Why do Somali girls prefer obesity?


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Back home, you mean? In a society like todays Somalia (all Somaliweyn tbh) it’s pretty self explanatory. Haven’t noticed in the diaspora people tend to be more active/aware


I've seen mother's push the back home mentality on daughters in the west aswell tbf


In Somalia thinness is equated with poverty as the person lacks money to buy food but a fat person is seen as wealthy because they have money to buy food. There are many countries with this standards, nothing new.


That's so dumb. Being fat is gross. Why would anyone want to be fat for any reason is beyond me. It's not a sign of wealth. It's a sign of laziness, greed, lack of self control and a weakness of character.


If u look at the education rate of somalia u wouldn’t be surprised by the decisions they make


Stupid ass post, what do you gain by doing this


Asking a question?


It’s actually a very valid post to raise a cross our community… indeed girls back home use tablets just to gain weight


It’s a valid question.


I highly doubt they prefer obesity bc why was I bullied my entire life for being chubby if that was the case. I think the ones that are obese especially in the west is due to eating loads of carbs and never exercising. I don’t think they prefer it but rather they think being in the 180-200s range is healthy bc some carry it well. Basically if you carry the fat well then it’s a beauty standard but if you’re short and stocky then it’s a problem.


back home it’s been a big thing nowadays to be big idk why. i was there for about 4 years and literally everyone made fun of me for being skinny. some girls i knew there literally took these fattening pills and drinks to gain weight in their faces and everything it’s so sad


They lack education and awareness about health and nutrition.


Beauty standard in Somalia. The guys prefer women like that.


Every girl in my community is tryna “is caatay” themselves and scared of fat idk where these xalimos that are tryna gain weight spawned from 😭


They eat too much food in the standard western diet and too much carbohydrates pasta, rice , flour, grains and etc. I lost over 80 pounds not eating the standard American diet food so it can be done


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Money means access to food. Food causes us to gain weight. weight Is a sign of wealth in this scenario