[Wrestlemania spoilers] I might as well go back to Japan… But I bet a lot of you guys my friends will miss me when I leave WWE?

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“Let’s bring chaos to the boring womens division” She’s a technical talent and an enigma of a character, she should’ve won tonight I feel for her


Cena may have lost with the make a wish kids entrance but no way in hell that Bianca was gonna lose with a kid who lost her mom earlier today being in her entrance


How is that relevant to booking a wrestling product?


It is if you like talking out of your ass.


Sympathy from the crowd, even if we didn’t know about the kid’s mom, imagine if Bianca lost and then it’s revealed what happened? WWE would get nuclear heat from viewers


>WWE would get nuclear heat from viewers No, they really wouldn't... Tragic of a story as it is, this type of completely unrelated thing should have no bearing on booking. The only way WWE catches heat is if it comes out WWE made her perform. Otherwise, anyone throwing a fit about Bianca losing because one of her child dancers during her entrance that chose to perform lost her mother is beyond idiotic.


And you’re saying *pro wrestling fans* are above being idiots?


Well you clearly aren't.


I know I’m an idiot, I also know people would shit on wwe if Bianca lost to asuka after finding out a kid in her entrance lost her mom earlier today


Well we agree on one thing at least.


It was a few months ago that she lost her mom.


Wtf does the kid have to do with the outcome?


I'm saying that when idiots cry about idiotic things, you're not just right to ignore them, it's your civic duty. ​ But no, absolutely not. You make a valid point.


The irony


Because WWE killed her mom?


How can you apply this logic to the dancer but not make a wish kids?


I don't think WWE has anything to do with her mom's death.


say asuka was set to win… imagine having to rearrange entire storylines because a kid who doesnt even work for wwe lost their mom? see how stupid that sounds?


Nobody knew that until later, and even then it's not exactly true. Also, the kid wasn't there as a Bianca fan, she was working.


What a brain dead way to book.


She lost her mom months ago though.


One of the girls during her entrance lost her mom yesterday


Nope. https://imgur.com/xXAWGts HHH was apparently just misinformed. Not that it makes it less sad. Little kids shouldn’t lose their moms.


Ah. I haven't seen that yet. Still sad as hell.


Awwww Asuka...She is legit one of my favourite women wrestlers at the moment too.




Very understanable she is fucking dope


She’s been my favorite wrestler period since 2016


> Let's bring chaos to the Women's Division, let's bring chaos to the WWE! *Wait a minute…*


Coin dropped


explain for those whom dont get the implication like me please?


Chaos is a NJPW faction. I beleive Jay White betrayed them to join BC. Jay white is currently a free agent I think


Also worth noting that Shinsuke Nakamura was their original leader




https://preview.redd.it/xheabb8v0nra1.jpeg?width=1200&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a59a007f52d84f2c92d6e078063f0001a16e635f I can dream LOL


You really want to see okada lose by ref distraction, outside interference and a spear ?


I mean the founder of the group is in WWE...?


The founder of the group is still hawking DVDs in New Japan. The former leader is in WWE


Are you suggesting that Okada has never lost a match in NJPW due to a ref distraction/outside interference?


No, but he didn't always win that way for 900 days. #food4thought


The one man who can take down the tribal chief at this point 😤


I’d wait through another Year of Roman if it means Okada came in and dethroned him at Mania.


Bishamon vs. Owens and Zayn? Yes. Yes please!


Roppongi Vice vs KO/Sami?




Yea if ever there was a time to give asuka a big win this was it. Sad.


If ever? Man, they fucking had their first shot at WrestleMania 34 with Charlotte and they blew it there as well when they had Charlotte end her undefeated streak.


I think it would've been fine if Nak went over. But having them both lose was a terrible outcome. They built up two brand new Japanese stars into world title contenders and then pushed them back down, as if punished for daring to think they could compete with the Westerners. Being a Japanese WWE fan must be pretty miserable.


For me they had the first ever women's royal rumble, yeah? Asuka won the first ever and then they had her lose. That whole ordeal with both of them proceeding to lose their respective title matches was infuriating.


It was fucking over when she had to "You're the real Asuka, Charlotte" Charlotte. There was no hope.


Yupppp Bianca is starting to feel boring with the belt, and i hate that I think that cause shes so amazing…


She is a physical specimen, athletically untouchable, and damn good in the ring with her moves. But she is dull as dishwater on the mic, and her facial reactions are prime Cena level cringe. Take away her spamming "EST" and her hair being a weapon, there is very little character depth. I know we're all positive about her after Saturday, but it is the same issue with Charlotte for so many years now. Although the amount of title reigns, and her being interjected into the Becky - Ronda feud doesn't help. And now both can say they stonewalled Asuka too. HHH - Vince has to take some blame for that of course. We can praise HHH in particular for so many good things, but the build for both women's matches were incredibly poor. At least Rhea won to go with the top quality bout.


