Since he is a goody goody, superman would like him, batman would appreciate his smarts, wonder woman would appreciate his combat prowess, the flash will joke with him, not sure about martian manhunter, Aquaman would be another hard one, green lantern also would enjoy spideys humor


Batman would potentially be reminded of nightwing with the wit and smarts


Batman: so, your parents are dead? Spider-Man: and my uncle, and depending on the Media, my aunt as well. Batman: uh huh. Got it. Alfred, call the guy. Weird question, what size spandex are you wearing?


Peter Wayne


Ah, a PandaRed fan I see.


Pretty sure underpants spidey from the game is gonna be a more recurring character if Batman took him under his wings, considering all the robins 😂


And the acrobatics


Honestly if we’re taking high school Spidey he tries to adopt him and when he finds out that Peter still has May he makes arrangements for them to move into Wayne Manor and/or fix their financial situation EDIT: May and Alfred would probably start dating too


I think it could make for a good bonding moment if Martian Manhunter read Peter's mind at a critical moment and saw the pain and grief that he's carried on the other side of his genuine love of being Spider-Man.


so the same situation that happened wit [emma frost](https://www.reddit.com/r/Marvel/comments/tc2i2z/the_fact_that_even_someone_like_emma_frost_is/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb)


I love it when people at first think Spidey is just this immature joker than realized just how tragic and great he is. Of course nowadays writers are just focusing on the disrespect Spidey bit


Bonus points if it's during a time Spidey is being especially humorous or if he's helping a kid and their uncle


M.M. would like him too: In particular his kindness and the reason for him being Spiderman.


Martian manhunter is a mindreader. He would love spidey most of all.


Martian would appreciate how earnest Spider-Man is. Being able to see the deepest part of a person at will would make you super jaded. But Spidey is very what you see is what you get.


I can see Spidey picking Martian Manhunter’s brain about space, aliens, and what not. He’d probably respect Spider-Man’s curiosity about his people and culture I can see Spider-Man getting super giddy about aliens and Manhunter being like, “aye chill out bro”


Man hunter would probably be able to feel that he’s been through some serious shit even if he didn’t try and read his mind and respect him for it


Pretty sure J'onn would bemoan Peter's wise-cracking and have Blue & Gold flashbacks.


I don’t think I’ve seen a character who doesn’t respect J’honn yet so o think they would have a decent relationship


Batman would appreciate his scientific skill. I mean, he built web shooters and spider tracers when he was 16. Batman and Flash would bond with him over how all three of their careers began in a tragedy. Superman would like him because he has a clear moral compass, and they’d bond over the stress that comes with being in relationships with ‘normal’ people (Clark with Lois, Peter with Gwen/MJ) they have to worry about protecting. Hal Jordan and John Stewart are the trained soldiers of the team, so they’d probably share the Avengers sentiment that he’s unprofessional, with all the jokes he makes in the field. Wonder Woman would probably see him as somewhat annoying, but keep her feelings to herself. She wouldn’t be so visibly annoyed with him like Jessica Drew is in the comics


Hal would be fine with the jokes but John would be the same as you said


That would honestly make Hal kind of a hypocrite


Yeah isn’t he supposed to be like the loose cannon, bend the rules kinda guy?




>Superman would like him because he has a clear moral compass I had a friend growing up who I argued with constantly. I always felt frustrated around him. And one day I figured out why: we were so similar that the minor differences were amplified. I think this kind of relationship between Spidey and Supes would be more interesting. What are the minor differences in how they'd behave with each other's powers? How does each define "great responsibility" differently? I could even see them start off excited and seemingly on the same page and Superman becoming increasingly critical of Spidey over time until Peter has a bad enough day and just tells Superman off!


That's kind of what happened with Billy Batson in the DCAU. Everyone else loved him but Clark hated him for essentially being the big naive boyscout that Clark gets incorrectly labeled as. Granted that's because Billy actually was a naive child, but there came a point where Clark was looking at reality while Billy was stuck on ideals. I could see that happening with Peter and Clark, with both fitting either end in a given situation.


Superman thinks that Spider-Man isn't concerned enough with his public image, and that it's going to inhibit him as a hero because it weakens public trust. When he finds out that Peter sustains himself by selling pictures to the Bugle specifically so they can bash him, he and Peter get into a huge fight, where Superman argues that writing articles about himself is completely different. ("I report the facts of my exploits and then highlight good faith criticisms from reasonable dissenters. I encourage people to think critically about my role in society. You're letting disinformation thrive because of your self-persecution complex!") Spider-Man has misgivings about Superman getting involved in street level crimes. He mostly ignores it, but he can't get out of his head the fact that this god man who doesn't need to eat is going around stopping shoplifters. ("I agree that shoplifting is bad, Supes but, come on man...this isn't a good look. Leave the small guys to those of us that know what hunger feels like.") And the biggest one: They both fundamentally disagree with each other about how to manage a secret identity. Superman: You didn't tell your Aunt May? The woman who raised you! You're just going to let yourself die and have her find your secret out along with the rest of the grieving world? Spider-Man: Look, man, May didn't raise some freak alien baby, she can't handle the truth. I respect that your parents know, and I respect telling Lois before you married her. But why the hell does Jimmy Olsen know your secret? And don't give me that 'signal watch' bullshit, if anything that's going to encourage him to put himself in MORE danger! Honestly I'd love to see these two characters interact so much that they eventually just completely hate each other. Because you're right, their similarities would only magnify their differences.


