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He really did it now. NXT Stand and Deliver is about to be Shawn Micheals version of "Hit Em Up"


"Hart Family? Don't one of yall motherfuckers got sickle cell or something?"


"Fuck around and have a seizure or a hart attack"


Any you muthfuckas from Canada that wanna bring it, bring it. But we aint workin, we bringing drama. Fuck you and ya baby mama My superkick make sure all yall kids don't grow.


Fuck Stu Hart as a staff, patriarch and as a motherfucking crew


Man I’ve heard that song hundreds of times but reading the lyrics even in meme form here, man 2Pac really went scorched earth at the end there didn’t he 😂


In my headcanon the studio was like “Pac: it’s done” but pac just kept going.


Take money.


You motherfuckers can't slap thigh or kip up


Goldberg can be the outlawz


All the NXT talent just trying to keep their heads low like the backup singers when Pac goes off. “^^take ^^money… “


take money


That's why I fucked yo' bitch Yo' technical motherfucker


First off, fuck your belt, it's the Klique I claim, Degenerates when we ride, come equipped with The Game, You claim to be a player, but I fucked Sunny first, We bust on Hart Foundation haters, them canucks are the worst. Edit: Thanks to u/shewasmadeofchimps for a gold award! Another Edit: Sooooo Cody just quoted a verse of 2Pac on Smackdown LMAO


"Brettie Hart and the Foundation are some mark-ass bitches"


"We keep on winning while we runnin crown jewels"


Yoooooo this is hot fire


Fuck the Hart Foundation as a family, wrestling stable, and as a motherfuckin' crew


And if you wanna be down with Davey Boy, then fuck you too.


Every match ends with Goldberg coming out and concussing the winner.


"Get out the way yo, get out the way yo Bret Hart just tapped out"


This and the comments below are my favorite shit. So who’s mobb deep?


You know who didn't slap his leg? Bill Goldberg.


“Perhaps if he did, he wouldn’t have had to kick me so hard in the head. Why couldn’t have I worked with El Dandy at Starrcade?”


El Dandy was a serious professional. I have zero doubt he would have done the right thing... even if the kick caused him a groin industry the likes of which you've never seen.


I bed that Industry would be a hell of a sight.


It was, and it is.


Well yeah he’s a jam up guy


El Dandy is a jam up guy, a great wrestler. And if not him, then why not Hypnosis?


*That son of a bitch* Bill Goldberg ^


Personally, I find superkicks without slap sound unsatisfying, but some wrestlers could definitely make it look less obvious.


There are definitely ways to make it look like a natural part of your form. Shawn Michaels is a good example but that is true for anything super kick related.


And that's the problem with trying to mimic a guy who could legitimately call himself one of the greatest ever. Of course it doesn't look as natural as his because it never could


so don't turn it into something you do 10x a match if it looks like shit compared to the guy who did it once per match.


Kayfabe: Sweet Chin Music is not a standard superkick. Shawn Michaels simply perfected the move which typically involved several seconds in the corner to aim exactly where he needed to to do maximal damage.


If the kick finishes somebody, it was a Sweet Chin Music. If they kick out, it was a superkick.


Stevie Kick ftw. Never got the hype/push of SCM obviously but that thing had an amazing snap and impact when he hit it.


I don't know how unpopular of a take that is. But I kinda agree, it's also sort of part of the overall culture shift towards finishers being relegated to signatures and signatures being transitionary these days. Even the bonkers off the fucking wall avalanche variants of finishers sometimes don't even finish matches, I'm not sure what I'm watching half the time.


Unironically Dolph Ziggler is good at it


Yo all 17 of us Dolphamaniacs respect him as a top level in ring performer. Smoothness, safety, ring general-ness, storytelling (when he gets notable spots) and pure technical ability. He's got the flash and pizazz, he makes moves count, he very famously sells his ass off. Ziggler will get his time. He's scratched and clawed, after all.


ill die on the hill that he would be a top guy if his name wasnt dolph ziggler


And honestly, if he had a decent finisher. I can't really think of a wrestlers that used to have finishers as bad as the Zig Zag.


