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I don't see it happening. Sasha would have to do something completely egregious to get WWE to fire her ASAP while still under contract. WWE can play the waiting game. They can pull a Mustafa Ali on her and have her sit at home for several months or freeze her contract.


she should try start a union, that would get her fired.


[Or at the very least put her in a stable with Mankind, Big Show, Test and Ken Shamrock](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7Ugj2fPpcw)


I have absolutely no memory of this. Amazing.


Originally they started as a counter to Shane's corporation as the "Union of People You Oughta Respect, Son." or simply UP YOURS. It was shortened to The Union not too long after.


I was obsessed with wwf during this time and I really have no memory of it. Thanks for sharing this. I’m going down a rabbits hole.


The group only lasted about a month


That's not projecting Vince's thoughts at all...


Get your 2 by 4 ready!


Pretty sure if you put any of those two together as a tag team in Wrestlemania 2000 they'd come out as The Union as well.


That has to be a Russo idea. Just because of Russo's love of stupid acroynms.


*train whistle* UNION


Mick would love that, wouldn't he


Hmmm, what if EVERY wrestler tried to start a union at the same time? They can't fire everyone! Heck, the wrestlers could then use their new leverage as bargaining power to gain more employee benefits! Wouldn't even need a union, but we'd have to think of some word for this new kind of organization.


That or going on a press tour to talk about being an independent contractor. She has a lot of leverage.


Or open up an OnlyFans.. I'd sign up in a heartbeat! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|heart_eyes)


They'd sooner sit her than release her.


And it has to be really egregious, Sasha Banks posted Anti-Vax statements on her Instagram, they have Ronda Rousey who is/was a Sandy Hook Denier.


Sasha’s an anti vaxer?


Sasha very obviously got vaccinated.


She was pushing anti-vax material on social media while already vaccinated.


On a weekend she liked a few instagram posts that had among them antivaxx content but also all kinds of other natural medicine and healing crystals and stuff like that. This was one instance. She hasn't really PUSHED material and she hasn't done anything since that one time. So that some people still bring that up at every opportunity like she is some hardcore anti-vaxx nut is just in bad faith.


I mean, people on this sub still think AJ Styles is a genuine flat earther even though he denied it on his Twitch stream a while back. People here just believe whatever the hell they want to believe as long as they can make a running joke out of it.


Yeah he just said something about finding those theories interesting and that turned into him being a flat earther. Insane how easily misinformation spreads.


Thats not exactly how it happened. His coworkers routinely jabbed at him about being a flat earther and when asked about if he was, he didn't deny it. He instead gave a wishy-washy answer about finding theories like that interesting. Even when he later made a firmer statement, he claimed several theories proved it was flat but that he didn't believe someone would fall off.


> On a weekend she liked a few instagram posts that had among them antivaxx content but also all kinds of other natural medicine and healing crystals and stuff like that. This is very different from say, Nia Jax posting straight-up anti-vax shit on her stories.


Eh, it is hard to say. She has shown to fall Abita into the crunchy rabbit hole, but I suspect when it was made clear by WWE everyone needed to be vaccinated she did it.


I thought she just liked some "natural immunity" post.. not a fully on anti-vax?






She shared a couple things in her IG story (so she didn't actually post it) from some dumb anti vax, natural immunity account and this sub collectively lost their minds lol like she didn't walk around in a mask for most of the last two years and also did get vaccinated.


I don't think she even shared it, i think she liked some posts and someone noticed.


I think she liked two things and shared one on her story. But still, I saw more vitriol towards that than towards any man who's actively wrestling and has possibly committed sexual or physical assault.


yuppp. sasha had me side-eyeing her a bit, but she hasnt gone full mask off or anything particularly bad. hardly the wrestler im most worried about when theres some fascy types in the wrestling world.


Like drive around the parking lot while dragging the Slammies behind?


If they wouldn’t release Mustafa Ali or Roderick Strong I can’t see them releasing Sasha. They’ll just sit her at home the same way they did with Ali


I assume Sasha is making significantly more than those guys though


Sasha is also honestly a lot move valuable grab by any other promotion, particularly AEW, who's biggest weakness is it's women's division


Eh those situations are different tho. Ali and Strong didn’t walk out on the show they were main eventing in as champions.


Maybe Snoop smokes with Vince


Until they bring her back just to have her inevitably lose every match since her return, like Ali.


