I like it more than the original MCU Iron Spider.


Specially because it doesn’t remind me of iron man anymore, this suit screams “Spider-Man” (all in the best way)


Right? I liked the iron spider suit but this one is better, especially because it's nothing like the iron Man suits (it's original, so people don't have to call him iron Boy jr)


It's funny because I felt that way about MCU Iron Spider vs comics version. So many people complained it wasn't true to the source but imo the comics version made spidey look WAY more like Iron Man's sidekick than the movie version. At least the movie version was still red and blue and had much of the same patterning on the suit.


I’m pretty convinced most folks here haven’t read a comic and don’t know the history of Tony and Peter in the books


Underrated comment right here


he posted it literally just then how is it "underrated"


Underrated comment


We have carried out an in-depth analysis of the reported comment but have found it is suitably rated. Thank you for your diligent service.


Yeah they seem to think that they are barely acquaintances or think they are sworn ene.ies because Peter switched sides in Civil War, when they have a pretty storied history. I really love their relationship in Carnage Family Feud and the later Ultimate Comics Spider-man (particularly prelude to Death of Spider-man) and so I was very happy that the mcu captured a lot of that relationship and banter.


Exactly. People are always dunking on MCU Peter being “Iron Boy”….yo that shit is straight out of the mid 2000s comics, before the MCU was even a thing.


Apart from the fact thay it didn't capture that relationship and banter. Peter never felt like Tony's equal in the MCU. Yes, this is partly inspired by how much Ultimate Peter was a fanboy, but claiming that the MCU accurately captures either universes relationship between Peter and Tony is wrong.


They have very little history together. Spider-Man's stint on New Avengers up to One More Day was like 2 years. Spider-Man's forced relationship to Iron Man was clearly a setup for civil war, which fucking lead to One More Day so yeah the very little "history" of Peter and Tony is better left forgotten.


Thank you!


well the comic *Iron* Spider suit was made by Tony to have Spider-Man on his side during the Civil War, so it's really supposed to look like an Iron Man sidekick however in the MCU they didn't instantly trashed the suit, so it makes sense to be red and blue


Tony manipulated Peter, he invaded his privacy, and he threatened to put Peter Parker in jail if Peter disagreed with him..yah sounds cool


I disagree, the iron spider suit looked more like Spider-Man just metallic, this integrated suit looks like an iron man themed Spider-Man suit because of the colour scheme. Personally I didn't like the design of the MCU iron spider and I think it would have looked much better if they made it look like the integrated suit, which is more accurate to the comic iron spider being mainly red and gold. I also think it would have been better that way because then it would better show that it is a Stark suit and that Peter was relying on that tech a lot, and returning to the red and blue would be a better visual portrayal of him returning to his most basic skills and identity. What we have now just feels like we're going from a Spidey looking iron man suit to an iron man looking Spidey suit, not really giving any indication that he's been able to move on from that reliance and attachment to iron man


Same here. Color wise is somehow more appealing


So is it the Iron Spider & Advanced suit put together? Based on the name & the design that’s what I’m assuming


Yeah, my assumption/theory going from trailers: He starts with Iron Spider, he then sends some of the nanites to Doc Ock (the trailer shows that the nanites redistribute themselves like Tony's mk50 and that some goes onto Ock) in order to fix his neural inhibitor (hence why he's speaking with Peter, Mj and Ned quite amicably in that trailer scene in the sewers by the looks of it). And so as a result he has less of the nanites and can't make a full suit, so just has the emblem over the upgraded suit and maybe the arms to give him a bit more firepower so to speak.


That’s a darn good analysis there buddy. I like it and hope that’s the case!


That actually sounds legit. Nice analysis!


Almost on point


Upgraded Suit, not Advanced Suit. But yes


I don’t love it or hate it. It’s a decent design, I just prefer the simpler approach. What I don’t understand is why they are leaning so much into the red and black for Peter, I assume they want Miles to join the fray down the road?


