Quips, man. Why hurt the henchmen when you can annoy them?


wins the comedic side of the suit powers, words do hurt more than punches


Exactly. Aside from that, I like the one that breaks through an enemies guard. Can absolutely hammer the big boys when that's on.


I don't know if you mean Unrelenting Fury, but if you do, it is a good suit power


Probably, been a minute since I've gone through it, the names elude me.


Missed opportunity for the quip suit power to give enemies a debuff


It actually does. It interrupts their attacks. Really good to use on whip enemies.


Ive beat this game multiple times and yet i still never knew this… thank you so much


Hard agree.


Lol straight stun lock


Why hurt henchmen physically when you can hurt them mentally?*




Webblossom by far


good for clearing out a huge group of enemies if you're in a closed space where they can be stuck to walls, but if not, it is still good


It also works if there are no walls, the first hits web the thugs and throw them on the ground and then they get stuck


exactly, and like I said, it's good for clearing out a group of enemies


I purchased that as my first upgrade and literally never swapped it out. It also just fits Spiderman more than some of the others.


Even out in the open, like in the streets, Web Blossom can occasionally stick enemies to the ground and some objects in the environment like lamp posts, cars, etc.


combine it with the passive upgrade that adds to your focus meter after every web attack BAM! now, web blossom is also battle focus but better


The only thing I’ve found I don’t like about Web Blossom is that you don’t seem to have invincibility frames, so if a mission requirement is to not take damage you have to be careful when you use it


I am also not a fan of this.


Perfect for drug bust type situations. Land in the middle- boom. It's all over.


Ive literally completed those in seconds with web blossom


Surprised this is this far down. By FAR the most OP


This is the way.


Yep! I always ended up back at web blossom. It was just too universally useful.


Electric punch basically turns the game into unabated beating


good way for getting big combos while your enemies can't do anything to escape the electricity


And lag the game


My go-to. Swing right above a crime, turn on electric punch, ground pound. Shocks everyone in range of the ground pound.




The strongest is probably web blossom, obviously quips is the most fun but honestly why don’t we have a designated quips button? The decoy one is a personal favourite even if it is kind of mediocre


web blossom is good for getting enemies webbed to walls, or just clearing them out


It’d be awesome if there was a quip button that could add to your combo meter. Maybe you have to time it after a dodge or a knockout or something.


It’d also be pretty cool if it worked like Jetstream Sam’s taunt from the Metal Gear Rising DLC, where it makes all enemies that saw it became more aggressive but also more careless (they don’t put up their guard) for a short duration


Or like in Bayonetta where taunting makes them more dangerous but also take more damage?


Lol. Terminator 3: The Redemption had a dedicated button (L2 I think?) that would make Arnold say lines from the Terminator 3 movie.


Putting it out here because I'm honestly surprised nobody said it: It's Resupply, and it's not even close. Weblossom is great for webbing up one group of guys which, for most crimes, that's all you need. Resupply however, gives you an INFINITE supply of spider bots, you can just keep tossing them out, one after another. I've had entire combat challenges triple star'd in under 30 seconds thanks to my robot army. It's like a weblossom that lasts a minute.


I've never even thought of that before, I should try that out later on


Having an army of spider bots is really funny the first few times you do it, but it also takes the fun out of the combat so I forbid myself from using resupply lol.


Yeah that's completely fair it does definitely make the game play itself for you.


I like this idea a lot! What upgrades to make the most of it, or does it just not matter?


I personally just run what upgrades I think are best, double damage above hp threshold, gain focus faster from gadgets, and a special shout out to slow time on perfect dodge. When time is slowed you can punch larger enemies without punishment, and with the extra focus from gadgets you can either heal to keep your HP above the threshold and maintain your double damage, or if you're ahead just spam takedowns.


I usually use resupply in conjunction with the two suit powers that also give gadget refills, and then the slow mo cause its op. Basically can just go 4 impact webs, 4 tripmines and resupply them. Then beat some enemies up with a double finisher which gives you two gadget refills, use them and by that time the suit power has charged.


100% agree with you, gadgets in general are super op, so adding the ability to quickly resupply them furthers that fact. So many ways to abuse it, you can take out a whole room of enemies in seconds by just using concussive blast and web bomb .


This. Resupply with bots it’s such an OP combo. And then your army refills your focus, and you can put out even more bots. It’s just cheese. 🤟🏽




yeah, it's really good if you're getting beat to the ground by a big group of enemies and need to clear them off


I usually alternate between Spider-Bro and Web Blossom.


same. spider bro for sable, web blossom for prisoners, demons, and thugs


Spider-Bro + 2 Spider Drones = Instant wipeout!


