I miss scouting report and Rave TV 💔


It _has_ been going on for more than a year. Almost like the reporters asking the questions are now farther away from the player for some reason. But for the life of me, I can't think of a single reason the reporters are forced to be at a distance from the players.


Yep. Pandemic is certainly not lost on me. But...and I know this might be a mind blowing concept.... How about using two mics for press conferences and interviews?


Another view point- I install audio visual systems for a public institution. We have had nothing short of a battle with end users over microphones and their perceived cleanliness. A lot of people are very skittish about handling and having something close to their faces that others have touched and breathed into, even with masks on. Not saying anything is wrong with any opinion concerning personal safety. Just that it presents a difficult situation for us audio folks. I’m not the least bit surprised this is the situation. But if I was on the team I’d have someone taking dictation of the questions asked & then put it in subtitles during editing.


Are there not omnidirectional or overhead mics that don't need to be in someone's face? Something to capture SOME sound at this point would be better than what we hear in videos now


Those mics do exist, and can work well in some situations. But it involves more than just a microphone. There’s lots of processing that happens behind the microphone. Not saying that can’t happen, but maybe the FO is reluctant to spend that much given that they’re moving facilities. I haven’t been in the current press room, so I’d imagine there may be some environmental issues that may prevent those types of mics from being installed in a way that makes them pick up intelligible audio.


I've worked AV and IT installs for tradeshows and corporate events and the vast majority of people (even some within my own companies SALES DEPARTMENT) have no idea how much labor and technology can go into adding 'Just one more' Microphone... They think that just any microphone can just plug into any laptop or iphone and sound perfect.


This has always bothered me in most of all sports. Had to stop watching any pressers because it's just annoying.


I really enjoy all the video content they publish and agree that it’s unfortunate we can’t hear the questions. I would encourage members of the sounders to summarize/repeat the question. I understand it’s likely a Covid pass the mic issue. Maybe I got spoiled when all the interviews were zoom sessions. Are there transcripts that might be able to supplement the videos?