My guess is they’ll do the black suit saga, maybe even across multiple movies, leading to a truly triumphant return of his red/blue iconic look


Oh I hope so. If we could get something akin to the animated 90s cartoon but in live action that would check off at least a few of my hopes and dreams








Spider-Man: Finding a tailor that hasn’t run out of blue cloth


at home


You do know he originally wore black and red right


With Miles taking such a prominence in Sony's animated movies, maybe they don't? It would make sense to not have two seperate Miles' as the main characters of two different major movie series' at the same time. Peter for live action. Miles for animation. Just makes too much sense from a corporate/marketing identity perpsepetive.


Yeah "eh" is my reaction to it. The knees look cool but the symbol isn't great to me and yeah they're overdoing the black. The gold is also a bit much but it could work if the symbol wasn't all techy looking.


> What I don’t understand is why they are leaning so much into the red and black for Peter, I assume they want Miles to join the fray down the road? That's literally his original color scheme. Blue was only used for highlight back then.


I realize that, but the red and blue is iconic Spider-Man, and in my opinion Miles has taken ownership of the red and black color scheme. My point was mostly that I’d like them to have some variation in color if they are both going to be present in the MCU.


Maybe they'll give Miles his current tracksuit outfit in the comics where he's black and pink instead


God I hope not. That suit is horrendous.


That doesn't matter and hasn't mattered for a long time. This isn't his original costume. Spider-Man is red and blue


I'm talking about the color scheme, not the costume. Either way, I'm just explaining to him why they're using the red and black color scheme.


Better than the MCU Iron Spider, but worse than all the other MCU suits. Just personal preference, but I just don’t like gold as a spider-man color. Even if they had this suit but with silver or white instead of gold I’d think it looks 1000 times better


1./2. Homecoming/Far From Home (tied) 3. Integrated 4. Homemade 5. Black and Gold 6. Iron Spider 7. SHIELD Stealth But not a bad suit in the batch, imo. (Iron Spider could’ve used some tweaks, probably.) Also agreed it looks amazing with silver tho!


> SHIELD Stealth How dare you disrespect Night Monkey like that


Night Monkey isn't even Spider-Man smh. He's just a cheap European knock off version of him


at least he didn't kill the superhero mysterio


Peter using the black suit identity to avoid persecution would actually be a great plot twist


Still shitty of Mysterio to reveal Night Monkey's identity to the world as Shmeter Shmarker.


But night monkey wasn’t the menace, IT WAS SPIDERMAN


If the FFH Suit was actually dark blue instead of black that would've been hands down the best


I actually like the black, makes it look more modern and sleek. Also comic accurate to what he was supposed to look like


I think gold is a nice touch


To each their own! I’ve never seen a Spidey costume with gold that I’ve liked, even in the comics.


Same here, having the gold concentrated on the spider, beautiful


I'm with you 100% the gold is... it just feels wrong


I think it don’t look bad but we barely saw the FFH suit in action (which is my favorite) I wished they would have sticked with it for this movie but hey they gotta sell toys


It’s funny how most heroes have a new suit each movie so they can sell new toys and Doctor Strange out here still wearing the same outfit since 2016 lol


Yeah the only time it changed was Thor Ragnarok and all it added was his yellow gloves. But they haven't returned since.


The gloves were probably only used in the first place so that they wouldn't have to recreate the hand scars.


Also because the gloves are comic accurate


Maybe he was in the middle of washing dishes when Thor and Loki showed up.


Looking at it now the suit is actually different. [Thor Ragnarok](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DcxviCSWsAA2FUl?format=jpg&name=large) vs. [DS/IW/EG/NWH](https://www.blurgit.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/sei_43449855-f937-e1560943416650-758x534.jpg)


Spider-Man in particular has so many suits (two per movie plus the Iron Spider) because Disney mainly profits from the merchandising.


Well in the no way home trailer he's wearing a pufferjacket/snow version of the suit with his cloak over it, so idk if that counts as being different


I think with Spidey, there's just an opportunity for more suits. What I love is that each of his suits in the MCU correspond to a specific film he was in, allowing them each to have their own identity in a way. I dunno, I think it's kind of cool.


