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This guy is *made* of flips


He's definitely one of the best at it. I would say his competition is the last luchador that showed up on AEW Kommander.


Love Komander, but total package wise it’s between Vikingo & Bandido for best alive the last few years. Regardless all three are still so young though — Amazing time to be a Lucha fan.


Bandido is great but he's not much a top tier Flippy guy. He's more in the category with Dragon Lee as best more traditional Lucha.


Totes, just meant as overall best luchador(s) going right now.


Oh ye best luchadors on the planet imo rn are Bandido, Kommander, Vikingo, Dragon Lee, and Taurus. I know Taurus is a dark horse but I think in ring he's one of the best wrestlers not just luchadors.


> I know Taurus is a dark horse I thought he was a bull.


Black Taurus is so good in the ring, his singles matches on the indies are a real eye-opener


Rey Fenix is still my No. 1, but that was my first time seeing Vikingo, holy shit, man might take that spot for me.


Fenix is absolutely up there too.


No offense to Rey because I think he is very talented. I do not consider him in the competition with Kommander and Vikingo. He goes in the category with Aerostar for wrestler taking most unnecessary high flying risks.


Singles Rey Fenix can be just as insane as those two IMO.


I saw Kenny Omega vs Fenix at a NEW show just before aew was announced. They tore the fucking house down. ive never seen a better match in my life. It honestly makes the Vikingo v Kenny match look like a plain old TV match by comparison. Rey Fenix is a world class singles talent even if he's spent most of AEW doing tag/trios.


Give me one of him and Fenix together please. Thanks M8.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjFplXxbFA0 AAA conveniently premiered a best of video just after Dynamite too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ_c5PTKTlE


That was quick.


The commentary playing over the speakers is dreadful. People actually wanted that on the regular show


I ordered all three TripleMania shows last year and I don't see my repeating that this year. It's kind of a hard watch; the American commentators are trash, the GIANT VIDEO BOARD playing ads throughout the match is super distracting, and yeah, sometimes the announcers are being played through the arena speakers. I enjoy that AAA exists and is its own thing, but it's not a great fit for my sensibilities.


Watching in English is a mistake to begin with, even if you don't understand Spanish the product is just so enhanced by Hugo losing his freaking mind the entire show, and AAA is such a Mexican cultural product that the overall feel just doesn't fit right with English commentators trying to straighten everything out You might like CMLL better if you want a more straightforward lucha product, AAA is a car wreck by design


> AAA is a car wreck by design Steve and Larson turned me on to Triplemania by describing it this way and I generally try to catch it every year because what the fuck is even going on on that show, honestly.


God bless you


They fought for the AAA Mega belt


Triplemania XXX: Mexico City. Just last year.


Woah woah woah don’t stop there, throw in Bandido and Komander


Triple threat: Vikingo vs Fenix vs Dante Martin


He is so small but his move felt real against the perfect body Kenny


Like Professor Utonium from Powerpuff Girls adding chemical X into the concoction except it is flips ![gif](giphy|NqZ0hWhLXZJSg)


I just saw like 8 things I've never seen before


Half of Vikingo's moveset is me going "how the fuck does a human being do that?"


Dude moves like a video game character, any wrestling game with him in it would be fucking fun as fuck.


Much of his moveset consists of stuff that looks like all of those created finishers on 2k where I try to see how much shit I can fit into one move. Dude is nuts.


Vikingo is straight up a Dying Light character


If I saw a wrestler with his move set in a game I’d call BS on it not being realistic enough! I know some people don’t like focus on matches with people not in AEW considering the roster size but I love these matches that show case incredible international talents.


The rope-jump twist into a reverse dragonpoisonrana was fucking nuts ..as was the 630 to the outside, just insane


>rope-jump twist into a reverse dragonpoisonrana See... This sounds like some bullshit I would type out as a joke then delete it once I realized how stupid it sounds. But nah, dude went out there and literally fucking did exactly what you described lmao


>This sounds like some bullshit I would type out as a joke E.g. "Watch The Great Khali do some shit that's never been done before, like a rope-jump twist into a reverse dragonpoisonrana lol amirite bois" No, you're not right, not only because Khali obviously didn't do it, but because there literally does exist someone who's done exactly that fucking move and that's genuinely insane lmao


I think it was mentioned to be a swan diving reverse huricanrana. That 630 to the outside where he steps on the middle rope is absolutely inhuman.


