Without context, this literally feels like Venom’s first ever attempt to do the right thing. Looks super awkward for him.


Within context too.


Then that means it's perfect. If I can see this out of context and completely see where it's going, it's incredibly well done.


This the one


Everything about Venom trying SO hard to seem friendly is really amazing honestly


I think its fun how he was written in that era, trying to be a hero but still clearly willing to bruitilze people or let them die


I remember one comic where he was terrifying kids while trying to be a cool hero dude asking them where Spider-Man went. He was maced by a clown and the clown went into traction. This was after he bantered with the symbiote about which of Spider-Man’s organs to eat first.


This sounds great!


It truly was peak 90s.


Back when comics were fun


Ah, too true. There have been few modern runs that truly capture the fun of comics from the early 90s and before. There have been a few, but Marvel seems to put out fewer and fewer all the time.


This segment specifically. He just finished suffocating or consuming the internal organs of a mugger before this panel and was in the middle of a tirade before remembering "Oh shit, we should check on the victim."


I find it oddly hilarious


“Hi! We’re Venom.”


Stuff like this is why I was always bothered when people said the movies ruined his character. He's been this way many times. Hell even in his beginning "kill Spider-Man" days he would crack tons of jokes


Yeah, his first lines are literally “Honey! We’re home!” when MJ finds him waiting in their apartment. Venom’s always been a mischievous scamp.


A rapscallion if you will


A doofus if you would be so inclined


He engages in some chicanery


He indulges in those Goofy Goober urges from time to time


Always partaking in knee-slapping antics, that fella.


A truly idiosyncratic and charming gentleman of the Victorian era


He partakes in the art of trolling every now and then




Happy cake day


The PS1 game was my intro to Spidey and Venom, and Activision really capitalized on his goofiness more than the movies did. Spidey: Okay so tell me this, Einstein. Who would want to steal Octavious' device? Venom: Oh, we know, we know! The Submariner! The Mighty Thor! Galactus! Spidey: We need to break into the Daily Bugle and use their database Venom: Ohhh are we gonna... surf the web?


Surf the web, surf the web! https://youtu.be/kDSCeKKXp9I


I’m just remembering Venom in the PS1 game being a goofy-ass guy asking for Captain America’s autograph.


Eddie Brock hated Peter Parker, but the symbiote loved Spider-Man in its own weird way. The way it got revealed as alive was when it started flowing out of the closet and onto Peter's body while he was sleeping, then piloting his sleeping form outside to fight crime more. It wants to eat people and be a hero. It's just not super clear on why those aren't compatible.


I love jokey Venom, but I found the movies just went too far to the point of it just being annoying


I feel that’s mostly the second one, they leaned into it much too hard.


Yes, I agree, I’m mainly referring to the second one


Man I loved carnage and no one liked his first onscreen look at all, I thought they could have butchered him really bad and the studio actually did ok! At least that’s what I thought. I’d agree that the movies were too heavy on the quips and there wasn’t enough utilization of what those characters can really do, the world did feel a bit empty. I just loved carnage though. Those old comics used to scare the shit out of me, I remember calling Venom “Fly Guy” he was a true anti hero- the definition of one possibly, before deadpool was at least!


Facts, venom has always been a gory comedy which is what the movies were. Like remember when venom spent like a week just fucking with Spider-Man in spectacular?? He has always been like this. This IS the source material.


… Spider-man wasn’t in a venom movie for more than 1 minute of frame time


Wow solved another one shurlock


Shut the fuck up mortimer crimp, Other than money and character deals, There is no connection to Spider-Man’s world… that’s lame man, venom isn’t venom without the actual hatred and feelings of vengeance toward spidey. Is that what you wanted, me to type more and for you to read more? I’m not fucking Batman here so don’t go making any more detective comments about me being as good as decker


Wow calm the fuck down, there is no need to get that bent out of shape about a comment on Reddit. And I’m pretty sure there’s more to Venom than him hating Spider-Man, otherwise your saying that he hasn’t had ANY more development since he was invented. But seeing as how you reacted in the first place you don’t care about facts you jus want to tell anyone that will listen that “Venom 2018 bad cause no Tom Holland”


Go look at my comment below commending carnage and the other parts of those movies I like, dildo faghin. I’m calm baby, calm and collective. I liked those movies but I’m trying to point out that it’s a bit perplexing to people who know venom. If you know venom and nothing else you’re probably expecting some hatred toward Spider-Man or a team up or just a mention of some kind, Spider-Man felt more a part of the world and alive in morbious’ trailer. Venom is kinda just in the world already which does take me out of it a bit. But those movies aren’t terrible, just leave a lot of questions. Like Prometheus. And don’t use sarcasm and not expect some smack talk back you little worm. ;)


You are a Reddit stereotype


You’re a sarcastic Fanny pack wearing choochootrain. This is Reddit by the way, I don’t know if you noticed


And did you mean Tom hardy there at the end? I’m perplexed now, as well as venom fans


Where the hell is Spider-Man if the movies were “like the character from the books” Spider-Man kinda makes venom what he is.


