MJ were always against Siad Barre. You have to understand that during the civilian government, the single most influential clan in Somali politics was probably MJ. They were the biggest losers from the revolution.


I think following the war for the Somali region, many became dissatisfied with Barre’s rule. Majority of the fighting however happened in the north, where the government basically bombarded the shit out of the Isaaq cities. After Somaliland’s decision in 1991, MJs where the second to choose to set up a government in PL. That early dissatisfaction is what led to today’s deferring levels of governance (ie SL and PL vs rest of Somalia)


Siad Barre was Mareexaan & his mom was Ogaden. Those 2 clans he favored above the rest of Darood. Isaaq, Hawiye, Raxaweyn & Dir were completely irrelevant to him. However he started to dislike Majeerteen when they became the first clan to criticise his rule. In 1979 Barre massacred 2000 members of the Majeerteen clan, poisoned their drinking water and killed 160,000 of their livestock as collective punishment. Now after the rebel groups started fighting Barre, the SSDF were bribed & convinced that this is a collective fight of the Darood against the Hawiye & Isaaq and that Majeerteens should side with Barre. That’s how they stopped fighting the kacaan government. But the SSDF to begin with were not as armed & trained as USC or SNM so naturally they avoided complete destruction.


i heard he preferred Dhulos the most after his own tribe Marehan. Note that His first spy chief hailed from Dhulbahante and held that position for over a decade.


He preferred dhulbhaante over og I think


In the beginning, they were happy, and Siad barre was good to them, then my guy start to go down from Darood to only Marexaan, and yeah they took a huge part to defeat Siad Barre ( Siad Barre ranks Marexan > rest of Daroods> Isaqas > Hawiye > other minorities.


No he hated Isaaqs more than anyone else I'm hawiye my grandfather was a Minister during his regime and from what I know he was cordial with my clan


Isaaq killed his father in hawd specifically the habaryoonis


This is horseshit. Siad Barre was explicitly anti Qabilist, especially in the early days.


Not really


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What about them