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![gif](giphy|bEVKYB487Lqxy) Kerrmit right now


Did Brian Gerwitz just discover leaks?


Some times things are leaked on purpose to judge the reaction. Film studios do it all the time and since the WWE has a ton of ex-Hollywood people I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't do that.


There is no doubt or question that the WWE has done and does intentional leaks to gauge reactions or for other reasons.


Like that terrible 'Watch Me Bray Bray' shirt


The first trailer for the first Sonic movie is a prime example of this. They released a trailer with an awful looking Sonic to get people talking about it and then they just suddenly had a more true to the game Sonic model ready in not time flat? Please


>they just suddenly had a more true to the game Sonic model ready in not time flat? No, they delayed the movie into the next year


That’s pretty quick work if they already have the animations and lighting and are just swapping out one model with a similar one with the same rigging.


I never saw the movie or paid attention to the trailer but most animation deforms the character pretty often. Unless it's cheap/bad animation its going to be more complicated than video game style reskins.


They actually delayed the movie release significantly to put in the new Sonic model. The negative reaction was not something they planned for or were expecting.


makes sense that a former guy from the creative staff would be opposed to leaks


As much as I agree with Gewirtz here, there's nothing that's gonna stop it. Leaks are everywhere in media nowadays. No point in stressing out over it. Plus, if WWE has eyes on these leaks, they can pull off some really good swerves. For example, we were told that Great Muta would be the first inductee in the HoF and then yesterday they announced Mysterio.


bruh wait what. i only saw the first thread with Muta scoop so when the other thread came out i didn't check it again lol. swerved indeed!


I still don't get why everyone believed the Muta thing, it was PWInsider, it wasn't like it was anyone even remotely credible. If it was Meltzer or even Sapp I'd get it but an outlet that's regularly flat out wrong?


If you think Mike Johnson isn't one of the more credible dirt sheet reporters you don't know dirt sheet reporters like you think you do.


Mike Johnson has been accurately reporting news for over 20 years. And he didn’t say Muta was going to be announced first. He said Muta was the first one he’d confirmed, and that he’s heard other names but hadn’t been able to get confirmation on them yet. I’m not sure why you think he’s not “remotely credible.” He’s basically the only one who waits until he gets multiple independent sources before reporting on something.


Lol suggesting Sapp as an accurate alternative... Good rib brother!


It is actually incredible to me that this Sapp guy has come out of nowhere and somehow become more "credible" than the Torch, PWinsider, or the Observer. And yet every time I see him it's some weird attention seeking social media nonsense. This is what the zoomers like I guess.


Brother I’ve been reading Mike Johnson scoops since WCW and he’s rarely if ever wrong.


I think you mixed up PWI with Ringsidenews. lol Mike is usually pretty accurate.


"Leak" is a tricky word because it is so much a baseline negative, but one which can be harnessed as a positive to whatever extent. It can be either a strategic move, or the equivalent of something which slowly floods your house before you realize it. But it is always a political action, ultimately, when used to achieve a purpose.


In general, I never understood the motivation behind wrestling folks just spoiling their own future work ahead of time. It’s bizarre. Honestly, they should plant false rumors and once they figure out who’s leaking, they should punish them. Instead, wrestling people do assumedly free interviews for subscription platforms like Fightful? It’s mind boggling.


Talking about workplace gossip is a pretty old pastime and can feel like a form of social capital.


Reasons can be many, leaked by the office to gauge reaction, leaked by a wrestler unhappy with the creative they’ve been given or giving false info to someone to find out if they are the leak.


Media coverage drives further interest in the product. Some fans like keeping up with the rumour mill, and part of the fun is hearing rumours and contrasting with what plays out on TV. Especially with wrestling, where plans change constantly anyway, it’s pretty harmless.


Just hire Coleen Rooney, she'll find out who the leaker is


Most leaks are done for political/career/business reasons. People aren't leaking company secrets for the fun of it. Even Vince has talked with Meltzer often in the past when its beneficial for him (or if he thinks he can get info out of Dave). Its all in the game...


He would hate r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers. Leak culture is the trend today. Is what it is.


>Leak culture is the trend today. Things have leaked as long as things to leak have existed lol


But social media and the Internet in general has 1) made it easier to leak information and B) made it easier to find said info.