It's unreal how broken it is, but it's also very funny Lots of fun to use in a Demon hideout!


to answer my own question, Quad Damage is the most OP in my opinion, the fact that it deals 4x the normal damage is just super broken, but is good for just getting enemies down in a heartbeat


And bosses


Does it work on bosses? Bc when I did my first new game+ I used equalizer on kingpin and it did nothing but kill me in one shot, it didn't take him down or do any extra damage. But this also could be a side effect of kingpin being part of the tutorial?


Equalizer doesn’t work but quad damage does. I did the same thing lol


Wouldn’t the one hit punch be way better then? As long as your not prone to being hit that is.


I mean with quad you’re almost has two Shoting so it’s better cuz there’s a much less chance of you dying


Speaking as someone who rarely dies or gets hit anymore (even on Ultimate difficulty,) not exactly It doesn't last as long. Equalizer drains very quickly. And only applies to direct hits. Quad damage also applies to splash damage, and thrown items, and thrown enemies, and that little damage burst that happens with whatever the uppercut is called to launch enemies in the air. It has more uses, lasts longer, and the only real drawback in comparison is you're 2 hitting enemies. Which imo, ain't really much of a drawback. Recharge time is probably different, but I haven't actually gone and compared, but quad feels faster to me I still prefer Equalizer but quad is a lot better imo


Iron spider punches through shields and huge dudes with no problem


the only downside is that the attacks are kind of slow, other than that a really good suit power


They are slow but I feel like the spread definitely makes up for it. But hey that’s just my opinion


yeah, the range makes up for it


came here to say I've tried them all but keep finding myself lacking the skills needed to not just Iron Spider my way through every bad guy.


I feel like quad damage is 'better,' but Iron Spider is more well rounded. Though if you wanna break shields (etc) just use guardbreaker or whatever it's called. It's more consistent than Iron Spider


“Put Dirt in your Eye” suit power is the best.


what suit power do you mean?


A suit power That requires a large Framed Newspaper on the wall of a editorial office and a pissed of Spidey with a healthy dose of teen angst and a sprinkle of Emo


oh, now I get what you mean, it is a good suit power




Surprised this one isn't coming up more, first one I thought of


Iron Arms. Seriously, I thought they sucked at first but turns out they actually go dummy. Enemies can't block the iron arms. Sable guys with batons? Demon whip users? Minigun brutes? They all fold like origami under the arms. Plus you can hit multiple enemies with one attack. The iron arms trivialize the dlc.


the hits are slow, but the range and how enemies can't actually block them makes up for it


I am impressed by your language


Spider bro basically does the work for you Web blossom you can clear a group of thugs with one move


yeah, I agree with both of those


Battle focus for sure, best way to stack finishers


Using this power with the upgrade that gives more focus when using gadgets, and the upgrade that replenishes more gadgets from takedowns, gets a solid and fun cycle of takedowns and gadgets


I think the top three OP suit powers are: Spider-Bro: deals a lot of damage. Electric punch: stun-locks enemies around you, allows you to easily defeat big guys & shields. Replenish: unlimited gadgets kinda ruins some of the fun for me.


agree with all of them, all very good suit powers


I absolutely love Unrelenting Fury. It's fantastic to use against heavies and Task Master, and any other annoying enemies, like the whipwielders.


Glad to see I’m not the only who likes Unrelenting Fury


I use that when I’m in a tough fight, and the name kinda maybe sometimes matches me when I use it 😅


Arms Race is just too good. Its electric webs but as an AOE blast. Great for dealing with Sable.


the range for the blast is just awesome


Seeing the comments and I’m surprised no one said Battle Focus. I mostly just use three or four gadgets. It heals you and takes enemies out with cool animations.


For combat challenges, resupply is OP as the spider bots score well and just run over an encounter quickly with high points For fun combat that's super powerful, it's 100% the focus one you get at the start. Once you get the double takedown upgrade you just chain finisher into finisher into finisher With the mod to resupply gadgets from finishers, you just spam all your gadgets, pop focus, do a load of takedowns, then all your gadgets are back haha You get this perfect loop of gadgets - takedown - gadgets that's just so fun


Been a while since I played, but if I remember correctly when you get the anti ock suit you also get a power the replenishes your gadgets for a period of time. So you can just use this power and spam a bunch of spider drones that will destroy enemies


seen a similar comment to this one and honestly, I'm surprised I haven't tried that method out


Web Blossom in enclosed spaces, Rock Out on rooftops. Blasts everyone off the edge, lol. Spider-Bro is probably really good in boss fights


Rock Out is one of the best suit powers to use when you're in a rooftop Fisk Base, or fighting thugs on a rooftop


It's also good when you're fighting thugs on a rooftop


Whatever the first original one was especially late game. Its been a while so i dont remember the names but one ability bar allows you to take down two enemies along with some other minor ability that replenishes gadgets for every take down. On a full bar and full ability you can take down 12 enemies while replenishing practically all gadgets. Ya know?


