God I always love the part where Tobey and Andrew get pulled and launched by Tom. Great showing of teamwork between the 3.


Well Tom does have experience working as a team. He was an Avenger.






[Bully Maguire is back!](https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZZyIdVBYcx/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)


An Avenger? That's great! What is that?


*unleashes inner Bully Maguire* HOW IS THIS HELPING!?!


Dun dun dun dun dun *duuuuunnn*


I dont understand why Tom says he \*was\* an avenger. as far as I know he still \*is\* an avenger


Technically in the MCU, the avengers have disbanded and are inactive in the MCU, each member left and understood that. When a new team pops up who knows what heros they'll find to put in it... In all honesty, it's just a lazy way to say oh this is why the avengers didn't help out with this threat btw.


>Technically in the MCU, the avengers have disbanded and are inactive in the MCU how tho. prolly a stupid question


I mean most of them are gone.


yeah ig so. maybe they can make a new avengers, cuz Kevin feige said that avengers 5 will happen just not for awhile


That's literally the plan. You can see it with shang-chi and all the other origin stories happening. They're even slowly but surely making a young avengers team...


oh they're already doing that? damn I guess that just flew over my head💀 when they're done with he new avengers, I just hope they add spiderman in the team


I mean they're just being introduced Ms. Marvel, America Chavez, Eli Bradley (seen in falcon and the winter soldier is a hero named patriot in the comics,) Wiccan and speed, Kate Bishop, these are just the basic members... Some others could make sense on the team too just too lazy to list them all


Original Team: One grew old. Two died. One is in retirement to spend time with family. One is not equipped to fight due to becoming smart (and off doing science things.) One is off-world spending time with the guardians. Other members: One is off grieving and learning magic alone because she has no one left. One is busy with military things. One is learning how to be captain America. Oy. The list will be gigantic if I explain it all basically they all went on to do other things. Most likely everyone verbally agreed that there wasn't any use keeping the avengers active now that the greatest threat had been defeated plus their headquarters, their leader and a lot more, it just wouldn't make much sense to keep the team running.


when they do the new avengers, I pray spiderman is in it


Tony was also funding them and well, he dead.


It's been made clear in shows like Hawkeye that the avengers have naturally split apart after losing a goodly number of their core members and all of their leadership


An avenger coool what is that ? A band ?


Thats great! What is that?


THAT’S GREAT! What is that?!


I like when Peter launches miles and Gwen in spider verse


I like when Peter yo-yos Gwen in a clocktower.


*Too soon*




I love that part and then how they all land in their respective spider poses.


Yes. Very nice touch.


It sounds great isolated, I don’t think it transitions well into the rest of the soundtrack.


They would have made a separate version of the theme for the cut if they decided to use it. Unfortunately op doesn’t have a version of that song like that :p


Yeah it definitely fits the scene, and fuck the rest of the soundtrack (please don’t take that in an aggressive manner, I’m simply trying to convey how much I’m behind OP’s point), this was a perfect spot for this theme. People didn’t spend 2 billion bc of a soundtrack comes together. Lol cmon buddy, this was a perfect fan service moment


It simply cannot interrupt the natural flow of the score. It's easy to say that without the context of what the rest of this scene sounded like, but if it had been a jarring split just to force this in for fan service, it would have sounded horrible... I think they did *plenty* enough fan service in this movie already, you can't ask them to sacrifice the artistic quality too in the name of more fan service or you'll end up turning the Spider-Man franchise into Naruto or something (I couldn't think of a horrific fan-service heavy franchise off the top of my head, sue me)


I’m sure Michael Giacchino genius that he is could have created an arrangement to make it work. I like the original but it still feels slightly weird that it’s just Tom’s theme, I know it’s his movie but this doesn’t feel like a Tom Spider-Man moment. It literally is a fan service money shot celebrating all Spider-men, that’s why this is the one instance to use this theme


Yeah, I was just thinking this.


Like another commenter said, it looks and sounds great when taken in isolation, but with the rest of the soundtrack it wouldn't so well. Plus, even though this still technically fits better, I still prefer the one they used, because: a) it fits better with the rest of the soundtrack as I said b) all said and done, its still Tom's movie, and his soundtrack deserves to be front and center


It's Tom's movie, yet Doctor Strange has his theme play everytime he's on screen. This is basically a Spider-Verse movie, Tobey's and Andrew's themes should've been front and center along with Tom's.


