The guy in the replies is the definition of a creep.


NFD belongs to Somalia so they can bitch all they want we will be getting it back in the future it’s inevitable. The way they fetishize Somali girls is really creepy, did this fool just say they should by law be able to date Somali girls 🤣 bisinka.


I like the spirit of Somali girls living in those communities rejecting them creeps to the point where they ask there should be laws 🤣🤣🤣




This is a Somali subreddit. Removed and banned.


the only good moderator on reddit, actually helping the community unlike ones on other subs. ​ Good job brother


\**laughs in _oday bidaarle_ \**






It's actually so maddening to see the Kenyan government try so hard to make an enemy of the Somali people. We literally have no animosity towards them, we don't care about them, we have no history between us. We have a relatively benign border dispute that's straight forward, your own people don't even care about the NFD, it'll be no loss to Kenya. That's it. It's not even an issue for the foreseeable future. So it's surprising to see their audacity to "attempt" to take advantage of our situation. The sea dispute, the political interference, the constant attacks on our sovereignty both politically and militarily, the manipulation of the State of Jubbaland and so much more. All actions they will regret. Even the amxaar don't dare because they've been taught their lesson over centuries. Maybe these lot need a lesson


Genuinely. The animosity of the Kenyan government is baffling but it will be repaid 100 fold in the near future inshallah.






What the actual fuck


"In order to live here you must date me"




lmao 🤣


Simp national law move.


I wonder why these people dont like their own women?🤣


As if any self-respecting Kenyan woman wants to be near these incels.


Kenyans females (the "good ones") are out and about to marry literally anyone except their countrymen. To be honest, for several reasons, African/black women are marrying more and more outside their ethnic group. One of the reason is getting away from high rates of gender based violence. Kenya, South Africa and so on, are famous for all the wrong reasons and the men are starting to realise that maybe they have to kidnap foreigners or other ethnic groups to have women.


Have you seen how they drool over every male (especially white men) over their Kenyan men. They’re alcoholics and they dress like inappropriately, they’re also starting to become like westerner in terms of their feminist thinking.


109 people liked that reply what the fuck


I'm saying, ppl be creeps fr




Trash ideas. Keep them to yourself adeerkiis.




War ha nagu dirin dadkan, naga aamus fadlan. Removed for being too spicy.


Bro they bombing kids and women in gedo while we speak. I will be as spicy as possible towards them, whenever i get the chance


Of course this is in reaction to the declining relations between Kenya and Somalia (especially on maritime issues). It isn’t a shock for such tensions to rise amongst communities in Kenya. For me this further proves my belief that in the long term (15-50+ yrs) we Diaspora Somalis cannot go on like this. We need a permanent place to call home (if we choose to live there or not is down to the individual). Nativism, anti-immigrant sentiment and populism is on the rise everywhere and I believe will be the trend for town to come. We need a long term solution. NOW. As soon as possible. Im not an either a an extreme wadani or pro-Somaliland. I just want whatever brings peace to us in the long term.


We need to take out the sellouts permanently. They're all in our faces. Put them to sleep forever for causing the suffering of their own people.


Do u live in Europe and I agree with everything u said


What bracelet? If you are Somali & wear the Kenyan Bracelet, you are aren’t actually Somali. Uff.


Bisinka. Why would you even wear that?


Somalis living in Kenya are beginning to realize that


You know what, I want more somalis to move to Kenya, let’s Somalify kenya for all their meddlings, with their bombings in Somalia why are they surprised that Somalis will move to the next safe country, in 20 years I want to see somali president in Kenya


Lmao they cause destruction yet can't face the consequences. They always got some type of beef with us 💀


Wallahi mac sonkor bay ku tahay 💀 we will completely over take their country in the next 20 yrs


my blood boils whenever I see that fucking bracelets.


What bracelet? I missed out on a lot. Why are these incels so desperate for the Somali women? It's giving me chills how low and creepy they are getting.


Kurosaki Marucho wants a government mandated Somali girl. Lmao what a freaking weirdo incel. But seriously, jokes aside, is it me or these Kikuyu are so desperate to make an enemy out of Somalis? I mean they tires basically everything to evoke some sort of backlash reaction from us, their efforts is relentless, but we keep ignoring them and that drives them mad. 😂


dude in the replies a straight weirdo lmao


Istg incels have no logic. How is the government going to make people date you? ENSURE?! Imagine demanding that the government gets you dates.


Imagine being so pathetic that you have to call for racist legislation to get a date


Lmao kenyan incels


What the actual f*ck have i just witnessed 💀


The GDP we somali created in Nairobi economic measures how valuable we are to them. They can bitch all they want but when the time comes and we pour back into our country we will see who begs who


Creepy af


Ewwwwww omg ewwww. I need to shower


Kenya has the largest Somali population out of Somalia and they’ve been housing refugees for the last 30 years, Somalis have grown to become successful and build themselves up in Kenya, wallahi the situation is more complex than you guys know, I’ve talked to Somalis living in Kenya and they got nothing but love for the country that took em in. Talk to em nice.


How are they refugees in there own land? do you not know that somalis have inhabited Kenya for 100s of years before Kenya was even a nation. Kenya never took them In and have been trying to antagonise the somali Community ever since it was formed as a country. 5000 "kenyan" somalis were murdered in cold blood by the kenyan government but you want us to "talk to em nice" What a coon


they aren't refugees if they are in nfd, thats ethnic somali land only taken in the 20s from us. its been less than a century since they got it so its literally ours. They got it by begging the british like cowards and called them for help during the "shifta" wars. Also don't forget these kenyans committed a genocide against somalis and put them in concentration camps in the 50s! same with ogaden and ethiopia, ethiopia begged britain like a slave and called daddy russia to help them keep it. these cowards couldn't hold it themselves.


You got downvoted to -3 because some lurkers can't take the truth. The Kenyans are our brothers and sisters, and the sooner they realize that Somalis can't be divided over British borders the better they will feel with reality. Gaarisa, Wajeer and Mandheera are Somali territories, they're the Cushitic cradle.


Those fuckhead scum are not our brothers and sisters. Have some fucking shame.


There are many muslims in kenya and before the british came muslim bantus controlled it other than nfd. Don’t fall to racism, we should want the kenyans to succeed and become more muslim rather than fail. We simply need our land back, we don’t need to hate them inherently.


Why is this getting outvoted, this is facts. Exceot the somalis were also put in camps as late as 1984 during the wagalla massacre. They were only let out after Siad Barre threatened to invade Kenya.


Somalis paid a quarter of the taxes collected from Nairobi. We run it.


Most Somalis in Kenya are immigrants that happily embraced their nation. The only resentment in Kenya and the rest of African countries is that we do good financially but we stick to ourselves but it’s not anywhere near the ethnic warfare social media likes to paint.


North Eastern Kenya is historically ethnic Somali Land. Somalis have been living there since before the British Colonisation of the region and the creation of the State of Kenya.


No question it’s an indigenous Somali land but most Eastleigh Somalis are from Somalia proper and are immigrants and that’s just a fact.


I feel like punching that creepy bastard in the comments