Yeah, I love Bianca, she's a fantastic champion, but fucking hell who is left? It feels like she's champ until they decide Charlotte will go to Raw and randomly beat Bianca on her first night there. I get Asuka not winning, but the division in general feels so boring when even Asuka isn't going to get that rub. Plus Asuka's new gimmick feels weak as fuck now.


Im somehow hoping its Iyo… i dont know how to build it up but i hope its her, lol.


If there’s a superstar shakeup or whatever then Raquel could challenge her. A Latina woman challenging for either belt at Backlash in PR would be dope in my eyes.


Jacy would’ve been excellent if I didn’t want the NXT women to avoid Raw and SmackDown like the plague.


Yeah, but Asuka isn’t it. They need a younger heel they can build for the future with the rub they would get from defeating Bianca and with whom she can feud for the years to come. If you let Asuka win the title in a big match it should be against someone like Charlotte, Becky or bayley, someone more established, basically the old guard.


The moment is gone. She deserved it.


Why did she came back with this new gimmick if she was gonna lose at WM ? Why not just come back as asuka and turn after mania ?


I don't know


Replace Asuka with a lot of wrestler names tbh


Yeah, the whole thing feels pointless and weak now.


Gotta make Bianca look strong! 😠


Asuka’s legitimately one of the best wrestlers WWE has, and they love to let her lose… despite having a huge heel hard on. It makes no fucking sense honestly


They should never have booked Bianca vs Asuka to begin with. Bianca is hot as the top face right now and is carrying the brand well.


I'd argue that Bianca needed someone technically gifted and credible to face. There are some girls that have one, but not both.


Bianca is jot uot right jnow,maybe with kids but she will cool off zs this 1 dimension babyface..


Asuka deserves better. She was booked as an unstoppable killer in NXT, and now she's booked as #1 jobber to the stars.


She’s literally one of the most decorated and accomplished females on the roster and she’s now at the point where she’s entering the back end of her career. She can afford a loss nowadays and still look strong whereas Bianca is still early on in her career and is in need of more big time wins under her belt. Edit: all these glorious downvotes because y’all wanna play favorites when wrestling is a business based on credibility. Asuka is one of the best wrestlers on the planet, she can afford to take losses.


Bianca has held the title for a fucking year she doesn’t need to beat everyone.


But Asuka doesn’t need the win here either. Bianca should lose the title to someone younger she can feud with for years to come. Someone who can really use the rub. If you want to give Asuka the title in a big match do it against someone more established.


How much more established does Bianca need to be? At this point her reign is keeping the entire division down. A win for Bianca is only a win for Bianca. A win for Asuka would have given the entire division a reset and could have helped build up everyone, plus it would have been a great opportunity to give Bianca some much needed character development. Instead we're stuck with the same old Bianca wins lol, she's no better than Charlotte.


Asuka is still on a higher tier than Bianca. The title reign or even the loss doesn’t change that. If they flipped the opponents, I wouldn’t have minded if Asuka would have defeated Charlotte and if Rhea would have defeated Bianca. Because Rhea and Bianca are on the same tier. Just as Asuka and Charlotte. Bianca still gets a rub from beating Asuka. Because everyone still sees Asuka as the better wrestler and Bianca had to go “beyond her limits to overcome that challenge “. Of Asuka wins it’s just the better wrestler wining. Bianca needs an emerging future star to take the title of her. No matter if she’s a heel or if Bianca turns and it’s a face.


>She’s literally one of the most decorated and accomplished females on the roster Accolades without good booking doesn't mean anything. Yeah she held some titles but look how little they did with her when she had them. Look how little they often did when she wasn't feuding with whoever held the title. Heel run Kabuki Warriors was probably the most consistent she was booked and that didn't last more than what, 6-7 months?


Don’t go :’(


Between this, Drew and Bayley's tweets, did I miss the memo that every match at 'Mania was a "loser leaves WWE" match or something...


Meta story telling through social media is in right now. Also the crisis of confidence idea. Heads up Cody will probably cut a should I even still be wrestling promo on RAW


I don’t know why they do it when there are less eyes on vague tweets. Most of the viewership won’t even know.


it's also been so insanely devalued through quantity that even fans in the know don't give a shit


Remember when Cody left his boots in the ring after losing to Malakai in a single match lol


Don't worry guys, she's just shit posting lol


Asuka's behavior on Twitter today has been really strange. Usually, she never cares much about trolls, while she openly attacked one of them and borderline implied that was on Bianca's fans. She usually keeps kayfabe, but she did a love letter to Charlotte, then openly criticized the state of the division. Don't think that's a "she's leaving moment", the tone of this one clearly indicates the opposite, but that's even weirder to me than all teases that led to her Rumble return.


All the fuckin titles are so stale now.