Well Doctor Strange does have a pretty good theme…


So does Tobey and Andrew (much prefer Horner's for Andrew). But the point is that if Doctor Strange has his theme play when he's barely in the movie, why can't Tobey and Andrew have their themes play?


Oh I’m not trying to disagree with you at all. I’m just saying I like Doctor Strange’s theme lol


Oh it's fine. However, the topic isn't exactly about liking which themes. Anyway, Tom's theme playing when the three Spider-Men are swinging is very off because it's not just Tom in that sequence lol. And I don't think the 60s theme should've played either (it's not a powerful melody). A hybrid of Elfman, Horner, and Giacchino should've played in that swinging sequence, since what we see on screen is the three Spider-Men swinging, therefore the music should reflect the idea of three Spider-Men swinging. What better way to musically reflect that than to interweave their own themes together naturally?


I totally agree


And the best part is that it's totally possible. Crisis on Infinite Earths did something similar with the Williams' Superman theme and Neely's Superman theme. Even Giacchino did something similar when scoring the mirror dimension battle between Strange and Spider-Man. And it's very off because Giacchino doesn't mind borrowing others' work (Rogue One and Jurassic World support this). I wonder what happened here though. Not even the villain themes are used more than once (with the exception of Doc Ock, but he doesn't go above the first four notes).


It’s probably just cuz Michael Giacchino composed both themes. I mean how could he not incorporate it.


A) they’re sound producers, they could make it fit lol B) toms movie, but this is a fan service moment. Main theme is still mostly toms, but when it’s all 3 swinging it should be more representative of what we see on screen: 3 generations of Spider-Men movies coming together.


Thus, a hybrid theme of Elfman, Horner (fuck Zimmer), and Giacchino to accompany the three Spider-Men swinging.


I put this in another comment but the reason I think this works is because it doesn’t belong to any particular Spider-Man it’s just Spider-Man‘s theme and even then the orchestral version of this is from Homecoming which is a Tom film anyway


If I was forced to say something negative about NWH it would be that the score is lacking. There was some cool Elfman and Zimmer stuff to sample and they barely used it. It's mostly the generic score you get in any MCU film. Ya that Spider-Man theme is pretty cool in that swinging scene.


I literally don’t remember a single song from it, I still remember the cabin song from infinity war though


Well if every scene was just Drive That Funky Soul all our issues would be solved


The score certainly isn't generic but I agree that the old themes could've been used more.


Hey agreed, I said I didn't want to be too harsh on it and saying it's as generic as other MCU films is a bit harsh. I came away from The Batman and had noted loads of great moments in the score. For NWH I'm sure it's scored perfectly fine but there's none of it I can recall besides the few call backs to Electro and Sandmans theme.


The Batman score is certainly better than No Way Home. But I would watch NWH or listen to the soundtrack again. Sure the action sequences lack a bit but Giacchino really pulls through amazingly with the emotional moments (Doom With A View is where the three Peters are introduced, and it's one of the most beautiful pieces from the film but no one was listening because everyone was focusing on the three Peters, for good reason). From a production pov, it's actually quite genius. The emotional melodies are pulled from a counter melody in the main theme and slowed down. Goblins theme combined Hans Zimmer's siren with Elfman's theme. When Andrew first appears his theme is really dark with a low bass tone in the background. When Tobey is introduced, his theme is more hopeful/happy, signifying where the two Spiders are in their life. Everything is very subtle, so I do agree that I wish Giacchino emphasized different parts of the score more, but it's actually quite brilliant if you listen carefully with headphones or monitors.


Thank you, any excuse to watch it again and this time even louder.


I’m pretty sure there were some early versions of the film that released with missing tracks. I distinctly remember several moments in the movie where I was like “there’s no music here… why is there no music here?” And when I rewatched it a few weeks later those scenes had music.


Michael Giacchino might have had his work cut out for Him between this, & The Batman all so close to each other Edit - he didn’t do Dune, thanks Bostueb


True. I came away from The Batman with several pieces of music noted as being amazing. Im not criticizing NWH, I'm just saying the only bits of music I recall is bits of Sandman and Electros themes we heard. I still love NWH.


