r/squaredcircle have wives?!?! 🤯


Big return : Karrion Kross's hair has returned


That’s a surprise I figured he’d shave again oh well


Might not want to remind people of his last WWE run.


100% i looked up his return and it showed a picture of his bdsm gladiator outfit and it want to forget that too.


He looks SO MUCH better with the hair.


In his CVV interview, Kross talked about it being a character decision that he thought that particular wrestling persona should be shaven headed. Sounds like he is something of a method actor.


I kind of like this more grungier, more rockstar angle they seem to be going for. Making Kross and Scarlett the Bonnie and Clyde of WWE could be a lot of fun.


I’d be down for a Mickey and Mallory.


Hairrion Kross


Now he looks like buffed up Tom Hardy


Another person mentioned that he looked like Edge's brother. Hell, maybe he and Scarlett should have been put on Raw with Edge so he'd have a couple of friends to go after Judgement Day with. Especially if they really pushed Karrion getting as much promo and ring work help from Edge as possible along the way.


Specifically, Edge’s brother Sledge


He has a great head of hair for a guy who was bald for so long. But honestly i like the bald look better.


He's better looking in terms of attractiveness with the hair but in terms of looks for pro wrestling bald Karrion Kross looks like if Lex Luthor got yoked and became a wrestler. Karrion Kross and Jinder Mahal both have perfect movie villain looks it's unreal.


Full hair makes him look like a Bond villain though. Like Renard with Elektra in World is Not Enough. Granted Renard was mostly bald but still lol, gives him some slight debonair flair.


he looks too, nice? with the hair imo, the thing that sold me personally on Kross was how he LOOKED scary and intimidating even, he LOOKED like a hitman, now he looks a model that happens to know how to wrestle


He looks better


Speaking of hair returning, I'd like to see Scarlett go back to being a redhead. We have enough blondes in wrestling, IMO. She looked much better as a redhead, IMO. Evidence: [1](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/cd/Scarlett_Bordeaux_in_AAW_1.jpg/385px-Scarlett_Bordeaux_in_AAW_1.jpg?20140212131701), [2](https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2Fcf%2Ff3%2F22%2Fcff32205af2cf65b613a59262831f817.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F192247477816798568%2F&tbnid=MRdkcnFsRghjAM&vet=12ahUKEwjWuZnYkbH5AhUbrXIEHfnpCOAQMygAegUIARCIAQ..i&docid=dzuw6vCWcSpHbM&w=429&h=600&q=scarlett%20bordeaux%20red%20hair&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjWuZnYkbH5AhUbrXIEHfnpCOAQMygAegUIARCIAQ), [3](https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2F3e%2F61%2F87%2F3e61877b32bddddb11d6eb54781c5d77.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2Fdivas--246361042093830585%2F&tbnid=3potuMD_bD1e4M&vet=12ahUKEwjWuZnYkbH5AhUbrXIEHfnpCOAQMygBegUIARCKAQ..i&docid=MukkdSU9k9qheM&w=457&h=800&q=scarlett%20bordeaux%20red%20hair&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjWuZnYkbH5AhUbrXIEHfnpCOAQMygBegUIARCKAQ), [4](https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Flookaside.fbsbx.com%2Flookaside%2Fcrawler%2Fmedia%2F%3Fmedia_id%3D2159951750924710&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FThePerfectTenScarlettBordeaux%2Fphotos%2Fa.1430551830531376%2F2159951750924710%2F%3Ftype%3D3&tbnid=nhSZtzmD3uvhyM&vet=12ahUKEwjWuZnYkbH5AhUbrXIEHfnpCOAQMygCegUIARCMAQ..i&docid=mmNvZ2oEzgZQBM&w=640&h=960&q=scarlett%20bordeaux%20red%20hair&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjWuZnYkbH5AhUbrXIEHfnpCOAQMygCegUIARCMAQ), [5](https://www.google.com/search?q=scarlett+bordeaux+red+hair&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwj_zOy9kbH5AhVRl3IEHU5rDQ0Q2-cCegQIABAA&oq=scarlett+bordeaux+red+hair&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQAzoFCAAQgAQ6BAgAEEM6BAgAEBhQ_wJYvRBg5RFoAnAAeACAAUeIAekEkgECMTKYAQCgAQGqAQtnd3Mtd2l6LWltZ8ABAQ&sclient=img&ei=rs3tYv-9O9GuytMPzta1aA&bih=899&biw=1920&hl=en)


You've really done your research


Plus, her name IS Scarlett...