So many wrong winners for Night 2.


They should have flipped the booking and did all of Saturday's matches on Sunday. Send the people home happy and wanting to spend more money on your product by watching 2 best friends win the tag belts. Instead, they book Roman to win yet again and send fans home angry. Fuck WWE, I'm done with that garbage product


I left the stadium wishing Cody won but was still sports entertained. Don't overthink it. Wrestling is more fun when you just watch the show and enjoy it


That is misleading


Yeah that’s not the whole tweet https://twitter.com/wweasuka/status/1642740291273883649?s=46


​ https://preview.redd.it/i109tawmeqra1.jpeg?width=376&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=db22ee5d1364aaedd799f3eeff898c8c9369c510


I would want to get excited about this being story development for Asuka. But it's been about 3 years since WWE has tried to put effort into telling a story with Asuka. I'm not holding my breath.


Given up rooting for Japanese wrestlers on WM at this point. Dont matter what momentum they are on.


Yup. WWE hates Japanese wrestlers it seems like.


Bianca is there go to for all these PR appearances holding the belt. She wasn’t losing when Charlotte lost yesterday


I don’t get why people don’t understand this. It’s like everyone is watching wrestling for the first time. Asuka can’t be everything the WWE wants in there dominant champion. Got the moves in the ring but outside in the world of promotion and crossover appeal it ain’t there. Not her fault. It would be like sending Bianca to Japan and making her the big face of the company.






I mean the tweet ain't wrong, every WrestleMania they have her lose. She's too good to not have her moment at a WrestleMania.


The worst was when they had Charlotte take her title for the Ronda and Becky triple threat. Leaving Asuka off the card entirely a year after being stripped of her awesome streak.


I implore people to actually read the whole tweet plus the one she's responding to. It's the opposite of what some of you think.


You implore me? You always were one for fancy words.


Imagine being that far from home giving up living in your home country, only to be constantly told you're needed for WM, but you're not good enough to get the win.


I'm sure she is super sad about losing those matches as she cashes her nice WrestleMania check.


Asuka is running on another level compared to the rest of the roster.


May chaos rule the world. May chaos rule the world! Asuke chooses Frenzied Flame ending


Anyone else feels like the story was changed last minute because they can't send all kids crying when their favourite wrestlers lose? Make a Wish kids had John Cena, Negative Uno had Cody, dancing girl who's mother passed had Bianca.


I genuinely don't know how you fix the womens division honestly. So many of them, and I don't mean offense to them, feel like roster filler. The womens tag showcase match was a prime example of it. Its clear WWE's intention is to rarely do more than 1 challenger per Title at a time. So triple threats, fatal four-ways, etc. are off the table for the womens division. So what the fuck do you do? See below for all the "Title picture" talent you have on the roster right now... Asuka should be Champ. Bianca should be Champ. Rhea should be Champ. Ronda & Charlotte will always be looked at as "should always be *a* Champ". Becky should be in the title picture. Bayley and Iyo should be up there soon. You have too many credible women with 0 storylines going on other than "they don't like each other so here's a match for them coming up". So you won't ever see anything compelling for them other than "they deserve it, so they win next" like Rhea.


I honestly think you could start by taking the title off of Bianca. One of the big problems right now on the RAW side is that Bianca is just too fucking dull. No amount of "PR Friendliness" is going to fix that. She needs a pretty hard reset at this point, or to add more depth to her character. Because when she won tonight, while she got cheered somewhat, there were a lot of boos as well. The cracks are starting to form in her as a performer, and it would probably be best if she drops the title and spends some time in the upper midcard. Combine that with some of the other results tonight, and the company chosen ones are going to be facing even more backlash.


Too true. So many talented women in both divisions that are not getting the spotlight. I like Bianca, and I agree she should be champ, but literally Asuka deserved a win last night. Plus, all they had for both women’s divisions last night were: -Bianca v. Asuka -Becky/Lita/Trish v. Damage CTRL -Women’s TT Exhibition -Charlotte v. Rhea Where was the women’s tag team title match? Where were singles matches not connected to the titles? Are they serious that they couldn’t book a storyline for any of the women not in a match listed above? I’m usually a WWE flag bearer (though nothing is wrong necessarily with any other promotion), but this is on HHH and Creative for not having anything else on the card. That’s why the women’s division on both brands sucks. Not the talent, but Creative having nothing for them outside of the usual players being in the same matchups.


WWE just fumbled every single goodwill they build for months in one night. Hilarious.


So she might as well go back but she's staying?


It makes a bit more sense if you read the tweet she's replying too.


She’s responding to some fan telling her to go back


She's teasing of course but I honestly wouldn't mind her going to Mone route at some point before she retires. She doesn't NEED to retire in the WWE.