Amen to that brother (HH)


i’ve been an unapologetic Ziggler fanatic since 2009. i’ll always get excited when he wins a match or gets a push. i’ll root my ass off for him until he retires. i agree full heartedly. he’s a top notch WWE performer. he’s beautiful, has a great look, every move he does counts, his execution is fitting for the WWE “larger than life” style, he has a fun, diverse & flexible move set, he’s entertaining af to watch sell, he always makes an effort to tell a story, he can fit anywhere on the card and he is by far one of the best underdog babyface wrestlers i’ve ever seen. his MitB cash in, Survivor Series 2014 performance and IC Title vs Career match against The Miz are still some of the most emotionally invested moments i’ve ever had watching wrestling. Ziggler was one of the few “workrate” guys during a time where WWE didn’t have many. now people say Ziggler isn’t as special with todays roster having an abundance of “better” workrate guys… but i don’t agree. i think he still has way more to offer than many of those guys.


Dolph is really good at a lot of things. It just happens one of the things he's best at is making other people look good.


I mean it makes sense. When HBK hit the superkick, guys were done and everyone else's superkicks don't do near that amount of damage. He was a specialist at the move both in real and kayfabe


What about Johnny Gargano style when you slap your leg as you chop people


Other than him, who has the best superkick?


Lance Storm's was always one I liked a lot




It's been a while but I always recall it looked like his foot when through their head. It was very unique looking and cool. Cool like a glacier.


I'm not sure who I would say who had second best. Somebody said Ziggler and I think he may have the best currently. I will say Rikishi's side kick was underrated particularly in his Fatu days


Marufuji has a clean one.


I liked Ernest The Cat Millers.


Just me, but my opinion on it is basically the same as anything else in wrestling: If you can’t do it convincingly, don’t do it.


In the words of The Dream " Don't do shit you don't know how to do!"


"You hear that, Bill Goldberg?!" - Bret Hart


That's actually pretty good life advice.


> Just me, but my opinion on it is basically the same as anything else in wrestling: If you can’t do it convincingly, don’t do it. no one is looking for a hand slap during a kick to the face, unless they specifically know to look for it.


Yeah. The fans today know about thigh slaps because we’ve been told about them, but it wasn’t that long ago that people on Internet forums were wondering how Tajiri made that cool sound when he kicked someone.


I’ve seen people slap their leg on a chop, which is a crucifiable offense in my opinion


Gargano has been seen doing that. I can’t remember anyone else, though.


And then there's Ciampa's infamous leg slap while kicking a jacket.


isn’t that just part of the joke though lol


It's like playing a game without vibration: it's not necessary, but you notice something feels a little off without it.


They just need to figure out how to do it without making it obvious that they're slapping their thighs. Shawn Michaels was a master at it.


Tajiri I feel was pretty good with it too


Shawn was the master, but Rikishi's superkick is forever goated. For one, it's just an impressive looking kick from a big dude. But more importantly, he kinda waves his arms a bit when he does it and you can't even tell that he's slapping his stomach.


Rikishi's superkick is a great example of how you can make it sound + look good without doing it exactly like Shawn.


im pretty sure Kane also slaps his chest/arm when he goes for his signature uppercut, and you barely ever notice


He slaps his bicep on the arm that’s delivering the uppercut.


Only person who does a leg slap super clean and natural looking and not bad sound imo is Drew McIntyre on a claymore.


He does it like he's using it to generate extra thrust on the kick though. Same as Michaels'. It's when it looks like you're just slapping it for good luck when it doesn't work so well. Lean into it, don't try to understate it imo. Or be so fast like Fenix that your eye doesn't have time to focus on the slap.


Pretty much. The action of doing the Claymore hides is super well, and makes it seem like he’s accidentally slapping it instead.


Wasn’t he watching the sheamus/Gunther match? Way more chest slapping than leg slapping


He comments on that in the article. Sounds like he didn’t like that match either.


Didn’t Bret also say Ric Flair matches had no psychology back then.


