Just wanted to share this wholesome moment that happened on tonights dark episode, Marko Stunt was sitting on the corner, laying low like he doesn't belongs with Punk and the rest, but Punk told him he don't know why he was sitting down and said to him to "stand up". The face of Mark says it all.

Just wanted to share this wholesome moment that happened on tonights dark episode, Marko Stunt was sitting on the corner, laying low like he doesn't belongs with Punk and the rest, but Punk told him he don't know why he was sitting down and said to him to "stand up". The face of Mark says it all.


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Always forget marko stunt always looks like a lost child


For real. I know Marko is tiny but with the combination of his backwards cap, his expression & Punk's arm on his shoulder he looks like he's being interviewed for his school trip.


6th grade camp.


I'm not into AEW enough to know all of their names yet, so I forgot who Marko Stunt was. When I saw the pic I honestly thought "Oh? I guess he's just some kid they had out. Weird." until I saw Jungle Boy and Luchasaurs, then I remembered he's the tiny man. He's great.


Why would I do that?


Just do it.


......How is it possible to forget this?


Come on little guy I'll help you find your mommy


It's why I relate to him so much.


Also told him to come in for the "Thank you for being a friend" singalong and be part of it. Good stuff.


"In 2005 I left pro wrestling...now I'm back in pro wrestling" *proceeds to sing with fake dinosaur*...


When Luchasaurus became Funkasau... oh wait. No, not again...




The 'saurus lost a lot of weight and got a lot of gains.


He played hide and seek with Delirious who may or may not have a Lizard Face.


Marko is short but you don’t have to call him a dinosaur


God I love pro wrestling!


Earlier this year Marko got to meet his favorite wrestler in Paul Wight. The kid must be beside himself.


I feel like at some point him and Paul should have a match. \[Any combination or stipulations are valid\] There is a story in there, doesn't have to be long at all. Heel Group A is picking on Marko because of size, Paul comes out and like good ol' Teddy Long, Holla holla tag team match playas. Effortlessly better than RAW.


Maybe or, hear me out, Wight and Stunt vs Chaos Project. Luther wielding Serpentico against Wight wielding Marko. The match goes to a time limit draw, winner is determined by tossing for distance.


Stunt vs wight. Stunts a bully heel. Stunt goes over


Big show begging off Marko on his knees. But he's still taller.


Love it


I wanna see Stunt try to choke out Wight's thigh.


_PWG has entered the chat_


Marko still at a 40 pound deficit to that thigh


i wasnt sold until this exact sentence, i will tolerate the entire angle to see this one spot. the whole thing for this spot. i will cry laughing


Big Show sits on his ass. He's still taller than Marko.


Stunt tells Wight he’s a fat POS which makes him cry.


They duel to a stand-off, Wight pulls Fuego in from outside the ring, connects Fuego and Stunt to form a double-lightsaber.


Uhhhhhh how does one connect two guys without breaking the TV-14 rating?


Just put it on dark with lots of crowd shots


No it's Fuego, we want ass shots.


Tie their legs together, don't be weird


Or make em into nunchuks. I just have the mental image on Wight spinning them around like Bruce Lee


that's a novelty match id pay money for. chaos project is the perfect example of a fluff team on a b show just having fun and getting themselves over for their own damn entertainment. i didnt care about luther and never heard of serpentico but now i mark out at his streamers and brace for all of the japanese death match legend's friendly fire.


Haven't seen their matches yet. What do you mean by friendly fire? Also I get the impression that they put on pretty fun matches, eh?


luther often uses serpentico as a weapon leading to 99% of what serpentico's selling being inflicted by his own partner.


If you dont watch dark often, watch last nights main event. It was the quintessential Chaos Project match with extra fun stuff from Jurassic Express. >!JE technically botched the finish but i think thats the first time they've fucked up their finisher. Which surprises me cause a lot gotta go right for that shit.!<


This MF knows fantasy booking. Give us what we want!




One of the beautiful things about AEW is they could have the match on dark or elevation…or they could do it at any indie they wanted. Imagine if Marko got to wrestle his all time favorite in front of like, the first promotion he called home. Or the city he broke in at.


I just want Big Paul to throw him to the 7th row




Put it on Dark even. Doesn’t need to be some angle or anything, dudes earned it imo. You know he’d bump his ass off for 3 minutes and tell people about it for the rest his life.


Makro Stunt vs Paul Wight in a Texas Exploding Barbed Wire Cage Street Fight.


