Is this kaine since there’s a stinger or is this that weird time where Spider-Man had even more spider like powers for a short time before 1 more day happened


Well Kaine only has them because of that same exact power (The Other) so... Yes


Stinger orifice flap ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Uncircumcised Spider-Man


Thank you for this...it has been so long since I read the comics...I actually forgot about Kaine


The MAIN problem with this. Is, and probably the same with a gadget. If mandem is falling at terminal velocity, how elastic does the web have to be to stop his fall without yanking out the gland. Eugh


The glands contain a fluid, only by being pulled through the opening it's converted to a string. I guess if one does it too quickly it will remain liquid.


So the tension is on the fingers holding it and not the source of the liquid


So in Spider-Man 2, tobey magwire was probably just dehydrated so his gland ran outta fluid. Drink water, kids


Malnourished actually, he couldn't afford food and it happened after he got fired from Joe's Pizza so most likely that was his main source of food and he probably hadn't eaten anything substantial in days.


Don’t forget the existential crisis


If you haven't eaten in a week because you lost a job and a potential girlfriend due to the fact that you're a superhero, you'd have an existential crisis too.


Well yeah, who wouldn’t?




He's not Superman, you know?


Unless losing your gf means accidentally flying your pregnant wife into space because of an illusion some goofy clown guy made


Yeah I think Pete just grabs onto the web as it comes out of his wrist


You do know that would be kinda impossible right? 1. While web swinging, almost everytime, the moment he shoots webs he is falling with a significant downward speed. 2. The web which is shot goes upward from his wrists (though at an angle, but still it goes upward.) Given the remarkable range of his webbing, the web shot must also travel with a significant speed. So here we have two significant speeds against one another, the downward speed of spidey falling, and the upward speed of webbing. So he must extend his arms after shooting the web, to catch the web with his hands, with a speed much greater than the speed of webbing. But most of the times in comics and movies it is shown that while swinging he already has his arms fully extended at the moment of shooting a new "rope" of web. So in theory, it should be impossible for spidey to catch his webbing :)


If it were passing by his hand (since it is coming out of his wrist) why wouldn’t he be able to grab onto it.


Overanalyzing fantasy media like this is really stupid.


And what do you think this whole post is about? But you wouldn't downvote that because it explains in favour of the feasibility of Spider-Man. But when logic turns back on you, then suddenly, overanalyzing is stupid ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ I very much agree with what you said. It is stupid to over analyse. I love what Spider-Man stands for and no amount of logic against him can make me love him less. But since we were already overanalyzing a simple concept of spidey shooting webs organically, I added my thoughts. Didn't deserve to get downvoted that's all.


I see what you mean and in your logic of it being impossible for peter to grab his webbing, what if he shot his webs down and tried to grab it then (consider the super fast reflexes of spiderman and that the power of shooting the webs goes against the wind pushing him back when falling)


Wow that's a whole lot of assuming, didn't realize you could see my votes and inner thoughts lol Which I guess you can't because you're incorrect.


Not even gonna read that whole response. You know what else is impossible? A man with the powers of a spider swinging through New York City with spider webs that come out of his wrists.


He grabs onto the web so the tension is on his wrist not the gland/web shooter.


He usually holds the web like a rope after it shoots.


What the fuck is mandem bro?




Falcon: Is this stuff coming out of you? Peter Parker: no Peter Parker: no Peter Parker: what you guys don't have these?


I kinda wish it was organic but to control it he needed a web shooter


That's not bad actually. Organically it just splatters out everywhere, so he creates wrist devices that absorb it upon release and concentrate it into a single string, later updated for impact web bullets and other stuff.


Organically it’s just a bit of webby precum


Now THAT'S an interesting idea


Why hasn't this been done yet? Adds a real neat angle for if his shooter stopped working, but not his sprayer


Actually, this idea was in first Raimi movie novelization, which was based on the original scripts. Also, there were some cut scenes with web shooters in the movie, which can be seen in the e3 trailer. https://youtu.be/uEBTAQiuODE


Yep! I'm aware of this! I myself own the novelization, and have seen the E3 trailer. I'm just wondering why it hasn't been made official


I guess we will never know.


