the education system in the country isn't good at all especially schools. if you can afford turkey is a good option and if not kenya would be ok depending on the school. I have studied elementry middle and high school here in mogadishu and right know in uni. Here The curriculums are so good and well prepared but the problems is in the instructors most of them don't know the subject and its so easy to cheat in exams, no homeworks, no class activies. the teacher would enter the class write something in the board we all write it down and nobody understands anything and he would leave. If you know the teacher personally you can contact him and he will fix your grades. It was a bad experience.


Folks, education in Somalia IS NOT as bad as you think. Those negative comments coming from someone who never sit a class in Somalia. Mate, for the last 8 yrs education in Somalia improved unimaginably, you can even get GSCE in Mogadishu. There are also international standard designated schools in Mogadishu, lemme recommend of them; Mogadishu International School & Ilays Academy. I heard that Ilays Academy's primary language is English that student & teachers maintain English as the de facto language in the school.


The education facilities in somalia is the worst of the worst.Go.somewhere with much better facilities funding and curriculums like Finland Sweden etc.If you want to be close to somalia then go to Kenya


The Kenyan education system is changing, the new CBC curriculum isn't that good compared to the 8-4-4 sysyem. But it's better than our country's education.


If your in a western country then it’s best for you and your kids to study there. The literacy rate is 37% what makes you think there’s good education in Somalia?


I don't have the option yet to get my family members education in the west, so I'm looking for a good substitute.


What about Kenya?


Im been thing about Ethiopia but ill look into Kenya too


Eithopia is also in a civil war


The more people become educated in somalia the better the literacy rate gets which improves education for the future generations