I just did a little dive into that sub, wow ridiculously entitled fans aren't just a wrestling thing...


We are pretty bad but not the worst.


True...I want to say Star Wars fans...haven't brushed up against gamers so who knows...


Star Wars fans went so far out of their way to get their hands on the Rise of Skywalker script, read the whole thing, then get pissed when the movie they saw was exactly what they read.


To be fair, when Endgame spoilers came out Marvel fans thought it sounded pretty stupid and completely changed their mind when they saw the finished product. From what I've heard this isn't that unusual, a story can sound pretty simple when summarized, but it's all about how you tell that story. I think Star Wars fans were hoping for something similar, and it just didn't happen.


The Star Wars fans on Reddit didn’t read a summary. The literally had a leaked copy of the script and willingly read it.


Star wars fandom doesn't even come close to touching truly deranged fanbases like Kpop fans, weebs, or sonic fans. I feel like the more niche and weird fanbases surpass the more normie (star wars/marvel) fanbases in terms of craziness.


Sonic the hedgehog?


Yup lol. Sonic fans are known to be batshit insane and unhinged. There's also a lot of overlap of furries in the sonic fanbases, which adds to the general craziness.


I’ve never interacted with any of those other fanbases. I think Star Wars fans were at that worst when it before explosion of social media and it was mainly on Star Wars fansites with message boards. I remember posts about authors of the New Jedi Order receiving death threats.


You don't want to interact with the KPop fans. They're by far the most insufferable imo. Not only are they lunatics about their fandom but if someone gets more attention than who they like, if something is popular they don't like or you just say something they don't like and they'll bombard anything posted with fancams and stupid shit. It's genuinely pathetic


Or Swifties, or Baby Metal fans, or metal fans in general


I am not sure what kind of metal fans you are talking about.


That would be the Olicity shippers from Arrow….


Dude I see it in every fandom. Marvel/DC, football, any popular TV show, survivor, GTA RP. It's so funny how people become superfans of all these wide variety of things, and they all bitch and moan about the same shit across fandoms. And they all say the same thing, "OMG this thing has the worst fans!" Everyone says their thing has the worst fans, think about that for a minute.


The MCU spoiler community is shockingly similar to the pro wrestling dirt cheap community.


R. Kelly cosigns


People are still taking WRKDWrestling seriously?


I’m not familiar with the leak he’s referring to. Can someone feel free to DM or post as spoiler?


Click his Tweet, the one he’s quoting has it.


Kinda defeats his whole point


Holy crap, how did I miss that.. thanks!


>!Trish turning heel and wrestling Becky at SummerSlam!<


He's right. I wonder how much the leakers get paid. And if they don't, why leak?


People leaking info from their workplace for fan consumption are rarely getting paid directly for leaks. As for why they would do it, the most prominent reasons would be a) ego and wanting to feel like they're flexing some influence, b) feeding info to writers/reporters who might be helpful to them in the future, or c) the "leaks" are actually info the company wants to put out there subtly, either to build interest, test ideas, or intentionally spread misinformation.


Are you seriously asking why human beings are engaging in gossip and causing drama?


Even if that's fake, that's dumb as shit. Turn Becky, she's far more entertaining as a heel. Nobody in their right mind would boo Trish.


A lot more people would boo Trish.


There needs to be more leaks so we can lambast them on messageboards


[Sheik's Twitter account never fails to pop me, lmfao](https://twitter.com/the_ironsheik/status/1634326193800355840?s=20)


I’m glad this got leaked, actually. Because a Trish heel angle is a bad idea and a waste of Becky’s time


I honestly wondered if they were laying on the best friend angle thick so Trish could turn on them because she wants a title instead. She was always a fantastic heel and that was where she did her best work. Lita was also an over heel but a natural face. It took personal issues for the crowd to b turn on her


I'd much rather she face mega-heel Asuka at SummerSlam for the world title. Also, I'm pretty sure I heard a Lita heel angle aswell so they could just be working.


*Jericho twitches*


“Take some pride in your work”? Gewirtz had a job that simply should not exist and worked under Vince ‘I impregnated my daughter ‘McMahon. Where’s the pride!?!?