We all want it. But will we ever get it??

We all want it. But will we ever get it??


I just want a new Chao Garden 😫


That’ll be $5 an egg please. Oh and it’s a 1/200 chance to get the rare color... I know it’s not real but I could totally see them doing that


So shiny hunting then


Yessir, with your wallet (:


Given PSO2:NGS's business model, I wouldn't be surprised.


Chao are like a mobile game anyway


Listen... they can't give us *EVERYTHING* now. Just be happy with what we get.


Doubt it, but never say never. Honestly, the name never mattered to me, it was the approach to the games that I liked the best. It's the different stories and play styles that intersect with each other at different points until they all end in a final showdown with whatever the big bad is It's the characters having their own theme songs and, as of SA2, even having their own flavor of BGM for their action stages It's being unafraid of being genuine with the story and trying to show a character who's been genuinely hurt either getting justice or an important realization and/or redemption. Humor is fine but I'd prefer if the games weren't afraid of having more than one or two cutscenes without jokes and wisecracks. And yes it's the Chao Gardens. I'd honestly prefer Adventure style Sonic gameplay, or even Lost World style Sonic gameplay, but if the only way I'm getting this type of game is if Sonic is Boost style, then that's fine with me... but there's got to be at least one other character to play as with their own story... preferably not another version of Sonic. ​ EDIT: I don't fucking care about Sonic '06 or the working title of Sonic Unleashed. I thought "the name never mattered to me" covered that. If any game is officially counted as Sonic Adventure 3 then fine, give me Sonic Adventure 4. I really don't give a shit what they call the game. They can call it Sonic the Hedgehog 4 episode 3 for all I care as long as it has the stuff I mentioned up above.


So in other words, Sonic '06 is Adventure 3


Heroes, 06, and Unleashed all have reasons to be counted as "Sonic Adventure 3" in some capacity.


No matter what people say, 06 for me will always be adventure 3. Just because it wasn’t that good doesn’t mean the spirit isn’t there


I don't remember a Chao Garden. Besides, even if it is true, the "06 is Adventure 3 so stop asking for Adventure 3" thing has always been nonsense. The number is the least important part about wanting a new Adventure game. It's a new game we want, not a number.


I never said '06 being an adventure game meant people should stop asking for Adventure 3. Don't see the point of replying with that.


If that's not your intent, then I don't see the point of your reply either, because "06 is Sonic Adventure 3" is typically what people tend to say to shut down discussion of a hypothetical Sonic Adventure 3.


Oh no


They'll most likely fuck it up


I'd say when sega is desperate enough but man they must've been super confident to not pull the trigger post forces


I mean Forces professional critics score (which Sega usually cares more for then community feedback) were mixed to decent and the game apparently sold rather well as well so I can see why Sonic Team is confident.


Forces got a 5.7 on metacritic. That's lower than some of the games they pulled from stores due to lack of quality.


Sonic Team have nothing to be confident about after Forces.


As I said pretty much all of Forces actual major backslash was from the fanbase but as Sega only cares for Sales and "professional critics" reviews and Forces sold rather well and at worst got a "average" from critics does Sega see Forces more as an success than properly even Unleashed.


Fuck forces


Contrary to popular belief, Forces, TSR, and SC:U sold well. (Not sure about Boom and LW, though.)


maybe but at this point it’d have to be really fucking good and i don’t think current sonic team can make it work.




I think it's far too late for the idea of a Sonic Adventure 3. It would suffer from the same problems Kingdom Hearts 3 did. It's been too long and whatever product we get isn't going to be the ideal version that we all thought it was supposed to be.


Metroid Dread has been a rumored and extremely anticipated title in the Metroid fan base for over 15 years now. It's been out less than a week and it's breaking franchise sales records, entirely deserved in my opinion, I think it's the best game in the series. It is absolutely possible for a game to meet and even exceed high expectations.


Metroid also has a significantly smaller fanbase, with less releases and gameplay styles than Sonic so there’s less expectations from Metroid 5, than say, Sonic Adventure 3. What makes an Adventure game an Adventure game is different for everyone, case and point, someone in this thread saying SA3 is the closest we’ll get to a SA3.