Potentially! There could be a new comic line, tv show, or movie a few years in the future where we see it!


I imagined a Raimiverse version of Ben Reilly one time, and this was how I justified his impact webbing. He could naturally shoot organic webs like Peter, but he invented a wrist-mounted device so that he could manipulate his webs into other forms when firing them. Also justifies keeping the visible oversized web shooters on the costume design.


Kinda like Cyclops with his visor.


Web regulator


dude. wtf. this is one of the best ideas i’ve ever heard for spidey


I’m kinda surprised it’s not been done before


So Tobey should’ve had Popeye forearms to store that web!? Bruh I need to process this


I always found it dumb he can do “whatever a spider can” but not the thing spiders are most known for but i like the tension it can cause when the shooters are damaged


What are spiders most known for


Terrifying children.


Well that makes two of us


My guess would be liquefying their prey from the inside and then drinking them.


That'd make a good Spider-Man horror movie.


How about a Spider-Man horror movie about Spider-Man turning into the Man-Spider? Have Curt Connors recognize the ongoing mutation and try to develop a serum that will stop it, or at least slow it down but he makes a mistake and it transforms Spider-Man into the monster instead. Then the Man-Spider and Lizard could fight, with the Lizard driving Man-Spider off, who then goes and takes over an abandoned subway tunnel, turning it into an enormous web nest. Have Connors call in help from other characters who are experts in mutation or genetics, who develop a working treatment that will change Man-Spider back into Spider-Man, but they can't locate him anywhere in the city since he's acting more like a spider, staying hidden. So they contact Kraven the Hunter to track him down (or maybe even Wolverine if you're feeling saucy, but that would make the upcoming Man-Spider ambush less dangerous and thus less exciting, but then again with Wolverine, the Man-Spider could attempt to eat him but liquefying his insides which would be excruciating for Wolverine but wouldn't actually kill him). When whichever character you want does find Man-Spider's lair, they find a bunch of web cocoons stuck around the place, and when they open one they find it's the husk of a homeless guy who wandered down into the tunnels (could even make this a B plot. Have this guy be a homeless guy Spider-Man looks out for in the beginning of the movie, have the dude see Spider-Man changing over time until he finally changes, then have him see the Man-Spider sneaking into the tunnel, but since it's dark all he sees is part of the tattered Spider-Man costume and thinks it's Spidey in some kind of trouble. Have him follow the Man-Spider, calling out for Spider-Man, offering to help him out if he's hurt, only for him to touch a web and get ambushed and trapped by the Man-Spider with only one eye left exposed. End the B plot with him getting his insides liquefied, his screams muffled by the web covering his face). The hunter realizes that the Man-Spider felt him open the web with the homeless guy in it and attacks, have him trap and try to eat Wolverine only for Wolverine to cut off one of his extra arms and get away (or if it's Kraven, using some kind of pheromone or powder to disorient the Man-Spider and escape). Have them regroup with Connors and whoever else he worked with (I was thinking the expert on mutation could be Beast) and the three of them prepare the serum and go to confront/cure the Man-Spider. Have it turn into a massive fight between the Lizard, the Man-Spider, Beast and Kraven/Wolverine, with the Lizard out of control fighting everyone, Man-Spider fighting everyone and Beast & Wolverine/Kraven trying to trap them both. Have Man-Spider beat Lizard, wrap him up and then move on to the others, but while he's attacking one, the other gives Lizard whatever changes him back forcefully and gives Connors a syringe of serum in case Man-Spider tries to finish him off. Then whoever that was jumps back into the fight and helps drive Man-Spider back, where he retreats to a high up spot in his web and he reels in Connors to have a snack and rest. When he gets close to try and liquefy Connors, instead of stabbing him with the syringe, Connors turns into the Lizard again, dropping the syringe so it lands in the web, out of reach to everyone. Lizard knocks him down and Wolverine/Kraven jumps on him and tries to inject him but gets beaten up by Man-Spider's 5 arms, which can each shoot webs, so he pummels Wolverine/Kraven while webbing him up tightly and tosses him into the webbing on the wall. Lizard meanwhile is attacking Beast, until Man-Spider starts attacking the Lizard again for touching webs repeatedly with his tail and regrown arm. So Beast tries to distract the Man-Spider long enough for the Lizard to stun it, and he does but the Lizard immediately turns on him and tries to kill him instead. Beast throws Lizard into the web where the syringe landed while Man-Spider recovers and webs Beast up from behind, who drops his last syringe as his dragged back. He manages to get free for long enough to turn Connors back again, using the last of whatever was letting them change him back. Beast gets completely webbed up and is about to get liquefied when Connors grabs the syringe, grips it in his good hand and forces himself to transform again, causing him to rip through the webs with his tail and fall onto the Man-Spider with the syringe, injecting him with the serum and allowing Beast to break free. Beast quickly frees Wolverine/Kraven and the pair of them manage to subdue the Lizard, wrapping his arms and tail in excess webbing while Man-Spider is writhing and twitching on the ground, slowly turning back into Spider-Man. I'm trying to come up with a decent ending though. What do you think of it so far?