Zimmer did Dune


Oh shit you’re right my bad


A huge missed opportunity. I *know* Giancchino would have been able to make an amazing rendition of the OG theme that transitioned into the villain's theme and then transitioned into each Spidey's theme as we see them fight. I was actually expecting to hear the OG in that scene.


I actually got goosebumps listening to this and thinking how good it could have been done. Marvel Studios and Disney production could certainly figure out how to make it.


I don't even remember the music for the original scene


pretty sure it was a remix of the homecoming theme


I get Tom is the lead but I was anticipating an epic mashup of the 3 themes…PAIN


Pain is probably what mashing them together would sound like


I heard good mashups on YouTube. If Michael Giacchino could mash up his Doctor Strange theme and Spider-Man theme (heard in the mirror dimension scene), then it would be pretty simple to do the same for Tobey, Andrew, and Tom.


I really liked the spider-man theme on Dr strange instruments in that tini tiny undercroft montage


Maybe. But imo It can be good if done right and I have heard very good mashups on YouTube


Even toms theme alone didn’t really bring the hype that I should feel in that scene.


Let's be real here, Tom's theme is the weakest Spider-Man theme out of the other ones. You can put it in a Pixar movie and it would fit better.


It’s the only theme that appears in each of their films and almost every other Spider-Man related media at some point.


This is the Samuel Kim one, right?


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined thanks to you.


Yh but Idk if it's in Andrew Garfield films


It does with his ringtone


Also he whistles it when he’s fucking around with Rhino before his graduation


And he whistles it


Oh ok I forgot about that


I really think there’s a criminal underuse of the Spider-Man theme in general. Like we barely even here it in Tom’s movies. They tease it in the themes they used for Tom’s movies, but that’s it. Like why is Marvel so scared to embrace probably their most unique piece of music that **everyone** at least knows about.


I'll agree because the og 60s theme is iconic and say I'd also like to see the fox theme and spectacular theme make comebacks.


I agree but at least it was played in SM2 by the violin lady and in the end credits




And SM2, the buble version slaps


Michael Giacchino when Tom and Doctor Strange are in a scene together: I'll play their themes together, that would be cool. Michael Giacchino when Tobey, Andrew, and Tom are in a scene together: There's only one Spider-Man theme, my theme.


Doctor Strange’s theme is also written by Michael so that’s probably why.


It kinda feels sudden


Yeah if it was arranged in a way that flows with the scene better, it would have been beautiful! I love Holland's theme but wished they didn't use his theme for all three Spider-Man for such a pivotal and cultural moment. This motif would've been perfect!


I really wanted a medley of all their themes during this scene. They didn’t sprinkle in the elfman and horner/zimmer themes enough


Something I would've done with the scene, is have it where all three of them land when the song gets to "here comes a Spider-Man!," like have it timed to "...here comes a SPI-(Tobey lands)-DER-(Andrew lands)-MAN!(Tom lands.) A minor, but ultimately potentially cool thing.


I don’t vibe with it.


Nah toms theme is so great, maybe if he didn’t have a banger theme then I’d agree


I agree I like Tom’s but this brief part felt less like it was a Tom moment but a celebration of Spider-Man moment. It was a rarity and so Is hearing this theme in the movies that’s why I prefer it. It’s not Tom’s theme it’s not Tobey’s or Andrew’s- it’s Spider-Man’s. Plus it’s multiversal constant for all 3.


I get hit with the Mandela effect on this one 'cause I swear this played during this scene but slightly toned down


Meh. It’s corny to me. Too on the nose.


I think I would have passed out lol. Totally missed opportunity


This would have made me cry in cinemas.


Such a good swing, one of the only times I’d say an edit actually works better than the score in the film.


This is fucking amazing


I do agree


I'm so glad redditors are not filmmakers.


Redditors can make a better Sequel Trilogy than Disney ever could. Don't underestimate the internet's power. We're not all basement dwellers.


Imma be real that sounds like shit


This theme sounds horrible for this part, absolutely not a missed opportunity.