I would pay money to see a Paul Wight vs Marko Stunt match


If we don't get Marko Stunt getting choked slammed by motherfucking Paul Wight... like what are we doing here Tony? I legitimately believe Paul before he signed on saw Marko Stunt's work and was like "chokeslamming him would be fucking awesome lets sign to AEW"


Punk always thinking of the kids.


MJF: fuck them kids


*abort them kids


This got dark




Origin of its darkness


Also MJF: Marko Stunted Growth


The fuckin irony being Stunt isn't the youngest in the ring. Jungle Boy is just used to celebrity.


> irony being Stunt isn't the youngest in the ring. WHAT?!


Stunts 25, when jungle boy is 23


25???? Sorry, I'm new to AEW - that is pretty wild though


Dante Martin - who is WILD to watch - just turned...20!!!


I hate being old enough that athletes I look up to are younger than me (I'm 24) also Jungle Boy is 24!


He is a year or two older than Jungle Boy. They mentioned it on the Young Buck’s Wrestlers Getting Room Service show they use to do.


>Jungle Boy is just used to celebrity. Jungle boy is so good now, i often forgot that he is LUKE PERRY FUCKIN SON! damn, not to knock on punk or any other wrestler.. But they probably aint shit compared to some of luke friends..lol.


The only reason why I couldn't forget that he was luke Perry's son was because of fucking JR constantly calling him jungle Jack Perry


JR is a smart guy. He knows he might not want to be called Jungle Boy forever so he’s trying to normalize his name


I can't forget because he looks exactly like his dad.


He's the cool but still kinda clueless dad of wrestling now.


He just came into a relationship with all these kids but doesn't full know what his doing but his trying his best.


He'll pay Marko in ice cream bars if the kid stands the fuck up outta that corner and takes care of Punk's dog every once in awhile.


AEW Full House


When you know the feel of being left on the side of the road, you sure don't want to make someone feel this way.


Stunt: I...I'm already standing, Punk...


That's what Tazz was saying lol, CM Punk says stand up and Tazz went "he is."


Big words coming from Tazz lol


Tazz is short, Marko is tiny.


Tazz put all of his points in width.


Tazz is gold


The Monkees used this as a classic back in the '60s! "STAND UP!" "I AM standing up."


Bring your son to work day


I mean, 2point0 did bring Garcia with them


This will never not make me laugh. Something about 2point0's intensity and calling Daniel their son is just so funny.


It always makes me think of the old Zelda cartoon, the meme of the king going "Mahh boyyy"


Holy shit, you just brought back an absolute [wave of nostalgia](https://youtu.be/DabosoO4gKM) for me. I used to watch YTPs all the time after school.


Or Ronald on 90 Day Fiancé.


I love the one guy who acts like a complete coke fiend. More of that guy please.


I believe his name is Matt Lee


I was skipping through these guys, but during last days, particularly their latest Dynamite and Rampage interviews and that sick match with Darby, made me realize that's not a thing to do


It's *so good!* They play it straight to the point where it just feels wholesome, and *that* feels funny. It's awesome.


I was watching Dark earlier this week and my roommate, who isn't a wrestling fan, said Daniel Garcia looks like a kid who's trying really hard to look and act tough and intimidating. She's completely right and I haven't been able to unsee it since then. And I'm a mark for Marko Stunt.


Buddy, there was two weeks recently where Stunt didn’t appear with The Jurassic Express and my wife complained both times.


Whenever Marko’s not onscreen, all the other wrestlers should be asking "Where’s Marko?"


Marko should be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine.


Let's make "Where's Marko?" new "Who the fuck is Griff Garrison?"


You have a good wife.


I complained too


Maybe she heard the AEW Unrestricted podcast with jungle express. Luchasaurus and Jungleboy were teasing marko for have a massive dick.


[Here's the source](https://youtu.be/vMTrMYTL9QU?t=3976) if anyone wants to watch the video.


After Marko filled in for Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy vs. Lucha Bros. in 2019, Marko absolutely deserves to stand.


The was one of the funniest PiP matches. It was just Penta absolutely wasting Marko.


I was in that show in Philly. I was so upset when they announced it was going to be him but him bumping all over the place sold me on him


It must be pretty surreal for a lot of these young wrestlers. They would have been teenagers watching the second Summer of Punk happen in WWE at the time and likely inspired by him to get into the wrestling business. Same goes for Bryan Danielson, who I don't doubt was massively influential on the likes of Garcia.