Spider webs




Do I get a gold star?


Yes ⭐️




Left 😈


Well there was an explanation at one point that he knows how to make web fluid because of his spider powers, but this body just couldn't develop webs itself, so he has to make them externally like with his shooters


I always found it dumb people say he can’t do what spiders are most known for when he created shooters. So he clearly can do that as well.


Spiders aren't most known for creating shooters


Vultures aren’t known for creating artificial wings, but no one thinks it’s dumb he’s called the Vulture. Spider’s can spin webs, so can SM.


Well, at least in the MCU, his name is apt, because he salvages tech from wrecked alien vehicles and creatures, the same way a vulture feeds off already dead animals


I like this angle. Sorry about all your friends, btw


I’m not sure what you mean by that


Your username 😁


Bahaha! Well played sir


Yes, but Vulture's schtick _isn't_ that he can do whatever a vulture does.


It IS gross, but also I don't get the hate. You'd expect a guy with spider powers to be able to shoot webs on his own. I never liked the artificial web shooters.


I love it too. Organic webbing makes way more sense than the artificial one


As a kid, SPIDER-man being able to make his own webs just made more sense. Spiders are literally known for two things: Climbing on walls and making webs. It just seems weird in hindsight that Stan would give him wall crawling, extra non spider powers like super strength and a spider sense, but not webs.


Super strength isn’t non-spider. Spiders are VERY strong for their size.


Nah spiders can lift 173 times their body weight. So if we’re assuming Peter weighs at least 150lbs (his muscle mass might make him closer to 165-170), then he can easily lift 25,000+ pounds.


Spiders do have a sort of spider-sense. They use the small hairs on their legs called trichobothria to detect movements around them. https://faunafacts.com/spiders/spider-sense/


The strength isn't an arbitrary thing. He's typically described as having the proportionate strength of a spider.


Stan Lee had given 2 answers to this question so we’ll never know for sure. 1. He thought the idea was kind of gross 2. He literally just didn’t think of it and if it did, he would’ve.


I don’t remember which comic did this but I remember there was a Spider-Man that had organic webbing but needed to build web shooters in order to control it better, this would’ve been a good way to showcase Peter’s intelligence and allow me to also love the organic webs


I love a gadgety Spider-Man, so it'll always be mechanical shooters for me.


I've always thought he should have organic webs, but still make gadgets to customize how the web comes out. It still gives him the most spider-like power so that his name makes sense, but it also shows how smart Peter actually is.


So basically have him capable of excreting silk, but it won’t shoot out or take shape without actually working with it unless he has his web shooters to mechanically regulate how it comes out? That would actually be pretty cool. Definitely worth at least an alternate reality.