From trailers etc it seems like he will use Iron Spider, Upgraded, Integrated, and Black and gold interchangeably throughout the film, so you may still see it again.


>Black and gold Black and gold is just >!one of the suits inside out!<, if the plot leaks are correct


IMO that's just the upgraded suit 'integrated' with the leftover of the Iron Spider nano bots.


In your opinion? I thought that’s just in fact what “integrated” meant…


Well, we're gonna find out in 10 days!




I still feel like after NWH Peter is gonna make a more traditional suit anyways. The world is gonna forget him, right? People would probably be confused seeing a random Vigilante swinging around with Stark Tech. They’d probably think he’s a menace or something.


But he IS a menace! He’s a no-good, destructive menace!


So it’s only for the PS5 right


Yes this suit is only coming to Remastered


It’s fine but like I just want to see Spider-Man as Spider-Man. I understand merchandising and stuff but like it feels like we’ve barely seen him in his normal suit. Homecoming suit with slightly bigger eyes and no arm bands please. Edit: FUCK. YES.


it looks better in that video game (i’m assuming they released it for PS4 Spider-man?) than it does in live action/CGI


It’s okay, but I wish they kept a simpler suit. In fact, I wish the approach to this Spidey was simpler in general


More then anything I hated the idea of peter getting new suits every movie he appears in. I just wanted to see spider-man in classic red and blue instead of all this iron-nanotech bullshit. But for some reason, after seeing this integrated suit on concept arts and toys for months, somehow I started to like it a little bit. It’s fucking weird. My theory is that this isn’t a full iron-spider suit. It seems more likely that it’s just the red and black suit from far from home with added iron parts to it.


What did you think integrated meant


the suit has an iGPU and runs like shit


Gonna have to upgrade my spider suit, this piece of crap can't even run DOOM


I mean, Spider-Man getting new suits is kind of par for the course. Dude is always making suits specially adapted to certain enemies.


kinda like Tony in Iron Man 3… hm…


Kind of, but I would say that Iron Man is just one of those superheroes who gets his powers from his armour, so he is continuously developing new and better armour. For Spider-Man, it's really a more in-the-moment thing where he encounters a new enemy/situation and has to adapt.


LITERALLY, SAME. I also don’t like that he gets a new one on every movie, feels like when I get used to one they change it. Which is hard because I don’t like that they’re all made with stark tech and not Peter tech. (I believe the reason why I like this new integrated suit is because the red is no longer “metallic” and doesn’t remind me of Ironman anymore)


I disagree. It’s realistic that a genius like Peter would constantly rebuilding and upgrading his gear after it gets damaged or destroyed or a new enemy shows up that calls for it. If the suits are as good as these, keep pumping them out. The multiple suits and gadgets work great in Spidey PS4 (along with the comics), so I’m glad to see it work on the big screen as well.


I feel compelled to mention that PS4 Peter has only had 4 costumes. The wrestling suit, the classic, the PS4 suit, and the >!Anti-Ock Suit!<. Maybe the anti-Electro suit too, but I don't recall the insulated gloves backpack mentioning that he ever made a specific suit against Electro. Anyway, 4 costumes, maybe 5, and maybe 6 depending on how they go with this Venom thing (I bet they'll say Peter had the symbiote before and >!Norman!< got it somehow). The rest of them are just for fun. Not actually canon


There is also the [Dark Suit](https://marvels-spider-man.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Suit) which I would consider canon because it is specifically shown as being gifted to him during the course of a mission.


Except he has made his own suit exactly twice and one of those times was with stark tech. Does not really come off as a genius


He made his web shooters and goggles totally on his own at 15 years old with zero resources or money, so yeah the kid is clearly a genius. And when supplied with the resources (Stark tech in FFH), he effortlessly made a highly functional suit. People like you will always come up with excuses to hate on this version of Spidey though, so I’m probably wasting my time even engaging right now.