Yo, this is gold! Especially their differences as reporters. That's relevant to current events as well.


Some incredible points here mate, really clever and insightful take on it. Got me wishing I could pick this book up somewhere


Imo, Batman, Flash, and Spider-Man would definitely bond over their intelligence. Batman is considered mad smart already, being the best detective. Flash? Dude created a Ring no one could replicate, alongside a Threadmill that breaks the Space-Time Continuum. Spider-Man? His Webshooters is just a start, and it's difficult for people to replicate it, that only people smarter than him has successfully done so (e.i. IronMan)


People not only smarter than him, but with significantly advanced degrees. Spidey is basically self-trained in the academic department.


Exactly!! Which makes them all enjoy Spider-Man even more, because dude's smart along with them!!


Kyle would love him, theyd get along so well


considering, they based him off Spidey yeah.


> Jessica Drew Aint she that spiderwoman?


I think Wonder Woman will be bit skeptical of Peter since he’s still a kid, but will change her mind when he see him in action and has a good heart.


Diana would be annoyed at first until she saw his heart in action. And then, she would try to take care of him.


"Peter, I've been looking at your finances ..." "Do I need some kind of investment guide, or accountant?" "An exorcist. I've already contacted Fate, Constantine and Zatanna; it's like a dark god is actively conspiring to keep you on the poverty line." "... that makes more sense than you can imagine."


Mephisto suddenly gets nervous


Could Fate, Constantine and Zatanna beat Mephisto?


just dare Constantine to kill mephisto for free beer for a week. I'm sure he'd do it


I feel like Batman would definitely help Peter with his financial woes. Or at least give him some advice.


Batman: Secretly respects Spidey for his brain and heart despite his history. He'd never say it explicitly but he'd think it. Spidey would also be good friends with Nightwing and the Fab Five Titans because of their shared origin of kid becoming a superhero Superman: He'd love Spider-Man's humanity and humility. The ability to laugh and joke in even the most world threatening situations especially given he's not indestructible (Spider-Man is only stronger than a normal man he's not bulletproof or invulnerable). He'd be funny about him being a kid maybe but after a while I'd say he'd accept that this is Peter's personality and no matter what they say he won't stop Wonder Woman: I don't read a lot of Wonder Woman stuff so I can't 100% say but I'd assume like Superman she'd appreciate his humanity. Diana was drawn to man's world because of Steve Trevor's humanity so it'd track that people who are good and pure of heart and true to themselves would appeal to her. Flash (Barry Allen): A mentor figure of sorts. They'd nerd out about science and they'd joke with each other. They'd bond over their similar traumatic past and their ability to still see the good in the universe despite that. Flash (Wally West): They'd be good friends. They joke with each other like crazy, hang out outside of work a bit, Wally and Peter bond over being heroes from a young age


Also Batman: immediately makes a plan on how to take down spidey


That's a given. You meet Batman once he makes a list of how to take you down


Batman would probably be the one guy who would trust him and value his potential the most. Because they both operate in the streets looking out for the little guy, they are down to earth. He would most likely take his help for a lot of his own missions and he would be VERY valuable for spying and infiltrating.


I noticed that too . Spider-Man is almost exactly like Night wing, Batman would probably love the guy and have a great relationship with him, same way that Captain America/Iron man had with Peter in 616.


Spider-man is essentially Nightwing but with all the powers and scientific brain. As a scientist, would've gotten along with Flash and Bats as well as bonding with losing parents at a young age. (Thinking of Reed and Bruce) For his moral compass, Martian Manhunter and Supes would respect him. We know Supes' propensity to search for the good in others, and MM would know Spidey's heart just by reading it. (Captain America and Daredevil what come to mind with those two.) As a fighter, WW would find him worthy of fighting side by side. (Comparing to Thor and Captain Marvel) Would've probably annoyed the hell out of GL and GA tho. (Mostly Hawkeye.)


>Would've probably annoyed the hell out of GL But he'd get along with Guy Gardner.


He’d annoy John, Hal and Barry would treat him like a little bro, not sure about Kyle.


Spidey and Kyle... they are pop culture nerds; Parker will be amazed/in wonder once he sees Rayner's constructs, while Rayner might find endearing to see someone appreciating his constructs.


Thanks. I was thinking about how Hal and Barry would be towards Peter and realized it would be similar to Mackie and Stan to Tom Holland and realized Sebastian Stan would make a good Hal Jordan, and Mackie would be a good Cyborg.