I see this working like he wears a “web shooter” with different settings that allow him to shoot nets, or balls, or ropes, etc but the web shooter is just a machine that processes his natural webs and changes their shape into nets, balls, ropes, etc


Maybe without the web shooter the only things he can do are rudimentary like swinging and shooting wide webs only


W take I completely agree this is my dream version of Spider-Man


Honestly I can agree with this. The way Peter made his shooters in TASM and the way they’re in his suit in MCU is sooo cool


Organic webbing truly makes Spider-Man a Spider.


Not really. If he were truly a spider, the spinneret would be on his abdomen somewhere and there would only be one. They just placed it on the wrist because that's where the reader is used to seeing Spider-Man's webs come from. And I guess because seeing SM swing around New York on webs coming from his gooch would be... unsettling.


You do make a fair point, but I've always disagreed with this argument, that he'd shoot them out of his butt or anything like that. His organic webshooters grew in the most logical and effective place for him to use them (for spinning webs for traversal, practical use, and predatory use), just like how a spider's spinneret is in the thorax because it's the most logical and effective place for the spider to use it for the same means


Thru evolution…. There was 0 environmental pressures for the spinnarets to develop on his wrists hours after the spider bite


Oh right, my bad. I believe in intelligent design rather than evolution. I think that's the source of our disagreement. Good day


Unfathomably based


Cool. Well even if you did understand science, spiders are far from the only animals who make webbing/silk etc. for a multitude of purposes. Spiders don’t just catch prey with webbing- they lay their eggs in silk sacks, use webbing for shelter, communication, a number of things. To avoid talking about silk worms and flys and shit- we’ll stick with arachnids. While Scorpions do not produce silk- spiders, mites and ticks do. Mites and ticks, though their closer relation to spiders than scorpions, do not create webs to catch prey however. Furthermore having an organ in the most effective place to use it is great, but it also has to be the most effective place to HOUSE it. Spiders would probably like 8 spinnarets, one coming from each foot, but their abdomen holds their silk glands which would not fit anywhere else. I can understand believing intelligent design if you’re not bright enough to learn about the real world around you, but in this hypothetical I can’t even devils advocate your opinion. Between a spider and a man, it would require a third intelligent design, which I won’t humor


This Convo went from Spider-Man to "ur an idiot 4 believ in god" real quick... That's what I get for joining reddit I guess lol




So Spider-Man swinging: (In my best Dave Chappelle voice): “_Spread the lips…_”


but tarantulas can shoot webs from their legs too..


You had me at stinger orifice flap


we finally seen the holes!


I like the organic webbing to a degree, but I like showing off Peter’s smarts aswell. I’ve always thought that him making web shooters that connect to his body like an IV drip, and make webs on the fly would be a cool middle ground.


I prefer it too, I get Stan wanted Peter to display his intelligence and a good way is his web shooters. However considering the latest videogames and movies, we have other avenues to show it. Miguel O'Hara is of high intelligence too, he manages.🤷🏾‍♂️


Ok then let those other Spider-Man characters have organic webbing. I just don’t know why people want to change the character




Hey I think all of us in 2001 had a hard time believing a kid could create a tiny machine that spins a homemade chemical compound into a web line… considering the Walkman CDplayer was still a very popular form of listening to music, computers were huge, and MP3 players were barely on the cusp of popularity. Tech didn’t make sense that a kid could make that machine at that time. Organic made sense.


It’s just unreal that a Spider-Man character exists at all. Any argument about realmism is just out the window to me. It’s the same as Bryan singer saying that the X-men wearing yellow and blue is a little unbelievable. It’s like dawg there’s a dude running around with claws in his hands. Who cares what color the outfit is


Because Parker is literally about growth and development, that's the crux of his character OMD pissed on that and the concept that you can't change a particular aspect of a character is why western comics tend to suffer.


