Just another reason to play again


Exactly what I was thinking


If you have PS+ you might be able to recover it from the cloud.


Pretty underrated feature we barely use, i wouldn't be '😂' if i was him


I hope I’m able too! I will look into this, I’m a pretty light hearted guy, so I just looked at this as an opportunity to play it again 😂


E X A C T L Y what everyone here is thinking


You better play it with her this time!


I played it with her the first time too! She would ask before bedtime most nights to watch me play spider man and I would just swing around the city for her until she was able to start messing with the controller herself!


I've got a three year old boy who wants to do the same thing, and his one year old brother who gets wordlessly yet vocally insistent on Daddy playing Spider-Man (occasionally enough to break through his Mommy fixation, though not always). Mind you, the three year old used to be the same way on the Horsie Game, the Space Game, and the Robot Game (that's *Ghost of Tsushima*, *Mass Effect* and/or *Jedi: Fallen Order*, and *Horizon: Zero Dawn*, respectively) and also requests Mommy to play Skyrob (she's playing *Skyrim* for the first time).


Gotta love kids pronunciations of literally anything 😂😂 So cute, also GREAT games btw, Ghost of Tsushima was one of my favorites for awhile and Jedi fallen order was great too, my wife LOVES the Horizon series


This thread just made my night


My brother did this to my file of Spider-man 2 for PS2. I had beat the final mission that has you get an absurd amount of hero points and he saved over it in true little brother fashion.


I would love to think like that, but I almost don't have time to play.


Honestly, if I lost my 100% game right now I wouldn’t be too upset, because it’s not like I get anything extra out of it I can’t get in a new file. If I had a 99% save file that’d be much more upsetting lol


Maybe you wouldn’t be like that because you’re not as chill as him


I wouldn't like if my progress was gone and i couldn't swing in my rainy weather save :(


Rainy weather webswing vibes, man. I dig it.


The "Download PS4 console save" option in the bottom right of the screen seems like a good sign for that.


Do save files upload automatically? I have ps+ essential


Check your settings, you can have them do that everytime you save.


Thanks man I'll check it out


“I’m sorry, little one”


3 years old is only the 12th trimester. It’s never too late.




100% is the best percentage to lose. Now you can do it all again with purpose


Ouch. Might as well have her play through it again for you lol


The things we do for our kids.


To be fair, once you’ve 100% the game there’s no reason to keep using that save, so they than some swinging tricks. I wouldn’t be too mad but I also don’t 100% games.


*Ahem* New game plus *ahem*


I remember when I deleted my dad’s and I’s OOT save file before we beat it because I wanted to play in the deku Forrest


Pain lol.


I could never be a father. I’d need high ass security systems everywhere…kids are like raccoons living in your house.


Hey, it's not that bad once you get used to your carefully categorized and alphabetized DVDs in a pile on the floor next to a used diaper that the culprit decided to divest himself of, and once you know you need to budget an extra 40 minutes to go anywhere because *one toddler shoe* has disappeared. (I love my boys, I really do. Good thing too, or they'd never survive.)


I'd prefer raccoons.


Brutal... stuff like this is why I always make a backup save in everything


PS+ cloud saved this for sure


Hey, at least it means you can play this amazing game again


I gotta ask you as a father of a 3YO - can she even use the controller? Does she have the motor skills to operate it?


Surprisingly yes! She kind of gets the gist of what she is doing with it, doesn’t fully understand all of the buttons and what they do yet, but she loves watching spider man Web zip by hitting The X button over and over again, She also knows how to turn on the PS5 with the controller, and my tv turns on automatically when the PS5 does, so my guess is she turned on the PS5 and saw the spider man thumbnail, then tried to open my game to play it and accidentally deleted it instead


I taught my son to use the sticks on *Ghost of Tsushima* when he was two. He has to hold the controller in his lap to use both. He doesn't really care about the other buttons even now (at three). I'll probably start teaching him using a farm simulator game I picked up solely because he likes tractors.


