WON: Chavo Guerrero's status going forward

WON: Chavo Guerrero's status going forward


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Literally anything The Rock touches will get a franchise or multiple seasons. No wonder he's the highest paid actor in Hollywood.


The show is pretty heartwarming, the show runner has done a lot of good shows though so not that surprising.


Her last two shows got some very mixed receptions (some people felt they were sexist and racist; the guy Fresh Off the Boat is based on hated it and said it was exactly the racist portrayal he was trying to avoid with an adaptation) so I’m glad people seem to like this show and it seems free of those issues.


Plus the show is actually really good. Rocky Johnson is hilarious!


Agreed, I was super hesitant about watching it but my inlaws were swearing by it. We started watching it when there was like 2 episodes to go and were pleasantly surprised. I think the show will have a few breakout stars in other things in the future.


Uli Latukefu (College Rock) is actually gonna be in Black Adam alongside Real Rock!


A variant??


It’d be funny if it’s a Billy-Shazam dynamic. So Teth-Adam and Black Adam.


That would really sell the change more actually, even though Black Adam is generally the same when he is normal, but it'd show a stark difference when he is normal and helping his people then turns Black Adam and is seen as a dictator and villain. It'd sell the dynamic well if they went that route.


Oh that's awesome! I haven't followed along a ton of what's happening with Black Adam. That's great news!


Sheikybaby too.i love the scene where he's reading a list of curse words he can't say haha.


The Rock’s tequila confirmed for season 2


I mean technically, he is releasing another type of tequilla soon to go along with the current 2 variants he has. So yes, season 2 of Teramana.


God dammit Rocky


Not until Rock hits tres comas in his bank account.




"Get me pictures of Spi.... The Dwayne!"


Almost everything in DSotR is public knowledge


Rocky Johnson was, as a person, pretty shitty. The show touches on it in a sitcom way and Rock does have a monologue in an episode about how his dad wasn't perfect. When he was dating or first married Ata he was still married with a family, who he then abandoned. Neither Ata or the other family knew of each other. He also had harassment and theft charges in 2000. He also ripped off Scott Teal, who wrote his autobiography. Teal wrote the book and Rocky refused to pay him, which was part of the reason that ECW Press recalled the book. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-2000-10-04-0010040153-story.html https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2020/01/18/the-controversy-over-rocky-johnsons-now-pulled-autobiography/


Harassment is underselling it. He raped a 19 year old in 1987 and then in 2000 invited a child to play strip poker with him as well as groped several coworkers.


To be clear, I wasn't referring to those stories when I used the word harassment from the article I posted. I wasn't aware of those stories, more reason Rocky was a horrible person.


Chavo looking to get back on top only finds one wrestler to allow his managerial services: Fuego del Sol. (who remains a face)


That's beautiful. I want Chavo trying to pull Fuego to the dark side. Andrade was like "Fuck your cheating", can a guy like Fuego who loses a lot really turn down the help of a Guerrero?


I like the idea of both of them thinking they’re doing the other a favor.


I would imagine him returning siding with a new wrestler to go against Andrade. I wonder who would make sense...


He's not new, but Brian Cage sticks out as a face singles wrestler that needs a manager.


Everyone is saying that Cage needs a manager. It would be funny to see a storyline revolving around that. Vicki, Matt Hardy, Tully, Smart Mark, Evil Uno, QT, Jericho etc. all have weird interactions and assess his suitability to join their faction. Or maybe he needs a girl and her friend to write him a nice resume...


Didn't they just do that story with Jade? I mean that was on Dark a few months ago, this will be in a few months, it will be fine.


I do wish we would've gotten some interaction with Jade and TDO because you know that would be hilarious.


Silver trying to figure out her workout routine so he can get arms like her


It's something that's cool and old school. It's how Savage got introduced into the WWF- he was the top prospect to come in to the company, and you'd see Bobby and Jimmy and Sherri and all the other managers either curtain jerking or at ringside getting ready to talk to the new recruit


>Or maybe he needs a girl and her friend to write him a nice resume... If you are referring to the IIconics (or whatever name they are using going forward) managing Brian Cage, that is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard... Yet somehow I need to see it. Sign me up.


Cage as a well meaning but aggressive himbo managed by those two would be the best work of Brian Cage’s career


Just give me all of the "KENTA being annoyed by the Iiconics" backstage clips but as an actual storyline, perhaps with them proving to be actually good managers for him business wise so he has a reason to put up with it


Heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy KKEENNTTAAAA!!!!!! \*bansheeshriek\*


Just redo the Kaval and LayCool combination with Brian Cage and IIconics. The super serious wrestler with the overly annoying mean girls whom he oddly respects for some reason


They have IInspiration trademarked.


