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HHH: Hey Kross, we want you back Kross: is Jeff Hardy there? HHH: No Kross: I’m in!


More like Kross: Do I have to wear that stupid mask again? HHH: Nope! Kross: You son of a bitch, I'm in!


More like: Kross: Do I have to get the vaccine? HHH: Yes Kross: But...


Ootl, why would hardy be a factor? Edit: Thank you everyone




In his debut…


while nxt champion


Then beat him again two weeks later I think


Wasn't Kross undefeated up to that point too?


Yep. The only reason Kross had lost the title the first time was because he got injured.


I don't even like Kross and I feel bad for him. That's so bullshit.


Also the crowd cared more about Jeff coming out to No More Words than to Kross losing.


Lol I remember how weird that was and people were defending Kross losing. Fucking stupid. I didn't like his style but to have what is your third brand and have him lose then come out the next week in shitty Mad Max armor was terrible.


Road Dogg giving full-throated support to the booking by repeating the phrase “just wait and see how it plays out” as if *anyone* had a decent plan for Kross was the cherry on top of that dookie pie


He did the same thing when Becky started her heel run that eventually turned into The Man gimmick. Can't catch lightning in a bottle twice bud


Kross was never my favorite NXT champ, but seeing him get so poorly mistreated on Raw made me realize just how much I did appreciate him by contrast to Vince's apparent perception of him lol.


It’s so weird, especially because he fits the MO of what everybody thought Vince wanted in a wrestler


Kross is a really nice guy too, smart, athletic af, good look, i cant figure out for life of me why Vince and his cronies decided to play frat boy shit with Kross and make him into an embarrassing joke. Theres paying your dues and then there is just work place bullying. I cant think of anyone they called up and shit on more than Kross. Perhaps the tag team guys, i forget their name. Ascension was it?


That says something about Kross imo... This sub didnt love him back during his reign really if I remember right


i’ve tried but i really just can’t get into Kross. something about the way he looks and the way he wrestles just bores me. he’s a big ol nothing burger and looks like a failed experiment from 2004-2007 Smackdown. i can’t help but think of Luther Reigns, Mike Knox, Vito, Tyson Tomko when i see Kross.


So what you’re saying is Kross needs an awkward Thanksgiving segment, Kelly Kelly, a dress, and full body tribal tats **Then Kross shall ascend**


Does Kross want some peas? Has he had peas before?


This sub HATED Kross during his NXT run


He's Marc Mero for the modern age his valet is way more over than he is, at least Mero showed he had a ton of charisma on his own with the Johnny B. Badd character in WCW.


That’s not fair to Marc mero. Johnny b badd was great and so was marvelous Marc mero


Which made it so much weirder. They actually set it up right, but then did the 100% wrong finish. Crowd favorite comes out to his cool old music, gets massively cheered, then get's stomped out in 2 minutes by the new guy, who then get's boo'ed. It's right there. Its like booking 101. You take the thing that people like, and have someone break it, and then they hate the new thing, and you can go from there. But Jeff wins, no one cares because they already popped for him and no one really wants to see 2022 Jeff Hardy matches anyways, and Karrion just got squashed by a guy who hadn't been on a PPV in 5 months.


Kross was undefeated in NXT. For a while. He then randomly comes out on an episode of Raw, has a match with Jeff Hardy, and loses it after o ly a few minutes. So his winning streak was ended by a Jeff in a match with no build at all.


A Jeff Hardy that had primarily been on Main Event in the weeks before, including losing to pre-push Veer too.


So, while Kross was still nxt champion, he gets called up to raw… to job to Jeff Hardy. And not like “well it was a competitive match atleast” no it was a squash. And it wasn’t acknowledged that Kross was nxt champion


It was acknowledged that Kross was NXT champion. He appeared on Raw with the title belt a few times before he lost it to Samoa Joe.


When he got called up, Jeff beat him with a sorta kinda powerbomb into a roll up in a less than 2 min match.


With his legs on the ropes.


Correct. I had read and then heard Kross himself say that the match was supposed to be 10 min and when he got in the ring, the ref said it was now 90 seconds. I just went back and watched it and it was 100 seconds. He was reportedly supposed to lose to Jeff again the next week but Jeff was out. Kross seemed to be pretty laid back about the whole thing and was really happy to be able to work with Jeff.


on his first main roster run, he lost with a roll up on his debut match to jeff hardy.


While he was NXT Champion and undefeated.