Hey now Ali won the first match against Miz


Also the obvious shape of the angle is Mustafa Ali being an underdog babyface who in a vacuum is a serious threat to Theory, the Boss’s boy, so they’re pulling out all the stops to discredit him, springing Veer on him, handicap matches, Miz reffing and fast counting, this is basic booking stuff where he’s gonna get an isolated chance for the belt, no Miz no Mahaan to interfere and then get the belt


Pretty sure we've seen WWE squash people after similar setups, so I won't hold my breath. I hope they push him like he deserves, though.


They won't.


Ali is not getting the belt though.


Yes because Ali being in a program with one of the best heels WWE has ever had and the budding face of the franchise is such a bad program to be in! He could be on Dark in front of 5,000 viewers on YouTube. Instead he’s in a US Championship program. Don’t see how that’s bad. He wins one week then loses the next, wow. Buried.


The Darks gets roughly around 350K viewers each. The US title is near meaningless at the moment. Ali will be gone by the time a Theory program has significant meaning. The Miz is a great heel cumulatively over his career. He's nowhere near his peak on the mic right now. Would he rather be doing this type of midcard feud forever, or have the occasional match on Dark AND have the oppourtunity to have all time classic matches on TV with unleashed versions of Danielson, Omega, Mox, Punk, etc.


Literally fucking imagine believing that the WWE US Champion picture is less important than Dark. This is some sad Mark level shit


Those people just asked for their release, they didn’t walk out on a Raw main event after several disagreements with top management and Vince himself.


I doubt that they would release her or grant her release if she requested it, but given that they publicly threw her and Naomi under the bus I can see Sasha just refusing to return. If she was already feeling disrespected, that only made it significantly worse.


There is a 0% chance they release Sasha. Sasha asked for her release years ago and Vince told her to take some time off and clear her head.


That's before they just released a statement condemning her actions and called her unprofessional on live television. I wouldn't rule out anything at this point.


If they release her from her contract she’ll either take off and do TV and movies, or she’ll show up in AEW or Stardom. It would not only make more business sense, but would also be more petty and vindictive, for WWE to just keep her sat at home through the rest of her contract


> WWE > Petty > Vindictive Yep, she’s stuck there.


unlike Ali, she only has 1 year at most on her deal, and the ability to keep herself in the limelight on social media and other ventures. i think WWE has screwed themselves either way here


Has that been confirm anywhere regarding her contract status?


Yeah, I'd like to see a source on that


Sasha has the money and star power (read: support from competitors if need be) to be the one to challenge WWE’s independent contractor situation. They don’t want the smoke, they’ll let her go if she fights it enough.


Do you know how much lawyers cost?


Well it’s not just about the cost of a good lawyer. There’s probably a lawyer that would be willing to pick up this issue under the premise they could get more business in the future. Mysterio and Lesnar have both had mild success fighting off WWE in court. Sasha’s ability to fight off WWE could come down to her having “fuck you” money or a deep pocketed political benefactor willing to foot the bill for legal challenge on a labor issue


Add CM punk to that list as well. Honestly pretty much anyone who has fought WWE's contracts has won.


Its called being a bully. They are trying to show her that they control (I hate to say this) the narrative, and that they can make her look bad. So far it has backfired, but they can ice her forever and force her to sue if they really want to. If they fire her today, she turns down the 90 days shows up on Dynamite and would have the potential to be one of the top stars in wrestling just by being one of the most high profile "fuck you vince" acts since CM Punk.


You don't get to 'turn down' the 90 days. It's the company saying "You're fired in 90 days, we'll keep paying you to sit home in the meantime". Some like Andrade were able to negotiate with WWE to not have that apply to them, but it's WWE's call to make. For Andrade, they likely didn't want to upset Charlotte and thus gave him permission.


WWE has lost every time when a wrestler has gone to court to get out of their contract early. Most of them just ride it out because it's free money to just rest.


And they changed their contracts after that precisely to account for this. They give 90 days notice of termination and still pay the wrestler for those 90 days...its basically a "stay at home and dont get hurt" notice, not a "you're fired today and have to wait 90 days to do anything".


This is just blatantly false


okay, what did I miss?


But what if they fired her, and had Xpac come back to play the Sasha Banks character? Would anyone know?


Finishing Move: The Bronco Bosster


Dammit, that’s good.


Serious question. How is it possible these contracts are structured so that WWE can release people at will (or with a 90 day clause) and the talent are not capable of doing the same?