Holy shit. I hadn’t seen her as a redhead but yes I 100% support that notion after looking at pic 3.


Number 2 looks like a Tilted Kilt uniform. Not mad.


Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Drew McIntyre called the man “tribal queef”


Get it on a shirt Acknowledge your tribal queef


I died lol


I’m actually pretty sure it’s the wildest line I’ve heard in years


He didn't say anything to Becky.


I was too slow.


I was so disappointed that the crowd no sold that line




The implications for "The Bloodline"....


SRS: “There have been talks of Karrion Kross returning soon.” Kross: “How about tonight?”


It’s funny because people were in that thread saying it was probably Karrion just gassing himself up to SRS because he’s apparently leaked stuff to him before.


Kross: "I told you that i talked to them".


I saw that and was like “oh cool, maybe we’ll start seeing vignettes in a few weeks” Nope. I’m all for it, I’m a fan of his gimmick personally.


Kross returned before Sasha Banks and Naomi


For a split second I thought it was Sasha returning. Then I got very disappointed because I wanted a Sasha/Roman faceoff.


Kross: Say less fam ⌛️


Kross: You son of a bitch, I'm in


HHH kickstarting the NXT apology tour.


He started by forgiving and apologizing to himself. Always find time to forgive yourselves, people.


That's legitmately so fucking funny that he's pushing his boys right into the main event spot.


Hunter said if he's eating, the whole gang's eating lol


“It’ll probably be a gradual shift.” Triple H: Look, I don’t know how long I got till Nick Khan eats the whole company like Majin Buu, I’m driving this bitch like I stole it.


It might be NXT 2.0, but now it's RAW and SD: Black and Gold! Now get me my fucking skulls Bruce!


Quick, someone glue Lio Rush to the hood of a Jeep!


Lookin like Mad Max


someday im gonna wake up and smackdown is gonna open with [a Varials song](https://youtu.be/n7ClyjumNv8) and im just gonna go "well there goes trips again"


And Poppy for RAW.


Triple H being a Dragon Ball fan would honestly explain so much about him and his career.


He's basically a big Vegeta


This legit made me rofl


I don’t even like Kross but I respect the fuck out of that from HHH. Ratings and interest are already soaring because people think he’s in control, give him full reign


Agreed, I don't like Kross at all but they still did him extremely dirty and he deserves a real shot.


I never even disliked him really. I was neutral. His package was peak HHH. I’m excited to see what he’ll do.


Meanwhile I'm here and I fucking loved him. Can't wait to see what they do.


Check out his look from tonight Before he just looked like a high school gym teacher and it was just completely disconnected from his whole evil gimmick Now he looks a lot cooler


You're spot on, his look was a big part of the problem. Before, he looked like a guy that would try to fight you at a Disturbed concert just to impress his girl or some shit. Plus, when he hit that move on Drew outside the ring it actually looked brutal. My biggest issue with him was that his strikes looked like absolute trash. If they fix that, then they may really have something


Pockets ain’t empty cuz


"Are they fucking going over?"


Now if they can get Kevin Dunn the fuck out.


Head of the Table.


He's just speedrunning everything he wants just in case Vince comes back in like 6 months.


Better plan for 6 ~~days~~ hours just in case.


Gargano will have a World title reign, and this is not even a prediction: it's an spoiler...


Rebel heart playing after he wins the world title on a bjg stage will make me cry


Imagine it being The Way that dethrones Roman and The Usos after all this time.


Him,his son, & son in law would make happy. That’s the only time I liked theory


The way he was kicking out of everything in those Adam Cole/Ciampa matches, the Uso interferences might actually be necessary for Roman to beat him lmaooo


But as established during the Undisputed Era feud, interference refills his hp


Gargano plays by anime protagonist rules


That was such a good line by Brock


Raw is in Cleveland next week 👀


WWE DESPERATELY needs new top players TBF. Especially with Cody and Randy out as well.


Yup they’ve needed to make more people a big deal than just Roman and Brock honestly. Im like most “WWE Fans” where I grew up on the attitude era and along the super Cena route I grew tired of it and fell out of touch. My biggest gripe when I tune in basically until recently just for PPVs and an episode or two a year is how everything is ridiculously predictable the same matches every week even facing off before a PPV which is so stupid to me and the fact that nobody gets past Brock or Roman. Give me fresh faces to care about and I’ll gladly tune in as much as possible.