Now you dealin' with the Jeff Factor


As others have pointed out, in his debut match on Raw, Kross lost to Jeff Hardy within two minutes all while he was NXT World Champion. People were pretty much like "wtf?!" and he was sent back to NXT and literally gone from the company not too long after that. Apparently, their idea for him was that he'd continue to lose until they called up Scarlett and she was gonna be like his secret power and he was losing because she wasn't there but now with her on his side he would start winning and all that. Not the worst idea but there was no reason to make the match vs. Jeff a two minute stinker. He could've still lost in a nice little 7-8 minute bout and they maybe would've had a chance to keep it going. But after that first week the fans were like what the fuck is this and shit all over it.


He was one of the biggest examples of the disconnect between Vince and HHH’s NXT, so this isn’t that much of a surprise. I would be curious to see how they would package him moving forward.


I couldn’t believe how Vince disregarded everything with Kross’ character. There was an entrance, his promos, their look. And he made him put a stupid mask on. How dumb.


I don't have a single doubt in my mind that he was purposefully sabotaged. It happened the same time they were starting to fire Hunter's crop of wrestlers and changed over NXT. It was either a deliberate power move by Vince trying to "put Hunter in his place" for "failing" or the anti-Hunter contingent of Vince's cronies got in his ear with the same ends. The Kross thing never made sense because everything about him and his act is everything Vince likes. That was done out of pure spite IMO


With how fast Vince fucked over Hunter’s vision with NXT and firing almost everyone who should still be in WWE right now, I legitimately feel like Hunter was a/the whistleblower with the Vince scandal.


Yep. I would definitely not be surprised if that's the case.


And all the stories that came out were after HHH became a backstage guy. None of the NDAs came from employees from the 90s iirc.


my money is on Stephanie. she was "encouraged" to take a Leave of Absence (corpo speak for fired) a few months before it all blew up.


Steph took that leave of absence to be able to rest and spend time with her family because they knew all the way back then that Vince was leaving and Steph was being promoted to co-CEO. They didn't just decide in the last two weeks that Vince was out and Steph was promoted. Guarantee they knew what was happening months ago when the WSJ started asking questions.


Yep, I keep saying Steph and H (NXT) were ‘fired’ to look like a clean pair of hands when brought back by Vince to replace Vince


If Stephanie was fired, they wouldn’t have made her Co-CEO lmao. The most likely scenario is she was aware shit was about to blow up so she took a leave of absence as a break before having to come back to deal with everything.


That doesn't explain all the scuttlebutt among WWE's pet journalists about how Stephanie was bad at her job and wasn't getting shit done.


People internally didn't like her and decided to muddy the waters for her. It's simple. Doesn't mean the people leaking that out there were above her, or was responsible for her LOA


That is awfully convenient


The only thing that gives me pause about this is that with these payments, Vince could hypothetically wind up in prison. We also still don’t know the full extent of the allegations towards Vince, and I would wonder if theres a chance that somehow they get brought into it if they were aware of more serious allegations towards him?


Quite honestly, I speak only for myself, BUT I never saw Kross as a "big star". Neither now nor future. Dude is waaaay over the top to be "brawler #58". He didn't show presence to be an undertaker-like spooky character like his entrance and Scarlet indicated him to be, he didn't have a dominant move-set to be a bad-ass deserving of a magnum opus of entrance and, quite frankly, he didn't even got a good finisher move. Idk about "Killer Kross" before WWE, but in NXT he always felt like the most undeserving overpushed generic goatee white guy they had in the roster. It was jarring to see a dude that looked like a indie midcarder being dressed and used as a main eventer on NXT. The ONLY thing I can't say about him is that he was bad in the ring. He may not be outstanding, but he wasn't bad. He was just... bland. Ah, of course, KOR should have beaten Bálor, and Kross entire push after his return from injury fucked HARD over Kyle, to the point of making him a doofus. I don't believe for a second that KOR would have left WWE if he was treated right and crowned NXT Champion when the time was right. EDIT: Wow, I really got carried away, eh? Anyway, my point was: while I do agree that he was sabotaged, I don't think anything of value was lost with his departure. He deserved dignity, and deserved to be presented as anything but a BDSM-Lite Gladiator-wanna-be... Still, he doesn't deserve the spotlight as a main eventer he was getting on NXT, neither should him go back as a main eventer on SmackDown.


I don’t know, I always thought Karion was cheesy as fuck. Way over done. Really didn’t care for his presentation at all.


i didn't either, but i still recognize that he SHOULD tick all the boxes for the main roster, and that he was done dirty.


