Tips on how to go from left to right?

Tips on how to go from left to right?


• ⁠Face massages with non-comedongenic oils • ⁠Optimal sleep, every single day same bedtime, same wakeup time, with eyemasks and good quality bed+covers • ⁠HYDRATE the fuck out!! 2+L per day, drank at regular intervals. • ⁠Good nutrition with low-processed foods, avoid sugar • ⁠possibly getting nutritional supplements • ⁠Make sure you don't have underlying health problems (diabetes, obesity, diseases, etc) and if you do, work hard at solving them, or at least, minimizing. • ⁠CARDIO and MUSCLE WORKOUTS! Makes the blood circulate and give you that glowing rosy complexion. *Lip Blush or a PH color reviving lip balm like Dior Lip Glow *Lumify eye drops for bright, white, eyes • ⁠Eliminating sugar (and dairy for most people) + alcohol intake • ⁠A healthy “colorful” diet full of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean protein. The beta carotene glow is real! • ⁠Castor oil for brows/lashes • ⁠A good skincare routine. Vitamin C, Tretinoin, HA serum, and most importantly SUNSCREEN. • ⁠Consistent exercise routine




this should be the first thing people do- my skin looked so dull while iron deficient


OH, i should take my iron supplements


Do we need to get tested to take iron ? I have on a vegetarian diet all my life and my complexion is quite shallow (trait in asian)


Just curious, do you guys get a consultation first or get everything tested by yourself? Also, what do you ask for?




B12 is another good one to check especially if youre vegetarian or vegan


Makeup 😂


It's an unrealistic image of health. The one on the right can't be achieved without the help of makeup. The only thing I can think of to help is a rigorous skin routine, enough sleep, enough hydration. Skin routines are never standardized and have to be personalized to your own skin needs. /r/skincareaddiction is a good start


do cardio workouts like HIIT to increase your red blood cell count. that is one factor in getting that sort of healthy redness, as opposed to unhealth redness from skin irritation (which can be concurrent.) HIIT can also increase your mitochondria count, making your cells appear more youthful and function better. (source: read a person on the internet who sounded confident say it) collagen supplements or high-collagen diet. retin-a. microneedling, maybe lasers, microdermabrasian. not really 'healthmaxxing' but it's how you make your skin look better, for some people anyway. high cartenoid intake. vitamin C serum on skin. even if you do everything right i think you're not gonna see too drastic of a change unless you had dire health issues. oh also consider taking an antifungal oral medication as well as a topical one if you think you could have skin issues like dandruff causes by a fungal infection. i was put on one and it fixed some irritation redness in my face (eg. under the nose) and also even after being off that medication for many months my dandruff is gone. i think most cases of dandruff are from fungus and I think they can affect the rest of your skin too in less obvious ways. if you wanna go hardcore mode you could take IV antibiotics. good luck getting them lol. for darker lips i've found vitamin e oil overnight can make them hella dark. like for me after a few weeks they were almost purple. i don't do that anymore but i have found collagen supplementation and aquaphor on the lips overnight are both very effective independent of each other and together. i honestly thought collagen supplements would make no difference for me as whenever something is "some people say it works for them..." it doesn't do jack shit for me. collagen also made my left knee less grindy. right is still just as grindy lol i hope it eventually gets around to fixing that too.


Why on earth would someone take IV antibiotics when they don't have a serious infection? That sounds like a terrible idea.


Which oral med did you take for dandruff?!


well, my med wasn't for dandruff, it was for a thrush infection. but first i tried oral ketoconazole (the same drug used in dandruff shampoo Nizoral which i find highly effective) but i had a bad reaction to it when taken orally. well, not 'bad' reaction was a major headache but it's the sort of drug where you are advised to stop taking it entirely if any sort of bad reaction seems to be happening. then i took fluconazole and had i'm pretty sure zero side effects. no dandruff and my scalp feels better, too, 'tighter' is how i'd describe it.


Thank you..


Well, let’s start off by saying that the person in the left has muted cool tones vs right has vibrant warm tones. Also, the hairline is rounded in the right pic.




Nice! What BMI range would you consider very low vs mid range?


Having good circulation: Take hot baths, be a bit athletic, eat colorful vegetables, etc.


I look much healthier with tear trough filler. I only need 0.5 ml of it at a time, but it makes such a huge difference. Edit: Does anyone else notice the woman's hairline is a prettier shape in the second picture? It completely appears to change shape going from left to right. Is there a way to help your hairline do that?


I’m not sure if Rogaine is strong enough to pull the hairline that much forward, but one hard maxing way to fix that would be hairline lowering surgery and/or microblading the sparse areas


Some people have success with things like Rogaine, but definitely research before trying.


Have you any problems with your filler migrating ? I really want this done but I’ve heard bad stories about it


So far, I've just had it done twice (as I only recently got into this stuff) but I plan on doing it again soon! I haven't noticed any migration at all. I used Restylane both times.


My lip filler has clearly migrated and I’m pretty sure my eye trough fillers too


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* eat beta carotene supplements for the carotene glow * concealer to create upturned lips (Lisa Eldridge has a tutorial for downturned mouths) and cover under eye bags * microneedling at hairline with peptide to round out the hairline * eyedrops for red eyes ... * Look at the camera/artist while being captured/ drawn


Do you have more info/links on microneedling & peptides on the hairline? This is super interesting


Beta carotene supplements? Astaxanthin?


2011 look. Pale pink lips dark black eyes thin brows. No wonder it looked bad


I just have eyebags that won’t go away no matter my diet or skincare I use :/


What does hyloronic acid do?