From everything I've read, WWE contracts aren't worth the paper they're printed on. However, WWE has the resources to tie something up in court far longer than it is worth for a wrestler to challenge it. It's in WWE's best interest that they never have to defend their contracts because if they lose, there is then precedent.


“plans change”


I won't say it's impossible because if the wrestling world has taught us anything these past couple of years, anything is possible. But I'd be very shocked if WWE released her. She is a star whose stock is starting to rise in the entertainment industry. The type of star a brand could be built around. Even if she has no intention of wrestling again, I can't imagine WWE even giving AEW the chance of scooping her up.
















> She is a star whose stock is starting to rise in the entertainment industry. The type of star a brand could be built around. Even if she has no intention of wrestling again Implying that Sasha Banks can become an actress of any TV Shows/Movies and become successful?


Not any TV show or movie. But action type stuff that The Rock and Batista do, sure.


Dave always has the funniest ways of saying "I haven't a fucking clue what's going on"


no fucking way they let her leave


We still haven't got the 4HW Mania main event though


Ah to be in that booking room when they announce who is going over in that match lol


WWE: Actually Asuka was a horsewoman the whole time it was never Sasha!


The late great Eddie Guerrero’s early days in Japan inspired Asuka from an early age, he’s the reason why she does this!


Seems to me like Sasha will probably just sit out her contract like last time until things smooth over.


WWE won't release them. They'll just keep them in contract expiry purgatory until they leave.


I get why people would be scepticap about the idea of WWE letting her go, but this situation is much more reminescent of Jeff Hardy than it is of Mustapha Ali. You never know.


Similar to Jeff Hardy in what way getting mad about being told to go to rehab or getting upset at the company openly snarking on you for getting popped on a trafficking charge?


I’m less sure than I was when the news of the walkout first broke, but ultimately I don’t think they’ll release her. She could try to straight up quit like Toni did, but I don’t see them letting her leave without a fight


Highly doubt they release her, Sasha asked for release before right and i think Vince just told her to take some time off


Bryan Alvarez had heard some pretty harsh words apparently from other wrestlers in WWE


Harsh words about what/whom?




If they release Sasha I would be genuinely shocked.


How on earth do we not have a Megathread for this yet? Mod are out here fucking up.


Megathreads suck for developing news, but yea not having one for this is inconsistent at least.


Megathreads kill good discussion. It's just a tool for the mods to lower the amount of work they have to do.


I agree. While it's more organized, it's hard to have active discussions with new information when there's already two thousand comments since the night before


I personally don't like them either but usually one would be posted whenever there's drama.




They'll probably just sit at home until their contract is done


I'm sure WWE is just gonna give away the blueprint to the women's division.


Vince has brought back people who backstabbed him and sued him, I'd be surprised if he puts his feelings before business THIS time and lets a superstar go like this.


Vince wont Sasha wont leave and will sign a new contract She also will not go to aew. She would try to make it in hollywood or retire first


If the plan was to break them up (with the rumor being Naomi would pin Sasha here) but have people like Randy saying “they wanted to break us up months ago and we talked them out of it”. I could feel for the ladies here in thinking they were not as respected to not treated the same. Not saying it’s a male/female thing. More of a “hey, you let them stay together no friction, what about us?”


This is sad. The storyline wasn't even half bad. Both Sasha and Naomi get to individually challenge a Women's Single's Champion (Naomi, Raw and Sasha, Smackdown) while having a respectful rivalry with their partner. They get to keep their tag titles through this process and later defend them together at MITB. Honestly this would have made them shine and fans could easily get behind that.


It’s not like Sasha doesn’t have a history or butting heads against WWEs creative process. They always bring her back and sort it out. Sounds like things got a little too hot and cooler heads will prevail.




They won’t fire her so she can go to AEW. They’ll just let her contract run out if anything




Only thing is you can’t just go Hollywood. Hollywood has to want you.


This is the thing ppl forget. Hollywood is a whole seperate beast from wrestling. I think even Ronda never broke it into Hollywood, Not really. Her acting was just horrible.


And getting a 2 minute guest staring role is one thing or getting a D level straight to DVD movie is one thing….will Sasha get to the level where it’s a career. Will be hard. People act like she can just snap her fingers and she’ll be a leading lady and main stream


>Will be hard. People act like she can just snap her fingers and she’ll be a leading lady and main stream People forget, But Dwayne Johnson had a hard time getting big in Hollywood. At one point He was known as a the dude with major flops. Becoming the most paid actor wasn't overnight. And this is the Rock we're talking about. Dwayne was, and Is like the biggest wrestler alive, And he had trouble making it in movies at first. The Miz and Edge got stuck doing straight to dvds. Its been said that Ed Boon would love the Miz in MK, But thats a big maybe. They'd be taking a risk picking Him, and not someone more well known. Wr all know Hollywood hates taking risks. But honestly, The Miz has a really good shot. Pretty much everyone would love him to be Cage.