Gimp mask and outfit! 🤣


Demolition from Wish I swear


Vignettes teasing a return is my guess then have Scarlett introduce him at the end.


Which is shocking because he seems like the type of thing Vince would love (dominant heel, sexy manager, big great character presentation)


The disconnect was HHH thinking Kross should be a main eventer


He should be. He might not be an elite wrestler in terms of athletic ability and stuff but his character and presentation in NXT was top tier. I’ll take a decent wrestler with a great character over a super athletic flippy boy with a generic gimmick.


This sub kept saying that he was boring once the bell rang.


Kross doesn’t belong in the same category as Reigns, Drew, Bobby, Seth, Brock, Cody Those are main eventers. Kross is a generic big guy that listens to too much Metal and makes it his personality


I think Kross would really benefit from a Miro-type of run with a midcard title, like the IC Championship. Let him go on a monster spree defending the title every other week


*Five Finger Death Punch instead of metal, let's be real.


You’re 100% right. Those guys are way out of his league. I’d consider them all-time top champions. Those are the dudes that will leave a lasting impression. You don’t have to be a legendary top guy to be a main eventer.


Throw in Orton, Edge, and KO and those guys are literally just the current uppercard before you even get to guys like AJ, Riddle, etc. If Kross can’t hang with them as a peer, he’s not good enough to be a main eventer like they are.


while I'd agree outside the presentation and look he just fell flat. you still have to have matches that don't stink. most of it felt like a style as he tried to be some monster but size wise he wasn't and trying to be a monster against a bigger Dijakovic was silly. his best match was probably Escobar as he was good in the street fight but his match against Keith Lee stunk too. he should stay away from bigger guys unless he changes his style.


Prime example, Ricochet. Guy is extremely talented and athletic, but other than that there's nothing.


Except he doesn’t have a great character, he’s got a special entrance and a beautiful wife.


He's the Marc Mero to Scarlett's Sable.


I wonder if he’s gonna build back up in NXT or go straight to the main roster. I don’t feel like the audience was familiar with him when he first came up.


I really doubt he goes back to NXT


He'd definitely go straight to RAW.


I feel like he's destined to return with a patented NXT copyright bug beatdown of Bron Breakker and feud with him before moving to the main roster


Bron would continue his streak of mid feuds then.


Bron really came along at the worst time. Imagine him when nxt was still black and gold


There would be no reason for him to go back to NXT. Especially right now.


I think one of the problems with some of the last Black and Gold NXT guys coming up was that the main roster crowd wasn't really familiar with them. Like look at Ciampa right now he gets pretty tame reactions from the crowd. Kross should just go to the main roster.


Interest was very high, apparently


Frightful indeed.


Very Frightful


Halloween came early


Triple H going for the speedrun goddamn.


While I'm not a fan, he deserves a better shot with a gimmick that isn't "gimp from Pulp Fiction."


*\*Karrion Kross returns\** "you feelin' okay WWE universe?" "Nah, im actually pretty fuckin' far from okay"


Of all the call ups, regardless of how I feel, he’s gotta be one of the most botched right? Alongside ~~glorious~~ Bobby Rhode


Modern day equivalent of Red Rooster, imo.


Update: confirmed by WWE


Triple H gave him one of the biggest pushes in NXT history , I’d be more surprised if he didn’t try to bring him back sooner or later.


I liked Karrion Kross. Had good presentation, decent enough in the ring, and has a bombshell of a wife. He’s a good heel if booked proper and not wearing gimp gear


That was one quick discussion.


Kross (or his team) love to give scoops to Sapp. - Offered a spot at ROH Supercard before TK - Talked to TK about a deal - Offered the Big Cass spot on Dynamite. Wouldn’t take it w/o Scarlett - Confronted Bill Bhatti the racist loser reporter at Starrcast over a fake Scarlett story - Now this one.


Ya know, there's reasons to dislike Kross the performer, and there's reasons potentially to dislike Kross the person. But it's hard to dislike the fact that one of his main motivations is to make sure Scarlett gets a deal when he gets a deal. It's not unlike when Macho Man would insist that his brother get taken care of, or his father get a HoF induction in WCW. The man's using his value to help take care of someone he cares about. (And yeah, I get that they're a couple, but still...you don't see a LOT of married/long term couples doing this in wrestling.)


Just want to remind everyone the only highlight of Killer Kross’ post-WWE run was Minoru Suzuki calling him a “fucking young boy” out loud.