Both Adventure games followed the same formula, I don't know when the fan base got confused as to what that formula is, but it's clear cut and easily repeatable. If they made a game with that formula and made it well (a big if I know) I am confident that game would be very successful, high expectations and all. I'm just really sick of the notion that this fan base is impossible to satisfy, we aren't, Sega just needs to learn how to make a halfway decent Sonic game again.


> I'm just really sick of the notion that this fan base is impossible to satisfy, we aren't You must be new to Sonic fans.


“I don’t know when the fanbase got confused as to what that formula is” Because there is no “formula” and their “formula” is just as right as yours, dude. What makes an Adventure game? Chao Gardens? Advance has that. Hubs? Unleashed has that. Several intersecting stories? 06 has that. “I’m just really sick of the notion that this fan base is impossible to satisfy, we aren’t” That implies we’re a hive mind. We aren’t.


The forumla of what makes an adventure game are clearly the Chao In Space movie posters. Sonic Adventure 3 won't truly happen until we get a game that has an advertisement for the third installment.


Well in that case rejoice as Sonic Adventure 3 has been out since 2006 as the Crisis City stage in Sonic the Hedgehog for Playstation 3 and XBox360 does contain a Chao in space 3 poster as a platform for the side ways Tornado, a projectile in the Tornado Chase and as a levitating platform for Silver.


> Because there is no “formula” and their “formula” is just as right as yours, dude. What makes an Adventure game? Chao Gardens? Advance has that. Hubs? Unleashed has that. Several intersecting stories? 06 has that. I see this argument all the time and I think it's mindnumbingly pedantic. You could use this argument to discredit literally any game formula ever. What makes a Genesis game? Is it the spindash? 06 has that. The ability to bring Tails when you're playing as Sonic? Sonic Adventure has that. Special stages to collect Chaos Emeralds? Sonic Heroes has that. A higher emphasis on platforming? Sonic Lost World has that. > That implies we’re a hive mind. We aren’t. Of course we aren't, no fan base is, I still don't think we'd be a particularly hard fan base to satisfy.


Likewise, I’m seeing more and more people mind numbingly throwing around the word “pedantic” and not knowing exactly what it means. But anyways, I can answer those questions. To be “pedantic”, a Genesis game is a Genesis game lol. But I’m pretty sure when people asked for a classic Sonic game they wanted classic aesthetics and 2D gameplay. And even that took some time to achieve (Sonic 4, classic Sonic in Gens). The difference is 3D Sonic went through a lot more change than 2D Sonic, thus limiting people’s expectations on what 2D Sonic is. That’s not called being “pedantic”. That’s called not thinking black and white. It’s a different story if there was an official definition of the Adventure formula by SEGA that I’m ignoring, which there isn’t, so I’m not sure why you’re acting like there is. In fact, the closest we’ve got to that is the Unleashed director saying that Unleashed is an “Adventure game in spirit” and Iizuka recently saying that Adventure laid the foundation of the series for 20 years.


> The difference is 3D Sonic went through a lot more change than 2D Sonic, thus limiting people’s expectations on what 2D Sonic is. Yeah that's not true, starting with Sonic Advance onwards 2D Sonic changed just as much in between titles as 3D Sonic, a lot of people just like to pretend the games in between 3&K and Mania don't exist, but I've seen more then my fair share of people who say they want to see a new Rush game or Advance 4. > That’s not called being “pedantic”. That’s called not thinking black and white. It’s a different story if there was an official definition of the Adventure formula by SEGA that I’m ignoring, which there isn’t, so I’m not sure why you’re acting like there is. In fact, the closest we’ve got to that is the Unleashed director saying that Unleashed is an “Adventure game in spirit” and Iizuka recently saying that Adventure laid the foundation of the series for 20 years. Every core gameplay element in Sonic Adventure 2 is a refined gameplay element from Sonic Adventure 1, the game's story structure is derived from the story structure SA1 created, from the Chao Gardens, to the extra missions, the unlockable upgrades, the emblems, just about everything that makes up what Sonic Adventure 2 is it got from Sonic Adventure 1, they are 2 of the most similar games in the series. And you're insisting they don't share a formula because Sega never gave us an "official" definition for what an Adventure game looks like. That's why I used the word pedantic, because you're getting too hung up on very specific arguments that I don't think hold weight.