There’s a VAST difference between growing and changing. Peter randomly gaining organic isn’t growing lol. That would just be a change. Peter grew for at least 40 years worth of writing and although I agree OMD squandered it, that has nothing to do with you wanting him to have organic webbing LOL. Also don’t extrapolate Spider-Man comics as every western comic. Daredevil has been fantastic and he’s constantly grown out through his history


Having Organic webbing is not a major change, those spider-stingers are, which I think no one misses but he also had night vision and was more sensitive to vibrations in the air, and he actually learnt how to fight. Those where great additions to his power set and opened up more story opportunities taking his mechanical shooters away changes nothing, hell, natural webbing doesn't last, he can still use the mechanical ones in emergencies. Problem solved.🤷🏾‍♂️




Love the Other. I really hope we get to see the current Other show up soon.


The little openings look gross but, the mutation is so much more convenient than having to worry about damaging web shooters.


when i was writing my original adaptation of sipder-man (it was a contest and i chose sipder-man, eventually batman won :( ) it was a combination of both organic and Gadget. after the bite, Peter's wrist started to leak some liquid substance, Peter later realized its actually concentrated spider web. and he made a gadget to use them efficiency by redirecting and shooting them.


Ewwwwwwww Spiders don't have stingers!


You think that version of Peter licks those holes? Because I would absolutely lick those holes if I had them.


This makes no sense, if he has these giant glands taking up his entire forearm, where the hell are his forearm muscles?


Are none of us gonna bring up the fact that he apparently also has a literal VENOMOUS STINGER that was never addressed?!




Organic webbing till I DIE bro. Me and all my homies hate gadgets. Leave that shit for batman


i always liked the organic webs because if i ever got spider-man powers, i would not be smart enough to create my own web fluid


you wouldn't have to be. Peter instinctively knew how to make the web fluid after being bitten


Wouldn’t the inside of his arm like not look like that at all wouldn’t his arm would have to have like a liver in it and ovary’s and and a alimentary canal which takes up a big portion of it which is why I don’t really like them because it’s very unrealistic and they didn’t put a lot of thought into it






delete this


I love them as a fresh take, and for some characters, but I agree with most people that webshooters and the gadgetry involved are an integral part of Pete's character. Definitely don't hate them though


Wait, almost all of us hate Sam Raimi's version of Spider-Man with his organic web shooter wrists? Wow, didn't know that.


Silk does it better. There, I said it.


Now the next question is, how does he shoot it out of his suit? Do you think there's a small hole in it.


I wonder how his diet affects the smell… and taste.


I always like peters built in web mechanism in the Raimi Movies! It made that iteration of spiderman easier to understand! Oppose to having to explain away how they work in the film and there's a pointless montage of him building the web shooters and explaining it to the viewers! Having them built in makes the plot flow better!


He has every other power naturally, why not the webs?




I enjoyed when he got them in comics, I actually really enjoy that whole time period, until OMD ruined it all.


I actually have always thought they were cool they tried something different and it honestly makes more sense since you know he’s Spider-Man and the only thing that really connects him to a spider powers wise is sticking to walls


I love it because I just don't see why the hell Peter doesn't have this. Like from a writing standpoint, yeah, to show off his smarts and everything, but realistically speaking why ***didn't*** the spider bite give him webs too, if he can "do whatever a spider can"?


I love it


I personally find organic spinners more convenient and I'd rather have them instead of having to build a mechanical shooter


This was posted by Peter 1 and Peter 3.


I love it organic, I think they should try it again with the next movie or series they do explore it a bit more.


I don't hate it, I just don't want it to be the standard you know. It's an interesting concept, and most of the time it's executed amazingly, but I only want it for certain versions of spidey, I prefer when the webshooters are the norm and the organ webs are the exception.


AG: “I want to see the holes”


Imo it's just as gross as Tiny hairs on your fingers making you stick to walks


I was shocked after I learned about web shooters in a tv series cause I grew up with the raimi trilogy and it was normal to me. When I saw that other version don't have that I thought they r only crawling on walls man and not spider man. Webs r the main feature of spiders


This is awesome


I REMEMBER THIS IMAGE I always loved how they explained that there are secondary, smaller holes for the extra spinnerets that help Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man spin different types of webs Personally I prefer the synthetic web shooters since they do help show how much of a resourceful genius Peter is (and also because I just love gadgets) but if I were to have Spidey powers irl I'd prefer organic shooters, cuz no way I'd have the smarts to engineer something as complex as a web shooter lmao


You know what, I can handle the spinnerette openings on his skin, trypophobia be damned, but something about the "stinger orifice flap" below it has me *really* fucked up


I prefer it over the web shooters because of it being more realistic


Ooo, never thought I would see an unpopular opinion on this subreddit. It’s cool you think that way! And honestly, I like it too!