Read my comments below addressing everything you just said. People are allowed to criticize things they do not like. Not everyone is obligated to like everything about everything. I do not hate this version. I like most MCU movies and I like homecoming a lot and I don't really hate ffh either. I think tom is a pretty good spider man and keaton's vulture is my favourite spider man villain portrayal of all time. But that doesn't mean they are flawless. No movie is. Tobey's wasn't. Andrew's definitely wasn't and this isn't either. Stop getting insecure because someone dared criticize your favourite movies. People like you who think even the slightest criticism is hate is far more detrimental to discussion online than someone like me. Grow a thicker skin. Your favourite movie will not immediately turn into a trainwreck because someone did not like parts of it.


Nah lol. You’re downplaying and nitpicking, and then trying to accuse people who call you on it of being “insecure”. You just proved to me why engaging with you isn’t constructive.


And the second time he made his suit he was shown to he on par with one of, if not the smartest man on Earth. He was a teenager completely navigating hyper secret Stark Tech like he invented it himself. I don't know about you but that seems like a genius to me. Not to mention, while his first suit was nothing but a hoodie and sweatpants it was shown he did create the web shooters. First in the world to do so. It's what caught Stark's attention in the first place.


Isn't Tony's tech very easy to use in-universe? Happy is seen using it. Rhodey who is an army man uses it on his first try and the war machine tech looks way more complicated than anything Peter is given. The Avengers most of whom are not super-geniuses use stark tech pretty regularly too. I mean Peter doing what everyone in that universe does isn't really that impressive, to be honest. If that was the case then Scott Lang, a literal burglar and career criminal using Pym tech which tbh seems way more sci-fi than stark tech is even more impressive. He even navigates and survives the quantum realm which even Pym was afraid of using. The only "genius" thing Peter does in these movies is probably hacking the suit and removing the safety features but even that is done mostly by Ned if I remember correctly. I don't doubt Peter in the MCU is a genius because we are constantly told that he is super smart over and over again. But you know. It would be nice to be shown that once in a while. And wasn't what caught Stark's eye the bus catching viral video?


I haven’t seen Homecoming yet. I guess I should because I have no idea how this Spider-Man works.


Yes, the web slinging teenager that went viral on Youtube is what caught Tony's eye. "You know what I think is really cool? This webbing. Tensile strength is off the charts." Stark brings this up ninety seconds in to talking to Peter for the first time. Fighting Falcon he was problem solving on what his wings were made of and how he was able to move like he did. The first thirty seconds when Peter meets Mysterio Peter is geeking out about the possibility of the singularity of the Multi-verse. I feel like we've seen MCU Peter plenty worthy of being called a genius.


But it's mainly the bus catching though? I'm sure a guy who can fly around on rockets in his arms would be more interested in a dude catching a bus than a makeshift lasso. I mean he does bring up the web shooters but it did not strike me as being overly impressed. And the falcon part sure. He did come off as wily and shrewd. But a genius? Feels like a bit of a stretch. We have seen ant man pull it off in equally if not more impressive ways. Geeking out about the multiverse is cool and endearing but still. Nothing that says he's a genius. I feel like tobey instantly figuring out Octavius's entire life's work is much more indicative of a genius than a dude who fanboys over something. Like I said. If we think MCU Peter is a genius just because he says smart sounding things every now and then and fights smartly, then ant man is probably smarter than he is cause he's actually done and navigated through things that a dude of his station should not be familiar with at all Guess we both have different bars for what constitutes a genius.


Yes. In these two hour movies that try to build new villains, new characters, continue previous plot lines, start new ones, I guess this specific Peter Parker isn't shown to be smart enough for you. His nerdy T-shirts and, ya know, the school that's he's in just must be too subtle. I hope in No Way Home he just figures out how to send every character back to thier own universe with a pencil and paper. They should probably show it though. So it doesn't go over your head.


