The blood of Kharjis is halal for a reason. These people must be executed on sight once captured.


Inshallah we will be victorious over this menace.


Nah burn them alive


No castrate them and cut off their hands then let them roam around suffering


tbh it just goes to show how desperate al shabab has become. In the past they potrayed themselves as for the somali people across social media. From handing out food to building mini hospitals in attempt to gain followers. Now there killing peoples livestocks? They know there time is up and taking extreme measures. Another win for somalia in my opinion.


for sure. its also a reminder to be wary of last ditch desparate attacks. a cornered wounded animal and all that


Yh I won’t be suprised if they go all out. Clearly they are panicking


subhanallah 💔💔💔💔💔 they’re so fucking heartless




Failed Wahabi ideology flails for the last time before being permanently extinguished.


They are on their the last legs guys, it’s almost through


Threat they trying to get power by fear


I never understand how militant groups like Al Shabaab or the Taliban's think they'll manage to govern a country. The citizens need some basic service which the militants can't provide. Same thing goes with military coupes, it's one thing to know how to fight and other thing how to run a country. People just want to gain power and leave from there without any effort. Fucking Al Shabaab.


Who's Al-Khawarij?


In this context it means Al shabab but historically they were a rebel group that rebelled against the caliph Ali (ra) during his war against muawiya(ra) where they claimed both of them were not fit to rule the ummah


Right, thanks. For a second I thought it was an other group in Somalia


Desperate times lead to desperate measures may they burn in hell for eternity


In all honesty in the age of the drone and military surveillance. How incompetent do you have to be, not to kill a group of civilians with no real military experience. This so disgusting, they all should be hung in the capitol to show others what happens. Billion in military aid is being wasted. Seriously we have a common enemy, yet our people bicker over small minded issues, like tribe. We have ppl so mentality enslaved, they’ve resorted to bleach the skin, they were blessed with. Anyone doesn’t see the problem here? We need better leadership Who are honest and God fearing. No way the amount of manpower and resources the state has , and they can’t kill a group of teenagers and old men?


You can't just bomb them, they live among civilians and control parts of Southern Somalia. Much easier said than done.




I can tell you are not the brightest by that comparison, plus there’s nothing that compares the two. You claim to be a so called Muslim, yet you joke about human life . Will you not stand before ALLAH Bare foot and Naked? Have some respect for your so called brothers and sisters.