Recommendations for an body piercer in the area.

Recommendations for an body piercer in the area.


Noah Hutt at Bicycle


Second for Noah.


Third for Noah. He’s the best and so easy to chat with. Good dude!




Fifth for Noah. He's the only APP-certified piercer in our area, and he does fantastic work with quality (implant grade) jewelry. I've heard people complain that he's expensive, but you get what you pay for. If I'm going to make a permanent upgrade to my flesh-prison, it damn well better be done right!


Sixth for Noah. The expense is worth it. He was in his apprenticeship when I had my septum pierced, over 5 years ago. So, he wasn’t the one who pierced my septum, but I know he does great work. Also, the jewelry is worth the price at their shop. I have had the same septum ring in my nose since my piercing. Maybe changed it out once, but went back to the original. Will be getting another tattoo at their shop in October too! Best place around for tattoos and piercings in my opinion.


Also recommend Noah! He really knows his shit


Third for Noah




Joel at Stillhouse is fantastic! He did my nose piercing, and I don't want to get pierced by anyone other than him now. He's super nice and very professional.


Jumping on the Noah train as well. I couldnt recommend anyone else.


I don’t remember her name but an older gal owns the piercing pagoda (the one next to the Starbucks) and has been piercing for decades apparently. She did a great job with the kid. My guess is she is probably pretty knowledgeable about piercing.


Do they still use a gun to pierce?


Yes they do. I’m not sure the owner works all the time but I would try to go when does. I have no idea about the other people that may work there.


Piercing guns are actually really awful for piercings, they create excess scar tissue and and piercings that are much more prone to infection. They're used because they're cheap and easy, there's very little training needed. The guns themselves can't be properly sterilized. The jewelry is typically poor quality, not polished well, and not body-safe, like stainless steel. They basically shove this sharpened earring through your tissue, which creates little space for the fresh wound to heal. Then they put a butterfly back on it that has all kinds of crevices to get nasty. A good, professional piercer will pierce you with a single-use hollow needle that is extremely sharp and often actually removes small amounts of tissue, then feed the jewelry through. Think of it like the difference between shoving a pencil through a sheet of paper, vs using a hole punch. The needle will be a much cleaner piercing, and give the body it's best chance to heal properly. A proper piercer will also use jewelry that's sized properly for your anatomy, is made of implant grade materials, and has a flat back that will be much easier to keep clean. The needle, jewelry, and any other equipment used will be sterilized in an autoclave; and the piercer will wear gloves (at minimum), and disinfect the piercing area before/during/after every appointment. Depending on the piercing, they'll initially use a longer bar/post for your jewelry to accommodate swelling, then downsize you to a shorter one at a later date (typically for free or a very nominal fee, and you can usually keep the longer one if you'd like as they won't re-use it for someone else, even if it's been autoclaved). Going along with that, they usually also offer checkups, aftercare advice, troubleshooting, etc for the life of the piercing. They'll regularly pursue continuing education for piercing health and safety by attending piercing conventions, obtaining membership with organizations like APP (Association of Profesional Piercers), and networking with other piercers. I don't mean to lecture, really. I'm sure the woman you're talking about is lovely; but piercing with guns is dangerous, and so many people have no idea because no one's ever told them. [Relevant article from APP, with sources](https://safepiercing.org/piercing-guns/#page) Edit - a typo