Why the fuck is everyone in Somalia building ports and airports?



Garacad was a good initiative.


I’m bout to head there inshallah, can’t wait to see it.


No, the country has enough ports already. The biggest beneficiary of Garacad is Ethiopia which was happy to get another port to import things from. We are just competing with ourselves and bringing our prices down.


Lol that is a W, we can make Ethiopians become dependent to us, the move is a big man ting


That’s lie


we need a trainline , just one line going from jubba to djibouti would be transformative. Of course most cargo would probably still be by ship, but train travel would be mega convenient.


I’m pretty sure one was in the works before the war


Yeah I can just barely recall it but it was another one of Barre’s plans


Because of safety every major city in Somalia should have an airport. It’s safer and easier to travel on air than on land. You have Isbaaro and Alshabaab on the land. Somalia has the longest coast line in Africa and ports generate a lot of revenue with the right management, we should take advantage of it.


Building sea ports requires substantial financial resources that Somalia at it’s current state just cannot meet. The construction of port infrastructure, including berths, cranes, storage facilities, and navigation systems, involves significant upfront costs, where will these come from??? Then you also have the maintenance costs as well. Sea ports require regular maintenance and operational expenses which includes dredging to maintain proper water depths, repairs and upgrades to infrastructure, security measures, and personnel expenses. Again, where will the money for all of this come from? Let’s say there is a new port built in Baraawe. Today there isn’t even a single paved high way connecting Baraawe to Baydhabo or Jamaame let alone to Nairobi or Addis Abeba. If you want to transport goods from the Barawe port to Jamaame you will just get kidnapped in Al Shabaab territory. This all is actually IF the port isn’t instantly sold to the UAE or Qatar in an under-the-table deal. Building these shitty sea ports is for no reason other than to flex on you regular lamagoodle even though you can’t do jack shit with your new port. We should focus on building factories and infrastructure before these ports.


Jidka Jilib iyo Jamaame connects Barawe to Jamaame and Wadada Marka iyo Afgooye connects Barawe to Baydhabo. I am not saying they are great high ways and built the modern way but they are enough to be used as a transportation right now. And Baydhabo gets its sfuff from the Mogadishu or the Kismaayo Port which is a long journey and a lot of resources are wasted, if The Barawe port was built and the roads were safe, don’t you think we could’ve saved a lot? The ports don’t necessarily need to be well equipped and modernized, if they can do get things done they can finance themselves. See Garacad for example.


But the roads are not safe and the port has not been built. Like I said these ports are just a check mark for the average Somali to flex with. They quite literally can’t do anything with these ports. The dirt roads you mentioned are in the middle of Al Shabaab lands. You have to check a shit load of things before you even want to start building a port.


Many countries want to build ports for Somalia… but the government is so inept that they want their pockets to be lined first. Our location is strategic… so much potential if only the security situation can be solved.


Somalia has the second largest coast in Africa. It's the largest on mainland Africa but Madagascar is longer if you count all of Africa


Why should every city not have a airport and every costal city not have a port? If you go to the US for example every costal city has a port and even the smallest cities have airports these are positive things


In the USA, every coastal city is connected to in-land America by infrastructure. Is this the case in Somalia? Big no.


Doesn’t matter in land infrastructure aka roads are easier to build makes sense to build the ports first


You should always build infrastructure first. Are you going to let the port rot until you have build the roads? You’re just going to have to pay for the maintenance which will be even more money spent. Build roads first.


You can’t transport any goods anywhere If there’s no goods to transport Building ports and airports are important in the devolpement of the country because it promotes trades and tourism which is how a government makes most of its money


I think what they’re trying to say is we have infrastructure that needs immediate attention Vs what we want. I’d argue to build a dam to stop the annual flooding and build better roads to get ambulances and fire trucks easier access.


I agree but how are you gonna be able to import the materials needed to build the damn Martins trade/transport ion is by far the most efficient form of transport for large heavy goods which id why there’s so many ports being built


We could build a port on almost every city da got a coastline nd then rent few out to countries in Africa that don’t have any coastlines nd tax they goods so we are getting a check for rent nd a check frm taxes dats a good check if u ask me 😮‍💨


We need a fishing company. How can you have a long coast line and not eat fish or fish


dawg infrastructure is the foundation of an economy. also we have to understand qabil a want to have autonomy. in the 90s a certain qabil would “own” port and infrastructure in xamar and leverage it against the whole nation. f that shit Also ports and airports between the regions would increase competition and would create more cash flow with the nation and create cheaper prices for ppl. it’s a win win


Airport and sea port are projection of power for clans and regions


If you’ve ever watched the Italian tbh show Gomorrah you’ll know these sort of enterprises can make a lot of black market cash and allow a lot of money laundering.