I should've been more specific, but yeah, agree lol


I doubt Green Lantern would be annoyed, considering he's tolerated The Flash. Green Arrow is just like Spider-Man, where he fights alongside making fun of the situation he's in.


I'm just a bit influenced by the Justice League: War movie with Green Arrow (Hal) being as cocky as he is. With Green Arrow, it's a hit or miss. From my experience, if you have two wisecrackers, they're either going to be chumming it up or be really annoyed with each other. So at this, I'll just say we could both be right. The way Spidey is made he's going to fit in wherever he lands.


“Spider-Man is essentially Nightwing but with all the powers and scientific brain” Perfectly surmised, my friend.


Thwip thwip, pal!


I don't know, I think he is much more similar with Flash. Powers, science, very hard emotional burdens, and a heart of gold, full of hope. Peter would get the blue ring for sure, if he were present in darkest night, as Flash did. I think is easier to see this when you try to see things the other way round, like, who would Flash be if he was in Marvel. They are very similar and it's the reason they're my favorites.


I think him and green arrow would have adventures together. They’re both funny but serious and they both don’t think they’re in the “big leagues”.


I thought of this pairing as well. GA has always been critical of when the other Leaguers occasionally lose sight of the overall well-being of regular people and I see Spider-Man in that same roll. Insisting that a clear advantage is too risky because it poses too great a risk to the city or something like that.


I feel like a green arrow spidey cross over would be sick and reminisce of Spidey and DD interactions to some extent as a role model for him. As long as this is happy Ollie otherwise peter is in mad shit if not


He would definitely fit the Justice League better than the Avengers.


I'd say he fits in just about the same


Outside of cap and Thor do any of them seriously respect him in 616?


I mean, the guys friends with almost everyone if not for plot. Tony loved the guy pre-civil war, and still respects Spider-Man after forgetting he’s Peter. Great mentor Black Widow came to respect Spider-Man as a natural leader and excellent warrior/soldier during Silver sable arc Hulk had always liked Peter Black Panther held great respect for Spider-Man too Hank Pym respects him as a great scientist and considered him as a friend. Doctor Strange sees Peter/Spider-Man as one of his closest friends and heavily respects Peter. And so on. He gets along with almost everyone, and the only ones I can really think that don’t respect him in general, were probably Red hulk Luke cage - cuz his wife liked Peter back in HS and the Superior events And Hawkeye - finds him extremely annoying but still values him as a member and respects him somewhat. Probably doesn’t like that Peter dated his ex wife Some of them might find him annoying but almost all of them respect him, although a lot has to do with plot, for some reason writers don’t like Spider-Man and other heroes being friends.


Is Cage an Avenger now?




Definitely The Avengers aside from Captain America are way more flawed as a person than people in the JLA(not necessarily a bad thing) so he'd get less in troubles created by the team themselves And depending on the interpretation Peter wouldn't be broke anymore as the JLA ships alot of merchandises in-universe worldwide He'd be loved for being with the JLA(no JJJ)


Pete hanging out with Wally and Kyle would be a blast to read.


I feel wally and Kyle arnt mentioned as much as others. Did they get replaced in the comics? I've been out for several years


Basically, they got sidelined for the Silver Age versions of the characters, Barry and Hal. Geoff Johns was handed the keys to the DC universe to make consistent storylines between books, and he decided he wanted to bring back the Flash and Green Lantern he grew up reading. Unfortunately, he (and subsequent writers) really did Wally and Kyle wrong in bringing back Barry and Hal.


Kinda funny that was the direction. For those of us that grew up in the 90s and 2000s we had wally and Kyle.


Superman is basically Captain America but doesn't kill so his relationship with Spidey would be the same as Spidey's with Cap's although I feel like Supe's would be even more mentor-ish. Superman actually did spend a lot of his teen years crime-fighting so he would probably see a lot of himself in Peter and try his best to be a source of help in his life. Batman and Spidey would frequently be working together on many street-level crimes like taking on gangs and the mafia. Spider-man would make many jokes at Batman's expense and Batman glares but secretly they both deeply respect one anopther. Wonder Woman would be very curious about Spider-man and his powers at first but I feel like after enough time, their dynamic would evolve into the same as Spidey's with She-Hulk. Particularly that issue where a cat goddess invades New York. Flash and Spider-man are both gold-hearted jokesters that are way smarter than people assume. They'd get along like Superman and Captain America. Aquaman is hard because his character changes so vastly between interpretations. Though mostly he's portrayed as very proud and independent so I guess he wouldn't think very highly of Spider-man most of the time. I think Hal Jordan is usually portrayed as a mouthy a-hole so I think he and Spidey would have an ongoing competition of trying to diss one another. Martian Manhunter would be very fascinated by Spider-man. Reading his mind and seeing the continuous failures and let-downs Spider-man suffers yet still finding the will to go on. J'onn would hang out with Peter often so he can learn more about the human spirit.