He said flair wrestled the same match every night


Bret has some pretty out there takes for a guy as great as he was lmao


not saying i agree with it or that even if he did just have one match he’s *wrong* to do so but “ric flair has one match formula he uses” isn’t that uncommon of a take and certainly isn’t exclusive to bret


The flair comment is an out there take?


He isn't wrong though with the flair thing.


I think his most out there take is his dismissal of the Shawn/Razor ladder match by saying 'it's not the match that was great, it's the idea that was great.' I think he makes a lot of good points, but that's the only one where it's clearly his bitterness getting the better of him. He claims to have given Vince the idea to bring ladder matches to WWE and believed he should have been in the first one.


> He claims to have given Vince the idea to bring ladder matches to WWE and believed he should have been in the first one That part is true. Bret was doing ladder matches years before Razor/ Shawn's match in Stampede Wrestling, where the ladder match originated from. Bret and Shawn had a ladder match on a house show about two years before Razor/ Shawn as well.


Bruno also agrees with Bret


Technically, he did (due to his back injury), but that doesn't mean there wasn't psychology.


Oh that's bullshit, you watch Flair vs. Steambot compared to Flair vs. Funk from 1989, same year but they are COMPLETELY different matches. And same with Flair vs. Vader compared to Flair vs. Sting. And Flair vs. Savage at WrestleMania 8 is NOTHING like Flair's matches in WCW. Bret "same 5 moves" Hart just likes to talk smack. Only reason why people think Bret's opinions is reasonable and why Bret's opinion tends to hold more weight than other wrestlers is because 1) people usually compare him to drugged up Shawn Michaels which OF COURSE Bret Hart is going to look golden compared to that hot mess and 2) Bret Hart actually has a pretty damn good memory for details and so there is very little moments where you can point out that he is blatantly lying BUT I still think Bret Hart is just like any pro wrestling carny out there, he has a narrarive to work.


Flair 100% had a stock match he re-used in standard matches. Hardly that crazy a comment. You’re listing big matches at big events but that’s the minority.


So did Bret Hart have a stock in match for TV squashes or standard tag matches. Most wrestlers have stardard stuff for TV and then do something special for big matches.


Steve Austin said the exact same thing about Flair. I gotta side with the legends on this one.


I think it's fair to say that Flair could have a variety of matches with guys he trusted and knew could work, but he also had his Nikita Koloff/Lex Luger/El Gigante special where he had his formula for a match that he knew would get the best possible match out of guys who maybe weren't as skilled as your Savages or Steamboats. But really, wrestlers who don't have a formula for a match in their back pocket are the exceptions to the rule. Everyone has stuff they fall back on when they need to.


He mentioned liking it on twitter a while ago.


Ah, then he's just going full "Old man yelling at clouds 'Back in my day...'"


He prided himself on never hurting anyone so matches where they’re actually beating the shit out of each other are kinda not his thing.


To be honest, it isn't mine either. I can appreciate strong style but I don't enjoy watching it either.


No, he’s not. Bret has a consistent stance on what he thinks wrestling should be. He doesn’t think you should have to actually hurt your opponent to make something realistic. The man perfected the art of making something look real, without hurting anyone. I think he’s more qualified to have an opinion than any of us.




>I think he’s more qualified to have an opinion than any of us. Of course he is. People are free to disagree and to enjoy styles of wrestling he doesn't, but he's unquestionably one of the greatest ever and dismissing his opinion as an 'old man yelling at clouds' is just disrespectful - especially when he was just as vocal with this opinion as far back as I can remember.


>I think he’s more qualified to have an opinion than any of us. I think his opinion holds far more weight than any random fan, but he's not more qualified to simply have an opinion, if that makes sense. It's a small distinction but a very important one imo.


'And so before I came out to face HBK, I tied an onion to the WWF Championship belt, as was the style at the time'


In the vein of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and I'm sure a soon to be Tom Brady, Bret is an example of an athlete who devoted his whole life to his career and can't find joy after retirement.


What happened with Wayne Gretzky?


He just seems miserable with everything in life post playing career. He's not drawing controversy or anything, he just very much has the look of someone who wishes he was still a professional hockey player.


