UAE is bad news for us they know the potential our country has that’s why they are buying our ports and soon will come for our airports the reason is because our country lies in one of the most important If not the most important shipping waterways in the world the gulf of Aden which connects the Suez Canal to asia and beyond hence connecting Europe Africa Asia and also the pacific islands they know if we get control of our ports and have a proper navy their so called Dubai port will fall into disrepair with people going to prefer somalia due to its larger amount of ports due to a long coastline and hence making it cheaper to dock in there which will bring in massive profits for us that’s also why Ethiopia after losing Eritrea and Kenya are contesting for our lands and seas.


DP world was welcomed by the Federal States FGS doesn’t really have any say since the country is a “Federalist Government”. In our constitution Federal Member states can go into deals with Foreign Nations without FGS overseeing it. DP World is from UAE & Hassan Sheikh is Pro UAE. President Mohamud, who led Somalia from 2012 to 2017 and started his second tenure last May, has made mending diplomatic relations with UAE a top foreign policy priority. In Jan 5th 2023 Somalia & UAE strike Security Deal to bolster military and security ties, along with cooperation in anti-terrorism efforts Somali Defence Minister, Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur (The UAE remains a "strategic partner in Somalia's peace-building and state-building efforts,") During Farmaajo’s Administration; Bilateral ties between the countries have been lukewarm for several years, particularly over Somali allegations of UAE's interference in its internal politics. Relations plummeted during President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed's tenure, with the Somali Parliament going as far as banning Emirati state-owned ports operator, DP World, declaring it a threat to Somalia's sovereignty. UAE, in response, closed a military facility and a hospital in Mogadishu, while also disbanding its military training mission. President Mohamud, who led Somalia from 2012 to 2017 and started his second tenure last May, has made mending diplomatic relations with UAE a top foreign policy priority. According to reports, the Banadir Regional Court instructed the Central Bank not to release $9.6 million found in three unmarked bags “UAE diplomats suitcase” on a Royal Jet plane that arrived at Mogadishu airport in April 2018. [UAE Smuggling $9.6 Million Into Somalia](https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220131-somali-court-money-confiscated-from-uae-plane-in-2018-will-not-be-returned/) UAE refused to accept that $9.6 million was theirs so Farmaajo kept it until 2022. 4 days into Hassan Sheikhs Presidency Former Prime Minister Roble “gave” that $9.6 Million back to UAE without taking accountability for smuggling money in to Somalia. [Somalia: Somali PM Handed Back U.S.$9.6 Million to UAE](https://allafrica.com/stories/202205200289.html) There’s videos of him smiling in the safe and grabbing the money like it’s his. I believe UAE put that money in his pockets as reward for “getting farmaajo out the seat”.


Walaahi it's sad. These lots are selling the country moryaantaan. We take one step forward and 3 steps back with these somali gvts. Every new administration tries to abolish and reverse the laws and customs passed by their predecessor. Goormaan meel gaareeynaa waayahee!!


UAE is like a broke person who won a million dollars.


It’s kinda funny to see debt slavery in real time, and watching SL and puntland celebrate their shiny new port, while countries like Sri Lanka having literally gone bankrupt from infrastructure projects that don’t provide a return on investment because of corruption. Geopolitically it makes sense for UAE, I’d do the same thing, It’s just sad to see “my team” falling for the tricks.


Once we stabilize and reconstruct our country we should buy the stocks back to make sure we have the major say in what goes on in our ports


That’s hoping people will do the right thing, but I’ve seen Somalis still arguing about qabil after 30 years of civil war, meaning self interest still plays a pivotal role in somali identity.


Things are changing fast. Somalia is starting to root out terrorists and are reconstructing


The longer fgs stays the worse things will get. Jubaland is owned by kenyaati, somaliland is ethiopias whore, puntland is selling its resources and ports to foreign countries for pocket change. Muqdisho is dagaal mayhem. For all of u fgs fans just know alot of people in baadiyo don’t even know who the president is and think about it


100% facts u just said brother. We need a centralised government that makes all the decisions. Idk why it’s hard for Somalis to do this. It’s all qabil related for sure. If we had centralised governemnt we can bring back Somalia. We can bring back our identity. I think HSM did say he was planning before the end of this year to finalise the constitution so we will see


HSM is known for his fake promises walaal. He literally lied in life sight with all the public watching stating that he'd take it upon himself to develop road linking garacad galkacyo and galdogob. Ppl cheered and in recent gvt planning road maps, which he chaired, Garacad wasn't even in lost of priority roads. Ninkaas Ani kheer kama sugaayo. Even tho he might say he'll finish the constitution, I doubt the FMS will accept most of the laws to be passed, since their r/ship with fgs now is almost null and void


We will see if he keeps up with his promises




a lot of them got flown out to Dubai for a potty party. They got their hands full right now. (Pun intended)


Dude what is wrong with Dp developing our ports or any other intl company doing investment projects in somalia? or You just brainwashed to believe that only Qatar is our saviour?


No brother. I welcome any sort of dvlmpnt &investment in Somalia but not through shady and swift means. Think about it, this country is in a state building period and it has a ministry in charge of it's ports. The somali public should be informed through that ministry the type of deal done by DP with the FGS. Information like what %of shares will they own after developing the port and is there a time limit to their ownership and stuff like that. Idk I u get what am saying?