How do you guys search for flights back home?



Try your local somali travel agency.


Idk abt somali agency i live in denmark, and i went to one and they gave me a higher price than one on skyscanner. Try both and see maybe


Interesting. My dad bought a ticket there for 1000kr less than online price.


Yeah maybe i just got ripped off 🤣🤣. But yeah she should check out both options thats good


thank you, I’ll try that out


Google flights shows you prices for everyday in the next 12 months. You can also check out sky scanner. Search it using private mode Prices for flights to hargeisa won’t change as much because not many airlines fly there so it’s not competitive A travel agency can hook you up since they have discounted tickets they need to sell but make sure whatever flight they give you isn’t shitty with a 8+ layover


Thanks I’ll try this


Skyscanner. Make sure you use incognito or otherwise every time you visit the website the prices would go up


This is a myth, it doesn't effect the price at all. Skyscanner doesn't set the prices anyway.


I’ll try this thank you


Try Ethiopian airlines website


thank u for this tip


Priceline to Addis or Djibouti, buy a separate ticket from Ethiopian airlines from there. I think the algorithm has issues getting you directly to Hargeisa for a good price.


Yeah I noticed that. I’ll try this thank you


Try Emirates air they have flights




Search for travel agents in Columbus or minesota send them an email, They’ll be sure to take care of you an find you a ticket anywhere or do it how I did it Bought a One ticket to Dubai when you get there Then another ticket To Addis an then another to Hargeisa an so on, if your lucky enough to get a direct ticket you’ll be looking at 5K


yeah 5k is a lot. I don’t mind layovers.. similar to what you did, I’m currently trying out different combinations ex: Montreal to Doha then Doha to Hargeisa; or Montreal to Addis then Addis to Hargeisa so on and so forth. Also, I’m Canadian so i don’t see why I would need to contact travel agents based out of the US as opposed to Toronto or Ottawa


Ottawa has Nasser Travel Agency run by a Somali guy. But to be honest we haven’t used a travel agency in ages. Dubai is an option too. Emirates, Fly Dubai (a discount airline) and Daalo are fly out of Dubai to Hargeysa. Found a Fly Dubai return trip in September for under 300 CAD. If you’re trying to go to Mogadishu, Turkish Airlines flys there from Istanbul.


Yeah I reached out to Nasser Travel yesterday. I wasn’t impressed and I’m not referring to their service. He was great. I just think I can find affordable options with more research and flexibility on my part in terms of dates. Thanks a lot for this info though! Really appreciate it.


You don’t have a lot of options. Your best bet is Ethiopian Airlines website. Ethiopian Airlines is also the most convenient, because they have direct flights from Canada/US to Addis and then just one more flight to Hargeisa.