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Allen began his competitive career in judo at the age of 22. Before competing in the Olympics he won the gold medal in the heavyweight class at the 1967 & 1975 Pan American Games. He missed the 1972 Olympics due to a knee injury. At the 1976 Olympics he won the bronze medal in the heavyweight class. He was the first African American to win a solo Olympic Games medal in a sport other than boxing or track and field. Additionally he was the first African American to win a medal in judo & he was also the first (& only to date) American to win a medal in the heavyweight division. Following his Olympics win he retired from competition. In 1977 began his pro wrestling training in the NJPW dojo with Antonio Inoki. He made his pro debut with NJPW in October of that year under his own name facing Seiji Sakaguchi in a [Judo Jacket ](https://youtu.be/ITgcpM6XLiI)match. The following match saw him billed as Buffalo Allen. In 1979 he adopted the Bad News nickname that he would use for the rest of his career.


Man this dude was just built different. Reading stories about him in Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid’s bios was insane. He was Stone Cold before Stone Cold and New Jack before New Jack. This man deserves a biography of his own. He was 10-20 years ahead of his time… if he’d have come around during the Attitude Era he would have been a megastar.


Have you heard Lance Storm and Don Callis discuss Bad News on their old “Killing the Town” podcast? They’d regularly tell stories about News while they were green kids just starting out and did a whole episode on him as well. He was as legit as they came.


I get the storm cold comp but Why new jack?


So reading DK’s book, Bad News lived up to his name. He’d swing a weapon at you in a match, and it was your responsibility to move… if you didn’t move, you were getting clocked with whatever it was. He didn’t hold back and he didn’t give a fuck. Dynamite Kid also being a little nuts himself loved Bad News and they were good friends.


20 years later we could have had Bad News vs Angle!


Bad News Brown was amazing. WWE's first flirtation with an edgier, Steve Austin type figure. Definitely one of the guys from that era who I find among the most interesting by virtue of how different his character was to guys like Hogan.


Bad News with hair looks weird. It looks like a wig.


Having watched him in Stampede before his WWF days, he will always be Bad News Allen.


Brown then proceeded to give Ford the Ghettoblaster


It was weird on Tales from the Territories when they tried to blame the death of Stampede Wrestling entirely on Bad News.


Ford was gifted an Albany sewer rat by Brown