He did coach the Coyotes, so the misery might be understandable.


He just looks tired a weathered because he loves the booze


I mean Pele once named El Hadji Diouf as one of the 125 greatest living footballers, just because you're a GOAT doesn't mean you can't have shit takes


Click the article he hates that too lmao


What *does* he like, like at all?


Pink and black color combos




middle turnbuckle elbow drops


...and sparklers. What a load of crap.


*Adam Cole in the Owen Hart Invitational* Bret Hart Sleeps *Adam Cole in the Owen Hart Invitational Slaps His Leg During Kick* Bret Hart **H A T E S**


Everyone loves the Acclaimed.


Telling people about that unsafe piece of shit Bill Goldberg


El Dandy, he's a real jam up guy.


Yeah it's funny that saying "leg slap" makes something a headline because he actually was mostly shitting on Sheamus and Gunther if you actually read it lol


The stomps while punching are just fine brother.


If you read the article, it seems like he's more bummed out that the crowd is in on it and are slapping their legs with the wrestlers. I don't think you can compare that to the stomping.


I taught my 7 year old son to slap the thigh when he throws a superkick.


You'll elevate him to a four star match someday.


Sorry but I'm going to have to docs you and call child protective services. You can't be having your kids booked as a champion of the home promotion.


Tell that shit to Verne Gagne, Jerry Jarrett and Vince McMahon.




This comment really just highlights how stupid the leg slap dilemma really is lol


I feel like no one in here actually read the quote. He was talking about kids in the crowd slapping their legs when the wrestlers were slapping their legs. He’s saying the crowd is too aware of what’s going on, and aren’t being pulled into the drama of the match. The headline was intentionally written to be misleading. And to me, the more interesting thing he says is how he doesn’t like the constant chops in matches, because they involve actually hurting your opponent. One thing about Bret is he’s always been consistent about how he views wrestling. It’s an art form where you simulate a realistic match, without hurting someone or getting hurt. I’m really bugged by all the comments in here by people saying things like “Bret is old and bitter and doesn’t understand modern wrestling.” Yes, he does. Bret Hart is the greatest wrestler of all time. Every single movement he made in the ring was specifically designed to make it look realistic. You can analyze every specific move and see what he did. I mean, look at his standard vertical suplex. He’d whip his body and kick out his legs, making it appear as though his opponent’s body hit the mat first — even though they hit at the exact same time, ensuring that no one was hurt. He doesn’t care for moves or matches where someone relies on doing something the audience can easily perceive as being “fake.” Nor does he like moves that involve actually hurting someone. And let’s be real here — Bret is far more qualified to have an opinion on this than any of us are. *Edit: Since there’s so many people trying to say that stomping on the mat while throwing a punch is the same thing, I’d challenge them to watch Bret throw a punch and tell me it doesn’t just look like part of the natural momentum of his body.* *He winds up and whips his fist forward, with kind of a downward clubbing motion. Like with the suplex, every single part of his body is involved in the motion. His foot stomping just looks like part of his punch. Every single thing he does in the ring involves this theatrically designed momentum. It’s a work of art.*


> The headline was intentionally written to be misleading. And to me, the more interesting thing he says is how he doesn’t like the constant chops in matches, because they involve actually hurting your opponent. I've never really thought about it but this just connected two wires in my brain. Something about chopfests have always made me uneasy and I never quite knew why. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Gunther chop and think it'd be a cool finisher for him. What I don't enjoy is the rising trend of walking away from a match with a welted up chest like it's a badge of honour. There are literally 'spots' in wrestling, pretty frequently these days, that just involve seeing how many brutal chops you can take to the chest. Yeah chops have been a thing for half a century but this is different. Getting your chest ripped up is a _thing_ now.


>There are literally 'spots' in wrestling, pretty frequently these days, that just involve seeing how many brutal chops you can take to the chest. Yeah chops have been a thing for half a century but this is differ I'd probably attribute that to having more access to Japanese wrestling, where chop exchanges are de rigure.