I don’t even need to see a dragonpoisonrana to know it’s amazing.


I'm not saying there weren't even more insane things in the match, but I was absolutely astounded by the jump from the apron, over the top rope into the springboard off the second rope 450 he did. The crazy jump, balance, and quick bounce from the initial jump into the 450 on the other side of the second rope was so damn swift. Absolutely insane.


I don't follow AAA, but my buddy does and we'll watch the big shows. That's the spot that he gets most hyped for. It's the landing on the second rope that just makes it so unbelievable.


that 630 got me to find religion again


I saw like 8 things I was unaware the human body could do.


He did stuff that should only be in video games


Pretty sure that shit aint even in wwe 2k


Vikingo was freestyling in the air so hard, that he had Taz & Excalibur marking out hard lmfao. He even had Taz bust out a Joey Styles “oh my god” on that 630 through the table. That ruled


Excalibur stood up after one of Vikingo's crazy moves and told us all about it later haha. He was completely separating from his responsibilities.


He escaped by a god damn inch in kayfabe. Vikingo damn near killed him. Unreal match.


Kenny sells like a madman I legit thought he broke a collarbone for a minute there


I thought he got too much on the second V-Trigger and legit knocked Vikingo out. Both of them bumped and sold their asses off.


My buddies and I said the same exact thing. This was a brutal match to watch. Just hoping both guys are good. Unbelievable for a Wednesday night.


He had like three 2.999999 pinfall attempts. Definitely made him look very strong.


not just in kayfabe


I'd never seen a Vikingo match before that, I'd only seen clips. I genuinely don't think I can remember seeing a better 'introduction' performance from a pro wrestler. That was genuinely indescribable. That guy is fucking special.


Vikingo makes every AAA card a must-see for me. He had a 25-minute banger with Bandido at Noche de Campeones in December that made the whole show worth watching.


Dude the Fenix title match was fuckin nuts


Guys like Richochet and Komander can do a lot of those moves but Vikingo just has the aura of a top guy. I hope they can run it back in a longer match soon.


That's a great point. Vikingo carries himself like a guy worth building a promotion around. Ricochet carries himself like a really cool midcard guy.


I still think you can build a promotion/brand around Prince Puma.


I had the same thought. Vikingo gives me Darby Allin-like vibes with how he carries himself.


Well I didn't know I needed this match until right now


You’re right. Komander is fucking badass but he doesn’t have that swagger yet. I hope El Hijo keeps getting better. Not just flipping but has a Mysterio like career because he has that kind of vibe already.


After so many attempts at "the next Rey Mysterio" I'd love it if it ends up being a guy who doesn't wear a mask getting the title.


I believe you meant Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. xdd. What a sick match in Lucha Underground...can Triple H book that in WWE for his retirement match?


>I genuinely don't think I can remember seeing a better 'introduction' performance from a pro wrestler. Nakamura vs Sami Zayn? I'm yet to watch Dynamite. And this thread is getting me so damn excited. After being in Winnipeg last week, I feel like renewed fan


I'd already seen Nakamura's matches so I can't say that personally but that's EXACTLY the feeling this match just gave me. If you'd never seen Nakamura before that Takeover; you probably felt the same way about him that I'm currently feeling about Vikingo. Genuinely that good.


Fuck. Yes.


Some might not agree with it, but I'm with you. I was barely watching NXT when Nak came in (my own fault.. divorce,etc) but the two of them lit up the TV like I was watching Hogan and Warrior- based entirely how they handled themselves! I got the same vibe tonight.


Rey vs Chavo was a great inroduction to those somehow still unaware of him.


Kenny should not spend any more time in trios or tag He's just too insane in singles. I'm sure it helps him with the wear and tear but his singles stuff is just so incredible


Well we found the Don Callis account.


