I'm not familiar with Bosaso Airport because I typically travel into Hargeisa. However, if the processes are the same, make sure you know where you will be staying, whether in Bosaso or another place, also, have a phone number of the person you'll be staying with on hand, as these are things that immigration will note in the system. Without these, immigration will not allow you to pass Also, if you don't want to pay a luggage fee, don't let anyone at the airport take your bags. However, if you want to pay, they will carry your stuff to your car for $5 USD (the price is stiched onto their shirt in hga). Overall, it's a very simple process tbh. I've never had to deal with any problems. I've even had the occasional 'welcome home' from immigration officers loool.


you’ll be fine. i flew to somalia solo a year ago and i was in and out the airport in less than 30 min. They do the regular airport searches, that’s it. Don’t let the media scare you away from your motherland. Trust me when u get there ur gonna ask urself why u were tripping. The answer is social media..


I'm sure it won't be anything a ten dollar bill can't solve. If you're that nervous, you should try to contact your family and have someone meet you at the airport.


leave the cigarettes and you’ll be fine