No, THAT’S not true. Advance 1 only took a couple elements from the Adventure games, like what, aesthetics and rail grinding (and was considered the closest to a Sonic 4 before Mania because of its similarities). Oh Advance 2 added a boost where you can see Sonic’s shadow after running fast enough ;(not THE boost, because this ability was in the Rush games but I can’t think of the name). Advance 3 had the Teamwork mechanic as a gimmick. Rush introduced the boost and brought ranking systems to 2D. Colors brought the homing attack to 2D. Now let’s compare that to 3D. 2D had different characters, but very few different playstyles. (treasure hunting, fishing, racing, etc). Even the playstyles that technically had the objective of just getting to the end of the stage like mechs played completely different in Sonic. In the 2D games, all of the characters play as Sonic a different ability. I didn’t forget about the 2D games. I said what I said. The 2D games didn’t change as much as the 3D games. Never once said they didn’t change at all. I’m going to be “pedantic” again and say all of those things you listed as Adventure traits ended up in future games (Chao Gardens in Advance, and everything else was in both 06 and Adventure). I keep bringing them up because 1) you keep bringing them up (so by your own logic, you’re being pedantic by focusing on three things that originated in two games and ignoring and that they were in more than just those two) 2) you keep saying that those things are specific to Adventure, which they’re not. Those things are specific to **SONIC**, which is the point I’m trying to make. And you keep throwing zingers around to address it , like “pedantic” and “a lot of people just like to pretend the games between 3&K and Mania doesn’t exist” and “because you’re getting too hung up on specific arguments” and “you’re insisting that SEGA don’t share a formula because they never gave an ‘official definition’ for what an Adventure game looks like”, instead of an actual argument. And I am insisting SEGA doesn’t share a formula. By all means, give me a source right now to prove it. In fact, I’ll help you. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sonicstadium.org/2021/06/exclusive-takashi-iizuka-hopes-2022-sonic-game-will-lay-foundation-for-future-titles/amp/ “However, Sonic Adventure laid the foundation for 20 years of Sonic titles after its release, so in the same way I really hope that this new title releasing in 2022 lays the foundation for the following future Sonic titles **– that is the idea behind the challenge for the team.” https://www.videogamer.com/news/sonic-unleashed-began-as-sonic-adventure-3/ “”As a development team, we originally started off this project planning to create Sonic Adventure 3”, Hashimoto told the magazine. “In our minds, this game will have more in common with the older Sonic Adventure series.””


I literally don't give a damn if Sega ever gave us a definition for an Adventure formula, the fact that you keep using that as proof that it doesn't exist is baffling to me, as if it's common practice for companies to give us detailed bullet point lists describing the foundational elements of their games. That's not how any of this works. And it's not like Sega has ever been consistent on how their franchise works anyways. > I’m going to be “pedantic” again and say all of those things you listed as Adventure traits ended up in future games (Chao Gardens in Advance, and everything else was in both 06 and Adventure) Well if you're going to dig your heels in and stick to this bullshit Ship of Theseus argument then I might as well point at that no, the treasure hunting and mech gameplays never came back in any future game. Regardless I don't even think games like Heroes and 06 are actually that different from the Adventure titles, it's the games that came afterwards that changed everything (I don't care what they said, Unleashed has nothing in common with the Adventure titles).


I wouldn't say SA1 and 2 use the same formula as there are despite using the same basic gameplay foundation are there a few rather noteworthy differences between the 2 games. Mostly there approach to gameplay as SA1 had more wider slightly less linear stages than SA2 and its alternative gameplay styles were all still more grounded in Sonic's core gameplay rather than SA2 were all 3 gameplay styles are far more distinkte and there own thing. Also with the exception of Big were all gameplay styles in SA1 still based around insensitive being fast while SA2 is more okay with giving each style there own pace (best seen in the difference between Gamma with his Timer and flowing movement vs the Clunky armored high score machines in SA") Its kinda of Sonic 1 is so different in is bare design compared to its sequels that both of its direct sequels ended up going in very different directions (Speed focused Sonic 2 vs fast paced exploration for Sonic CD) Yet despite the fact that Sonic 1 is so different in design from 2 and 3 are there counted as fallowing the same formula even if there are clear differences in there design approach. So I guess when someone can say that Sonic 1 is part of the same formula as Sonic 2 than I guess you can say the same thing about SA1 and 2.