“J'onn would hang out with Peter often so he can learn more about the human spirit.” MM when he learns about the indomitable human spirit


The atom and flash would LOVE him.


Everyone skipping J'onn. With how some writers portray him, I can kind of see MM acting as a sort of replacement parental figure. Not a 100% replacement, but someone that would listen to him and offer advice and warnings. He's got that patience that makes you think people tell him all sorts of things.


Fan fiction .net has a series about this called Justice League the Spider that’s is based on him from the ultimate universe ending up in the justice league animated universe


I feel like the thing about that version of the Justice League is that they're a little outdated. They're not bad, it's just that there's better. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Barry), Green Lantern (Hal/Kyle), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter are much stronger than the DCAU team. The Former is more focus on Versatility than the latter which focus more on Raw Power. Yes, they're both capable of coming up with some tactics, but not as well versed as the former.


Some of the first I read, good times. Now it's hard to find one that isn't just a self insert harem fantasy


I feel like he’d essentially just be treated the way the 2000’s cartoon had the jla treat the flash


True. He would basically be how Justice league war treated Hal Jordan


The common denominator in a lot of these comments is the thing that keeps Spidey one of the most popular heroes in comics -and that's his utter humanity. He's a big ball of potential, simultaneously boosted and held back by his humanity. Given enough time he'll win any hero over


I mean they have to put up with plastic man so I’m sure spidy would fit in just fine


Superman’s impression of him at first would be slightly annoyed and skeptical of him because he has been branded a public menace by Jameson, and upon meeting Spider-Man would be all quips, sarcasm, and jokes. Then after actually working with him and seeing his intentions , he’ll soften up towards Spidey and be the big blue friendly Boy Scout pal. Batman would have already done extensive research and figured out who Peter is, and how tragic his life was as a child well into adulthood. And secretly sympathize and respect him. Martian Manhunter would be indifferent towards him until he reads his mind and also sympathizes and respects him. Given Spideys track record with tough women I’d say Wonder Woman would find him charming. I think Aqua Man would just straight up be annoyed by him. Flash and Spidey would practically be best friends.


Batman: I have a villain who laughs and uses jokes as weapons Spider-man: same. Except mine uses Halloween gimmicks.


Bruce might not take to kindly to Peter’s flippant humor, but would respect Peter’s actions when the chips are down. I also feel like he would allow Peter access to Wayne Tech R&D to see if Peter notices things his experts miss. Clark would try to get him a full-time job with benefits at the Daily Planet. J’onn would mostly appreciate Peter’s down-to-Earth attitude and ask Peter questions about the human experience, having such a varied career (friendly neighborhood to national hero in the big leagues). Barry and Peter would bond over science and be unstoppable in the labs. They would dork out or argue over the “best” latest tech and science papers and have long academic discussions. Hal would treat Peter like a younger brother or nephew. He would be the one to teach Peter about how to relax, and how to bend the rules, not break them. Diana would respect him just as any of her colleagues. Though I feel she would respect his humility and bravery when standing with the others in the league. I haven’t read enough Aquaman to have a feel for how he would treat Peter. EDIT: I personally feel that post-COIE, Pre-Flashpoint, Wally West, Peter Parker and Kyle Rayner would be a bros trio. Wally family man, Kyle the single artist, and Peter somewhere in between as a scientist/photographer/school teacher.


Okay, there has been enough of people saying how Spidey’s relationship with the team would be. What he brings to the table is threat detection with his spidey sense. Sure, Superman has X-ray vision and M Manhunter can read minds, but they can’t detect an incoming attack. He also has his web fluid, which nobody in DC has ever made. Finally, he’s extremely adaptable to situations. Think about it, is there a single situation where Spider-Man would be completely useless?


You brought up his spider-sense. That makes me wonder if he would pick up a constant low level tingle anytime Batman is in the room? Seems likely to me since his spider-sense is reflexive.


Spider sense can counter stealth, so he can detect Batman too


I know that. I just mean that it would be annoying for Spidey that Batman always is a potential threat. Would his spider-sense be humming all the time when Batman is around? That just sounds like it would get old fast.


I feel like Superman and Spider-Man would get along since they are the same person with the same views, same job, same back story, and same motive for being heroes.


See this was something that made more sense to me growing up, I always thought that Spider-Man was part of DC and not marvel. Too bad the MCU wrecked that honest confusion


When I was little I thought he wasn't part of any universe at all. Raimi and Webb didn't help. Then Ultimate Spider-Man the show and MCU Spider-Man showed up and honestly I prefer him in a breathing universe now


I think he'd get along well with Kyle Rayner, Wally West, and Clark straight off the bat. Batman would probably be reminded of Dick Grayson, and would warm up to him over time. Diana, interestingly, would probably be put off at first at Spidey's constant talking during the fighting, but I think would warm up to him after witnessing his humanity, probably after seeing him interact with children or something along those lines.


