From what i understand majority RX and Bajuni gaaljecel and other small tribes. Even half of Gedo is RX.. Somalia is based on lies tbh.


Jubaland is very ethnically diverse.


There is also a large number of Harti in Kismayo.


I heard they founded the city is that true??????


Bajun founded Kismaayo


Sorry for the late reply, but yes the other comment is right Bajuni founded Kismayo a long time ago as a small port town. Harti came around the late 19th to early 20th century and built it into a much larger trading hub. They still live there today.


Luuq, bardhere is majority Rx. Idk about the rest. But definitely major Rx presence in many parts of jubaland.


Luuq is MX no?


Luuq and baardheere waa Mareexaan. I don't know where this guy is saying RX. Yes they live there infact RX live almost every region of Somalia and have numbers there. But these places and Gedo are majority Mareexaan.


According to the Italian census, excluding Bardhere Gedo was 75 % Marehan. Bardhere was majority Aulihan Ogaden however due to Siad Barre and the civil war, there has been demographic changes in that district.


Middle and Lower Juba correspond to the region of Basso Giuba during Italian rule. Basso Giuba included Bardera, so it can be left out. The 1931 census is the only clan census we have available. After that you end up with the following breakdown: 1. Darood: 55% 2. Somali Bantu: 17.3% 3. Arabs, Indians, Bajuun, Barwani, Walamooge, religious clans: 8.2% 4. Dir: 6.8% 5. Hawiye: 6.3% 6. Digil & Mirifle: 3.7% 7. Bon, Ribi, Eyle, Tumaal, Madhibaan, Yibir, Tunni Torre, Wardai: 1.2% 8. Pre-Hawiye: 1.1% Figures for group #3 have probably declined significantly due to 1991. Darood share has probably increased due to Marehan in-migration and 1991 Banadir IDPs. Unclear if the share of population of the remaining groups has risen, fallen, or stayed the same over the past 92 years.


Why is this getting downvoted? I remember stories of how almost all Daroods in Benadir went south to the Kismayo area when the war came to the capital. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daroods makes up 70% of Jubalands population today.


because it’s factual statistics, people here like to go off make believe estimates not official censuses


A lot of people think that Lower and Middle Juba are agricultural regions in the same way as Lower and Middle Shabelle, so they are surprised to see that Darood form a majority. A quick glance at Garissa, a region very similar to the Jubas, would show how a region can have a river and plenty of rainfall while remaining majority pastoralist.


Garissa looks like a desert. Its so embarrassing how somalis dont know how to store and utilise water.


> 1931 census That same census recorded the following: 1. The population of Somalia Italiana in 1931 was 1,021,572. 2. Basso Giuba's population as 173,873, making up roughly ~ 17% of the total population of Somalia. 3. Majeerteenia's population as 48,633, making up roughly ~ 4.8% of the total population of Somalia. 4. Abgal was by far the largest subclan in Somalia, with a recorded total of 112,351 people, 11% of the total population of 1931 Somalia. 5. To put this in perspective the entire Darod clan in Somalia numbered only 233,268, ~23% of the total population. 6. Total 1931 Ogaden population in Somalia = 69,264 (~7%) 7. Total 1931 Gaaljecel population in Somalia = 75,702 (~7.5) 8. Total 1931 Marehan population in Somalia = 40,620 (~4%)


1932 ogaden being 7% without accounting Ogadenia and NFD means their true numbers would been around 40% off Somalia.


3. Majeerteenia didn’t include RESIDENZA DI ROCCA LITTORIO + RESIDENZA DI EIL which is North Mudug/Nugaal. Total population was about 100k for Majerteen. 8: Total Marehan population was 49k and may be an underestimate, the Italians wrote they were the only clan that was an estimate and hard to count due to their nomadic nature: "For the Marrehàn and for the Bon dei Marrehàn in the Lugh Ferrandi area, the census had to be be limited to the declarations of the Heads and Notables. Ai da ti collected among these primitive peoples and essentially nomads it is not possible to attribute than a relative value"


Marehan own all of JL


Nah Ogaden, plus jareers, small minority of Hawiye


There is a lot of Raxanweyn there too.


I feel bad for the raxanweyn, minority clans and hawiye that were forcefully pushed out of jubaland


During the Civil War, the community that suffered the most were Raxanweyne. The blood spilt on their land was staggering even the isaaq genocide doesn't come close.Tbh they're the only peace loving Somalis all the others waa dad madax adag and. Even in the old days they were known as peace loving and wadaad people and this I think led to alot of the injustice committedagainst them. Am not even raxanweyn if u wondering lol but their lands became bloodshed grounds after spilling from benaadir perpetrated by none other than hawiye.


Its sad wallahi. They trusted aideed but he betrayed them


The costal cities villages in middle jubba is not own Mx but it’s mostly jareer and others clans.