Somalia under Siad barre.


I agree with you about Siad Barre ​ but fam you made me wheeze when you said **"Caydiid AUN was a kind hearted man"** ​ you sound like an unhinged qabilist sxb calm down


This thread is a perfect example of why Somalia is and will be an uninhabitable shithole ffs


This post screams tribalism. Condemning Siyaad but commending Caydiid. Be consistent.


Siad barre and Caydiid are on the same level, just different Qabiil


One was a nationalist other was a qabilist. The outcome was the same. Tyranny of the people


That is absurd, to compare siyad barre a tribalist murderer who only cared about ethnically cleansing non-Daroods to a liberator such as caydiid , thank god caydiid removed siyad, otherwise many non-Darood clans would be extinct. All this goes to show is that daroods are mooriyaans who accuse USC of the crimes they commited. AUN Caydiid Rest in Xaar siad barre.


What qabiil are you?


Most likely HG. A lot of HG qabilist are starting to come here




That's bad, bro he's dead


Which hawiye wrote this lmaooo 💀


Is this a Somalia forum or a secessionist forum?


I don’t know what parts of the internet you spend your time on, you really need to get a life. Even people Siyad wronged on so many levels don’t spend this much time and energy on him. He is dead. Here is your profile: You’re probably a teenager or in your early 20s (a late bloomer), you live with your parents who fled Somalia during Siad’s time. You were sent back to the homeland once or twice and were shown some of the destruction from the civil war. Your family tells you stories of how they fought Siad, and the heroism of anyone that fought him. Your dad was a government official or maybe he still is. From the looks of it, you probably claim you’re not like other Somalis when you’re with your brown friends. There are so many other things you can learn that don’t involve this qabiilist bs. I hope you find your way.


Fucking 68 IQ animal. Calacaaling 3 decades on. You have the Somalia you want, what the fuck are you still crying over?


It’s far from the truth, Mogadishu and Hargeisa were the only cities and the tribes who live there benefited from that regime. It’s false that Barre favored his clan. These kind of baseless blind accusations are what led to many poor Darod clan members killed their belongings looted and raped by people like you who spread hate and it’s unfortunate that people like you have a platform to spread their lies and historical misinformation.


The primates have come out of the wood work last couple of days. And the only thing on their mind seems to be Siyad. The mods need to do something about this shyt. Before this place becomes a breeding ground for tribalism and propaganda.


Qabils should be outlawed in Somalia point blank. Just eradicate it. All it has ever done is cause division and infighting in Somalia and used as a tool to divide and conquer us. Just get rid of it. It will forever be our Achilles heel unless we find a way to systematically remove it from our society.


This is the same government that took your parents out of the badiyo and taught them how to read and write. Also the same gov that gave everyone free education and healthcare. No other african gov has had that till now. Keep celebrating the sh*thole you created for yourself. I promise no leader on his level will ever touch Somalia’s surface ever again. Somalia is currently full of brainwashed qabilist animals like you rn.


“Af Wayne” Isaaq hands wrote this! Lmao 😂 Then out of nowhere Caydiid was a good hearted kind man” Gtfo here with that bullshit! Siad Barre was a godless heretic and commie dictator, his redeeming character was, he’s a nationalist and true wadani. He did a period of momentous changes in the country. Caydiid was a good soldier who turned into a traitor that participated the destruction of his country. To some, his redeeming qualities was; he’s a true qabiiliste, to others he’s a leading a murderous militia that slaughtered Somalis in the name of qabiil. Conclusion: both may ended in hell, but if they do, Caydiid will be sitting at the bottom.


Qabilist alert. Both were on the same level, and are most likely burning in the grave. Let the evil dead men rest. Qabilists like you are why our country won't prosper. Grow tf up.


Hopefully the mods dont delete this post.


I hope they delete it. This post was not made with good intentions, instead you are trying to fuel qabilism.


Not a single part of this post included tribalism, your clearly bothered because it hurts your feelings that the Kacaan regime is being exposed for what it truly is. If this post is deleted, it would make it clear to everyone that this subreddit is controlled by a specific group of people, already people like you are complaining and you wonder why we have a problem with you guys. Being Anti siad barre does not equal tribalism.


This post is the definition of tribalism. Plus i reckon you're the same guy just posting this nonsense the past few days from different accounts.


Nah bro. This post is definitely fueled by qabilist. Stop hiding behind the "KaCaAn" phrase. Both men were garbage who Alhamdulilah are not living anymore.




Silly, you create a qabilist post with a very sectatian tone and then you'll complain when it gets taken down. Obviously no constructive discussion can arise from this.


I am MJ and Siad barre fucked my tribe up bad. After all that being said he was the greatest leader Somalia ever had! 😂🇸🇴


This is one of the reasons why I don't associate with Somalis other than my family irl. The country is uninhabitable and this is what they want to talk about. When will you move on from this?


AUN caydiid, Siad barre ordered the killings of Hawiye civilians, whereas caydiid prohibited killing darood civilians in return as revenge ([https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oUCpFagnXc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oUCpFagnXc)).


Thank you for compiling all of this in a single post, incredibly useful bro.


Rest in piss Siyad barre you wont be missed. AUN caydiid.


Caydiid is burning in his grave with his crack head army. I can smell the hg tears. Let us know you're a qabilist bro. Stop hiding it.


same with Caydid.


you can watch one piece instead !!


Said barre was the leader Somalis needed not the leader Somalia deserves! Long live baree