That guy is obsessed with SL, Zionists kulaha . Yes, Somaliland which has been building roads, schools and wells in Laascaanod for the past 15 years are literaaall zionists. Speaks to their paranoia. They believe if Somaliland is recognized the first thing Isaaqs will do is buy fighter jets and flatten their towns. They are the lady Macbeth of Somalis lol. Constantly wringing their hands in fear that other Somalis will do what their clan did when in power.


U just know its deep rooted hate as well lol. From denying and changing history to suit their agenda to justifying kacaan behaviour of other clans, its just simple cuqdad derived over the course of centuries.


I never realized how deep the hate was


Yeah I offered the one who posted to match our information to see who is wrong and he ignored it. There was another one who got banned because he probably called out for murder by the looks of the reaction. The weird thing is the people who scream the loudest do not want to just take a time and look at the facts. I looked at their info and Somaliland has made a deal with Dhulbahante and treated them well for years. Why would we attack our own brothers while our brand is peace. Elections are coming up too, the military training will be done this year InshaAllah so it will be interesting