I think I know what you're talking about, but the way you describe it makes it sound good


Plus bc it charges that bar, you have heal more readily available. Like why use web blossom when you already have web bomb and whatever that other one was that shot them to the walls


You my friend are speaking of suit mods (or skills? Pretty sure the 2 guys 1 focus bar was a skill but I don't remember). Undoubtedly great stuff though, yes.


The Equalizer. Just be good and you instantly win.


It's the most boring way to play and it's bad for combos but nothing really beats Replenish + your drones. With Web Blossom you can get hit during the animation and it doesn't work on every enemy for every situation. But the drones will clear out anyone while you still have your other combat skills and Focus to use at the same time. And it's got a good recharge time of 1:30 (same as Web Blossom). If you time it right you can have at least 1 drone active the entire fight. Web Blossom is good for small, short fights but I don't like it for the longer, tougher battles. The one I actually think is the most useful for my playstyle though is Arms Race. Short cooldown of only a minute so you can use it a lot during a big fight, activates instantly without locking you into an animation, and affects a wide area. You still are the one beating up and defeating the enemies but it calms things down for a little bit.


For me its Quad Damage cause it does 4x normal damage. But if you’re really good at avoid damage it’s probably the equalizer.


i agree with them both, Quad Damage is good for taking enemies and bosses down in just a few hits and Equalizer is good for dodging and avoiding damage.


Web Blossom


Web blossom.


The most op imo is the spider bro. You don’t even have to move, it stuns, and does high damage. But the most fun has to be the quips


Web blossom for sure. So many times I’ve been able to just stroll up to a group of like 15 guys, use web blossom, and then I’m done


Web blossom+ concussive blast= best combat combo


Concussive blast and webs were my best friend through the whole game


Quips, unironically. It staggers the beefy boys, which lets you start hitting them and it has such an itty bitty cooldown you can chain it half a dozen times in a single combo.


Honestly the super op ones aren't that fun. Like yeah it's fun with the web blossom the first couple times but then there's less fighting which can be boring. Unless you don't wanna do the combat


Negative Shockwave has a super useful glitch to 1 shot bosses and its really reliable to clip through walls with


I did a run where I tried to beat the whole game without taking damage (if I took damage I would load last checkpoint) and the equalizer helped a lot for that


I love the quips one just because hearing my favorite voice actor saying spidey's hilarious quips is music to my ears.


i have beaten this game around 5 times, 4 of the times being on ultimate, and i have NEVER switched away from extra focus


Honestly, for me it's the guitar slam! Rooftop crimes, solved


man i LOVE the iron spider arms


Focus. Just for emergencies, i dont really need a suitpower.


Re supply is the only answer there’s a reason it’s the last one you get


Quips ignore all defense


Web blossom go brrrrr


I like equalizer


Web Blossom. hands down.


Quad 4 damage or whatever it's called, not only does it look good but it's not an insta aoe take people out kinda move It's just a damage multiplier that if paired with the above 100 health damage suit mod it makes fights really easy


Equalizer and defense shield definitely


Spider-Bro plus all 4 of your Drones is basically a free round in most enemy bases


Web Blossom and Spider-Bro easily. The only downside to Spider-Bro I noticed is it gets destroyed a bit quickly on harder difficulties and Ultimate, but it completely wrecks entire groups of enemies on Normal and easier difficulties.


Web blossom for normal enemies/brutes, quad damage for bosses


Equalizer or web blossom


i really like the one that generates hella focus


4x strength I think it's called


For me Spiderbro worked the best


Use it with damage perks and you can one shot every non boss enemy except sable, you two shot them.


Quad damage. I just wish it didn't take so long to cooldown. Then again alotta the abilities are really op. Refocus is good too to insta takedown anyone and for heal a bunch if you suck at the game My favorite ability has gotta rock-out because I love idea of beating criminals with the sound of Rock n Roll. Plus, it isn't super op like web blossom or refocus


Quad Damage + Electric webs is cheating


Quips or Web blossom


The metal spider legs


Unrelenting Fury is great. Add that with some damage mods and you can just walk through enemies like it’s nobody’s business


Quad damage, it perfect for a crowd of sable dudes.


I always use low grav and the one that increases melee damage I just use em because I play super aggressively which is the most fun way imo.


Equaliser is a strong contender. Get a group and electrify THEN activate equaliser. They drop like flies.


I forget the name but when you jump, spin, and sling web.




