I agree with some of his points, it's definitely a dangerous path to start arming clan militias. But the fact that civilians have to pick up a gun though shows the real failure is on the government and army. Billions spent and little to show for it.


Where do you guys get the idea the government are arming the civilians


Who do you think makes up the Macawiisley? They ain't soldiers I can tell you that much


It is civilians and they are armed but it isn't the government arming them. These people bought guns themselves to defend their property and children.


What civilians do you think can afford the types of arms the Macawiisley are fighting with??? You think the average pastoralists can jsut afford that? Not only that, but you think that they all decided to buy guns and organize a front aginst Alshabaab completely spontaneously lol? Don't be ridiculous, they are clearly being armed and directed by the government.


You are very unaware sxb. First of all most pastoralists have weapons. There are constantly incursion between clans and no police force to seperate them. It's every man and tribe for itself. So everyone is armed and has been since 90s. Second of all i don't know if you've noticed. There has been corruption within our military rank where weapons flow to their tribes. And everytime they win a battle they take the weapons of the enemy. I don't know if you follow the arms that flow into somalia. But there has been reports that they been flowing since 90s and even more recently since the Yemen war. Iran arms them and they sell some off to us. Brother you sound very ignorant when you say pastoralists don't have weapons. They kill each other constantly.


>Brother you sound very ignorant when you say pastoralists don't have weapons. They kill each other constantly. They don't need heavy weapons to kill each other, have you seen how well armed they were?? Absolutely no way that just happened naturally


These chinese rpgs and indian ak47s are hundreds of dollars. Im xawaadle i can assure you theyve had this stuff. The expensive part is ammunition which the somali govt and galbeed is assisting with.


In Texas we have a saying “an armed society is a polite society” the war in badiyo is already won only took 3-4 months, that’s why AS is attacking Mogadishu. The leadership in Mogadishu should of prepared by increasing surveillance and used digital technologies to crack down on terrorists hiding amongst the people. They should send the macaweesley into the city and dig them out.


The war in baadiyo is not won; lower and middle Jubba are still held by AS.


Weapons come from north, hiraan is the main supply line, it’s only a matter of time before fighters in jubaland starve or surrender.


lol it's funny in some parts of the city certain people like military personnel will not go (as civilians) because it is basically Al-Shabaab territory why do we not talk about this..


Same goes in America lol


Alshabab is struggling to fight against Macawislay imagine injecting 5k troops trained in Eritrea- the government only needs Jubaland and SW to come on board.


Its funny how this professor can't understand 5he basic. I totally understand his points, the clan today isn't the same as the ones in 90s, they grew up and I can tell, its eassy to stop a clan war than a terrorists war, its great force for the government to use and when Alshabaabs is done then we can move to more of prosperous reality. The funny thing is that the government isn't arming them they have their own weopons the only thing they get is treatment for their injuries plus ammuniation.


This report is written by someone oblivious to the reality on the ground-ignore it.


It's Prof. Cabdi Ismaaciil Samatar, dude. One of the best political analysts in Somalia, and a very dedicated patriot.


As if clan militias haven't been historically worse than Alshabaab lmao


In the 90’s maybe. But clan militias don’t have the same warlords leading them into early deaths anymore. Xawaadle and Mudulood are literally fighting in the same lands and they have yet to kill one of each other. Stop the doom thinking.


We talking bigger than xawaadle and Mudlood two hawiye clans. The main problem is we can’t replicate that in jubbaland the main heart of alshabab because of the diversity and animosity of clans there.


Somalia has got vaccinated for tribal wars but they don't know who is the real enemy.


I sadly agree, the U.S is pushing our self destruction hard