Just a general summary: he would probably be treated as a bit of a joke however although no one would say it everyone would respect him Kinda like plastic man, jokey and no one takes him seriously however probably one of the most powerful


Superman would be like Cap, respecting him but not sure someone that young should be dealing with the stuff the JLA deal with. He'd respect Spidey's integrity, humility and his moral compass. They'd get along pretty well id say. Clark gets him a job at the Daily Planet until thr JLA realise how smart he is and he ends up at WayneTech, or Star Labs. Wonder Woman would be put off by his casualness at first but respecting his abilities and wouldnt really start to approve until she saw how brave he is. Batman likes him. The street level approach to his crime fighting, his intelligence but tries to get him to tone down the banter in a fight. Peter is basically Nightwing if he had superpowers and a genius level IQ. Hed also get along with Nightwing, Tim and the Titans pretty well. Barry and Wally both like him. Barry because he finally has someone else to nerd out with about science and Wally because theyve got a similar personality. Hed probably get along with all the Lanterns but id think hed only be legit friends with Kyle since im imagining they are the same age and both are pop culture nerds. John thinks hes unprofessional, Hal is never on earth enough to interact with him long enough and Peter does not like Guy. MM and Peter bond over shared trauma of being stranded in a world alien to their own and they end up helping eachother through their issues. I dont read enough Aquaman to weigh in here


I think spidey would be essentially like the flash in the JL and JLU cartoon. That is, assuming we’re not dealing with adult spider-man from the 90s cartoon where he’s just as much of a leader as iron man and any other hero. That spidey would be as much of a leader as anyone else


Batman have the best dynamic with him, He would probably make him his new sidekick. Superman would appreciate him for his good nature.


More like a partner, spider-man was MADE to break the sidekick stereotype, hes not being a sidekick to someone who is his equal😂


Probably even more so, he would demolish Batman in a fight.


Don't let the prep time crows hear that.


They’d say “why is that guy dressed up like that guy in those movies?”


There is a crossover of Batman & Spiderman in a one shot comic. It's called disordered minds. They take on the Joker and Carnage.


[Don't forget this one!](https://youtu.be/F7-TQdN40Dk)


Didn’t they already do this, and Batman was the only one who voted against him joining?




I’m not sure, but I vaguely remember a one off comic.


Closest equivalent of a JLA member for Spider-Man is Blue Beetle in terms of attitude and technical knowhow. Closest equivalent in battle prowess and strength for Spider-Man is, in my opinion, Aquaman.


The way I see it, JLA members like superman, wonder woman, Martian Manhunter and aquaman, would be in awe of spiderman and how he's managed to stick to being a hero after all those hardships he's faced, and how down to earth and human he is. In other words, his humanity is intriguing to them while respecting his heroism. Flash and the green lanterns can relate to spiderman's human struggles and bond with him. Batman would quietly respect Spiderman while being reminded of Dick Grayson, except a nerdier , geeky Dick Grayson with superpowers.


Batman-would respect him and would resist the urge to adopt him. Superman-would see him as a beacon of hope and a friend. Wonder Woman-would respect his combat skill and never give up attitude. She may find him annoying at first. Martian Manhunter-would probably bond with him to learn of human culture and respect them. He'd appreciate Peter if he ever learns his origin Flash-Best joking buddies who can nerd out together. Maybe help find Nora's killer Aquaman-pure respect for the man. Green Lantern-would admire his Hope/Willpower and say he's eligible for a ring. (Green or Blue) Shazam-basically a little brother to Peter Zatanna-Obligatory love interest since he's just the Nightwing of Marvel. Jokes aside I can see the two bouncing off of each other really well.


This would lead to a conversation where someone is trying to write Spidey off and Batman of all people speaks up for him. “None of you know how powerful he is—*he* doesn’t even know.”


"What could Spidey bring to the team?" A good character


Say you don't read/watch any of these characters without saying it


I do, and I also read a comic where bane beat Gordon, cat woman, Alfred, all 3 robins and every villain in Gotham by himself, then almost killed Batman twice. the second time bane literally had him against a wall and almost beat him to death but Batman had a flashback and remembered that he always wins then he headbutted bane and instantly knocked him out. How is that good?


Spider-Man has bad stories too, what kind of point is that?


Yeah obviously but everybody hates those stories, look up that comic and see how many people love it


How does "people like the bad stories" make the characters as a whole bad though? I guarantee there are people out there who like Spider-Man's bad stories, does that make him a bad character? I wouldn't say it does.


Batman would just adopt Peter and make him into the next Robin


Kinda in the same realm of Superman/Batman team up stories, I think Superman/Spider-Man team up stories could be a lot of fun. You can create situations where Superman needs the help of somebody significantly less powerful. And you could emphasize both men's compassion while highlighting the differences, such as Peter being a little less mature.


Hed have a similar role to green arrow in jlu being the “everyman” hero to ground everyone else and make sure they dont lose sight of their goal


I remember a crossover, Batman didn't trust Spider-Man. Like at all.