Insult to the young boys who are better workers and more charismatic TBH. At least they sprint to the ring instead of wasting our time with what appears to be a perfume commercial shot by student film makers.


This aged well


This aged really really well.


Kross really did plan an A+ game in how he conducted himself post release. Just goes to show that leaving a job with grace is always best.


I’ll always be baffled by what happened to him on the main roster. It felt like out of everyone Karrion Kross was a guy that NXT was making specifically for the main roster (like he was doing main roster shit on NXT), and yet they still fucked him up. I didn’t even love the guy but I was still shocked.


It had to be intentional, I can’t imagine what the big storyline plan was for them to have their NXT champ get rolled up by Jeff hardy in 2 mins.


Yeah I said last night in the latest "who do you think will come back" thread that I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Kross and Scarlett come back.


Him and Lumis would be great


Well I guess they did more than just discuss it….


Hey Karrion want to come back and take on the Undisputed champion?!


Hmmmmmm i'm starting to believe this is true


Well that's not the name I was hoping for.


I know, I thought the news would come from Fightful instead.


At the same time, a name that isn't surprising either. Kross seems like the exact archetype HHH enjoys and will probably do a lot to try to hide his less-than-stellar ringwork. As much as people pan him, his presentation (pre-gimp suit) felt like it was made for TV.


His match against DBS Jr on Sunday was awful


King’s Road cosplay that the crowd did not give one single fuck about. The best thing about the match was that it was short


Mercifully short, like they knew it'd be terrible and thought "Let's not put the fans through this, they've paid good money."


Personally I think both guys can have good matches. If the opponent is a good wrestler. They work at their opponents pace I feel like and that's just an awful combination to put together. I said it before the show but I'll say it again they should have added Hammerstone to make a big man triple threat for the MLW title.


They actually has a much better match (low bar, but it was pretty great) against each other at Bloodsport a few years ago, if that style is something you’re into.


Never seen any of the bloodsport events but I'm sure they could have a good match under a more mat based gimmick.




not really excited tbh, unless he does that Sean O'Haire inspired devils advocate gimmick


Ok. Whelmed. I like the guy but not enough to care about this.


Felt the same. He's a midcard guy imo. Who knows I might like a Kross/Lashley feud.


He was one of the rare people in nxt that no one really cared much about. Didn't really fit in nxt


Yeah. I honestly can't say I've ever gotten anything from his matches or character or anything really. He's just always been... kinda good? Like he's not bad, but he's not great at anything either he's just okay.


Some people saw Kross push in NXT and still will somehow be shocked lol This felt inevitable.


One of the few releases I agreed with Vince on, he was blah.


I mean, I get it, he was one of Triple H’s big pet projects, but like… idk, I’ve never really gotten his appeal.


Is he even that over???


Watching paint dry is back on the menu boys!


I don't think Kross is top compelling as a singles act yet, even on the main roster which is more tailored to the NXT version of him. However, I do think he could work as a guy whose like a hitman of sorts. Someone who you go to to take guys out. Like a one man APA. A darker version of Shawn Spears current character in AEW. I think that could be good for him. Then if people like what they see, pull the trigger on the singles run.


Resign him just for his killer Jessie the body impression


Nah, bring back Lumis


Hey guys, WWE did a little more than discussing


Well that was fast




This aged very well.




That’s lame to be honest. I have no interest in the dude. Don’t know what it is. He’s just not that good to me, his entrance was cool, but what is he adding to the roster that couldn’t have been a young homemade wrestler or a guy like Gargano or Wyatt?


Triple H found a body for his soul transfer, huh?


This is big if true


Seems like they might have done more than just discuss it


Man, I love the taste of wine!


I’ll believe this when I see it /s


When your show has too many fun characters, it's time to bring on the deadly... Mr. Bland! When you want to add more depth to the video game roster without putting in any work, it's time to bring on... Default CAW!


Hey I actually did the default CAW thing as a trainee character set. It's a fun idea.


Oh no thank you




triple h will make raw into black and gold nxt, all those fans who tweeted how trash that era was and how it wasn't real wrestling are gonna quickly delete all those tweets and do a 180 lmao.


I dunno what they saw in him other than Scarlett. Just seemed like another generic big guy. No real character outside of the played out ‘I’m mean and I’m going to hurt you’. A solid enough midcard act but absolutely nothing special outside of the entrance, though why waste an elaborate entrance and a valet to a midcard guy whose job is ultimately putting over your top guys.


