Offcourse its, but we need leaders.


No, we need to ask "who could be left behind if/when Somalia becomes wealthy?" We have numerous avenues to develop economically, but few are widely inclusive, and most would leave rural Somali destitute and marginalized.


…If it didn’t have corrupt and tribal leaders


Cheap cop-out! If clan warlords really wanted just money, and not national influence, they would have annexed coastlines and travel routes for trafficking. You don't see Somali clans, as desperate as they are, and with all their geographic autonomy, become narco states! Compare to some regions in West of the continent, turned to drug hubs for LatAm narcotic traffickers. Say what you will about Somali clanism, but at least we didn't stoop that low. Half of Nigeria is under ISIS robbing their oil fields, Guinea is basically a suzerainty of the Sinaloa Cartel. Meanwhile Somalia is fighting tooth and nail to kill terrorists on sight, and our country is not a staging ground for smugglers.


No the important thing for an economy is trust clan politics prevent that. While south struggle with alshabab the north and north east have 2 Oil basin while in 2008 oil was at 100 dollars per gallon puntland and Somaliland fought over who has right over those land and people . One saying British gave it to them while others saying we are harti so it’s ours


The fish that is stolen from Somali ocean in a month is enough to cover the budget of Somali government in a year. The country is unfortunate never got to development strong national institutions. We only strong individual who only care about themselves