Gargano vs Ciampa, Mania Night 2 Main Event. BOOK IT


I'm seriously curious to see how this plays out. Triple H is presenting these guys as big deals but, I'm not sure what the crossover between main roster viewer and NXT viewer is. So, there could be a sizeable disconnect for a while between what HHH is telling the audience and what the audience actually thinks. It's the most compelling thing in WWE right now for me.


I think even if there is a big gap between attention to brands, finding someone a spot and building them up can still lead to them being built up on another brand. The issue was that they were bringing up the top of NXT, and then jobbing them out, changing their gimmicks, and then forgetting about them. It undid all the work that was done. But taking someone who was at the top of NXT, and pushing them out the gate going "hey, this fucker just murderers everyone down there, and now he's here" works. It's why Keith Lee worked right away. They treated him like a big deal, and then he was just a big deal from then on out. Sure, they messed up later down the line with Covid stuff and trying to change him, but they brought him up, had him beat Randy and he was suddenly a top tier guy despite half the audience not knowing who he was a month earlier.


> But taking someone who was at the top of NXT, and pushing them out the gate going "hey, this fucker just murderers everyone down there, and now he's here" works. Its why it worked with Kevin Owens as well. Here's Kevin Owens interrupting John Cena and fucking beating him on PPV clean. Anyone who was a Raw/Smackdown only viewer imediately thought KO was a big deal.


Sometimes you need to just run with an idea and see if it works.


It's like people forgot that they have done this before, very well in fact. Look at Kevin Owens in 2015, or The Shield in 2012. When they take someone who was a big deal in NXT, and treat them like a big deal on the main roster, they will get over just like they were before. If they take someone who was a big deal in nxt, and change things up either presentation wise or card placement, and you end up with situations like Neville or Bo Dallas(who never should've been in a main event position mind you, but he could easily have been an over midcard heel doing the "champion of BOlovia" thing with the IC title).


Bo could have been a perfect midcard heel with the Bo-Lieve gimmick. He was the perfect guy to be beatable but good enough to win so that matches could go either way and he could be used to bring people up the card.


Honestly, there is a big disconnect between the "casual" NXT and the talent they bring in. I had never heard of Shinsuke Nakamura or Adam Cole before they came in. But they were presented as big deals and then delivered. Let them try the same here.


Triple H plays the long game more. I want to think that he realizes that it will take time to make the MR fans invested in these guys. It won’t happen overnight.


But I think he also knows that you can basically just tell the audience someone is a big deal, if you deliver on it. If they put on the matches and the presentation is consistent, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


This is so overstated in these circles. Most audience members don’t need to know who someone is to take them seriously. As long as the company presents them as a serious deal, the audience will buy in too. It only takes a few minutes of screen time to develop these wrestlers each week. Him being thrust into the universal title scene will make the audience take him seriously.


I never watched nxt, though I'm certainly aware of and familiar with it. I saw a guy show up with a pretty cool entrance, kicked the shit out of McIntyre, has a hot chick with a crazy look, and just challenged/put reigns on notice without really saying a word You have my attention


I think if you want to get someone over as a big deal you need to present them as a big deal. There's no sense worrying that the crowd doesn't know them or watch NXT or whatever other promotion, give it a couple of weeks and if the booking/work is good they're either along for the ride or they're not. If they're not you adjust (or in the past if you're WWE you keep doing the same thing and cramming it down everyone's throats knowing that at least part of the audience will go with it but yeah...)


Gargano v Ciampa in a WrestleMania main event. Just watch.


Maybe not at Wrestlemania, but I wouldn’t mind seeing those two go at it inside Hell in a Cell


Next week a new applicant for CEO shows up at Titan Towers: "Hello, I'm Mr. Nohamcm. And I come from, uh... Parts Unknown. Yes, that'll do."


Cody's going back to AEW


We're gonna get reports of HHH putting Cody in a shoot crossface on the purple chest side.


Goes to New Japan because they dont boo there


The biggest plus is Scarlett is actually here with him this time


Genuine question, doesn’t she do an onlyfans? If so I wonder what they’ll do with that and if it’ll be a really easy example of maybe allowing others to get back to streaming on Twitch and things like that.