Kingdom Hearts 3 didn't fail as a result of separation from 2, it failed because it was rushed out of development and badly written. It wasn't just an issue of hype, the game was just flat out bad.


Yeah no, the game had been in development for 5+ years and the franchise is notorious for plot holes. It just wasn’t the game you were expecting.


Having played the entire series, and playing it over on life, no. There were mistakes and retcons and bad gameplay before, but 3 was just flat out bad, expectation or not. It wasn't just not what I was expecting. It was really really bad writing, empty environments, bad gameplay, all the marks of a half baked game that was rushed out. If you wanna claim they worked like hell on it, go for it, they gave spectacle and nothing else of substance. It has nothing to do with expectation, I knew it wasn't going to blow me away, but it actively disgraced and insulted the series and it's characters.


The game was great; people were just mad it didn't play out like their personal fanfictions. And/or they were just salty about a Frozen level being included, because fRoZeN bAd, amIright fellas?


I hated that frozen world because it was boring. It could have been impressive if they did more with it.


You can like it if you want, but it wasn't good. I actually like Frozen and thought it could make an amazing KH world, but, as already mentioned, it was a boring world they did nothing with. The game is mediocre at it's best and insulting at it's worst. There were positives, I'm not saying *everything* was bad, but objectively it's just not good. If you like it despite it being badly written and having underwhelming gameplay, then I'm actually glad it didn't wreck the series for you like it did for me; but don't try to act like it was perfect and everyone who disagrees with you is petty.


Kingdom hearts 3 suffered with its Director being spread too thin, people weren't happy with it because the story was sub-par and boring for a KH game, and most of the required end game story came out as DLC. Plus that was a continuation of a single storyline, so everyone wanted their favorite characters to return and had expectations for the plot. Sonic Adventure 3 can follow a completely new story with new characters. There are no expectations other than playing as multiple characters in Hub world spaces. Fans were also overhyped for the God of War game after 10 years, and santa-monica exceeded expectation. Sure some people will always be unhappy, but I think a lot of devs use "everyone has nostalgia glasses" as a scapegoat to defend their shoddy writing.


I dunno, man. Whatever we get next, I just want playable Tails. *Nothing else*, dammit.


Master hand


I mean..... Isn't Sonic 06 just SA3? the Only thing from SA 1 & 2 that it doesn't have is the ciao garden. Multiple playable characters, a convoluted story, humans, side quests. We already have SA3.


When people say Sonic Adventure 3, they really mean "Another game like the Sonic Adventure games" The number really isn't that important.


So Sonic 06.... It is another game like Sonic Adventure without the number. Imagine if they named Sonic 06 Sonic Adventure 3 with that being the only difference. Would people want SA4 or a "real" SA3?


If this is the hill you're gonna die on then yeah, sure, Sonic Adventure 4 please. I just want the things that I liked from my favorite era of Sonic to make a come back, I really don't care what they call it.


I don't want to die on this hill but you gotta realize that It's probably not gonna happen because of Sonic 06. The 1 lesson Sega should've learned from 06 was to not rush their games. That is the one lesson they ignored. "No Sonic Colors can't have a deep, somewhat serious story because 06 had that" "we have to have Sonic Boom out NOW no questions asked" "No, Sonic Forces HAS to have classic Sonic shoe horned in because that and only that was what made Generations good oh and also the Wisps because that's the only thing we should take from colors" Sega was sent back DECADES thanks to 06 and they haven't learned anything.


All true. It’s been a decade and a half and they still don’t know where they went wrong with Sonic 06. It was a buggy mess that’s it. It’s design was the right direction but it was a beta product. Since then they’ve made playable games that have dropped in quality big time because they got rid of things we liked about 06


Oh yeah I didn't realize Sega was a shell of it's former self and hasn't made a decent Sonic game in decades. I guess i'll stop wanting my fantasy version of Sonic Adventure 5 now.


I didn't say that. I love Sonic Colors, Unleashed, Generations and even Forces can be fun at times. What I'm saying is those games are no where near SA1 or 2 levels of deep and methodical BECAUSE of Sonic 06 which was trying to be deep and methodical but failed.






