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Their friendship is just the best especially given how one of their first interactions went.


I love how Pat told that story. You could tell he had a lot of respect for Cole after that. I'm also really glad he didn't decide to walk out of Mania because of it.


What was it?


Pat wore tuxedo shorts to Wrestlemania 35 (he was gonna be showing off the stage so was gonna be on camera) and Cole yelled at him in front of everyone in gorilla. Pat got pissed off and threatened to leave because he didn't need to do the preshow. Got told to wait and someone went to talk to Vince. Cole came back and said that he was sorry for yelling at him like that and that he thought if Vince saw Pat in the shorts that he'd be extremely pissed off and it would ruin anything between Pat and WWE. The person who went to talk to Vince showed him a picture of Lebron in tux shorts to which Vince replied "yeah, I'm hip, I've seen it". Basically, Cole didn't want this to fuck up for Pat and came back with a very sincere apology so it was all water under a bridge and just look at them now.


The best part of this story is Vince seeing Lebron's Suit and going. "I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE. I'M HIP!!" Like of all the things, of course Vince had seen Suit Shorts already.


I am picturing Vince dancing the Macarena like Dr Evil.👀


Nah Vince is Christopher Walken in the Weapon of Choice music video. It's literally all i see whenever i watch that is Vince.


Sad part is, I always read Vince quotes in his raspy ass voice.


Best part. Think of the character, not the sex-pest.. or something.






i can almost guarantee that he had not in fact seen it and just said that which is even better


Pat got married in tuxedo shorts https://image-cdn.essentiallysports.com/wp-content/uploads/pat-mcafee-3.jpg?width=600


I’m not even surprised


[Here's the original story, as told by Pat.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip-OgyHsOqw)


I've heard this story... And you know, knowing the kinds of things we've heard about Vince, if I were Cole I'd think the same damn thing he did


[Cole reprimanded him about his outfit for his first show](https://www.thesportster.com/wrestling/pat-mcafee-wrestlemania-blowup-shorts/)


Pat should have just pointed out that he dressed better than Shawn Michaels at the time.




Pat and Cole’s friendship is so sweet. Also, I’m surprised he thought Pat was leaving outright, felt to me more like he was on break for the CFB season and would be back when it was over.


> felt to me more like he was on break for the CFB season and would be back when it was over. That's kinda how I was taking it too. I dunno if I thought Pat would alternate seasons or anything, but I never really thought he was done in WWE for good. College Gameday was an opportunity he couldn't pass up, but dude also has way too much fun in WWE to stay away for good.


The initial plan was for Pat to come back but his wife is pregnant and the feeling I get is he doesn’t want to commit to be on the road every single week. I could see him doing big shows or PLEs only.


That'd explain the story a few weeks back about Booker becoming a long-term commentator in NXT and not just replacing Wade for a few months. They don't expect Pat to be here every show, so Wade might be doing Smackdown in his stead except for PLEs, therefore Booker stays in NXT for the foreseeable future.


But other than PLEs didn’t he just work once a week? Idk if that’s a big commitment


For someone who doesn’t need the money having to be away for a night or two every single week leaving a pregnant wife or a wife with a new born at home is a big commitment.


It's made even more complicated given how rough of a time they've had with this process.


Pat gets paid for this though. He isn’t being super underpaid or anything.


But he doesn’t need it. He’s in a position where he can balance life and work. He gets paid a fuck ton to do his show and be home every night. And not a matter of how much they offer. They can offer him being home every single night.


Didn't they work out having Beth Phoenix do commentary remotely for NXT during the pandemic? So they could technically offer him a work from home position but it's unlikely they would.


I mean sure but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to work for money Most bizarre downvotes ever.


He definitely could chose to do it if he wanted to work for money. I think the point is he doesn't need the money and has decided he will take the freedom of schedule over higher pay...it's just a preference


Not everyone is into the grind culture. He makes plenty with his pod alone and that's pretty cush gig. I know people have real jobs and everything, but even traveling once a week to another city would wear me down fast.


He actually loses money doing smackdown when you factor in him having to fly his jet there every week. He's explained this before.


he also has his own daily show for 3+hours. that one night a week is still big for family time.


Yeah. The way Cole is talking you can tell he loves working with him and he’s gained a really good friend.


Thats what the WWE is going to say because they want to keep all avenues open for his return, but I think everyone had it in their minds that it's possible he just won't have time after the season ends. And when you're Cole and you likely have at least a vague idea of what the cfb season looks like and you haven't heard much discussion of bringing him back, you aren't gonna say "oh yeah he'll be back any time"




Didn't he sign that 30 million dollar a year deal after he left for the CFB season? Probably a lot less incentive to do WWE stuff when you have that kinda money coming in.


Pretty sure it was before that, but it's entirely possible talks had been going on for a long while.


