You forgot to mention the speaker is RX. Also, a Dir or RX president is unlikely in this current 4.5 form, it will never favor them. So many seats are bought or stolen during the elections. It's why 1m1v is important.


>Each FDS get MSP but most importantly in the 4.5 each of the 4 clans get 64 mps in the lower house. .5 or beesha shanad gets 35 I think!! MPs are selected by their clan leader. U just need to pay ur clan leader heaps of cash. ​ Your math is off. There are 275 rep in the lower house. Each clan gets 61 (4 X 61 = 244) then the minority clans get the .5 of 61 which is 31. 244 + 31 = 275 The elected MP chose a president in a draft voting. Best of 4 in the first round, then best of 2 in the 2nd round unless the 3 rd candidate has more than 2/3. Third round vote between the two candidates This is the same voting style for the Speaker of the House. Usually a Rahanweyn get the Speaker of the House vote which leaves the president vote to Darod or Hawiye


There are 245 seats. Darood, dir, Hawiye and Rahanweyn/ digil-mirifle get 49 seats each. 29 seats to all of the other minorities. Then 25 seats are reserved for women, 5 from each of the four major tribes and 5 from the minority group. There’s other intricacies like when the president is usually hawiye or darood. The other 2.5 (dir, rahanweyne and jarrerweyn) are excluded. When a president is darood the Vice President is hawiye and vice versa. Usually state politics also follows the same 4.5 but I’m only familiar with puntland and jubaland. I know people don’t like it and it’s not ideal but it was a pragmatic solution for a country that was severely divided between clan lines. There are some upgrades if you will like women having 30% of the share instead of the 10% or so percent they currently have.


4.5 is a just power sharing ratio. It was agreed in Djibouti by clan leards of somalis that there is 4 major and equal tribes being Hawiye, Daarood, Dir and Digil&Mirifle aka Rahanweyn so the 4 in 4.5 represent mean those 4 tribes, they get equal parliament seats and equal ministries The .5 represent the rest of minorities in somalia, all of them combined are treated like one tribe and they get half of what One of 4 get. In my opinion it's not fair or perfect but it's practical it works well Just imagine if there was no 4.5, president would appointment his cousin as PM and he would also appointment his cousins as ministries and there would always be struggle for power sharing. So it's just need to be improved by turning the .5 into 1, so instead of 4 equals and half now it's 5 no points


5 wouldn’t change anything somalia would still be a shithole with qabiil intertwined in qabiil. There should be a separate of state and qabiil


Not feasible at time being. We need to be realistic bro


It is feasible with a dictator qabiil in politics is what ruined us look at every failure that happened to our country was because qabiil mixed with politics


Qabiil isnt bad it’s the people who make it a bad thing. What we need is people from different qabiils that get into governance and promote unity and help people regardless of tribes and slowly lessen the importance of tribes. If the new generation let go of qabiilism then it will change things quicker. Qabiil should only be used for personal lineage, they shouldn’t identify ppl as qabiils and instead they should see people as individuals from the Somali ethnic group.


I think qabiil should be separated from politics and it should be illegal for a politician to disclose his qabiil idk


Im praying for the day somalis wake up, unite and take up arms and storm the presidential palace and any government building ya rabbi 🤲


All you need to know is that we’re ruled by people with IQ’s that don’t surpass 80 at max !!