I was under the impression they already do. She has an in already, and it wasn't even due to her WWE work: Jon Favreau said he liked her on that hot wings show and didn't even know she was a wrestler.


Would love If Jon Favreau could get her into the MCU


If she shows up somewhere with white hair it will be a very X-citing prospect.


He put her on the show, but as the sidekick to a guest star. She had a handful of lines, her acting really hasn't been tested yet.


I've never been a fan of her acting even in wrestling, but people seem to really gas her up. I figured she had gotten better.


Getting a role is still not making a career. If they wanted her she would be doing more. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen but it’s far from a guarantee


Even Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano were in a bunch of movies, and they're just really fit. They're not great actors.


She has a non-wrestling TV in, which is more than a lot of wrestlers have. I wouldn't dismiss the possibility.


That's what I think as well. If she wants to keep wrestling, she has a lot of options outside of WWE. But if Hollywood wants her for film and TV, she won't need wrestling anymore.


Bruh do y’all not remember they fired The Fiend


And he’s done nothing.


They’ll fire anyone is my point.


Bray had been off TV for months. They're not going to fire them as they're becoming internet martyrs to send them to AEW in 90 days


Ok, imagine they’re kept off TV the next few months first then if it helps you. WWE will fire anyone not playing ball.


I don't think she's going anywhere near AEW as long as Sammy is there




She isn’t getting her release.


I'll be surprised if they release them, but not overly shocked. I think it's about 50/50 at this point. There are probably people within WWE who want to send a message by firing them both, while there are others who would rather smooth things over because both of them still have significant value to the company. I think it's definitely complicated, like Meltzer said. WWE could always just send them both home, let them cool off, and then try to talk things out later. That seems more logical to me than sending a message. They literally just released Toni Storm for walking out, so I think most wrestlers fully understand that walking out could get them fired without WWE needing to send any kind of strong message with these two. Sasha's a huge star for the company and already getting attention from Hollywood. Not to mention being related to Snoop Dogg. She's going to be fine with or without WWE. She could do modeling and acting, but she does seem to absolutely love wrestling. Even during her hiatus, she went to Japan, trained with some Joshi wrestlers, and trained with some wrestlers in the United States. I would not be surprised to see her sign with AEW and continue wrestling while picking up roles in Hollywood. AEW would book around anything just to have her on the roster. She'd instantly be the #1 wrestler in the women's division. But WWE knows all of this. Naomi isn't as popular as Sasha, but she's way more popular than most of the other women on the roster outside of Bianca, Ronda, Asuka and the Horsewomen. Naomi's got an almost a cult-like following amongst casual fans. It's always baffled me how WWE has never really tried to capitalize on that. I'm not saying she needs a year long reign with the Women's Championship or anything, but she's got a strong enough following to challenge for it at a major PPV. They also have a completely unexplored opportunity with Naomi and The Bloodline. I've been hoping to see her added to the mix since Roman started surrounding himself with allies like Heyman and The Usos. If he's the Tribal Chief, and he cares about his family, then you'd think he'd want Naomi involved in that from a kayfaybe standpoint. Why not give her a little support and add another championship to The Bloodline? Hell, I'd be all for Heyman accompanying her to the ring and acting as her mouthpiece. If WWE goes the route of releasing them, I feel like it's just money being left on the table. There's an opportunity for everyone to cool off a little and talk things out.


If they didn't release Sasha a few years ago when she asked for it, they definitely aren't releasing her now


That will be 11.99.


They would never release her lol she's a crossover star. Naomi on the other hand better be praying that Roman is putting in a good word.


Why would they want to piss off the Usos..Naomi Teflon


Lol, Tony Khan would take Naomi in a heart beat.


She’ll be told to sit at home and have her contract end like we’ve seen with PAC and Malakai Black. Sasha Banks is ALL ELITE


Sammy Guevara already had his tongue out in anticipation.


Sasha makes her debut and is immediately attacked by Tay Conti.