Plenty of 2 hour movies have shown a character to be smart more effectively than the MCU movies. I don't think quoting the runtime is as good of an excuse as you think it is. Iron man 1 was 2 hours long. Still found time to establish a compelling villain and establish Tony as an incredibly smart dude. If a movie does not find time to establish a very major attribute of it's main character then it's a pretty valid complaint to have about the movie. Not sure why you are getting this defensive about it. The 2 hour excuse is even more ridiculous when the raimi movies established Peter as a believably smart individual in a smaller runtime while having 2 of the best comic book movie villain performances ever and while also establishing the supporting cast of characters way better than the MCU movies do. We are constantly told over and over again that he's a genius but why? Nothing he does is exactly indicative of that. Wearing a nerdy t shirt?? Really? That is what makes a genius now? Great. Can't really argue with that. Guess I'll just go buy myself a t shirt with Einstein's face on it and then go collect my PhD.


You completely missed my point. I dont know how you got stuck on estimated run times and my one T- shirt line. It's about context. Have a good one though. This is going nowhere.


I feel the same way, highly prefer the red and blues, (the Homecoming suit is my fav live action suit), but the Integrated is growing on me. Definitely prefer it to the FFH/Advanced suit.


The suit itself is good but not really great or terrible. I still see this as a situational costume that gets destroyed and the only thing Peter has left by the end of the movie is the Upgraded suit.


I think the upgraded suit will get destroyed too. It get's sprayed with green slime in one tv spot so he has to inverse it for the electro fight. Then he crafts the integrated suit and it will probably get heavily damaged at the end so he has to craft the classic red and blue suit. That's my theory.


The green paint scene had Tom’s brother Harry in it and Tom recently said in an interview the scene with Harry has been cut. So now everyone is trying to speculate any other reasons Spidey might turn his suit inside out.


Whys it called integrated suit?


It’s part armour, part normal Spider-Man suit material (I’m pretty sure)


Ah I see. Thanks!


I just wanna see the full capabilities of the ffh suit. I like the suits yeah, but holy shit can we slow down?


Gotta have a new suit every movie, gotta sell as many action figures as possible!


I wish the spider logo was different, it just feels like another iron spider, sorry if my english is not the best


Your English is perfect :)


Thank you!


No problem! Based on what you said you seem to have done a lot of work in learning the language and should be proud that you've gotten it so well - it is a very complex and nuanced language, especially online.


They’re quite similar, also same


I just wanted to let you know that your English isn't actually perfect. It's perfectly understandable, but not perfect. I thought I'd tell you in case you're studying it or something. Google what a "comma splice" is. It's seriously no big deal on Reddit, but I thought you might want to know.


Maybe it's just the lighting? I think it looks awesome in that SMPS5 screenshot but I think it looks awful everywhere else The Civil War suit and FFH suits both looked incredible, I wish they'd just give Peter a costume and stick with it. I would love to see him slowly upgrade his tech over time, not just get a bunch of billion dollar tech given to him so he can make whatever he can dream up


I need some more of that Homemade-PeterTech


It’s grown on me a lot since it was revealed, the toy leaks didn’t do it justice and even though I don’t like high tech gold Spider-Man the suit actually looks pretty nice.


I dig it tbh, but I hope they go back to the red and blue with a new outfit in the next trilogy


Too busy


I know they would never do it because they have to sell toys every movie but I'd have never changed from the Homecoming suit besides small alterations. that suit is as close to perfect as it gets.


As a child of the 70's and 80's, I've accepted that the Spider-Man I grew up with is long gone.


It’s better than that Godawful iron spider suit


The funny part is that even though I'm not a huge fan of the IW suit, it looks pretty cool in concept art and on some posters but not in the movies themselves.


i love the Iron Spider suit


I like it It's very unique


Probably in my top 3 favorite mcu spidey suits


I had the same reaction, and I think the only reason I hated it is cause to make a really good MCU Spidey suit, all they had to do was swap the black on the FFH suit with blue, and the white with red. I still find it odd that they didn’t do that, and I hope they will someday.


i like it but i like the black & gold more


I like it. It’ll do well to help him stand out from other characters who may have *similar costumes* >_> I do hope they go back to a more Classic look for some more substantial lengths of time after tho :3


How the suit looks: I think it's ok The suit overall: depends on what the nanotech can do


It’s grown on me a lot, not my favorite out of the MCU suits but it’s pretty good. Reminds me of classic iron spider almost


My favourite integrated Spider suit


It isn't bad but I feel there's a bit too much going on


Its starting to be my fav Spidey suit period.