Matter of fact, how does the whole Twitch/Cameo edict go now regarding the talent? Was that just a Vince thing or does Nick Khan being co CEO still keep that in place?


I don't know how their whole policy works but Dakota was streaming literally the night before SummerSlam and has streamed since. So they must be more open to it. It's honestly stupid to not let wrestlers reach their fans and build a connection. I'll always root for Adam Cole (even with shitty booking) because he is so God damn endearing when he streams. I'm sure the same can be said about other people like Gargano.


Exactly this. I liked Cole the character, then I found Chugs and now I'm just a supporter of the man himself. He's so damn kind I can only hope for every success for him.


I'd say that it probably more a Vince thing than anything else and I personally doubt that Nick Khan and the others would be too likely to raise too much of a stink as long as it doesn't reflect poorly on the company.


IIRC, i thought they started allowing twitch and cameo by this past wrestlemania?


They canned the edict a few months ago around Wrestlemania time to the great relief of all talent. I have no idea what prompted this about face from Vince since this was well before any scandals were on the horizon.


Kota is allowed to stream so I don't see why she wouldn't be able to do it if none of the photos are nude


Imagine paying for an OF and finding out that none of the pictures are nudes. That'd be like eating the cockroaches on Fear Factor and still losing


You just described all of wrestling OnlyFans/BrandArmy/etc.


I mean, it's not really secret for a lot of accounts. Most of them even straight up say "no nudes".


I mean I give Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies $5 a Month on Patreon and I've never once seen his penis. We pay because there is always a chance


Dudes are still lonely enough to pay for it. Toni's probably making more off OF than she is from wrestling.


The IIconics retired because they realized that could make more money modeling than wrestling, without taking all the bumps.


I'll preface this by saying I've never paid for OF content, but - I'm a guy that's OK with non-nude content. I don't need to see the whole deal, because sometimes it can be disappointing. HOWEVER - the model should be upfront that you're paying for non-nude content.


That annoys me about OF they are straight in an identity crisis. Like are you adult themed content or not? Lol just own that shit you making billions and sparing the mental of a lot of sex workers


Your just paying for glorified instagram pics




that's going to be done while she is in wwe


Kross was completely nerfed without Scarlett


This return was automatically better than having him lose in two minutes to Jeff Hardy while as NXT Champion.


Are you sure? Maybe we should give it time, yanno let it play out


That’s how you debut someone like that. Not losing in 90 seconds to Jeff Hardy.


Just let it play out bro, Kross is going to lose until Scarlett shows up


Well, they're right in a vague prophecy kind of way.


Vince with the long term booking once again. Kross just needed his girl and a full head of hair to win.


“What do you mean his BDSM Gimp armor isn’t getting over with the WWE Universe?!?! Oh well, guess he’s not worth it then, put him on the next round of budget cuts.”


and not wearing a gimp costume from Party City.


There is no mistaking who’s booking this show


Triple H did more for Kross in 3 minutes than Vince McMahon did for him for his whole first run in 2021.


Triple H era in full bloom now baby


Ciampa and Shayna in title matches. Kross showing up in the main event. Yeah we Black and Gold now boys


They said NXT 2.0 was not returning to black and Gold i guess its the main Roster.


He needs to go get Shayna’s old theme back


He’s really feeling the power he has and I’m loving it.


In that single segment alone he was handled so much better than his first run on the main roster. I'd like to forget about that if possible.


HHH is really getting the band back together.






I will shit out my soul if Kross is somehow the guy to dethrone the Tribal Chief, what the actual fuck is happening




Hour glass in front of The Bloodline was pretty badass


Roman needs new jobbers


The Triple H train has no brakes


That was fucking quick. XD


Right? Just earlier there was a post about “rumours of Karrion Kross and Scarlett returning” lmao


They were on the plane as we shit posted


Paul "Fuck you Dad" Levesque


God damn that was quick, it’s like the Thanos snap being reversed


This is actually a great comparison lmao. I’m loving it though


Yeah, Johnny Wrestling is back Monday.


I want them to allow Kross to have a sense of humor. I was not sold on him at all in NXT, especially after Cole buried him. But then I saw a video of him doing a Jesse Ventura impression that was spot on and really funny, and I saw a side of him I never saw before, and should.be used.


“I was doing tricep extensions in the Gulf of Tonkin” is a winner line.