Probably nope.


Mathematically unlikely.


I don't want it, it will never live up too any expectations we have built.


You could argue Sonic Hero’s is Sonic Adventure 3


It pretty much was. Generations even includes it in the same "era" as SA1 and 2 (though you could also say it's just because the game had levels in groups of three).


06 fits the formula better Heroes is a sequel to SA2 but isn't a Sonic Adventure style game.


We won't, and the reason is that Sega doesn't want to make games for the Sonic Adventure generation of fans, they want to make games for younger kids.


> they want to make games for younger kids. Always has been.


I would say their 2000s-era games (Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06) were geared toward teenagers, but after that they went back to focusing on the little 'uns.


You do realize that teenagers are considered children too right?


That's why I specified "younger" kids.


Fair enough


Ahem Sonic 06 They will coast on the “technically sonic adventure 3” forever I’d say lol


eh... to be honest I wouldn't trust the current Sega / Sonic Team with a Sonic Adventure 3.


Any game where I can play as sonic, tails and knux again in hub world settings, ill be happy with. Even if its not an "adventure game". Its a shame 06 was so unfinished because that sort of fit the bill.


I would like to see a game with a rough attitude. Good rock music and violence. I remember the first thing from Sonic Adventure were policemen shooting with guns on this water chao monster. The monster did not really have a face and looking so alien. The villains today in Sonic look like from the Digimon universe making Mickey Mouse moves.


…. Imma bout to trigger the fan base. We have sonic heroes, sonic 06, and shadow the hedgehog yet people still want sonic adventure 3


I like to think Sonic Unleashed is the closest we’ll get to a SA3. I’m not sure what constitutes as a Sonic Adventure installment anyway.


Why does everyone assume SA3 would even be any good, or somehow save the series? Yes, the first two games were great, but Sonic Team/ Sega have changed a lot since then. Given the quality divide between Generations and Forces (not counting Lost World as the gameplay is so different) there is no grantee any future Adventure game would match up to the previous ones. Would I like to see the return of more playable characters and explorable, open world areas? Sure. But it doesn't have to be in SA3, it could be in any future game.


if this ever happens, it BETTER have silver.


Sooooooooo Sonic 06?


no, i mean an actually FUNCTIONAL game


Oh don't worry silver will probably be in the next Sonic game just not playable.


I don't want it


Someone else (not SEGA) will make it when Sonic the Hedgehog enters the public domain. So, we'll be long dead by then.


Izuka said that if a new Sonic game basically re-invents everything then yeah it will be called SA3, so we will get it eventually its just gonna take time


So they release crap games like Forces in the interim? They should build towards what they know people want




It’s literally the only Sonic related gaming announcement Sega and Sonic Team could make that would generate hype at this point. Anything else people would just say “oh… ANOTHER Sonic game” and not care as they should. Sonic Adventure 3 would generate buzz. They can’t announce anything else that would get people talking so they might as well.


>Sonic Adventure 3 would generate buzz. They can’t announce anything else that would get people talking so they might as well. Or you know they could just make a good Sonic game, announce set Sonic game, give us info on that game overtime until the release of the game and then sell that? That seems like a less risky but much better alternative to generate hype. Speaking of generating hype, it would all be pointless if the game itself wasn't any good and if generating hype and getting people talking was the only thing to make Sonic ''good'' and ''relevant'' again, then it just would not work because a game like Sonic Adventure 3 will NEVER live up to the hype and expectations built up by the community over multiple years.