I like it I guess but I’m confused how this suit will come into the story. We know Peter loses the iron spider suit. We know he has the ending of Far From Home suit, and then he gets the black and gold magic suit.. so is this suit like the remains of the iron spider suit on the Far From Home suit? Confused as to why they would show off and market his new suit like this.


It's grown on me, I still prefer the upgraded suit but the PS4/PS5 game made me like it wayy more than I already did, it's like the MCU's version of the Insomniac suit


I don't think the first promo art or the action figure leaks did the suit justice. It did not look like it could work from the art, but seeing it in trailers I've definitely warmed up to it


It's fine, looks nice. I would prefer a variation of the standard the red and blue/black. But that doesn't mean I have an issue with this.


It's a good compromise between the Upgraded suit and the Iron Spider suit. The colour scheme seems to fit nicely with the aesthetic of the movie as well. That being said, I still prefer the classic red and blue.


I think it looks really good in game. Seeing it first in the mcu didn't really do much for me. It still doesn't honestly. Idk what Insomniac did with it, but I think it looks so much better in the game, from what we've seen so far at least. Can't put my finger on why though. Edit: I think it's a texture thing. In all the suits in game, you can see different textures, layers, and materials. Even the Raimi suit has the cool webbed layer in live action. And I think that's what a lot of the mcu suits are missing. They have good colors and designs, they can look kinda cool and classic, but most of those patterns and designs end up looking like just different colored spandex.


Still think the Homecoming suit was best in MCU


The MCU Iron Spider that we deserved


Cool suit. Definitely sick. I just want my candy/firetruck red and navy blue back though.


I like it. Not too dark, not too bright, just right in the middle. But I wish he’d wear the red and blue tights during the final battle instead of this. I know this’ll make him stand out from TM and AG but I really miss the og MCU suit. Imagine seeing all three red and blue side by side -chef’s kiss-


It’s a combination of all mcu spidey suits So HELL YEAH I LOVE IT


Personally I've loved it since day one


I love it on the game than the live action


I know Spidey has always built circumstantial suits to combat specific threats in the comics, but with the movies it feels like a way to make new merch and toys every time.


I don’t mind it. Personally, nothing in the mcu will beat the homemade suit from civil war and Hoco unless it’s comic accurate iron spider or the symbiotic suit, but still, not bad


I like that it isn’t metallic like the iron spider but it still feels too much like it. I wish they would with go back to the homecoming suit or if they take the new altered FFH suit that not had the pointed belt, change the arms to the homecoming design and either change the back logo to homecoming or just change it to red along with the black to blue then I think that would be the best suit they could make.


Looks kinda cool ngl


Just too many suits in general in my opinion. Since 1960 Spider-Man has really had two suits that have stood the test of time that weren’t like gimmick suits, and I wish they would just stick with that. Spider-Man isn’t Iron Man, he doesn’t need a suit of the week. Idk just my opinion


I just want a skin tight home-made suit, no stark tech involved.


Thats a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you?


I'm just so disappointed Tom will be in a different suit like this, while Tobey and Andrew will be in red and blue. Would have been a great suit for early in the movie, but for me tom needed to be wearing the red and blue homecoming suit in the movies finale.


I don't get why the blue part of the suit is slowly vanishing, don't get me wrong I love the far from home upgraded suit, but I still prefer the classic red and blue.


Sick af💯🔥🔥


It’s beautiful


I don’t like it and think that it looks terrible


“It stinks and I don’t like it”


I think its my favourite MCU suit, styled like the upgraded suit but with the big gold spider looks good to me


Just under the upgraded suit for me but I start to grow on it with time


I love it probably my favorite suit


I just dont like Little Iron Man Jr., I prefer homemade suits with no high tech besides shooters.


