Oromo in Somaliland


i wonder how long it will take for them to start claiming it as their own.


They are gonna conquer them and use the port cities for Ethiopia. I see Ethiopia invading or controlling SL if they become independent


itoobiya can’t invade anyone. that powder keg has its own problems to worry about.


They wouldn't invade SL but that's not bc it's a powder keg, it's because Ethiopia already reaps all the political rewards of SL's limbo existence. They get a pro-Ethiopia, anti-Somaliweyne state that inoculates them against Somali nationalism(their #1 consideration when theyre politicking with Somalis) and helps their rear 'security' of SRS. At the same time, they don't have to stick their necks out for SL at all and they have 0 intention of recognizing them bc it wouldn't make any political sense, at least not for the foreseeable future. It seems counterintuitive but invasions can absolutely help consolidate power 'at home'. That's why they invaded Somalia in 06. An independent minded Somalia ran by wadaads would introduce too many variables in the 'security' of SRS, like them hosting ONLF. That could create conditions like those in '77, so they attacked preemptively, and they got the results they wanted. SRS is more 'stable' than ever and Somalia exists as a dozen clan states that are dealt with individually. Somalis in SRS and those in Somalia are both more focused on fighting amongst ourselves than any kind of cross-clan organizing.


There are actually some oromo on Twitter with accounts that push nothing but secessionism of Northern somalia like every day. And also they hide being oromo


It’s really sad how they actually treat them when I was leaving hargiesa this lady accused her house cleaner of breaking her mirror and burned her with a hot rod everyone in the neighborhood could hear her screaming.


I remember a few months ago they were getting deported in a cage


Damn lol. That seems a bit extreme since both Somalia and somaliland have no immigration and documentation system. Anybody can just waltz into the country with no questions asked.


Read somewhere that Oromo is the 2nd biggest language in Somalia, wonder how many they are in numbers