He’s so sweet playing with his turd in the wind


I preferred it when he just wanted to eat Spider-Man's brains to Lethal Protector. That said modern Venom has grown on me a lot. I do feel like THIS Venom is very much like the Venom we saw in the movies.


Why’s it always “We wanna eat Spidey’s brains” and never “we wanna eat Spidey’s ass”? 😞


Because that tongue would be unfair to mj


Aaaand…. That’s enough Reddit for tonight!


She's with Paul, so whatever


Let's hope the symbiote can feast on Paul's brains.


The latter is just a less metaphorical version of the former


It's a little bit of both. The symbiote really does give off "jilted psycho ex" vibes. The first time Spidey defeats Venom, he does it by telling the symbiote he's sorry and he wants it back. It rips itself loose from Eddie Brock in a hot second and goes straight to Peter (as it were).




Venom as a creepy stalker in the beginning was the peak. The Lethal Protector era ruined the character by removing his horror/thriller appeal. I can enjoy the more modern interpretations for trying to split the difference, but I still don’t prefer Venom as a protagonist


Had an old co worker complain about the venom movies because they made Venom silly. I actually referenced this panel directly to tell them sometimes Venom is a goofy character


He was goofy as hell up until like 2003 when Eddie lost the suit Nowadays he’s way more serious but yeah he was goofy for hella long Lmao


That was the edgy and cynical 90s for ya lol


Tbf it bonded to Deadpool and Spiderman of course it's gonna be goofy


With the symbiote now in the MCU, I’ve grown to appreciate the cheesiness of the SSMU movies. I’m highly positive we’re gonna get our classic villainous Venom after a proper black suit arc. I’d put money on it being Mac Gargan. I imagine they’ll want to differentiate from the Sony version as much as possible, but I could also see Peter meeting an MCU variant of Eddie Brock in college & they build the entire trilogy around that friendship falling apart.


Reminds me of the grinch as santa


I love this, he tries to protect everyone who he can because Parker took his innocence so he tries to “take care of” anyone who is bad, while terrifying everyone in his path.


Best Venom.


I love it, and I also much prefer this art style for Venom. And I don’t mean the artist in particular, but how Venom himself is drawn. Everyone makes him all gooey and disgusting these days and i much prefer the classic look of Venom that just, well, looks like a suit with teeth.


Bagley is THE best venom artist


Toothy Venom >>>>>>>> Long tongue venom, though it's fine when they're combined.


Agreed. Bagley and McFarlane had the best Venom artwork. An absolute UNIT of a character with the teeth on point. I can't stand this ridiculous slobbering tongue that whips out of his mouth in every depiction nowadays.


Hey he’s trying his best


I love Lethal Protector Venom


Venom is always goofy to me, people in my friend circle didn't like Tom Hardy's comedic take on Venom but I really do find it in character imo.


I mean in reality it’s very on brand for venom considering the symbiot got a lot of its personality from Peter


Peak Venom arc, paired with the best Venom artist too


You mean like a sweetheart? Because he's being a sweetheart right here! Lookat him do his bestest!


Feels a bit similar to the Tom Hardy movies


I love it!


I honestly think it’s cool


Venom is good guy’s and venom best .


I love it so much. Anti-hero/hero Venom is my favorite version of him.


I like to think that after that panel he beats the shit out of her or something and takes the purse


Apparently she was being being mugged. He ate the mugger and was like "Oh fuck I should check on the victim."


He's still terrifying


Lethal protector was great. Eddie was prime crazy, hearing his own theme song in his head thinking he was a hero. I loved it.


if you're talking about characterization, then i love it. he has this sick sense of justice and he feels so naive when doing the right thing. he's like this little kid so proud of murdering a person in front of innocent people and treating it like it's his playtime. really shows how he is a dark version of spider-man, quipping while taking down the bad guys except he kills them. as for dialogue, i like it when venom talks like a regular guy and not like a walking thesaurus. his choice of words, use of pretty obscure idioms, and overall speech patterns kinda take me out of the moment whenever he's written like that (michelinie and costas's runs). i find that writers like larry hama hit the sweet spot with how his dialogue is written (even though he did introduce the hoo-ha catchphrase)


Point people to this comic run every time they complain about Tom Hardy's Venom being too goofy. Like, bruh have you even read 90s Venom comics lmao


The movies are based off this goofy version. Personally I’ve only ever liked the cantankerous, angry kill Peter Parker version but this one was fun in the 90s’.


Tbf even that one did quip a good amount


Sweet boi, precious, I love em.


Reminds me of [this](https://imgur.com/MFXEyEC) part of Venom the Madness.(#3) I love how silly Venom can be.


Love it


I find it funny and would like to see more of it


I liked him in Spiderman - 2000(PS1) And this seems like something he'd do


Honestly loved it. I see why some people would hate turning the scary monster of hatred into a goofball who wants to be good but I think his character is strengthened by it and it’s just as entertaining to me.


Best venom


I really like it! What comic is this from?


Most probably from the 1993 Venom: Lethal Protector one which also inspired a lot of elements in the Sony Venom movies.