> It must be pretty surreal for a lot of these young wrestlers. They would have been teenagers watching the second Summer of Punk happen in WWE at the time and likely inspired by him to get into the wrestling business. JB was probably booing the shit out of CM Punk while watching his TLC match at SummerSlam 2009 against Jeff Hardy from the crowd. And now 12 years later, he's in a ring with Punk, who tells him he's gonna beat the shit out of him someday. Just crazy.


Punk knows what helping Make A Wish kids did for John Cena so here he is helping his own Make A Wish Kid.


Will you stop!?






Another really moment was after the promo Luchasaurus and JB posing on the buckles and Marko and Punk both walk to the middle and Punk let Marko pose and just left so they enjoy the crowd pop to themselves


Punk is rapidly becoming the anti-Hogan of his generation in regards to all the backstage and out of the ring nonsense. Can't wait to see his ring work tomorrow night.


I honestly think we’ve come to a point where wrestlers in the last decade or two have heard and seen the stories of how locker rooms were, have made an effort to be a part of a change to make life outside the ring so much better, and now with AEW, it looks like there’s now a promoter who’s more than willing to foster a good environment.


I think now that a lot of the carny influence is being removed in the top tier companies it's definitely leagues better. One of the Undertaker's recent interviews where he talked about the goings on between wrestlers court, strip clubs, and working hurt as if it's a badge of honor really seem awhile out of context. Whereas now not only are these guys legit athletes, they make sure they have multiple revenue streams going, you don't hear about people cheating on each other creating tension, etc. Taker talked about how those were the good old days, but neglected to mention how a lot of the guys from the good old days are dead and buried prematurely because of that environment. Vince McMahon has had to tone things down to a degree since he's beholden to shareholders, and I think that the Elites insight into the wrestling business at large helped open Tony Khans eyes to the backstage needs of talent to make sure they stay healthy, successful, and how they investment can improve the company overtime.


god i want to yell at taker for calling those the good old days, and just ask him to count how many of his mates from the good old days died of heart attacks before the age of 60, overdose or suicide. "where's eddie guerrero then, if those days were so great? where's brian pillman sr? where's matt bourne? where's Test?"


It's not even great for the ex Superstars that are still alive aside from a few. You look at photos of guys like Lex Luger and find out that they have to create a Go Fund me because either they weren't able to build on their wealth from their working days or went bankrupt as a result of paying for medical care. Hulk Hogan has the money but he can barely walk now.


Even Hulk Hogan would probably be broke by now had the Gawker lawsuit not happened. It's kind of ironic. I think the thing that pretty much killed what was left of his legacy is also the thing that saved him financially.


Plus his son turning a guy into a vegetable




"These cruiserweights are going to have to cruise or...be appreciated and applauded for their contribution to the betterment of our overall product, brother"


"This crowd is going to have to wait, or cruise - for these cruiserweights are going to shine on the Jericho Cruise! Just wait!"


As much as it was a shitty thing to say, "these cruiserweights are going to have to cruiser-wait, brother" was a great line.


I’m so glad I’m around to see happy CM Punk.


I'm reminded of his old shoot interviews, where it was during a time where he wasn't making a lot of money from wrestling, and had to share motel or apartment floors with 10 other guys (some of which were drunk). And he just sounded so happy reminiscing about those times. Cut to the Colt podcast, and he paints the WWE experience as fairly miserable, from working hurt to having to haggle how much money he was getting for a match at a show he wasn't booked on. This Punk seems like indie Punk again.


I’m glad you’re around too friend


You need to be way louder! Golden girls tomorrow!


Likewise bud.


I honestly love that so much. I know Marko isn’t the “star” of Jurassic Express but the dude still puts in good work. I’m glad that there’s a concerted effort to get the spotlight on as many people as possible


I dislike how Marco gets so much hate I love him


If anyone out here don’t fuck with Marko, hold muh dick.


His bumping is some of the best in the company. He's not going to be AEW champion but neither is Fuego Del Sol and we still love him. I wish we got to see more of Marco in singles matches tbh because his match against Lance Archer was so much fun.