Fucking carny piece of shit.


This gets me every time.


Brb out scoping velvet loafers


Honestly, in a cost benefit analysis between possible injuries and not having him wrestle very often, I'd be fine with him getting the MJF schedule. Save it for big singles matches, this man should be main event exclusive for the rest of his career.


Dude can basically just be like RA Shawn Michaels and simply have bangers a couple times a year.


Let him be the endboss of AEW. He don't even needs a title in my opinion. Just let him be this ever looming figure that (almost) noone can beat.


Of course, he and Osprey still hold the title for match of the year and not likely another match surpasses it even with so much of the year left.


They might get to run it back in FD2


Yeah, give Osprey the rub and setup a trilogy capper for the future. I NEED Okada to face MJF just because outside kayfabe I think they would work a great match together and tell a crazy story in the ring that night.


I thought I wanted this. But now I want Okada/Hayter vs MJF/Mercedes where Max just tries to run away the whole match so he doesn't end up like Kaito. You have dual Rainmaker possibilities and promos of Mercedes and MJF deciding he can just go to Hollywood and quit wrestling. Who is champion come Forbidden Door makes it more interesting. If Okada drops the championship to SANADA it could make him even more ruthless going after young champions. Assuming Ospreay/Kenny is the main event this just allows for fun storytelling. (I'm calling this: Kaito defends the GHC belt from the invader Okada at next years Noah crossover).


on god I thought you were saying Okada vs Hayter and MJF vs Mercedes and I was hell yeah book it


Well now I want that.


i hope mjf skips forbidden door and sits in a skybox all night.


Max Friedman has no interest in NJPW and MJF thinks it's "the shits", so that is a genuine possibility


No shot his body could take the punishment if he's doing matches like this more often unless he was on an MJF schedule. And even then...


Honestly final boss omega not wrestling often on an MJF schedule would have me far more entertained, just shows up like sephiroth in the remake then fucks off but you know he'll kick your ass.


I don’t know why Don didn’t bring out his gravity generator to prevent Vikingo from utilizing his superpowers.


If only he had remembered


That match made me feel like I was 13 watching Rey Mysterio Jr for the first time again. Thank you.


I remember getting out of bed at like 5:30 AM to rewatch a VHS recorded match between Rey and Juvi. I had the sound off because I didn’t want to wake anyone up, but I had to see if it was as good as I remembered from the night before. I was probably 12. This was on that level. Insane.


You just unlocked a core memory for me... Getting up extra early on Tuesday to rewatch the best parts of last night's Nitro before leaving for school. Then reenacting it on the playground and having to go to the nurse for a bandaid and Neosporin...


Something similar for me - I wasn't allowed to watch wrestling as a kid, but my local library had a handful of VHS tapes available to rent for free. My friends had told me that the WWF was the superior brand, so I'd watched every one they had in stock and after watching all of them at least twice, I eventually caved and hired out my first ever WCW tape. Halloween Havoc '97, Mysterio vs Guerrero, changed my life


I know that EXACT feeling


Holy shit that is a PERFECT way to describe that match.


This was exactly how I felt too




Especially in the beginning when they announced him at like 160 pounds. I thought it was a mistake until I saw his short king self in the ring. Low center of gravity means you can ignore most of its rules I guess lol




Thank you for your input Mr. Sheamus.


Star ratings are out brother. Sheamus analysis is in.


Gravity may have forgotten PAC but it never even heard of Vikingo.


Speaking of Pac, I thought about him last night because he had the iron man match with Kenny in KC. Where is he?


I love when a wrestler shows up on national TV for the first time and completely delivers. This was a 10/10 showcase for Vikingo.


And to think Kevin Nash will never see this match


All because of a pinkie promise pledge with Steve Austin.


I still don’t believe that Austin doesn’t watch some AEW. He loves the business too much and he’s a huge MJF mark.