My daughter LOVED watching me wander in Ghost! She called it the “Horse Game” cause all she ever wanted to watch me do was ride on Nobu around the world 😂


Then you'll love this: https://www.reddit.com/r/ghostoftsushima/comments/sbsza0/conversations_with_my_son_on_the_horsie_game/


Is this a condom commercial? Jokes aside, your daughter seems like a pretty cool lil lady for trying to play Spiderman! When you run through it again, you should have her around! Gotta start ‘em young :)


Watching me play was what started her obsession with spider man! Now I got her watching Spectacular spider man with me and she loves it, asks to pretend to climb up walls and swing around all the time hahaha


That’s absolutely adorable! Spider-Man was always one of my favorites growing up too. Before you know it she’ll be a web slinging master 😎


hope you had a backup


A back up child perhaps


That's adorable and you even have a NG+ going so it's not that much to recover, oh wait you didn't have all gold Screwball did you?!


That’s not even an achievement or progress towards 100%. Fuck. That.


Yeah which is why I never did it, but if I did and then lost it all I'd be darn upset


if that were me she would be at the adoption centre by now ngl


Destroy all her toys infront of her


Healthy parenting right there 👌🏻😂


play again


atleast you have the ng+ 🤥


Great, you can play it from the beginning again ❤️




Online saves press options on the game in ps menu


its not a super difficult game to 100%, I'd just do it again lol


Honey! Take the kids to daycare I’m grinding Spider-Man again🎉


I’m not even mad, I’m just impressed a 3yo could navigate the menu well enough to accomplish something that.


Legit my same thought when I opened the game 😂


Is this secretly a condom add, because it's working. Also, maybe you can recover a cloud save


How are you happier than Peter Parker.


I’m a pretty easy going guy haha, and it’s not like I wasn’t gonna play this game again anyway 🤷🏼‍♂️


No I mean, you probably have a wonderful daughter and life. But yeah.


Thanks man, yeah I count my lucky stars daily for sure


A good reason to let the daughter play for the next run.


I just realised... what are the chances of Playstation adding in Family sharing? Just thinking, imagine now passing your psn account with all the games and saves to your grandkid for example?


this, this made me laugh. shoutout to your daughter 🤣


I’m glad something good came out of it 😂


"Im gonna put some dirt in your eye"


Since I had kids I got into the habit of always using the last save slot… just in case.


Honestly such a big brain move though 😂




Been there my daughter accidentally deleted my husband's save files from spiderman, batman arkham knight and Ghostbusters... I hate to say it but it was kind of like the scene in a Christmas story where the dad picks up the broken lamp and cradles it like a lost loved one...


Was it 240% on Arkham knight? Cause those riddler trophies are no fuckin joke 😂😂😂


Well, sounds like you and your daughter have to 100% the game now


Hey bro, if you don't pull a batman style ko neck breaking knock out on your daughter, you're not a very father (theses are all jokes) I say that youre a lighthearted kinda guy which makes you a perfect role model maybe you should introduce her to the game and teach her how to play and give her her OWN BLOODY SAVE


Yeet the child


Did it delete, your dlc progress and suits, powers, and gadgets as well?


Thankfully I have that new game plus save so I still have all my stuff in that save, but my main 100% save is completely gone


At least you can power through again! With full swing speed and powers and abilities. But I do pity you having to do the MJ and Miles missions. And disarming the bomb.


Got a three year old nephew who’s been obsessed with spidey since I showed him the raimi movies. I give him a dead controller and play the game while telling him he’s playing too, and just swing around stopping “bandits”


Haha. So where should we send our respects?


What is TLOU2?


The Last of Us 2!


Aww man I probably would cry in my room for about 25 minutes because it takes a lot of time to get 100%


Decades ago, I borrowed my friend's copy of Zelda on the SNES. I was never very good at it, but there was a save file from my friend's sister close to the end. So I copied her save and finished the game, enjoyed it, and did that again a few more times. Then one time I misclicked copy and chose delete instead. I was so embarrassed that I handed the game back without a word and never owned up to it. I still don't know if she ever played it again and found my mistake.


I mean it was already 100%, no harm done. If it were 99%…


Yeet the child


If you were my dad I your daughter would have been yeeted super far


Welp, time to donate to the orphanage


One thing that always kills me about people who don’t play/understand video games is that somehow the very first thing they’ll manage to do is delete the existing save file.


Damn that sucks you should put a password on your account


Man this would be very upsetting for me. I'm on my 5th or 6th new game+ and have leveled up like crazy. KO most enemies after a couple hits on max difficulty. My Spidey is crazy strong.