I'm wondering if Melissa Santos would be available to come in to be her husband's mouthpiece.


She’s going to be the ring announcer for Impact’s Knockouts Knockdown special, so I suppose it depends on whether Impact wants to keep her around.


Given the x-overs between AEW & Impact, anything'd be possible at this point.


I know Impact kept her around as Twitch host, so I'd assume they like her.


I'd love to see her come in as his personal ring announcer, although I guess that's probably more of a heel thing.


Vicki would actually be a way better manager for Cage than Nyla. But the act could probably only work for him as a heel.


So a bit like Macho Man when he first Debuted?


If Cage wants to break out into the main event, its probably not the best idea to have Cage go from 1 manager to another, instead he should be focusing on improving his personality and charisma to make fans want to see him


Yeah giving Cage a manager would just be a rehash of his dynamic with Taz. Unless that manager is really unique. It'll be another someone going "Who can stop this big guy! He's a machine!" while Cage stands in the corner doing nothing. There's no reason to break him up with team Taz if you're just gonna give him another mouthpiece. It's time he establishes himself.


Yeah the only way I see a manager working for Cage is if they go full Matanza and he's literally a non-speaking murder machine which AEW isn't exactly build for that type of character since they run every week. Same reason Pentago can't break people's arms for months at a time.


I think Brian Cage needs to go to actor school, not hire a manager.


Cage didnt no manager or anyrhing in lucha underground what happened to that cage!! He feels like just a generic big muscle dude in aew


He's never needed a manager before, and he's done perfectly fine for himself.


He's done fine for himself at lower tier companies.


They could channel their history in Lucha Underground if they wanted to


Give me Mike Tyson as Brian cages manager. The promos would be gold. Change his finisher from the drill claw to the dove whisperer


Not that Chavo would make sense, but I really want to see Miro and Andrade smash each other up BAD


Viva La Fuego


Chavo and Fuego = Numero Uno!




Phew, I like Chavo. Glad he is coming back


Phewwwww Chavooooo


Same here. I was sad to see what happened but this is welcomed news.


I know everyone is saying he should manage someone but I hope he gets at least one match in AEW. It's a shame he and Rey aren't in the same company because I think that would be the perfect Career vs Career match for one of them to go out on.


Did you see his work for Bloodsport? Dude can still go.


Yeh and I wasn’t intending it to be a dig that he should retire. I think he deserves a big match or feud in AEW (Maybe something with Andrade when he returns). He’s an underrated legend for me who’s never really had the big moment he deserves.


Oh no I wasnt saying you were, I just meant; seek the Bloodsport stuff out. I was a very happy to see Chavito still putting on bangers.


Something like that already happened in Lucha Underground.


I love chavito man, I'm glad he is still gonna keep working with aew. I wonder where this andrade story is going?, hopefully andrade is fighting on the rampage grand slam show


Welcome back Chavo!


Love this. I would love to see him manage a rising star.


I’m glad young rock is still going. Really enjoyed season 1 a lot.


Great I'm glad he's coming back the dude can definitely offer something to AEW


I was wondering why he got the blow off from Andrade. It didn't really make sense cause there was no build up. Is that Rock show any good?


I liked it 🤷🏽‍♂️


Because Andrade wants to win honorably, not by cheating


I liked the Chavo Andrade pairing. Andrade has charisma, but his English isn't all that great, so having Chavo give him that extra legitimacy was great to me. Hopefully, he's able to come back.


the man once got a horse on a stick over


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I remember that Chavo was also wrestling coordinator for GLOW, and that show's wrestling bits also seemed well done to me. Glad that he's found a way to do something interesting in a different field.


Was a terrible fit with Andrade, hopefully he finds a better role when he returns


Good, because it looked like they were going to get rid of Chavo to bring Flair in and that's a really bad idea after that DSOTR episode.


Ric Flair going to be his Manager.


Ummmmmm I am not so sure about that anymore


No thank you


Bring in carlito! Andrade is the kingpin. Carlito is his muscle, because carlito is fucking huge


I didn't care for him as Andrade's manager, but, Andrade should lean into this Kingpin, Black Mask gimmick. Maybe have Chavo come back, beg to work for him again, kiss his ring, and build a stable. Not Lucha Bros., who I think should just be faces, and it doesn't have to be latino.


Good for him. I'm glad he's working.


I'm convinced they're gonna get Flair as Andrade's manager at this point, though I really don't think AEW needs Flair.


Ah so he'll just come crawling back and never try to call a shot again.


I want Chavo to wrestle dambit


Depending on the Fallout from the Darkside of the Ring episode I wonder if Chavos return will be expedited? I can’t really imagine many ppl being excited to see the nature boy come out managing Andrade at this point.