Probably perceive him similarly to Shazam. Powerful, but in need of seasoning.


Personally I've always felt like he was Batman but much better at handling loss, at least on the outside. I feel like there'd definitely be something between them


A good sense of humor.


The Justice League with probably be skeptical of Spider-Man at first due to negative press they've seen through the media ,but through real investigation partly done by Batman and Martian Manhunter they would accept him in as a member due to witnessing his heroics and keeping him out of trouble with the governmental authorities like Amanda Waller who would try to recruit him into one of her Special Forces teams to fight against the Justice League. Spidey would definitely bring a a sense of humanity and humility and also some humor to the group that's often needed in the most dangerous situations. Superman: Superman would definitely have his skepticism about Spider-Man at first but after spending time with him to see that how genuine of a hero he is ,Superman would definitely be one of his biggest supporters and friend. Batman: Batman would respect Spider-Man do to his gifted intelligence and since of humor that reminds him a lot of Nightwing though he won't expressed it, he's willing to Mentor his potential. Wonder Woman: Diana would have some skepticism about Spider-Man joining the league until she saw for herself his bravery in action and his fighting Spirit come through even in dangerous situations. Wonder Woman would be proud to call him an ally and Spider-Man would be a little bit more than awestruck when he's around her. Flash: Barry definitely become the brother and crime fighting Partner that Spider-Man always wanted. They're both scientific Minds and there full of humor and they both wear their emotions on their sleeves and they shared together similar tragedies so they would be the best duo together in the League. Martian Manhunter: would have tremendous respect for Spider-Man just seeing how genuine over hero he is and his resolve through tragedies. Aquaman : has mutual respect for him but still trying to figure him out. Green Arrow: like Batman he sees Spider-Man's potential and has respect for him but he also kinds of ribs him a lot. Green Lantern: Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart would have mutual respect for him in also might recommend him to join the Green Lantern Corps ,but Guy Gardner would be a total jerk to Peter because he's jealous of the attention the ladies of JL give Peter would give him without Peter realize it. Plastic Man: best comedic Duo in the league.


They’d refine him a lot more and help him sort his life out. They’re a far better support system than the Avengers.


I think he would have a hard relationships with Batman and Wonder Woman. While Spidey has a willpower and sense of responsibility, he really lack a discipline, which is essential for them. WE know that Peter jokes just always, but for them, they will think that he doesn't take this seriously. Barry, Hal, Clark, J'honn with them he will get along fast. But Bruce and Diana, he will have to prove himself.


He would bring humanity


That’s what Batman and Superman bring


Superman can’t relate to the little guy. He has never not been at the top of the food chain. Yes, he is the people’s hero, but he is always on a pedestal. Batman is a broken and loner and keeps everyone at a distance. Yes, you have the Robins and other members of the bat fam, but he always keeps them at arms length. Spider-Man was and is the little guy. He was bullied, overlooked, underestimated. He has compassion that dwarf what the other two could muster.


Batman would be very hard on him until he used some kind of science to impress the plot, then would give a short congrats at the end to show Spidey he trusted him the whole time Wonder woman would steer clear cause eeew sweaty teenage boys Green Lantern would be veeery irritated until he witnessed the parker willpower Flash and Spidey would be literal best mates and would win every battle through sheer dialogue (I also think Spidey would love the science behind the flash) Martian Manhunter would absolutely adore him cause he'd be able to read how good of heart he is and admire that Superman I think would be indifferent until they could both relate on newspaper life (basically Clark and Peter would get along better than Spidey and Supes) Aquaman.... I'm not sure. He's a bit inconsistent, but if it were boyscout aquaman, I'm sure they'd get along just fine.


Peter hasn't been a teenager for... several decades


He is in this hypothetical


Spider-Man would get along with Young Justice Aquaman and Brave and the bold Aquaman


I think he’s like the flash, they’re better heros in jl but without flash it’s not the same


I’m convinced Batman would try to adopt Spidey and make him part of the Bat family.


He would get along with all of them because they would recognize him for the selfless hero he is. Batman would be super annoyed tho.


Flash and Spidey bout to have that rap battle.


He actually tried to join once, in a crossover comic, but was rejected


I not super familiar with DC outside the movies and older shows, but this post makes me think of how each of the team members of DC/MCU think of and interact with their relative teammates. Seems like MCU has respect, but pokes a lot of fun, while DC seems more respectful, but they don’t seem to have the same close relationships. Can anyone provide insight on this?


He’d probably just get in fights with Batman while being upset with everyone else for not helping Batman through his issues.


The Batman X Spidey comic tells you how Batman feels about him


I wonder what his suit would look like if Batman were to make him one


Which version of the Justice league? Because since the stupid decision of putting Cyborg in the league, they can't really say anything to Spider-Man as he's as mature as him.


That's Otto Octavius not Spider-Man...