Bret kind of touches on that — this tendency in matches for people to just stand there and take chops. Sometimes the announcers have to kind of explain it away, like “They’re just trying to show each other how tough they are.” But to Bret, they’re actors putting on a performance. They’re trying to win a match. Why would you stand there and just let someone beat the shit out of you? And yeah, he gets into the issue of it being painful as well. Bryan Danielson does this a lot, and people cheer for it. I clearly remember his chest getting chopped so badly that WWE had to stop him from wrestling for a couple of weeks because of the risk of infection.


I guess I just like more 'sanitised' wrestling? These have been pretty unpopular opinions here in the past but I _loathe_ deathmatch wrestling and almost all hardcore stuff. I'm even finding AEW leans too much into blood as well. I just don't like it.


Yeah I agree. Deathmatch wrestling is gross. I don’t want to see guys getting thrown into glass. I don’t mind some blood, as long as it’s done right and isn’t done too often. If you’re in a really brutal match and there’s a specific reason for it, it can add to the drama — Bret’s famous match with Austin, for example. But yeah. When there’s multiple bloody faces on a single episode of Dynamite, it’s just stupid.


Exactly. Blood is a storytelling tool, and it *should* show that the intensity of a match has been kicked up a notch... but when it's multiple times a night, when it's every time Mox so much as hears a phone ring, it loses it's impact because there isn't another level to kick it up to.


Considering one of the reasons chops are a thing is because closed fist punches to the face are supposed to be illegal, but aren't anymore, chopfests are kind of dumb. Just punch the guy in the face instead.


The part that stresses me out is how other wrestlers have to follow it. Throw Danielson and Suzuki in there and i don't mind, they're both clearly completely up for that shit, but next match you've got 2 other guys that now have to make sure their offense doesn't look weak/phony compared to two guys *actually* beating the shit out of each other


i have nothing to add other then i really enjoyed reading this


Thanks. I enjoy preaching about the greatness of The Hitman. If you watch one of his matches and pay attention to how he moves, it’s like magic.


Ive always hated this notion that anytime an older wrestler doesnt like how wrestling is these days. They are just old and bitter. Maybe they just dont like it?


or that the new way has to unquestionably be the "right" way to do things without any push-back


Tons of older practitioners of just about anything don't like the way the current generation does it. Music, art, film, sports, fashion, cuisine, probably interior decorating.


>I’m really bugged by all the comments in here by people saying things like “Bret is old and bitter and doesn’t understand modern wrestling.” If someone is arrogant enough to say that Bret fucking Hart doesn't understand wrestling, then I'd say they don't understand wrestling.


Hey look, a comment from someone who read the article that puts the out of context quote into perfect perspective that will be buried......




Honestly the goofiest part of wrestling and it's been around since the 80s. People like to get snobby and proclaim back in their day wrestling looked real... when litterally the first thing anyone brings up about wrestling being fake is the stomp, even if they don't watch it. Because everyone everywhere has seen at least 1 boxing clip at some point, everyone knows now, and knew back then, there's absolutely never anybody stomping as they punch in real life. Especially the bunny hop Bret and others would do.


Read the article guys not just the click bait. He means ACTUAL children.


redditors reading a few paragraphs vs. reacting to clickbait headline challenge (impossible)


Looks like virtually no one ITT read the actual quote lol. He’s literally talking about people in the audience slapping their own legs, not the wrestlers doing a leg slap in the ring. He’s not criticizing the wrestlers, he’s being critical of the idea that the audience is too aware of what’s happening in the ring and that they aren’t just getting lost in the match.




He's playing the hits!


If your doing it right then you don't notice it been done. The issue is a lot of the younger guys/girls do it in a super obvious way. One of my biggest hates about modern wrestling is how a lot of the younger talent seem to take the view that because fans know it's all a work they don't need to put the effort in to make it look somewhat real. They just do stuff in such an obvious way that it looks silly. Then you end up with the memes of guys obviously punching thin air or blatantly blading on camera which makes the whole business look stupid.


This is what Undertaker was talking about it in his recent interview with Helwani. Wrestlers don’t live their gimmick enough anymore or try to suspend belief with the audience, they make things very clear that what they’re watching is a collaborative performance.