If you wanna go by stats it's definitely equalizer. Yeah, the downside is you die in one hit but so can every else. Can't tell you how many times I've timed it perfectly and cleared a wave out in 5 hits or less.




spider bro


Quad Damage or Webblossem


Focus up basically instant healing for the duration of it


Web blossom and Spider Bro


defense shield


Electric Punch. That way I feel like Spider-Man is a little more motivated


Equalizer IMO. Just don’t get hit


Slo-mo, you literally quicksilver for some seconds


I either use quip or rock out


Web blossom quad damage or battle focuses Web blossom Because you can just beat everyone almost instantly Quad damage need I say more Battle Focus Makes you basically immortal or you can get a bunch of finsher and when you have the skill that lets you do a 2nd one for free it’s easy one shots


Web blossom and it's not even close


Spiderbro is crazy


I forgot what’s it’s called but it’s the one where you can take no damage.


Equalizer + the floaty grenade combo


Unrelenting fury, I do that plus the mod that auto heals you plus the mod that increases healing, you are basically unkillable for a short while.


Web blossom definitely


Web blossom


The electric neon gauntlet things I think they're awesome


Quips. The best super power. Especially combined with the no suit cool down, so fun!


Spider bro


I'm gonna go on a tidbit here and say the following are op: Electric punch for dealing with any enemy, even minigun brutes stop dead in their tracks when they get shocked Defense shield if you wanna mindlessly mash square all the time Resupply + Spider drone = Robo Invasion Imho Web Blossom is good, but not op, because brutes aren't knocked back, a single rocket and shut down the operation, and I'm not sure if it works on minigun brutes, demon swordsmen, and Flying jetpack enemies


Web blossom is strong. But for fun I like using the emp from the secret wars suit. It makes me feel like I’m tactically using an ultimate at the right time instead of pressing an “I Win” button.


Battle Focus


Battle focus is underrated. Instant finishers that can refill gadgets or heal you. And it's practical with combo challenges.


Iron Arms, Equalizer (if you know how to use it well - hint: taser webs), Quad Damage, and Quips.


Personally I go for the iron arms. It’s really handy in a jam cause you can melee any enemy.


Quad damage trivializes the dlc enemies even minigun thugs and bosses


I mostly used quad damage and iron spider my normal play through but just used battle focus on my ultimate difficulty play through just for the invincibility when doing a take down and ability to get health back cause no more that 2 hits means your dead and gun lock on and rocket launchers stop targeting and have to re lock on


Spider bro, it just electrifies most enemies and makes my job easier.


Web blossom can take out an entire room full of people with one button


Web Blossom. But i main quips for the meme and it stuns enemies for a quick second. Yes I use quips tactically, sue me.


Unrelenting Fury. Lets you cheese any enemy, and even works against Taskmaster and Tombstone.


I use the focus one


Electric Punch. Someone showed me a while back that you can shock everyone within the vicinity of a ground pound and it does more than Arms Race + Electric webs


I like arms race. Good shock, plus I get to web them up and beat the shit out of the rest


Equalizer/web blossom


The jizz cyclone


If ur good at dodging equalizer takes care of lots of really annoying enemies rlly fast


OHKO can let you oneshot an entire group with a slam, if you time it right.


Web blossom or the quad damage punches does work on any groups of enemies


Unpopular opinion but focus regenerator(don't remember the name, the first ability) gives you up to 6 finishers, finishers look cool also you are invincible when you are in finisher animation so there is room in using it, also did I mention that you look cool in finisher animation? I am a big DMC fan so everyone for stylish play, that's basically why I like focus


Web blossom, shit takes a whole room out


battle focus is honestly hella underrated, saved me in numerous occasions when i was low on hp


Web blossom works 100% of the time all the time. Best way to take a step back when you’re feeling pressured and need to quickly take a bunch of dudes out.


the EMP blast one.


Quips obviously


Haven’t played much of the game but I like the one where everyone dies in one hit including you


Arms race.


Negative Shockwave


Honestly find most of them too overpowered to be fun so I usually just equip quip if I can regardless of anything else being better


quad damage beat scorpion after webbing him up once allowing me to beat rhino after doing one container thing same with king pin


Id just say it’s equalizer


Idk about most OP, but lightning is the coolest


Use all your finishers with the suit tech that does double finishers. So six finishers from 3 focus bars. Then use Web blossom, and activate it in a crowd while low or with no focus. Boom, full focus bar. With another six finishers for a total of 12 finishers in one fight. Plus web blossom can end a crowded fight FAST.


Whichever one multiplies your damage by 4. I beat task master and scorpion in 1 combo using that suit power. It’s fuckin broken.