I feel like he would be a lot more valued and appreciated in the justice league than the avengers. he's pretty relatable to most of the members in the team and he would get along well with them. The avengers are all a little bit of an asshole towards Peter especially in the Ultimate universe, Except for Cap in the main continuity


Wouldn't be able to think much, they'd be dead by the time the incursion would happen lol


Batman buys Daily Bugle and fires JJJ


If DC and Marvel ever merged, I’d see Spidey replacing Jimmy Olsen. Superman’s Pal: Peter Parker.


He would be the only guy next to supe that Batman actually willing to listen to and take a shit on because of respect.


Spidey, Flash and Green Lantern(if its Hal) would be besties, making quips and feeding off of each others jokes. Superman would have a special admiration of him for his virtues. Wonder Woman would think he's a great fighter. Batman would outwardly be annoyed by him but inwardly cares about him on a deep level like he does Dick, Jason, Barbra, etc. Martian Manhunter would admire him for being true to himself. Bringing to the team? He bring the smarts of Batman plus his own unique skills.


I picture Spidey there during the justice league unlimited/Europe era.


I imagine he'd be like Wally West in the JL animated series.


Bruce would try to adopt to him


No thanks.


Didn't they do a one off comic or something where Spider-Man and Superman teamed up? Iirc, they fought at first but then got along great


Yes. Huge paper format comic in the 1970s.


I could see him getting along really well with the batfamily for some reason.


it depends, which version of spidey?


They’d probably hate him for not taking anything seriously. I mean he’s worse than Flash. But at the end of the day, he does his job really well, so they keep him around


Batman would see a lot of himself in Peter, Superman would also see Bruce in him as well. Wonder Woman would likely have a great respect for him, The Flash (like someone else said) would joke around with him a lot and appreciate his humor. Batman would also see a lot of Tim Drake in Peter, what with his smarts and battle experience, and being younger.


Lol much needed levity in the grim dc universe


What could he offer? He’s about as smart as Batman, so fast daredevil’s radar sense can’t even pick him up, incredibly durable, and strong enough to even contend with the hulk if only for a few seconds to a minute. All that adds up to him being a Jack of all trades everyone in the justice league is better than him at something but he’s damn good at everything they do. As for how they would view him? Batman would probably be very frustrated and have a deep seated respect for him, kraven is also insanely intelligent, wealthy and most importantly obsessed with figuring out who Spider-Man is and can’t so all things considered Batman would have serious trouble tracking down Peter like he does everyone else if he could at all. Superman would LOVE him the two are good to a fault and so pure it’s practically a superpower, peter was purpose built by the one above all for the sole purpose of being a hero and Superman is such a big hero there’s versions of him like cosmic armor Superman. Wonder Woman would see he’s a true warrior, the kid can throw hands with the best of them has a strict code of honor that he obeys (which Batman would also respect but not as much as their ideals are very different on the matter of murder) flash would love cracking jokes with him mid fight. Man hunter would respect how upbeat he is despite knowing all he’s been through, and frankly I’m unsure how aqua man would feel


Bruce Wayne would adopt him upon meeting him. (Mcu version)


Batman is famous for having no visible sense of humour. Remember when Lois Lane tried to get Clark Kent to dress up as Batman (for Halloween I think)? Even his best friends wonder if he has a sense of humour. He'll secretly like him though Superman can be judgy. He'll wonder if Spiderman is a bit too flippant but he'll warm up. Flash will quickly warm up to his quick wit (pun intended). Martian Manhunter will love him, and will probably be the one that gets Superman to take a closer look if he doesn't warm up soon enough In short they'll have to warm up to him but he'll win them over. I like to think that they'll see his potential and get him to explore his science side. He might master alien technology and be one of the league's scientists.


Batman would not be very welcoming until he sees how good Spidey is with science and math and how that can contribute to both macro and micro levels of crimefighting. Flash is much the same, but he'd automatically like Spidey for his personality alone. Superman would see him the way Captain America does: the best of them. Martian Manhunter would appreciate his levity. Wonder Woman would see him as juvenile at times until he proves himself and then she'd warm up. Hal Jordan would love him. Aquaman would probably tolerate him but won't be particularly close to him.


I fell like Spider Man and the Flash would have a Human Torch type bound


Spidey and Flash would make an awesome team, amd they'd annoy the hell out of anyone they faced. Endless variations of "Shut up!" would appear every two pages from some random thug or goon😂


Batman and Spider-man would get along really well. They are both genius and respect the no killing rule.


I’m most curious as to how Batman would view Spider-man


They’d view him on the same level as the Elongated Man or Plastic Man. It’s not the powers so much as the personalities that dictates their opinions.


If I’m not mistaken, there’s actually a DC-Marvel crossover comic somewhere where Spidey tries to join the Justice League. He gets rejected (by Batman I think) and then the rest has left my memory


Go back and read the Gerry Conway issues after Firestorm joined. There’s your answer.


They would definitely appreciate him more than the Avengers do, I’ll tell you that much…


Which version of Spiderman?