The thing is though, most people know it's collaborative and still get caught up in the story/performance.


i agree but my main point is about a lot of modern day wrestlers not going the extra mile to make what they do look convincing and ‘real’. I know Kenny Omega isn’t actually blasting his opponent’s in the face when he hits the V-Trigger but he does such a good job of making it look as brutal as it should that I still react accordingly when he does it.


It's the same as a movie. I know Brad Pitt isn't really knocking people cold with his bare hands in *Snatch*, but that's what I'm shown and it's acted well enough that you believe it. A lot of older wrestlers dislike modern wrestling because the entire point of wrestling was that it was played as if the whole thing was actually happening. It's like classic-style wrestling is regular theatre while the modern "PWG-style" is pantomime, where the crowd is in on it and having fun as part of the show.


But a lot of us don't anymore.


I think that's Bret's point. Don't make the slap obvious. Notice how the obvious workers don't get to main event level. Kenny Omega does that shit too but you can't tell he's doing it because he makes it look real. The Young Bucks love them or hate them, often get careless and try to make it a to quote Ole Anderson "a god damn trampoline act". The sound and the spectacle means more than making it look real. Some fans don't care and I think over the next decade no one will really care one way or the other. Me..I prefer matches like Bret Hart's that are more technical for main events and the stunt shows be more of an undercard thing but that's just my preference. I realize on this sub I am in the minority.


This. So many people now just get careless and don't bother to make what they're doing look good. They worry too much about the show and spectacle than they do making it look cohesive and meaningful. It's my biggest problem with the bucks tbh, some of the stuff they do is ridiculous just like most of wrestling but it looks ridiculous as well which isn't good. They make it way too obvious.


That's 100% it. Look at Shawn Michaels. You never see him slap the thighs unless you're really looking for it. This generation though, it's obvious. And they do it for spots that arent even super kicks


I completely agree. I know that wresing is "fake" but I want to be able to suspend disbelief and buy into the show much like with movies, tv and books. That suspension get killed when wrestlers don't even try or go tongue in cheek about it


nobody wants to watch a movie where the flying scene has the cables visibly holding the actor up in the frame Yes we know it's all fake, it doesn't need to be rubbed in the audience's face because of that


Or imagine going to a magic show where the magician doesn't attempt to hide how he does his tricks because "the audience doesn't know its real"


..Also fuck Goldberg


Maybe I’m just not observant, but I never notice leg slaps unless I’m specifically looking for em. Also, how else would they imitate the sound of a kick to the face? Is there a different method leg slap haters prefer? Or should super kicks hit silently?


I honestly don't mind the lev slaps or foot stomps. I mean it's wressling and not MMA. But I have never seen or heard someone take a kick or punch to the face in a real fight setting and it sound anything like what it does in a wressling ring. There's no slapping when a foot meets a jaw, and there's no stomp when a fist meets a cheekbone. It's a weird thing to do all together


Adam Cole is the worst i’ve seen at hiding the leg slap, before he even throws the kick he’ll have his arm in the air ready to slap his thigh.


Slap noises get reaction from the crowd🤷‍♂️ you can literally see the difference when a wrestler lands a kick or punch with a slap sound


Malakais black mass wouldnt be shit without a thigh slap.


With a move like that I dont even notice he does it. All the focus is on the whip of his leg. When someone does a bunch of superkicks in a row or leg slaps on elbow strikes and stuff I'm like ok now. You can make that sound with a stiff strike without hurting your opponent and without slapping your leg but obviously eith a lot of modern moves youd probably risk hurting your opponent trying to be too stiff for the sake of the effect. If you watch old japanese matches you'll see guys like Jumbo and Vader give real stiff strikes that look good and sound good but (most of the time) didnt hurt their opponents. They also didnt go for crazy theattic moves since their product was more of a realistic looking fight. Wrestling today is just different and thats okay


Honestly some guys are so smooth you don’t even notice. Watching AEW I will sometimes rewind and slowmo just to see where the slap occurred because it was so damn smooth.