I don't think I ever seen a quicker big man crush than Cole has for Pat. People joke about "X gave me life", but I think that's how Cole feels with Pat by his side. I wonder if there's a sad side to it, like Cole always came off as the odd man out in WWE... he was the butt of the joke for years, always in JR's shadow, either with King or JBL or whatever, people were always making fun of him and telling him to shut up... we know Vince was always screaming at him... when he was featured as a "character" it was always something about how annoying or goofy he was... so he was too young to be one of the legends, then he wasn't very respected, and more recently either too old or too much the boss to hang with the kids... Total reddit armchair psychologist here, but maybe after all these years... with Pat, who is a young cool guy, was the first time he legit felt included on the fun with a friend? It certainly feels like there's something with their relationship that affected Cole on a deeper level.


Maybe I’m wrong about their real life relationship, but I always thought that Michael Cole and Tazz loved working together.


They were great minus the vince-isms


Guess we'll never know unless Cole speaks about their friendship on a deeper level, but wanted to appreciate this comment because it was actually mindblowing how I personally relate to this. It wasn't your intention, but thanks bro!


Vince gave him 30 minutes at WrestleMania when he didn't deserve to be there and Cole was one of Cena's ride alongs in his era. You're painting Cole as like a ugly step sibling when he's been the defacto #1 commentator and table producer since JR declined in the late 2000's.


Yeah Cole really leaned into the Cole Miner stuff, I think people put way too much stock into what we see on screen being a 1:1 translation of how people are viewed in the back.


Cole Miner days were something.. but now I look back on them and think it was pretty fun.


If that's the time when he would set up a plastic box around him then yeah that was some awesome times.


I think that period of time wouldn't be remembered as poorly as it is if every wrestling company on earth wasn't sucking ass at the same time.


100% He also had a podcast with JBL for a few years where they talked about wrestling, the US economy, geopolitics and other sports, among many other things


>Young cool guy Not for nothing, he's thirty five!


I meant in relation to Cole. Pat being his age probably helps, as in he young enough that you feel cool, but not so young that is weird.


I turn 38 in two months, don't talk like that, it hurts me.


I mean 18-35 has classically been considered young adult range for a very long time, Pat’s got one more year before the next category lol


He seems much happier for sure, and i can relate to the feeling of not fitting in.


It's especially interesting because Cole doesn't usually open up his emotions like that. He's always kept things somewhat closed in (considering some of the shit he's seen I don't blame him) I think Pat somehow broke apart Cole's outer shell and that endeared him to Cole. There's always been a bit of inner darkness in Cole. Not that he's bad, more like an inner turmoil, like he's suffering slightly. You could always see it on his face even during the attitude era. I've always had the feeling Cole still suffers from some psychological trauma from his time covering Waco and the YCW. Though recently he's been more energetic and happy, more so than I've ever seen him during his time in the WWE.


Cole when Pat's music hit ![gif](giphy|UuebWyG4pts3rboawU|downsized)


This cracked me up, thank you


This is so fucking wholesome.


Cole LOVES wrestling. He was always playing a character, but now he just gets to use his experience of announcing while just being a huge fan of the product and it's amazing.


So based lmao, I love Michael Cole getting the chance to live his best life in his later years of the company


If you watch the whole convo, doesn't sound like Pat is *back* back just yet. Which sucks, but they didn't put the kaibosh on it either.


Pats wife is pregnant and I get the feeling he doesn’t wanna commit to being on the road weekly.


He’s doing his show 5 days a week and has a bunch of other commitments. Even when he did it weekly he would take a PJ there and back every smackdown. He’s a very busy guy I can imagine adding smackdown right now with his wife pregnant is gonna be tough. Especially considering he just got done doing game day every Saturday


And honestly that’s ok. As much as I love Pat McAfee doing commentary every Friday on Smackdown, College Game Day was huge for him, his show is as big as it ever has been, and with he and wife welcoming a child, I completely get how going back to weekly commentary just wouldn’t work out. But by the sounds of it he’s very much still in the fold with the WWE, they will welcome him back whenever, he is still under contract and I imagine it’s a relationship he himself will want to maintain. Given that I imagine or at least I hope they maybe work something out where he comes back for the big PLEs and maybe a couple big Smackdowns a year. Maybe they negotiate where he’s there for Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam and Survivor Series, along with a few select Smackdowns out the year where the card or event is at the level of the last Smackdown of the year for example where someone like Roman is competing. I’d be happy with that.


I came here to say this. That’s extremely disappointing and i was hoping he didnt do so well with espn they would try snd get him to do other shit and it seems like that might be at play also


I think once his child is born I could def see him coming back for PPVs and if Smackdown was in or within driving distance of Indy


Cole is so dope


He is . And I like how good he is without the over production of Vince . Plus his love of pat is so wholesome


Graves reaction was fantastic.


*Well my year is already ruined*


🤣”I’d rather have a root canal!”


I hope we have that same lineup going forward. Corey needs someone who can throw down as well and having Cole moderate will be great.


Seriously. This is WWE’s best 3 men


I just want to find someone that love me as much as cole loves pat


Or how Regal loves Excalibur. Oh wait… now I’m sad


I loved that they did this. I didn't even make the connection that he could have been coming out for the Rumble. Hunter's "Are you gonna sell it?" line was great.


to think a few years ago, everybody hated HATED michael cole, little did they know all it took was for somebody new to the game, fresh out the box and has the gift of the gab to make michael cole one of the best commentators in the wrestling world.


