All Good Things Come To An End!

All Good Things Come To An End!


I’ll be honest… I tried TNXing my sprint iPhone 11 Pro and my service absolutely SUCKED. Today, I received an offer from Sprint/T-Mobile where they will give me $1,000 off the price of a iPhone 12 or 13. And I am VERY tempted. I am kind of wondering if my service sucked because I was using a sprint phone on T-Mobile network. And maybe a T-Mobile phone will be better?


You're going to want to wait it out. 13 only works on TNX - so if they haven't converted your area yet, it'll continue to suck with the 13.


13 would never get sprint they shut it down in a year


Yeah, it won’t. I meant that they should wait until their area is converted to T-Mobile before buying a TNX only phone.


Based on my experience T-Mobile is better. TNXing is not good, just move to T-Mobile completely.


At least with the 12 you still have the opportunity to use Sprint network. 13 is T-Mobile only.


remember if you choose the 1000 off, you will have to change your plan to magenta max and leave your old plan. fyi


I’m OK with that. It actually looks like MM is about $50 cheaper than my current plan anyways.


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ohhhkay.......sounds like a tmobile shill trying to convince ppl to transfer over as if paying more per month is what a sprint customer would even think about doing at this point. the majority of us are pay a hell of a lot less than what tmobile offers and we will ride this out till the very end. I highly doubt they forgave your leases, it doesn't make any sense as they are not tmobiles leases via the bank on the agreements.


It's called Sprint select, they are forgiving alot of leases, usually if you are in your last year or during ur flex lease purchase point


How did you get them to relieve leases?


If you have leases and installments and you move to T-Mobile they will forgive your leases as long you keep these phones.


I read this as only leases past the 18 month month mark that are still paying a monthly lease fee. That’s not really an exceptional deal. Does this include phones purchased on installments too?


If this is real, shouldn’t we all get new phones before switching over? Would actually be a deal in the costumers interest from T-Mobile for once instead of their typical 2-year reverse contract scam


Where can I find information on this? I have 20 months left on an installment that Is love to not have to pay anymore


When you login your sprint account you might see a banner says migrate/ move to Tmobile network. If you don't see that means you didn't get the promotion yet. It's call sprint select promo.


I just walked into T-Mobile yesterday and they said I have to pay $583 for my iPhone 12 64GB and $189 for my tablet. No deals. I asked if there is any deal for switching, like AT&T and Verizon are both offering around $500 in credits (which would help offset the loss), they said nope! I’ve been a Sprint customer for 24 years. My first phone was a Motorola that I got from RadioShack when they started selling Sprint PCS. I have free lines and phones Sprint has given me for being a long time customer, and T-Mobile basically said we don’t give a damn… so I’m taking my 5 lines and switching.


I gave up on staying with them as well. The customer service was talking in circles whenever I had a simple question like what my cost would be after migration. No one could tell me because I finally found out after going to a store they would be raising my cost by $25 a month. Add the cost increase and the inability to have a solid phone signal (dropped calls and calls cutting in an out) I gave up and made the move to Verizon. Data wasn't even the issue at home.


Yeah, I called to find out what it would be to switch and they told me I had to go into a store. The people in line in front of me were told to keep their sprint SIM cards and not to switch because the T-Mobile towers in my town have too much traffic and even tho it shows LTE, you will not connect. They plan on building more towers by the end of next year, but you will be forced to switch to a T-Mobile SIM by the end of the year. I also had unlimited lines thru sprint that were switched to basic lines. The reason being sprint had given me a free line and for T-Mobile to equate all my plans to theirs they put me on the basic plan. Then with the iPhone 13 coming up I wanted to see if I could get a better deal on T-Mobile where they told me I had to pay off my other lines. It was mentally really tough for me to switch after being with sprint for well over half of my life. But whenever I planned to switch sprint was able to match the offer or keep me in somehow (like a $750 tablet for $4.16/mo for 24 months), but the customer service at T-Mobile is just atrocious. Can’t wait until Friday when the new iPhones come out and sprint gets my big F U.




Migrated over and love it! 3 lines $90 (military) with a year apple TV and free Netflix can't beat that ! My 3rd line had a remaining lease balance $280 I paid that and they credited the account looks like I won't have a bill for a few months .