The only thing I was annoyed with back in 2019 is that I felt he got in the way of a fantastic tag team dynamic of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (I still have the blue "boy and his dinosaur" super-mario style t-shirt from back then), but I never had a problem with him himself. But once I found out AEW's original plans for Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt I understood how things were booked for the team. And Marko fills such a unique role in AEW. Sure he plays the annoying bratty scrappy small guy in-ring well, but his appearances on several vlogs and such show his music talents and charisma. A few modifications to his gimmick in the future, and he'll be a star


What were their original plans for Jungle Boy + Stunt?


The original plan from what I heard was for Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt to be the tag team of plucky underdogs, and Luchasaurus wasn't originally in the picture. I don't remember what I heard happened, but Marko couldn't commit to DoN or had other stuff he needed to do before his debut, and AEW did the Luchasaurus/Jungle Boy tag team instead because of how over that act was in the indies. Of course the rest is history with Marko joining later, so clearly Marko was always slotted in.


Marko still does indie stuff. I live in a mid-size city in the Deep South and he was on an indie G1 sorta tournament show a couple months ago.


All three of them have done GCW.


>But once I found out AEW's original plans for Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt I understood how things were booked for the team. What plans are you referring to? I had always assumed the way they've been using them was the original plan.


I mean... he is hard to take seriously in a match. In brief gimmicks he is fine and can be entertaining but there is no world where he can do the Rey Mysterio little guy routine. He would look like a kid beside Rey too.


He is more of a Spike Dudley not Rey Mysterio. And they use him that way.


I was trying to think of any other cruiserweight to compare him to and drawing a blank but I think this is the best comparison. Both guys got over by playing the tenacious underdog with lots of heart. Both generally almost always did the job in singles matches but made it look like they were trying their absolute best each time. Spike's best match ever IMO was against Mike Awesome at ECW Guilty as Charged. Mike Awesome basically killed him but they put on a competitive match and at one point Spike could have believably gone over.


Spike Dudley was my childhood hero.


I like him as a way for heels to get heat. Multiple times he’s done run ins lately, or tried to help out and gets splatted. It works. Plus the 3 different sizes is perfect.


He’s like aew’s original mascot. Now with Fuego, we get two.


I do too. He's a very good wrestler and he has good matches. That's all I ask for when I watch wrestling.


This Punk return is so wholesome a savage heel turn in the near-medium term seems pretty likely.


It's just like Flair at his peak in the NWA. He can be a Face, but you can always hear a clock ticking in the background.


Good God I love this man


I'm glad Marko has made it onto a big stage. I first saw him at a GCW event (I think it was Joey Janela's Lost in New York) and he absolutely killed it in his debut.


Is this on YouTube somewhere? Also I saw CM Punk saying “shut the fuck up” to the people who hate watch lol.


AEW Dark at the end of the episode


Thank you :)


When he asked him why he’s sitting down i know Marko’s heart sunk to his ass


This was amazing and really if you're doing a singalong Marko is someone youd want out there. Has a hell of a set if pipes.


Marko the Mark. It was so wholesome.


He is CM Stunt now.


Also, go to 1:09:30 on the Dark video. Punk says fuck, and Luchasaurus covers Marko's ears in the background. Marko then puts his hands over his ears, looks up at Papa Saurus with puppy-dog eyes, and just says, "fuck." Glorious.


Marko is legitimately one of my favorite people. Not my favorite wrestler, but just favorite person. I love the dude. Plus.. my god that boy can sing.


It probably doesn't help that when commentary talks about Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy they skip over Marko. Even when he's usually right next to them.


It was nice of Stunt to be doing what he was doing, showing respect for Punk. Punk did the same thing for Jake the Snake in WWE, but it was cool of him to come over and get him involved with the rest of them. Punk looks like a kid in a candy store, having the time of his life.


This is fun and all but I can’t wait for cm punk to turn heel in aew and start calling us pieces of shit again


I like Punk wearing a Montreal Screwjob shirt


Hell yeah! I love Marko and I hate how he gets downplayed as part of Jurassic Express.


People that downplay Marko don’t get wrestling. You have JB, the future of AEW, who needs to be protected, can’t be pinned, but is not ready to win constantly and go to the main event scene yet. Then you have Luchasaurus, who’s a HOSS, and like most hosses he can’t be pinned constantly or they lose their shine. That’s where Marko comes in. He not only needs to eat the pins, get beaten, and bump like he went to the afterlife and back, but he also needs to be credible enough to generate sympathy for JE and, in turn, heat for the heels. To say he’s just the job guy or that he’s dispensable is a disservice as the team wouldn’t be the same without Marko.