Tony if you're reading this please keep Sasha away from the Sammyverse


So Dave's saying he has nothing to add as he has the same amount of information as all of us here. Can the MODS please create a megathread for this.


Someone asked him, and this was his answer. It's not like he posted his tweet here.


His Twitter account is the source for this post. Time for a megathread for all the rumours, innuendo and speculation.


Wwe has zero reason to release sasha. Sit her at home, tack on any time shes missed for injury or being a crybaby, and drain any sort of buzz she has while she sits on ice until wwe has to let her out.


Journalism at it's best everybody.


Why do I get the feeling this Meltzer guy is legit? Waiting til he has all the info? Not capitalizing on the traffic potential? Wanting to give the truest news? Y'all sure this guy is human?


Very big doubt on this and I know this would never happen. Imagine if Sasha was the joker against Britt Baker in the the Owen hart tournament. I know it's gunna be Maki itoh but jesus if that happened the internet would explode.


I don't see it but who knows




I'm sure people thought the same about Punk and we all know how that played out.




We don't even know why Sasha walked out yet really or if there was longterm issues. Austin walked out one day similar to Sasha and he wasn't back for 8 months and this was Steve Austin, basically in his prime.


Update: No update. Classic Dave


WWE ain't THAT dumb


salsa bankz is all elite


Dave is the master at saying absolutely nothing, purely speculation in most of the shit that gets posted here. Sasha could get struck by lightning before this issue is fixed. Anything can happen. It’s a complicated issue. I’m still trying to learn more about it.


You guys really need to be consistent in what to choose to be upset at Dave about. He's literally saying he doesn't know what's going on.


translate: he knows nothing


There is a better chance of CM Punk singing a WWE contract than WWE releasing Sasha Banks.


She tried to leave and Vince said no. She's crossed over into mainstream media already. She's a megastar that brings a lot of new fans into wrestling. She'd quit, but they aren't gonna let her go or atleast I don't think. Wrestling has been weird lately.


Sasha to BCC


Maybe instead Sasha will release WWE, like Ryback did.


I honestly feel like Sasha Banks will be released, seems like Vince is pissed.


She won't be fired, she's far too valuable to AEW. It would be a HUGE blow to WWE to lose someone who is arguably their number three female on the roster after Charlotte and Ronda. They'll either make her wait out her contract or freeze it, the latter likely taking it to court like Lesnar did. She'd get out of it as WWE doesn't want precedent on that so they would string it along for a while then drop it, but it would probably be longer than when her contract is up. This isn't the first time Sasha has been clearly unhappy and left. Maybe not as publically as this, but it's really nothing new. I feel Sasha may have a more inflated opinion of herself where she thinks she has more stroke than she actually does (she should have way more than she does, IMO). She's a huge name and will be fine at either AEW or acting. I just don't think WWE will ever give her, or really any female outside of Charlotte or Ronda currently on the roster their just due and respect. At the point, I don't think she should have walked like she did, but she and anybody else who has these feelings should honestly just walk when the contract expires, unless the money matters, then just ride it out and accept that once you're pegged by management as XYZ, it's very hard to impossible to dig out of it.


Unless Sasha threatens to take them to court regarding her contract or tells Vince that WWE is a wrestling company whilst correcting his use of a beef wrap to a burrito and sneezes, WWE will be petty enough to freeze her contract. They did it to Rey Mysterio, they did it to Neville, they use it as a means to stop people from leaving in a petty way.




That’s exactly what they did with Toni lol. (Though she’s not nearly as big of a star in wwe)


Dave “yeah maybe bro” Meltzer doesn’t seem to have the inside scoops these days




I don’t think WWE’s main fear of releasing Sasha Banks is loosing out on the one or two times Snoop Dogg shows up.


It's less that he'd refuse to show up and more that people speak, so Snoop not showing up might cause hesitation from other stars. Probably not anyone they'd want, but why burn that bridge?




Like the ones in the Lorax? They were alright I guess


Snoop is everywhere what does this mean lol


Is this the first time he’s acknowledged not knowing, instead of just making stuff up?


no that's a constant occurance.


A bunch of baseless speculation from Meltzer and now "anything is possible". How's this stuff get upvoted?


What baseless speculation have you seen from him?


lmao dave doesn't know jack shit about what's happening at wwe.


They will not fire Sasha. Naomi may be at risk though.


I gotta think her family has enough pull for that not to happen


So basically 🤷‍♂️ is the answer lol.


It would take something substantial for them to even think about it they know they need them just don’t value them to the level they should.