I mean Nash was trolling a bit if you saw the actual podcast.


he doesn't watch AEW but Kenny Omega is his favorite wrestler so he'll definitely mark out reading a recap


Or Stu Grayson




I didn't see the match but this comment made me lol and want to really bad.


You’ll find yourself saying wtf every few mins, guaranteed.


I don't know how half of that shit was possible. What an absolutely insane match, instant classic


Welcome to the United States, Vikingo. Please stay a while. You're incredible.


Dude [put on a banger](https://youtu.be/9s_Z37RVINk) at my local indie a few months ago. He's just amazing.


I was at that show! It was against Nick Wayne. That match fucked so hard, we all threw money in the ring after the pinfall.


Dude, I go to as many DEFY shows as I can, but COVID fucked it all up. Nick Wayne is a treasure, and I'm so glad you got to see that match.


Vikingo was all over the place. Kenny's selling and body control was next level throughout the match Such an awesome spectacle


Was in the arena and it was the craziest shit I’ve ever seen in my life


that sunset flip vikingo did was fucking insane dude found the anti gravity cheat


I think I know who Vikingo is now


thats what the best pure high flier in the world vs best wrestler in the world looks like


This reminded me that, actually, flippy shit rules.


When he hit that dragon rana from the post to the floor I said "This mother fucker..."


Vikingos moveset is like the one i’d give my CAWs in the old wrestling games


Yes! Fire Pro


We are gonna see at least 12 WWE is interested articles the next two weeks


That match reminded me of the WCW cruiserweight division in a great way


Easily the best televised AEW match of the year. I had an inkling the match would be good, but they delivered an awesome bout.


Judge me all you want but my favorite part was the handshake between Kenny and Vikingo while flat on their backs in the middle of the ring. Pure class.


I’ve honestly never seen Vikingo before this but now I want to see to see even more. Fucking hell. https://preview.redd.it/gl3xl612vfpa1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=7665bd4fa15948480cc7b9ce4d9e221d78cac1b4


If you were impressed with Vikingo, he's gonna be at GCW Spring Break eak next weekend against Mike Bailey and that shit is gonna be fire.


I imagine for many this would be the equivalent of seeing Rey Mysterio for the first time on US TV in the 90s


A bad night for fans who don’t like flippy shit. Good for me I love flippy shit. Amazing


Seriously how can someone don't admire this? Is there a person out there who thinks that an Omos vs Strowman match is better than this?


I don't know guys but I think Omega is the best bout machine.


I *do* know, and you'll be happy to learn that you are correct.


I KNOW he is fam


It is an honor that we get to see people this insanely talented do what they do on WEEKLY TV. Vikingo does things that a human simply shouldn’t be able to do, and Kenny Omega is back to the point where we have to ask after every match, whether singles or otherwise, “is there REALLY anyone better in the ring than him?” It’s truly a special time to be a wrestling fan, and matches like what we saw tonight are exactly why. Just unbelievable. One of the greatest Dynamite matches ever and one of the greatest TV matches ever, full stop.


Legend has it that every time you see a shooting star, it’s just Vikingo doing a flip off of the moon


That is exactly why I love professional wrestling. You can't help but feel good after seeing something like that.


Bruv. Fucking ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ bruv.


What. The. Fuck. Insanity.


A CLASSIC. On free tv 🤯


That was fucking amazing.


That crowd went from respectful cheering, to huge pop, to “this is awesome”, to “holy shit!”, to “fight forever”, to finally just speechless. Unbelievable match.


My 8 year old son loved it. Vikingo is his new favorite. I told him some people online said it wouldn’t be that good because it didn’t have a build. He looked confused and said, “daddy you need to put your phone down when dynamite is on.”


Good advice haha


Both are so talented. I've only ever seen one Vikingo match prior to this but holy crap, I gotta catch more. Also, Kenny is still one of the best at selling in the biz. He made everything Vikingo did look brutal. It's why I love seeing good lucha against non-luncha wrestlers. There's an added level of excitement that the non-lucha's add to the match. Hope this silenced the "who is this" talk 'cause who cares who it is if the match is pure fire.