I've always prefered organic web over the shooters. The shooters never felt natural to me, him having actual organic spider powers rather than making them is so much better imo


i mean organic web shooters do make hime more **spider**-man but i also like the web shooters bcz they showcase peter's intelligence which i feel gets swept under the carpet a lot nowadays


I think it’s so cool. It makes sense that a guy named Spider-Man should be able to shoot his own webs


"It's cool but it's gross" - Quicksilver 1973


I like it because there are literally dozens of Spider-Man comics that end with Peter saying "They're getting away, and I'm all out of web fluid!" Plus it raises the question of how did he even get back home without web fluid.


I grew up with the Raimi trilogy and knew nothing of the comics so I thought that’s how it was supposed to be. I think both are cool but organic webbing just feels right lol.


I wonder how much water you’d have to drink to maintain this.


Where the fuck his bones go, where da meat. He was a normal human where they go


i adore both versions i think spidey’s organic webbing makes sense and is so cool, i love how clever it is but i also love the web shooters spider-man invented, it shows he’s smart and is really committed. the only downside to the organic ones is that they never run out and i feel like it would be a really interesting fight scene if spidey ran out of webs


I thought Tobey having organic webbing was awesome when the movies first came out. But in the third film when he is shooting web balls at Franco, it made me question how that's possible without some kind of web shooter. I personally love a mix of the two concepts (plus a dash of body horror). Peter has spinnerets but the amount of webbing he makes depends on his health and how much food he is eating. Which means he finds himself running out of webbing when he needs it, and overtaxing himself, causing irritation to the spigots. So Peter reverse engineers his own webbing to create the artificial version and creates web shooters that be switched between the two. The artificial webbing can be manipulated easier so it is used to create the web balls, etc. Having the organic webbing as a back up or when he isn't wearing the web shooters.


Honestly this would have fit well story-wise in the whole cross species idea from the Amazing Spider-Man.


Honestly this would have fit better in the whole cross species idea from the Amazing Spider-Man. That was always one brother of mine oddly.


Ah yes butthole-wrists


It bothers me so much because there’s no way he could use them while he’s wearing his suit. The sleeves cover his wrists.


Organic Webshooters are weird to me. Other than the obvious how the fuck would that even work. I don’t get why he’s doing the same hand motion that you would for a mechanical web shooter. The mechanical web shooters have a pad that needs to be pressed to be functional, that makes sense. Why would he need to do that same motion if he started with organic web glands. I still prefer mechanical since it’s a nice visual story telling method of demonstrating just how smart Peter is


I want to see peter that can morph into an actual human size spider.


sumps up this decade its gross but everyone seems to be ok with it because no one fixes anything




It makes much more sense


I love them too. IMO they’re better than web shooters.


*Stinger Orifice Flap*


I think it’s interesting when a version of Spider-Man can create webbing naturally.


I kinda like it because it makes the fantasy more accessible. Not anyone can be Spider-Man when you need to be able to invent scientifically impossible technology to shoot webs.


Yeah its gross as hell, i don't see how is cool.


So much science.. Still unsuccessful 🥲


so he does have a web block when he had an existential crisis and day dreaming about his responsibilities, mj, his work/school. that's why he could not concentrate on what he is doing


The reason Stan made Peter Parker smart or a near genius was to let him have the gadget web shooters in the first place was always my opinion. Back then they probs didn't think the reader would make sense of it being part of his power or look silly coming out of his suit or something. Organic web shooters just make more sense to me personally, I don't really care for Parker being some super genius kid.


He has a Stinger? That’s fucking awesome.