It'll depend of a lot of things, and for me most of all of how Rangers do well and what we mean by "SA3". As Rangers aim to be the start of a "new formula" different from the action Sonic since 98 according to Iizuka, if it does realtively well, this new formula (which might be according to some old leak kinda-RPGesque (skilltree, etc) openworld) will certainly become the new focus for full-scale Sonic games, as it'll certainly be "what Sonic is in 3D". If it fails, they might try to go back to other formulas. ​ So if SA3 is a full-scale AAA game reusing the Adventure era "concept" (for me here it is : "multiple character with different objectives going in action level in a linear adventure aiming to create a set of stories culminating to a common finale"), I think that it won't happen in the first case, at least for a time. There might be some elements/content of SA reused at some point (some ideas, upgrades, maybe chao gardens, story element...), but no big "SA3", In the second case, it would have more chances. If a SA3 can be a smaller scale project (compared to the big one), they might feel the interest to have one in the first case, either if they have a weaker console they can't target for a big one, either if they want to do a game that cost a bit less between two big ones, etc. (And they might also be interested by something like SA remakes, for the same kind of reasons) ​ ( Note: here my idea of SA3 is just the Adventure era concept I said before, I'm not saying if a game would have or not SA3 as the title, nor if it would be the "third SA-like game" (as 2006 fit that definition for me, even if it wouldn't bother that another game would be called "SA3" as well... Sonic 2006 isn't called SA3 so the title isn't taken), or if the SA3 in question would be good or not. )




Just because it isn’t called “Adventure 3” It doesn’t mean that 06 isn’t “Adventure 3”


Hope so.


Do we *all* want it really*?* Because I don't.


I really don’t want a adventure 3 game tbh, I want a brand new game with fresh content and a new story


I would have loved SA3 to come out in the early 2000s. I don't trust today's SEGA to make a decent attempt. It's been too long, it just wouldn't be the same.


Probably not, but in the current condition Sonic Team is in, i hope the f not...




We will if Sega is that Desperate for Money


Idk, but if we could get a modern game of the same thinking I'd definitely buy. A modern, semi-open world, tons of playable characters, chao garden, chao garden, CHAO GARDEN!!


Don’t ask for Sonic Adventure 3 when all they make now is boost games. They would SA3 a boost game and everyone would hate it.


I've always had a small theory that Sega are waiting for the perfect moment to make this. If they were desperate, they'd be announcing this right now. But considering the reputation of the games so far, apparently games being poorly managed and having brand new devs on games, I think they're well aware that fucking this up would be the end of them.


yoo master hand


Probably not.


Im actually scared of them making sonic adventure 3 at this point. Seeing how they handle the series nowadays, i don't want them to tarnish the adventure games legacy


Im not against the idea i just want it in good hands


They should make a good version of Sonic 06 without the unnecessary, annoying stuff, without bugs, without long loading times, without bestiality, without shitty story, but with a Chao garden and way more content. And then release it as Sonic Adventure 3.




Featuring fucking Master Glove


We won't.


No. The real question is do we want it at all. Remember, Sonic team in 1998 and 2001 was different than Sonic team now.




Bro I just want a *Good* game, period.


We don’t all want it I personally don’t like the sa games that much but I still have fun with them and that’s basically what sonic 06 was it was basically sonic adventure 3


It will definitely never happen


I don't care what anybody says, I've been waiting for 20 years and I'll wait for 20 more if I have to. I firmly believe that someday it'll happen.


I feel like we've already wrapped up that duology, but I think that bringing back the Adventure gameplay can't hurt.


One word: No


I think if anything, they would do whats being done with KOTOR right now. Remaster an old classic to both rake in profits from a beloved classic while keeping production costs somewhat low, while also being able to test the waters and gauge interest for a sequel.


Sadly i dont think so.


No, we don't care about the name anymore, we just want them to make a DECENT game


We all want what we can’t have. Honestly 06 ruined the possibility, our only hope it now hoping they make another boost game that’s worse than forces, making going back to the adventure formula not such a bad idea lmao


I Want Sonic Unleashed 2 Way More


06 is SA3


See, the main issue of wanting a hypothetical Adventure 3 is that even the Adventure "series" isn't consistent with itself. SA1 had separate stories for all the characters, and hub worlds connecting to different levels. SA2 threw most of that out, consolidating everything into two separate stories, chopping out half of SA1's gameplay styles as well as hub worlds. If SA2 was given some other title, nobody would question it. So at the end of the day, the "Adventure" title is nothing but a name. And elements introduced in either of those titles continue to exist throughout the rest of the series.


Sonic 06 was adventure 3 in every sense aside from name. Multiple playable characters. Adventure and action stages. Multiple story selects. Sonic unleashed was also called Sonic World adventure in Japan. Sooo we kinda have two. And 06 is actually a beautiful mess but it's fun.


We already have it! (Sonic '06)