Evil MOD+M alliance longing for a return to the kacaan era funded by Formaggio


Their tactic is to blame their mistakes on SL. Everything problem they created is now to be put upon SL shoulders. The miskeen ppl who have been displaced will just be told by these lot that SL is the reason why they are displaced. That’s why it’s important for SL to win so these corrupt fools don’t end up changing the narrative. Rn these garaads don’t have too much say in the conflict as they did in the first couple of weeks in February. Puntland is basically leading the charge as they’re now the bulk of the attacking force. They’ll want to avenge their many defeats against SL. This is the best opportunity for them to do so thus, they’ve sent thousands of fighters from Garowe to LA. The garaads and Puntland have teamed up in trying to defeat SL as we have become their common enemy. It’s imperative SL keeps them karbaashing them as they did last weekend. But they can only stay in Goojacade for so long as well. Eventually, they’ll be overwhelmed if they don’t attack and retake LA soon.


"Know thy enemy" -Sun Tzu