Where is the logic in having someone debut with a cool entrance, beating the shit out of a top guy? ​ Bucket on his head, losing to a struggling mid-carder. That's how you make a debut! I swear this new generation...


Scarlett makes Kross look 10x better. Thank the heavens she's on the main roster too


Lmao that was quick turnaround on “thinking about bringing them back” Trips: “hmm I wonder what Kross is doing tonight I should call him”




Who cares what everyone else thinks. You liked it!


If you enjoyed it then that’s the main thing. Fuck what everyone else thinks.


Idk why people are mad. This is good signs whether you like Kross or not. HHH being able to convince former released stars to come back is such a win for WWE. Im excited to see whats next.


I don't think people ever doubted HHH would be able to get his guys back. Most of these people loved HHH. Kross also didn't seem to get much interest outside of WWE so it seemed inevitable. Kross is just really boring to a lot of people


That's understandable. He do have one of the best entrances though lol. But I can see why some find him boring.


I don't care for Kross but that was legit exciting. Lot of wrongs being made right, even if it's not the one I wanted specifically.


Not me bro I thought Kross was dope in NXT and I thought that debut was lit. I'm excited to see what he can do on the main roster with a booker who actually gets him lol


Word, he never really got a chance to do his shtick in front of people in nxt


Interesting to see how split people are here about this, but I definitely am going to keep an open mind to it until we see how it plays out in the long run.


I missed the Karrion Kross era so I have no idea who he is. lol


His presentation is fucking amazing but most people can agree he’s very average in the ring. Still awesome to see fresh faces


there's no chance he wins but I would laugh my ass off if Kross took a belt off Roman


I mean, that would be a serious message to every former NXT star who left and didn't renew their contract.


You have a great fucking point


Dude looks a lot better with hair


“Karrion Kross has controlled his narrative”


Take this as someone who doesn't really care for Kross much. That was pretty fucking badass. Made him look like a legit star, and 100000x better then what they were doing with him before hand.


MLW in shambles.


Holy shit that was fast.


How was the pop for Kross in the arena?


It's cool for him because he got really fuck over when he move to the main roster, but I never cared for him, no matter how hard they tried in NXT, the presentation and all is good, but once the ring bell I just have no interest in Kross


Well, they just telegraphed that Drew isn't going to win the title at Clash at the Castle by setting up his next feud before the damn event.


No they didn’t. This could very easily be setting up Kross vs Drew


It could also be a way to protect Roman by having Kross be the reason he loses to Drew.


They did this with Kross in NXT as well. Scarlett came out and gave Adam Cole the hourglass before his match with Lee and Lee ended up winning the title then he had a feud with Kross


Goddamn Scarlett!! You know what, I’ll take Kross if it means Roman FINALLY suffers some adversity. It’d help if Roman actually sold it at all.


tbf, if roman doesnt have memory problems he'd recognize him as that dude who used to wear bdsm gear to the ring.


Guess he doesnt like to control his narrative


He has a decent amount of Indie dates booked, wonder what's going to happen with them


Dude looks so much better with hair and a full beard. Looked like an accountant who just wants to tell you about vintage Harleys with the shaved head and goatee.


It's all really weird, Kross, who had a disastrous main roster run just got inserted into the biggest storyline in the whole company


Okay Gargano watch on Monday is definitely a go. This came out of nowhere for me.


HHH having a hard on for Karrion Kross is my favorite meme. It didn't take him but a week to have him on TV and involved in the main event.


Let's not forget the biggest return of them all... HOSPITAL is back after so many years of dealing with that 'local medical facility' jargon!


I read somewhere that they said that due to idiots going to the closest hospital to the arena after someone was reported as going there... but having said that, I have no idea how saying "local medical facility" would make things any better in that regard, seeing as I'd assume most that were stupid enough to do that in the first place would just keep going to the closest hospital to the arena anyways.


Not a big fan, but always good to see someone getting a second chance after being dealt a bum hand. Scarlett is a big enhancement for his act. This is a way, way better look for him than bald-headed, goatee gladiator.


YES!!! Been a big fan of Kross since Impact and it's great to see this!


Fantastic. I literally want to watch every week. H.


People so miserable and not willing to accept change lmao. Smackdown roster is thin as it is, what harm does this do


Someone in the live chat I was in tonight said "You aren't a wrestling fan unless you hate wrestling"