This will never happen


And yet




Hahahahaha you fuckers forgot how god damn high Trips is on Kross didn't you?


Him and Raquel are about to get a bigtime push.


Honestly amazes me Raquel didn't get a big push under Vince tbh


HHH got his (skulls) guy


This aged well


The dude got publicly sonned by Suzuki. Slapped and called a youngboy


Kross as a main eventer was when a lot of the fans drastically turned on NXT B&G. I genuinely hope HHH doesnt make the same mistake again cause theres a lot more popular talent now than nxt had at the time and pushing him now might do more damage


I’m quite scared. Quite frightened.


Hell yeah 😁


I am SO down for the first wave of HHH's WWE decisions being to just undo Vince's


I def want to see the bonkers entrance on the main roster


Would be a great addition to the mid card.


What Kross was doing in NXT seemed tailormade for the main roster. I dunno why they had to fuck with it and make the man look like a gimp.


I always liked Kross. Felt he had some good matches on NXT but was booked horribly on Raw. Would like to see a second chance


Hear me out, Heel Kross: Bald Face Kross: head full of hair


Not mad at it


hair vs hair match now has consequences


Kross was never my cup of tea, but they really fucked him over by bringing him up to the main roster as a gladiator gimp.


Well, looks like Triple H didn't waste anytime.


I guess that answers the question


And there he is.


Well shit, guess that was right


Triple H doing a "Bring karrion kross back to WWE any%" run


I think the discussions went well.


well he came back bagghad


Judging by the YouTube clip I just watched I'd say we're well past the discussion stage, LOL.


Discussed? They were way ahead us.


Spoiler alert


Road Dogg is staring so hard at his phone it is beginning to melt.


Son of a bitch, it happened....






I would like if they give him a bit of a shake up and kinda dropped the whole spooky thing about him. I hope he keeps the hair though it looks good


Bring him out in suits every week with Scarlett by his side. Give him soft-spoken but pointed promos about how he’s mild yet ruthless in his personal life and business dealings, and how he carries that to the ring in the many disciplines he’s trained in. Make him Bruce Wayne who’s gone heel and doesn’t put the cowl on anymore, only concerned with his self interests and administering his own form of punishment.


But isn't he just an entrance guy with a valet?


Yeah, that's a nope from me dawg.


The only thing noticable since he got released is how WAHEY Scarlett's onlyfans has been. He has fucking nothing.




Kross is one of the last people I’d bring back. He’s never clicked with me even at the height of his presentation in NXT.


Ugh, please don't.


I'm not the biggest fan of Kross, but if they bring him back, I hope they actually figure out what his gimmick is. They were all over the place with him, the entrance was cool, but it was totally out of step with what he does in the ring, it was vaguely supernatural at times but then it wasn't, it just seemed to be entirely sizzle but no steak. Kross is fine as a worker, but I'd just like them to give him a character that makes any sense whatsoever.


I would certainly hope so. He is a good wrestler. Politics aside, him and Scarlett are a fantastic attraction.


Makes sense to me. Whether or not you personally like Kross, Hunter clearly saw him and presented him as a big deal, only to see Vince seemingly purposefully make a point to humiliate him and in turn Hunter. Frankly, anyone that Hunter used in NXT, especially anyone he put the strap on, is a likely bet to be someone Hunter is going to be interested in re-visiting on the main roster. For the few that are floating around as free agents, it's obvious they're going to try and bring them back.


No surprise there. He is boring af but Triple H really likes him.


Wasn’t a big fan of the guy, but I hope his booking/style is similar to his post-injury NXT run.


He is solid with a more grounded gimmick. The spooky stuff didn’t work for him. Many fans didn’t like it in NXT. His main roster run was bad, but it doesn’t mean his NXT work was that good. I do think maybe he didn’t get a fair shake, but not sure if he’s so good that WWE has to have him. HHH really seemed like him, though.


I agree. I've never been a massive fan of his, but I enjoyed him much more in Impact when he was just an intense psychopath type guy than in NXT as a force of Biblical evil.


Gee another timely "scoop" from Sean cRoss-eyed Sapp


As much as he dominated in NXT, they absolutely killed him by having him lose his first match on Raw (as NXT Champ!) so quickly, not to mention losing Scarlett and his entrance on top of that. He then became absolutely laughable when he was given the Zardoz cosplay as his wardrobe. I know the sabotage was most likely a Vince thing, but still, they're going to have to be miracle workers to redeem him into something resembling a main-eventer.