[Live look at TK backstage](https://i.imgur.com/1ywXvcM.png)


Hopefully that's all the money he's immediately handing over to Hijo de Vikingo


TK really, REALLY spoils us. This match is PPV-level yet we got to watch them perform at the same level on TV.


I don't care if that man does a mountain of blow or is as straight edge as they come. Just keep giving us these crazy ass matches TK.


No wait surely the casual wrestling fan hated this because of the lack of build!!! /s


He really does just drop insane shit in our laps all the time lol


Every Vikingo match is an experience.


1, god damn Vikingo! 2, I can’t believe they have me hooked on another Page/Kenny storyline


This match was incredible. Vikingo is a once in a lifetime talent. I was almost upset the match didn’t go longer.


I understand putting Kenny with the Bucks to ease him back into things, but the fact of the matter is this match made him look like more of a goddamn superstar than anything he’s done since he’s come back, and that’s not a coincidence. I don’t care if it’s at a reduced schedule, or whatever; if Kenny Omega is on AEW television, he needs to be doing shit like this, otherwise it’s a waste of his talents.


I’m guessing you didn’t see Omega vs Ospreay at Wrestle Kingdom. Do yourself a huge favour and go out of your way to find it.


If you didn’t know Vikingo, now you know. I really hope they can bring him back more because the dude is money.


That was insane. El Hijo del Vikingo lives up to the hype! Great job by Kenny as well to showcase a very special star.


Run. This. Back.


That match was insane and I hope Vikingo does more matches for AEW.


All-time legendary performance by Vikingo. What a moment.


I've questioned if Fenix is human before, but I'm convinced Vikingo is just straight up an extraterrestrial. No human should be capable of casually doing a reverse 450 into a hurricanrana.


I’m 30. This felt like the first time I saw Rey Mysterio wrestle when I was like 9. Vikingo did at least 5 things I’ve never even seen in my life... whatta ride


But it had no build 🥺🥺🥺 Edit: that Poisonrana was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s it. I don’t think anything will ever top that. My favorite move done in the most insane way possible.


While it didn't really have a conventional build in AEW, they told the story of Omega/Vikingo throughout the show and even had a pretty sweet video package earlier on in the night


Dude, I'm not 100% convinced that Poisonrana was the best thing in *this match* - there are about 5 different options lol


but can he work a hold???? /s


goddamn indie-riffic outlaw mudshow bullshit. They should both be boiled in oil and sold for soap /s


The best part is that they definitely held back on this one. The eventual rematch is gonna be even crazier.


Outstanding match!! That really was amazing!!


That dropkick before the bell rang was insane, Omega looked like he got hit by a cannon. Knew then and there this was going to be awesome


i’m going to watch this at least 3 more times this week.


A 630 to the outside through a table is absolutely fucking insane


Give me Bryan Danielson Vs Vikingo for 30 minutes.


Vikingo once again proved he is leagues ahead of anyone else on the ropes. But even purely within the ring, that Manami Roll into a powerbomb was unreal.


se la rifa el vikingo


Es un chingón


![gif](giphy|d8C9QwHsFQgR39MSTq|downsized) My sister and I on the phone that whole match


Best bout machine indeed.


Huge Mysterio vs Guerrero in 97 vibes from this match in the sense of a generally "unknown" guy coming into National US TV and stealing the show.


Holy Shit!


Well, that somehow exceeded my insanely high expectations. Dear lord.


Dude is a cheat code in human form.


That was a best bout


Only caught bits and pieces of it, but HOLY SHIT! Independence, MO got themselves a hell of a treat tonight. Def gotta watch the full match.


Great match


Vikingo just made a ton of money. Maybe not right now. But soon...


Well, I’m officially a fan of this guy.


That was some really good shit.


Vikingo legit has one of the best looks out of current wrestlers


He always like that? And he’s not dead?


All his stats went into flippy shit and I am here for it.


I had only sent gifs of Vikingo for years. Tonight was the first full match I saw of him and yeah, he’s special. This is gonna be a match remembered for years, especially if Vikingo takes off in AEW or the U.S in general.