She's not teasing anything. If you read the whole tweet and the one that says she should go to be appreciated, she's making fun of the tweet basically


It isn't just the women's division that is boring now, Asuka.


dont tell me she gonna go on that trend of just tweeting and losing big matches


You can criticise booking of wrestlers you like but sometimes, and it seems to be the case with Asuka, the wrestlers themselves may not be interested in pursuing biggest title or/and happy to let other talent take the lead. Asuka's booking is strange to me but I think she is at the stage of her career where she doesn't take herself too seriously and just wants to have fun. But it is sad how "Noone is ready for Asuka" has become a big joke. It doesn't mean shit anymore. It's not funny or comical and her character doesn't come off as imposing or threatening, she has been beaten and held away from title reign a long time now. The more she and WWE throw that catch phrase around the more they diminish her character.


I am really disappointed that they are not giving Asuka the title. Especially when she changes her character too. Out of all the endings in WM 39, this one really made me feel very disappointed.


The only result that annoyed me. I just think she’s amazing, easily my favourite women’s wrestler and that NXT spell was one of my favourite runs for an individual that I’ve watched.


LET'S BRING CHAOS TO WWE *Confused Okada noise*


>let's bring chaos to the women's division Okada vs Bianca confirmed


Sasha be like come to Japan but I won't drop this belt lol


Oh god the company gonna go up in flames




To be fair it's the whole day that she is plagued by people on twitter telling her to go back to Japan (this comment is kinda nice, the other one she reblogged was a bitch.)


She should have won...and maybe really should go back to Japan. WWE has really dropped the ball with her on the main roster. She's 0-4 at mania now, I think. Which is just ridiculous.


She's one of the most decorated women in history, a first ballot future hall of famer, has accomplished nearly everything there is to be accomplished by a woman in the company, has an undefeated streak that rivals only Goldberg, and has managed to stay amazingly over despite having -2 English skills. ​ What do you mean they dropped the ball with her?


You were doing good until you got racist.


Didn’t realize a fact about her language was racist


They didn’t drop the ball. These people are just clowns wanting all their favorite wrestlers to win the big one. When they dont WWE is bad.


Asuka needs an actual character. She came back at the Rumble with new facepaint and was basically the same as she always was, except slightly more chaotic.


She's enigmatic, she's never the type to spell it out to you. Don't expect it or you'll be disappointed


Jeff Hardy made a career on not having a character.


Yes, and Asuka has already had a tonne more world title success than Jeff ever did. But there's a ceiling.


That's because they didn't care to devote the effort to writing a character change for her. She should have turned heel but they weren't really invested in her direction other than as an opponent for Bianca. The use her because she's over but they don't want her TOO over either. She was getting a little more over than they liked lately, you could tell by the whole kids and Bianca bullshit used to shield Bianca


Oh my


Context is important. She is responding to Mercedes and she says more. Just reading the headline gives the statement a different meaning.


I don't know how you can go from Night 1 to night 2. Outside of Gunther it seems like all the wrong people won in night 2.


Depends on where they go with it. I do agree that Asuka should have won. I'm okay with Cody not winning, just a few weeks ago this place was going nuts because Cody was trying to finish Sami's story.


There are so many amazing matches that can happen if she leaves the bubble.


Asuka vs Riho Sweep Book it TK you wont




I checked out when Bianca won because I just knew that the rest of the night was going to be giving the middle finger to the fan favorites.


I hate that she lost but now, I totally understand why she lost. WWE knew that the sale was going to happen and they need a champion that could speak English to represent the transition towards the media. Bianca and the other world champions will do a lot of press runs for the company. This really sucks.


That's kinda racist if that was the deciding factor that her accent was gonna be a problem.


You’re mis reading what they are saying. Re read it and answer like you have a second chance.


I read it twice snd you are still wrong to talk to someone like that. It called a difference in opinion


The commenter didn’t say she shouldn’t win because she is Japanese and struggles with English. That would be ignorant and wrong. The comment hypothesized that corporate interests were a motivation behind Bianca retaining the title because of the publicity demands. Those are two separate things. The comment closed with, “This really sucks.”


In this thread…if you don’t win at Wrestlemania your career in WWE is the Shits. You guys realize only a few people get to win a title at a main event of Wrestlemania. People have to lose. They’ll be fine.


Vince going to have her working a stereotypical gimmick after this. Anyone not want to see Kana/Mone for the New Japan women's title?


Don’t blame her one bit. Not one mania win? YMBFK


Best pure wrestler in the women´s division for years now.


Asuka homies how we feelin…*cries*


It's weird to me that HHH booked the female division soo poorly when he had the best women's roster in the world in black and gold nxt. For some reason he had 2 baby faces in Asuka and Bianca face each other and 2 heels face each other in Charlotte and rhea. Charlotte does not work as a baby face in the same way that Roman didn't. I have a alot of trust in HHH but Asuka should have been beating Charlotte this mania.