Tony Nese’s slap on his finisher is good and gives it more impact. If only there was a type of slap that could make his character better.


V-Trigger is such a good move


Remember the sound of the knee that (I believe Malachi black) hit on the Bucks when they were going for the Meltzer Driver? It elevated the impact of the move 100x


Did you read the full quote? When Bret says "kids", he's not referring to the young wrestlers, he's referring to the literal kids in the crowd imitating the slap from the stands. His problem is that he thinks they're getting the wrong reaction from the crowd - the crowd would rather follow all of the little tricks the wrestlers use to make it "feel" real than suspend disbelief.


At least the slap is skin on skin. Punching someone shouldn't sound like stomping on wooden boards, Bret.


You definitely do need to stomp whilst doing strikes it looks shit if you don’t


Can say the exact same about a super kick without a leg slap


It's not that they slap their legs, it's that they're so obvious about it.


This is always so weird when older wrasslers say it. They all stomped when they threw punches. How is that any different?


A lot of those stomps were obvious too lol


It was even subconsciously obvious when my brother and I were younger we would do it while wrestling without even realizing it.


Said it further up, but Bret would literally do a full bunny hop sometimes when he punched... and he's one of the best too 😬


You honestly can't see the difference between Bret's punches and the phony, overused leg slaps guys and gals are using today? It's not really that esoteric. If you read the article, Bret's gripe is that the fans are in on the leg slaps and are slapping their legs along with the wrestlers.




LOL. He’s not even talking about the wrestlers. You guys need to read the article


Reading the comments and a lot of people saying Brett is bitter. Just because he doesn’t like something it doesn’t mean he’s bitter.


He’s 100% right about this. The thigh slaps do nothing but violate suspension of disbelief. It’s the equivalent to leaving wires visible in the frame of a movie.


Clearly nobody read the article. He was talking about actual children slapping their leg when a wrestler was about to kick someone.


Was he embarrassed for himself every time he threw a punch or a kick and stomped? What's the difference?


Tell me you didn’t read the article without telling me you didn’t read the article.


reading the full quote, he's right, but overwhelmingly the push away from realism is wrestling has been argued as a different style I guess. not for him, I get it, but probably because I feel the same way


Doing leg slaps in front of the camera is the exact same thing as seeing the strings in movies. It showing the special effect and looks unprofessional. And psychology wise it doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t think a boot to the face would sound like a leg slapping a spandex or bare leg. I would think it wouldn’t make a sound being muffled by the boot.


I trsin to wrestle myself and my coach is one of those old guys that really don’t like leg slapping. I don’t understand the problem, we stomp our feet to make noise when we do strikes, what’s the difference here?


They don't like the leg slapping simply cos they didn't do it.


To be fair to Shawn Michaels; generally he was good at slapping his leg on the side away from the camera and on the side and not the top. He tried his best to keep it hidden but a lot of newer wrestlers don't even try to minimize or hide it in any way. Not a deal breaker but it could also explain why sweet chin music feels like a finisher and nobody else's super kick comes close to feeling like a match ender.


SMH. Some of you guys need to actually read the article, which doesn’t happen a lot on this website for some reason. You guys just comment for the karma. He wasn’t even talking about the wrestlers he was talking about the kids in the crowd.


Modern wrestlers are way too obvious about leg slapping


Quite a few people suggesting there’s no fundamental difference between punch-stomps and leg-slaps. A stomp flows with the motion of a punch and is partially designed to make the punch look harder. The wrestler isn’t trying to hide the stomp. People like Bret, Triple-H, Scott Hall can punch all day and it looks real and menacing, and the leg motions help convey this. People like Jake Roberts could somehow make stomps look like they are improving straight jabs. Leg slaps are people slapping their thighs with their hands when connecting superkicks and enzuigiris. The slap has no kayfabe purpose in the offensive move. I suspect Bret wasn’t really talking _just_ about the leg slap. Wrestling doesn’t look physically offensive anymore. It’s more a clean dance than a messier fight. And I understand why people think it’s becoming a little hollow.