I think this and Venom’s first appearances are how I like him drawn the best, but especially his first appearance, the human teeth to me makes sense cause he’s bonded to a human and I think that makes it scarier but also the eyes were drawn better in his first appearance. But this panel is my second favorite way he’s been drawn


The head-pat gives grinch vibes lol


It’s like when Carnage was trying to be a good guy in Axis. Super polite yet everyone was scared shitless.


I like it. The idea of a giant, monstrous, mentally-unhinged ex-villain trying to be a hero is always so nice to see with how they struggle with the clear awkwardness of it all. It's legitimately kind of heartwarming to see the effort being put in. The talking down and head pat's kind of patronizing, but I'll give him some slack for it very likely being a first try.


He’s always been a goofball. I recommend the comictropes video on venom. He does a great job of breaking that down.


Fans whining about how dark and edgy venom should *always* be when we have this, which could match the iteration we have seem in his solo movies (which are great to me, my only eternal complaint will always be the lack of the white spider)


Looks like the one from Sony's movie. I found it pretty funny


my autistic ass trying to be polite


Haha this is so different from present day venom.. do y'all know who is the artist?


Venoms whole deal originally was he was crazy and wanted to hurt Spiderman/Peter. If he thought a civilians life was in the way of that or would serve that purpose he would kill them, but otherwise he would rather play the hero to believe himself a champion of true justice. I kinda like playing up Venoms madness this way as long as it doesn't neuter him from reliably going back to shinning as a villain and antagonist most of the time. We can't just make Venom a permanent antihero and replace him with Carnage as our main Symbote bad guy.


"He a little confused, but he got the spirit"


Good, i like schizophrenia






Vemon is such a gentleman.


Big fan of. >Vemon


I don't read Venom comics because I'm so disappointed that we lost this dude. Freaking love the absolutely bonkers fun this guy was in the late 80s and early 90s. He thinks he's some sort of hero, but he clearly isn't. That's what makes him work. He's a goofy, scary, morally warped Spider-Man, complete with the dumb jokes.


I love it a lot, it's pure anti-hero Venom for me


i don’t think it’s awkard i think it’s venoms humor


Who said it was awkward lmao


too comment i saw


Lethal Protector number one! I remember loving this as a kid.


Sounds like an average New Yorker now: scary, but actually…well scary


This is my favorite Venom, the guy who wants to do good, kinda, but hasn't quite figured it out yet


Kissable behavior.


Meme potential is up there amongst the greats!


This is my favorite Venom. Goofy and brutal. Deadpool before being Deadpool was cool.


Always read this era as Eddie at peak addict stage. He was completed high on the symbiote basically all the time, completely incapable of seeing how his actions come across or their consequences. It was only through going cold turkey and kicking the habit that both he and the symbiote were able to move forward as a team.


I love this


Eddie is an ego maniac with a sense of justice. He definitely wants to be a hero, but only if the guy who is the much better candidate is taken out first: aka Spider-Man.


i love that design so much, the teeth look so scary


I sure have nothing to say for how venom is *written* here but how he is *drawn*, his eyes look as goofy as a fat discord mod who has touched grass for the first time


His eyes are trying to convey an emotion. That isn’t how Bagley draws his eyes normally.


Oh i see...


did she just die because she so pale and skinny.


He’s trying, he’s a lunatic trying to do the right thing but he has absolutely no idea how


I love him so much in this era, just trying to do the right thing and being very awkward about it


It was interesting and funny at first but I prefer venom as a full on villain and not an anti-hero.


Wasn’t sold until the headpat


He’s drawn like the Grinch on steroids in the last panel


I like it. It’s a bit of a cliche (Edgy looking guy is actually cute), but it’s funny to see this


Anytime early-to-mid 90’s Venom just tries to be a normal, good dude, it’s always good comedy.


Idk why but Venom being this kinda nice reminds me more of Gollum/Smeagol moreso than Venom as we know him


Pretty funny




Had this comic as a kid but ended up losing it, I always wanted to see how this series ended but couldn’t find anything else; u guys know where I could buy it?


He’s either doing the right thing or beginning weird


Venom hasnt been a straight up villain for quite some time, but this is un expected lol


Looks like something they would put in the movies


Let him live he's just trying to be a good boy.


I call this Lethal Protector venom. He's great.


Wasn’t this from”Lethal Protector”? If I’m remembering right it is. And if that’s the case, then this totally works for the character.


Adorable. Love it.


Honestly, I love it. At that point in time, Venom and Eddie were both basically creepy stalkers in an obsessive love/hate relationship. They were obsessed with strength to try and cover their own insecurities, like a bunch of little kids who didn’t know better. Eddie was pretty much jacked up on roids while Venom was obsessed with the powers he got from copying Peter. But they were good people at heart. Just terribly misguided.


I love it


This is cheesy and doesn't make sense because venom is an evil psychopath.


lethal protector is a two pack of ass


I'm generally against any version of Venom that isn't obsessed with eating Spider-Man's brains. Essentially, just about everything since the mid 90s


Little cringyy!!




I love it. Donny Cates wishes he could write something as good.


Venom should be a dark mirror of Spider-Man including his sense of humor and way of doling out justice. Cates can’t seem to do either right.