Puberty with extra steps


Makes more sense tbh, it really makes his a spider man


I’m an organic webbing lover too idc. It makes sense to me. If he’s Spider-Man, it makes sense to me that he’d be able to produce and shoot his own webs organically. Idc


Yea I like it also.....it's a conversation starter


I love it too!


If I were to make my own spider story, I would make the webs organic, but the webs stretchy and kinda flimsy, but till dense. This way Peter could make something like web-shockers that use electricity to harden the webs up and make it more useable for combat and swinging. Would be a good balance between showing peters intelligence while making a device that you could actually imagine a poor 15 year old kid make


I just prefer Peter showing that he's a genius by making the web shooters himself. I do think the organic webbing is cool, it's just a preference


Scientifically speaking, it makes no sense for Peter not to be able to make web after gaining such great powers from a single spider.


Nah organic is better to me


I like the story mechanic of webshooters (it allows writers to create reasons for him to run out of webs, and be unable to triumph in situations where they would've made everything easy). But from a logic perspective, organic webs make way more sense than a 16 year old inventing a chemical elastic compound that is lighter than air, stronger than steel, requires no engine/energy source to project, and dissolves in an hour. The invention of web shooters makes Peter Parker a super genius such that it makes more sense for him to devote himself to perfecting his inventions than to fight crime as spidey. If they were organic from the start, he could've been an ordinary smart guy.


The powers of a spider yet he doesn’t get to do the most notable spider thing, webs. I will always prefer organic.


I don’t get why he *wouldn’t* have natural web shooters. Like I understand why comics and movies have him make them himself, but if he got spider powers then why wouldn’t webs be included? Webs are one of the Things that spiders are most known for


I just wonder how he’s both so strong and able to use organic webbing when he still has proportionally sized


Same density as a spider if they were human sized. Or easier to imagine: Imagine if we had the same body strength and proportional speed so that we could move, jump, and climb like squirrels. Pure fast twitch-muscles, able to move quickly, climb, run, dodge, hold onto things, etc.


So Spider-Man weighs almost a thousand pounds?


That’s a great question, I had to look it up a little bit. According to [this bit of science](https://biology.stackexchange.com/questions/59528/what-is-the-body-density-of-insects-on-average), all I could pick up is that they’re actually less dense than us. I guess the better way to phrase it is simply the same proportional strength. I tried to go the next step by assuming the muscle mass would be proportionally the same, which doesn’t work because spiders and other critters with exoskeletons are literally built (a bit too) different from us to compare. I guess that’s also why I defaulted to the squirrel comparison, which is a lot better.


No you’re making perfect sense, spiders are very strong in comparison to their size so it would make sense that Spider-Man would end up with a similar kind of strength, and the exoskeleton factor kinda works out too since he’s more durable after the bite. I wouldn’t call it a “healing factor” but he’s definitely harder to kill and recovers much quicker than a normal human


W H A T theee fork


I love them but just not for mainline spider-man. Peter can get them for like a one off arc but I don’t want them forever.


I also like organic webbing, but I prefer Peter to use mechanical webbing. Organic webbing on other spider people though is really neat. In fact, giving all the different spider people their own quirks in power is something I like to help make each of them distinct, while also, if done right, highlighting that what makes Peter awesome isn’t having the best powers, but who he is without the powers.


it’s a cool idea that should be used, but i don’t like it for peter parker. he’s a genius, so making special web fluid is a perfect demonstration of that and is also just awesome. plus it leads to more interesting story conflicts and shit since he actually has to buy materials for the webbing and make it, can run out of webbing during a fight, can alter the web fluid to give it special properties, can use the web cartridges themselves to do stuff (as demonstrated many times in the 90s show), the web-shooters can break and have unique designs, on and on and on. organic webbing is neat, but personally i’d choose mechanical web-shooters any day of the week. but like i said, it’d be cool for other spider people


I also like the organic webbing. Web shooter is OK but organic is more original to me.


I never understood why people think it’s gross? Literally gets me so heated when people say that.