The term i've heard used for that role is the "bump guy". For example in New Jack's Dark Side episode D'Lo Brown explains how he was the bump guy for the Gangstas in SMW.


D'Lo was the bump guy for the Nation of Domination, too.


That’s great. I love Marko as just that extra guy on run ins or that heels demolish for heat. Him trying to climb the cage this week was great.


He's the Spike Dudley of aew.


Whenever I see Spike Dudley's name I think of that botched drop onto the table outside the ring. And the back of my head tingles.


Honestly, there is something inspiring about Marko. Yeah, he eats pins and gets tossed around like a dog toy, but the thing is...it doesn't stop him. He still rushes in when his friends need him. He still comes out full of passion and hype. It doesn't matter to him that most of these guys are gonna eat him for breakfast, he's still gonna get out there, aggrivate them, be a thorn in their side as long as he can.


He's Krillin from DBZ. Knows he's gonna get his ass kicked but always shows up to fight with his guys.


I know how you feel, I think Marko is a genuine hard worker and always try his best regardless of his physical condition, I know he's not championship material but he seriously deserves to get treated better from part of the IWC, all the body-shaming the guy must endure makes me sad for him.


Not champion material...pfwaa... He's holding the only legit title in all of professional wrestling. Reigning, very seldom defending BTE champion.


And unlike every other contest for every other title, where fake phony "choreography" is involved, every bout for this title is a straight SHOOT!


My friend, you bow to no one


This is awesome of Punk. There was a few weeks Marko was MIA and I’m glad he’s back. I hope he gets more burn in the ring. Him and Jungle Boy had some dope tag matches when Luchasaurus was out. And at GCW homecoming he put on a pretty dope match that really put him over with me.


He just seemed overwhelmed, hugh star, hugh crowd, he just just sat down and thought fuck me 😂


I still can’t get over how confused Jurassic Express was when Punk start singing The Golden Girls theme. NGL, I was too, Golden Girls was before my time.


These are the exact lessons Punk said he was coming back to teach. It’s amazing to watch all this happen in real-time.


I feel like there's a Marko Stunt in all of us. We all wish we were bigger, strong, faster, more good looking, etc. Marko looks like a shy guy who knows he may never been on the same level of LuchaSaurus, JB or even Punk but hopefully he understand he has a role in AEW. Kneeling in the corner could be a sign of respect to someone like Punk whom he probably considers an Idol. I feel Punk would be the type of person to sit with that one kid who's by himself at lunch. CM Punk is IRL goals


The "Why are you sitting" originally hit me as "Why are you not respecting the moment" then as it went on it was clearly Punk making sure Marko knew he deserved to be in the moment.


He's never going to be a credible champion, or even a credible threat to the upper midcard and higher, but guys as small as Marko for sure have a place in wrestling. They aren't capable of power moves or going toe to toe with bigger guys, but they can be fast, technical, high flying, or my favourite, used as missiles by a bigger member of their team.


He's great as a low card face that puts people over. People love David vs Goliath matches and he makes everyone look like goliaths.


They can have matches against heel managers


Definitely a class act, Punk was there. Another way to put over Marko, signaling to the world that he's just as important to the roster as anyone else


Memphis's Own Marko Stunt! (Olive Branch counts ya'll)


and then Taz on commentary said "he is" lmfao


So Punk's new gimmick is Jesus Christ?


Marko Stunt is like a make-a-wish kid that wished for a contract.


Nice to see Punk still contributing to the Make a Wish foundation :)


Marko looks like an 8 year old boy trying to not scream like a crazed fanboy


I saw Marko perform at a bar near Chicago for an indie promotion called Kaiju Attack Wrestling in 2017 or 2018 in front of ~20 people. I thought he was an actual kid at first. But he was the highlight of the show by far and his match was awesome! It's cool to see him living his dream


He’s fucking 25, guys. Stop treating him like a 9 year old.


The marks are in the ring.


It’s nice that he let that little kid join in the moment.


Make a wish ?


Marko is in a tricky place as his size is a massive hinderance to his career. I hope he can develop a career in the same way spike dudley managed to


I am pretty sure even Spike would look big compared to him - but that might be Markos look not doing him any favours


Life is short, Stunt it.


' Okay dad' - Marko


I love this. I don’t have enough time to watch everything every week so I don’t always get to catch beautiful moments like this. Thank you for posting.


I like this new Punk quite a bit…