I like it but, I don’t like how it takes away the OG spider-man. At this point it feels like it’s impossible for him to get a Comic-accurate look because he keeps getting cool suits from some billionaires plane.


He's turning into a power ranger


This looks more Iron Spider than the MCU Iron Spider suit because of the added gold parts, it would've been better imo if this came out earlier and the MCU Iron Spider suit is the Integrated Suit because it's colors are more in line with Spidey's normal colors


I'd kust like for them to move away from the red and gold. MCU Spidey's done enough to stop living in Iron Man's shadow.


Dude gets a new suit every single appearance. It's pathetic really. We only ever needed ONE Raimi suit.


How is it pathetic he uses multiple suits in the comics for different threats (I know it wasnt new suit every issue but that's not the point)


This is a really stupid take. Whenever someone tries something new yall shit on them saying we want old suit and when someone does the same shit more than once then you say you want something new. Some of you are just stupid


it’s still ass


Don't like or hate it but it's not the worst thing in the world. Better than MCU Iron Spider imo, wouldn't be mad if this suit replaces that. (liked it when it was introduced in Homecoming tho, it was kinda changed imo) I still love the Civil War suit, red and blue is just my thing i guess.


It’s dope. Some people don’t like to admit it, but aside from being strong and sticky, Spider-Man is also a tech-based hero, so it makes sense that he’s constantly rebuilding and upgrading his suit as the need arises. The black suit is just the old suit but inside out, and then this one feels like a hybrid between the Iron Spider and the upgraded suit. They look awesome in Spidey PS5, and I bet we get some great shots of them in the movie too.


Soo what exactly is a "integrated suit"


Wait so is it Red and Dark Blue or Red and Black cuz Im confused????


Looks like captain marvel


Hated at first, love it now


The tender from the game really sold me on it. I think the daytime lighting really works well for it, I just hope we get to see it like that in the movie




I really like it tbh, one of the best live action suits in my opinion


it has grew on me so i kinda like it.


It's really cool, but I'm not much a fan of the big thick legged spider. Taper the legs towards the ends and maybe something other than gold


might be a dumb question, but what does it mean by “integrated” suit, i always see it but never actually understood what it meant in terms of the suit


I dunno, feels like there's just too much going on, ya know? I liked his far from home suit, it's a nice suit with not too much going on, plus I like the red and black. I still think they eyes look too small, but I like the emblem as it's bigger and not barely seeable


I don't dislike it, but the standard upgraded suit without the gold just looks so much better that I don't think they should've messed with it.


Looks cool, personally I’d rank the suits MCU Spidey has in this order. 1: Stark Suit (Homecoming Suit) 2: Upgraded Suit (Far From Home Suit) 3: Iron Spider Suit 4: SHIELD Stealth Suit/Night Monkey Auit 5: Homemade Suit 6: Integrated Suit 7: Black and Gold Suit I don’t think that any of the MCU suits are necessarily “bad”. They all look pretty cool, but I do have some preferences. Also side note: In the future if Peter ever gets a new suit, I think it’d be cool if the suit he had would be similar to the suit Spider-Man has in the PS4 game. I really liked the Red White and Blue colors in that game and would love to see a suit that has those colors mixed well in a live action Spider-Man movie.


I don't mind it, it feels like when Peter would create new suits just for the situation, just don't like how heavily he leans into stark tech for materials


I don't mind it, it feels like when Peter would create new suits just for the situation, just don't like how heavily he leans into stark tech for materials


The greatest suit ever made


It's dope as fuck. It's so much better rhan the MCU iron-spider (which isn't bad but I'm kinda tired of it)


They need to let the tech go imo


Wish he just kept the homecoming suit. Or ya know, made his own.


Fuckin going sell so many toys through this film


i love it but i still want another classic blue and red suit


Why do most of, if not all of his MCU suits have black on them now? What's wrong with the classic red and blue? I do like that suit the more I see it though but I'll leave final decision to when I see it on the big screen.