That’s why I don’t Have kids


Similar thing happened to me with a different game but my cat unplugged my ps4 and made me lose a game file I had 200+ hours on lmao


yeet the child


My friend I am so sorry xD My nephew was at my apartment one time and wanted to play video games so I put on Lego Harry Potter 1-4, a game my girlfriend and I spent our entire winter break grinding to 100% completion. Turns out he can't read so y'know he deleted the whole thing. I feel your pain but hey, young gamers in the making!


*Former* daughter /s


I’m not completely sure, but if you load the turf wars file you might be able to switch back to the base game from there and recover your 100% file


Normally this kind of thing would piss me off, but it just seems like a good opportunity to me. I’d love to play the games again but I have Spider-Man and Miles Morales both 100% and can’t justify starting again. Luckily you don’t have to worry about that!


Is little dude still alive?


Ahh, this takes me back... I deleted my moms save file on Lego Indiana Jones and she wasn't happy (she didn't make a big deal or anything but said she was just sad cus she wanted to continue playing) So i set out on a quest to play as far as I could with the only purpose of coming to the exact location she was in. It ended with me reaching even further in to the game and getting way more completion % then her. I'm pretty sure that's what got me in to gaming. About ur situation tho, It seems you handled it great and i hope you get ur save recovered.


You're raising her right lmao


Oh. Oh no.




That why I have multiple 100% saves. One in the first save slot one in the last and one in the middle.


Is that a bad thing? You can play it again!


Just doing my NG+ Ultimate for "full 79 completion" - deleting the saves is a bit of a fear... (albeit mild) If this was the PS5 version is there any chance to download/play PS4 version to get a whole new batch of trophies? 😉👍


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh Somewhat related anecdote- 2005 my neighbors had a medical emergency and asked if I’d watch their kids for a couple days. I said sure no problem. The 6 year old got onto my PS2 and my Xbox and deleted EVERY SINGLE SAVE FILE! Every game, Halo, Halo 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, etc all erased. I had to choke back the tears and anger I felt. Hundreds of hours of gameplay destroyed by a kid. After composing myself, I just kept smiling saying it was fine. Cut to the parents picking them up. And asking if they had fun. The little shit says yeah, I erased all his games! It’s not fair he has an Xbox and I don’t! The dad laughed. This is why I don’t have kids.


This is why I don't have kids. That and unravelling all the toilet paper rolls. Oh wait, that's cats, not kids. So hard to tell them apart...


I don’t have a ps5, does it have a passcode for the account? If so then idk how you got a game console that can be unattended and expect nothing to happen to any of the games in your account or the account itself, also just make some for her already


My cousin did that too, also a 100% save with all DLC, I don't know how they do it? Surely games should make it harder to delete saves lol




The amount of times I accidentally did this to my dad growing up is crazy. The one that rly got to him tho was deleting his Skyrim save ;(


It happened to me last month. Some childs came to play on my PS5 and I just find out they deleted my 100% base game and DLC's too late. Lucky me I had it backup coz it was the same savegame I copied from ps4 before


Can't even be mad at a baby for that. She just wanted you to play it again. So cute.


"deleting my 100% save file, you bet that's a paddling"


Make your daughter an account. Enjoy playing again!


L daughter personally


Aww man what a rip, guess you gotta just play through the game again, such a bummer!


This is one game I didn't hate 100% completing. In fact I just went through again this year. Then jumped from that into miles Morales


I'd have cried for a moment and then went right back thru that masterpiece


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To the Adoption center she goes


PS4 non remaster? You could re transfer your PS4 save file if you finished it on there.


U can easily get ur data back, press pause on the game before u open it and click upload/download data and transfer the old data back to ur online storage


Don’t ya just love kids. I ended up adding 2TB to my PS5 because I was getting sick of my kids deleting my games so they could install Fortnite.


Is it to late for an abortion?


Well it’s a good thing it’s not complicated to hundred percent complete Spider-Man. At least when you started over it’ll feel like you’re playing it for the first time again


Welp. Time to get a new kid.


*googles "closest orphanage near me"*


have you ever considered… murder?


You have issues.


never heard of a joke?