Two tanks being transported to the Launch Site (Credit: LabPadre)

Two tanks being transported to the Launch Site (Credit: LabPadre)


Man, do I miss Starships taking off and coming back down horizontal. Seems like ages ago. Let's hope for a launch very soon.


You get a Falcon Heavy launch in a couple weeks, so there's that.


Hearing from someone on twitter that they are aiming for november 1st launch


How will they know until they actually get the launch licence


Hmm, the PEA takes until 18th October, so maybe a few weeks after that, when they've fulfilled the requirements from the PEA


After the public comment period closes, they still have to review the public comments and then mitigate any concerns. Then they finalize the assessment, and spacex can then apply for the launch license. Historically it took spacex 5 months from the end of the public comment period for the EA of the Falcon 9 and Heavy, so I really don’t see November 1st as realistic


IIRC Falcon EA doesn't have a scoping period


But it’s only September:-(


[Do you remember?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs069dndIYk)


V do.


Two weeks!


Is that you Sidney?


Remindme! October 31


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>Remindme! October 31


Without the >


Source this if you can please.


do we know what these are for? too many consumables to keep track of. i don't want to hate because someone spent time on this but man is the new labpadre stream design a bit of an eyesore. the info box in the corner changing text is super distracting compared to the old ticker.


Yep the graphic is poor


Hadn't seen it yet but... I kinda dig it. At least in this screenshot


[Source: LabPadre's Sentinel Cam](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPkIZYw5O98)


Are these the tanks that were under the Blue tarps, Well 2 of the 3 of them anyway, or are these something else?


No. The tanks under blue tarps are vertical "tanks". (according to people with insider info they are purification tanks/columns for methane production). The tanks delivered to the launch site are horizontal tanks, there was 3 of them + I think 1 smaller tank laying at the gas well site(not talking about the ones connected to the oxygen plant, you can see them on RGV's flyover video).


As another user said. The "tanks" under the blue tarps are vertical distillation columns.


Need tanks to fight off ULA and BO snipers


They usually keep tanks vertical, will these be used in this horizontal alignment when operational?


The supports on the bottom indicate that that's the case. Plus, these aren't nearly the size of the Starship-scale GSE tanks. Just spitballing, but moving horizontally probably also allows them to move faster, though I'm sure that's far from the biggest consideration.


Vertical for fluid tanks Horizontal for gas tanks


Not true, the suborbital farm has the methane tanks vertical, but the longer LOX tanks are horizontal.


Methane is stored as a liquid if I recall.


And so is LOX: Liquid OXygen lol. Which they have horizontal. Tank orientation has nothing to do with the state of the propellant. Also, see the Cape propellant storage. Almost all tanks are horizontal, for all different types of fuels.


Yeah I wasn't commenting on that, only saying what I said.


Gotcha. Sorry!


Interesting, why is that?


My guess: Tanks are designed to be either vertical or horizontal or both — if these are designed to be horizontal, then you're stuck with them being horizontal. It could just be they're being transported that way though. * Vertical: Saves space. For example the liquid nitrogen tank behind the bio lab I remember at Uni. There wasn't much space, so it made sense to make it vertical. Same with the tank farm at Starbase? * Horizontal: Easier to transport? Less likely to fall over? The big propane tank at my grandparents' farm was horizontal. They had plenty of space for it. With Starbase GSE, they had a choice so they picked the space-saving approach. Lots of gains to be had in addition to saving space — such as shorter runs, consolidated equipment, lower thermal losses. But probably a little harder to set up because they're taller?


Other possible considerations: Horizontal tanks are easier to protect with a berm and present a lower profile for lines of sight. Also there’s less of a difference in stress from top to bottom.


This is not true, there are vertical and horizontal tanks for both liquids and gasses. They would just use whichever one the tank supplier is able to produce more quickly and what they have space for at the prop farms, liquid/gas has nothing to do with that choice




Wen hop?


Hopefully never for these tanks.


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These aren’t tanks, they are ur moms dildos🤦‍♂️


Two tanks and one rocket! My all time fav video!