Also it helped the person that kept yelling in his ear had to step down for a time due to a scandal.


They were doing great things together on commentary for a long time before he left. You can't attribute every good or bad thing to McMahon being there or not being there.


Cole seems to be his best when he is himself and nothing is forced out of him. I recall I really started to like Cole on commentary during the UK Championship tournament in 2017. I thought him and Nigel McGuinness were great together and really showed how good Cole could be. I think lot of people soured on him during his heel run but redeemed himself.


Same with Beast in the East Japan show.


I think a lot of people including me, the Beast in the East special realized that Cole can actually be great on commentary.


I feel old as fuck. He was great with Taz on Smackdown too.


Everybody??? Show some respect for the Coleminers among us!


Back then it wasn't as well known how much Vince fucked up cole's commentary. It really only started to get talked about more after King's heart attack


I think public opinion changed on Cole after he had to do commentary when Lawler had that heart attack. Seeing his fear and heartbreak really humanized him after his obnoxious heel run.


It’s amazing watching Cole get his flowers now. I love seeing it


This makes graves instant heel switch even more impressive. The man is a professional hater.


*That’s it… cancel Wrestlemania!*


It's really funny cause Cole's commentary was literally about how it was time for the Rumble to kick off and it felt like he was ready for the first entrant, so it's hilarious that he genuinely didn't know what was happening


Their friendship is so cute


I’m cracking up at the idea that its seconds before the start of the show and Cole gets a text from his wife that says “wyd?” Lol


I always find myself smiling when I see them interact lol. Maybe because I love the amount of happiness Cole has next to Pat and its just nice to see that kind of positive impact for someone.


Cole has been a new man since he started working with Pat


The fact that an iraq war reporter and a former nfl punter are friends because they like to see big meaty men slapping meat is incredible


It was a cool moment. Cole marked out like a fan when he saw Pat.


Cole seemed so genuinely surprised when pat returned. Never seen him so happy, you can tell how much the friendship means to him.


True Bromance. Also funny that Cole didn’t recognize the theme at first. We need Johnston on the phone.


I’ve done a complete 180 on Michael Cole in the last decade and I think his relationship and dynamic with Pat McAfee is partially responsible for that.


Man I used to hate Michael Cole, I thought he was so annoying that I'd actually turn off the show sometimes but that's really changed lately, I'll be sad when he does retire because he feels like an important piece of the WWE product.


I feel/felt the same way. Seeing how free he’s been on commentary since Vince left has made me rethink the guy’s whole career, and changed my opinion of him entirely


Dude that's a bromance if i've ever seen one.


Remember when Michael Cole had his heel run and had the worst go away heat imaginable? We are in such a better place.


The commentary on the rumble felt like AEW Dark. Those guys must be great friends!


If this means Wade is no longer on smackdown then I'm devastated


Doesn't sound like Pat is going to be back on Smackdown weekly yet, if ever. He's about to become a dad so I'm guessing if he ever comes back weekly it'll be years from now. I bet he still does big events and one off guest commentating though.


I hope he’s available for all PLEs going forward. That’s all we need him for


I love how Pat McAfee brought life back into Michael Cole.


Michael Cole with the Boomer cam Angle haha


When Pat called Adam Pearce and the backstage personnel doofuses at the Royal Rumble I lost it 😂 “here come the doofuses”


I guess I'm out of the loop, why was mcafee out and for how long?


Lee Corsos health was questionable for the College Football Season (he missed 2 or 3 shows in the end) and Pat had done stuff with ESPN previously so he got pulled in for College Game Day. He tapes the Double Header in Detroit before Clash at the Castle and says his goodbyes and see you in two weeks etc. - as he doesn't do overseas PPVs. Literally 2 or 3 days later gets the call from ESPN and the WWE front office said come back when its over (as we don't want you killing yourself essentially trying to do SD on a Friday night and College Game Day on Saturday lunchtime) edit - https://youtu.be/zIuUJIIrkh8 it would have been like from 4 minutes on in this weekly. In the meantime his wife gets pregnant and their first is due in May.




The problem is Pat has A LOT on the table now. He's about to become a father, he's making tons of money from his daily show, he's out 4 months a year for College Gameday, even for logistic reasons it's gonna take a toll on you. It wasn't completely out of the ordinary him not coming back to WWE even if he loves doing it.




The money he is making off of game day and FD can eat up any early termination fees for WWE.




He is making mad bank outside of WWE He is about to have a child The WWE schedule would take him away from his family while his other gigs won't.


Michael Cole saying he “legit” didn’t know makes me hate the world


HHH: You gonna sell it or what?! Cole: Sell what? And this is why you don't keep stuff secret from the announce guys.


What happens to Wade Barrett?


Bad news...


Bromance 🥲


Last week his interview with Kittle when Kittle was like asking Pat to talk to someone in the WWE about he want to be on show or something and Pat was like I don’t know about that got me to think he ain’t coming back too, glad to see him back


I would have loved to see Pat come out as #1 and just join commentary for the rest of the night after he got eliminated. Seeing Cole's man crush on him is damn wholesome I love it.