I think Peter in general struggles to stay on teams because he can't work well with others. But for the Justice League specifically... They'd all hate him because he jokes too much. The Flashes would be the only exceptions, but even they would be a bit bothered by just how much he masks his emotions with humor ("Hey, man are you...okay?") He wouldn't get along with Batman. At all. And the feeling would seemingly be mutual. Until some weird, moral gray moment happens in the plot, and Batman reveals that Spider-Man is one of the heroes on the team he trusts the most because, "Half of us have never known what it was like to be a regular person, the other half forgot. Spider-Man is the only one among us that still knows with average people deal with. And despite that, he's never faltered or wavered in his resolve." Superman would like Spider-Man, but want him to do better not only as a hero but in his life as well. He wouldn't like how quickly Spider-Man lends himself to become a scapegoat ("You should try sticking behind to explain yourself more often. Do more community outreach. Get to know the cops and first responders around you. And stop selling pics of yourself to papers that only degrade you.") Spider-Man would admire Superman, but think he's a bit of a goody two shoes sometimes ("Wait, you don't need to eat and you never get sick, yet you're going around stopping shoplifters? I don't like them either but, dude, do you even know the meaning of the phrase 'check your privilege?'") Wonder Woman would have caught him staring at her once, and immediately have gotten annoyed with him. Beyond that, she doesn't love him as a fighter. He not only holds back too much for her tastes, but she also thinks it unwise of him to constantly enter fights that he knows he can't win alone. Despite all that, there's a small amount of respect that she feels when she sees him get completely wrecked, and then stand up to keep fighting. ("That was noble, Parker. Horribly stupid, and it makes me think we should put you on suicide watch, but it was noble.") Black Canary sticks close to him because she's worried about him, and uses every conversation as an attempt to therapize him. ("Your girlfriend just dumped you? That must have been stressful. How are you coping with that?") Peter would be terrified of J'Onn, and J'Onn would know that, but never comment on it. Because he lowkey likes messing with him. Cyborg would be okay with Peter at first, but soon grow tired of him always trying to talk tech with him. Especially during jobs, where Peter tries to take lead on tech-related concerns, prompting Cyborg to be horrified at how he'll just non-chalantly hand a comrade some jury-rigged device then cross his fingers. ("This kid just screwed a piece of Braniac into a Motherbox and said 'let's hope this works'. I don't know if he's insane or stupid. Why the hell is he still on this team?! Where did he fail to learn basic lab safety?") And because Peter sucks at communication, tries to go everything alone, has horrible work-life balance, and refuses to be vulnerable with his teammates, eventually all of this would result in Peter being delegated a reserve member of the League.


Spider-Man would be a great humorous counterpart to the stodgy DC heroes Superman and Batman. But he'd also be a fifth wheel.


batman spider-man partner dynamic would be really fun


I think batman would respect him the most out of the other JL members although he wouldn't show it


Batman would also appreciate that there’s a member that is potentially able to be even agile and stealthier than himself. Peter would also be an excellent all-rounder that could help in a variety of situations: - Stealth/infiltration. - Crowd control. - Disarming thugs and bombs - Stabilizing structures after a disaster.


Batman would lose his mind because he can’t find a decernable weakness that isn’t pure psycological torture


He would bring a good movie


Flash and Spidey would be hanging out and snacking on fastfood together


Batman: I think he and Spider-Man would get along pretty well, mostly due to their intelligence and reliability on tech rather than actual superpowers. I even think Batman would be moved by Spider-Man's personality and might even modify some of his gadgets. Wonder Woman: I can see her being a bit distant and annoyed by his constant joking manner. Green Lantern: I can see Spider-Man being mostly amazed by what the power ring could achieve and might want to study it. The Flash: He and Spider-Man would see who could "out joke" each other Martian Manhunter: He would be the most sympathetic to Spider-Man, bonding with him over the loss of his loved ones and how he continues to be the best superhero ever. Aquaman: I think Aquaman would be something like Wonder Woman Superman: I think he would value his humor and his professionalism with being a superhero and how he's well-loved by the people of New York


Spider-Man can't be in the justice league because he's a Marvel character not a DC character.


As far as what he’s bring to the them in raw power I think only Superman would be stronger maybe aqua man but I doubt it


Lol Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter would one shot him


Ew. No.


Spidey solos the justice league


You.. you grabbed the second image of Spider-Man off of Google.


And it's not even really Spider-Man, it's an image of Amazing Spider-Man #698... Literally the first issue of Otto Octavius in the body of Spider-Man.


What if Elvis was bitten by a radioactive tapeworm? What would Oprah think of him? What would L. Ron Hubbard bring for lunch?




He's definitely above Batman


Do you think batman is stronger and faster than Spider-man? Isn't spider-man just as smart as Bats


IIRC Spidey has a higher IQ than Batman


Guys you keep forgetting, Batman rejected him because he didn't view him as mature enough. Seriously how am I the only one who remembers that?


When was this?