I waaaay prefer the version we got


thats just a shitty youtube EPIC SPIDER MAN THEME EPIC VERSION fuck no


Maybe it’s because I’m used to the official version, but I think it’s way better than if they used this theme




I think it the scene was alright but maybe it wouldn’t have been a Bad idea


Btw is that Danny elfman music that plays right after


It would work, but this edit of it isn't great. The music is too loud compared to the film audio.


literal chills. that would have been amazing


i think it's a missed opportunity in general that they limit this theme only to the ads


Eh idk I kinda prefer the way it was scored in the original, I think the old soundtracks are great but it doesn’t always fit scenes and flow perfectly, just me tho still is cool


Thank you for the goosebumps OP. I think this sounds better than the actual music in the scene and Michael Giaccino being the musical wonder that he is, would have found a way of making the transition into the bit that comes later.




OMG! That never even occurred to me. Oh hell yes, THAT WAS A MISSED OPPORTUNITY! I’m actually depressed now . . .






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They did use it


The music was underutilized in general in the movie




I was wondering if they would do this since they’ve hinted at it with Tom’s marketing and the opening of Homecoming. Would have made sense as it’s representative of Spider-Man as a whole and not just one version. I still enjoy what we got, though.


No we cannot


I think it’s a bit too on the nose


would’ve been cheesy, at least with this iteration of the theme




thay did realy miss that opatunity i wold have been better


No one told me this scene has the spider pig music in it, wow.


This theme is wayy too epic


"Slight", my ass. That is Endgame portals shit right there


This made me so happy


toms theme was front and center but i wouldve loved a movie score version of that spiderman theme song


Big time miss


No. I've never liked that theme. I would have liked to hear the superior themes from the Maguire or Garfield films, or the iconic take on the classic theme from the 90's show. The MCU version of the classic theme just sucks.


Doesn’t go with the scene as well?


I’m still legit surprised that none of the Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland Spidey movies used the Ramones cover of the classic Spider-Man theme. Especially at the end credits for Homecoming, which still used a Ramones song. Someone put the song over those end credits and it works so much better in my opinion: https://youtu.be/cT4xQeG-yxI


I had no idea this existed! Have you heard the Aerosmith version? It was on the Spider-Man (2002) soundtrack but not. In the movie https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7912LZ_OPws


Oh yeah, I heard it years ago. Not really a fan of it. There’s actually two versions of the Spider-Man theme from the Ramones. The differences are a little subtle, but you can hear it on the guitar solos. Here’s the other version: https://youtu.be/U6t9Npup_BE




I hope the next trilogy does another classic theme song orchestral rendition. If Tobey is Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, and Andrew is the Amazing Spider-Man, I want Tom to be the Spectacular Spider-Man. Gimme dat Spectacular Orchestra


More like a sin, really...but, with any luck, the theme will be used in future movies.


I rewatched it and didn’t hear this and was severely disappointed


I just got so many goosebumps. Absolutely fantastic




I don’t actually know who the original is because there’s like 5 different versions of this on YT


Not using the Ramones cover of the theme song for the credits was a missed opportunity. The Magic Number is still great tho


This was amazingly spectacular!!




Literally had the exact same thought


I'm gonna pass


Honestly I’ve thought about this ever since the theater. It was an extremely missed opportunity.


i love how Tom lands when it would say 'here comes the spider-man' in the original intro


Maybe some variation of the OG Spidey theme, but this track as it stands doesn't fit at all


Any HD or 4k edition of this video clip around? I want it.... I loved it... great edition whoever did it.


It would have made the scene more better than it already is it was too powerful they had to nerf it😂😂


Nah. Unnecessary


Not really. We'll always have the homecoming marvel logo. While it is the classic theme, don't overuse it


I mean homecoming was 6 years ago at this point and if ever there was an appropriate time to use it, it was for this, possibly the only time we’ll see all 3 spider-men on screen. Also I prefer it over Tom’s theme because it represents Spider-Man not just a particular iteration of him.


Overuse was the wrong word. I elect to replace it with misuse


They couldn't afford the fees from the estates of Bob Harris and Paul Francis Webster. /s


Agreed. Hand it to an orchestra and you're done. Plus, it's not like they don't have a version of it at the opening of Homecoming and in FFH trailers.


I agree




Yeah, I wish they did this too. The soundtrack of the movie disappointed me in general.


No that music is terrible and too Adam west campy. Marvel factually messed up by not hiring Danny elfman