A walking contradiction

A walking contradiction


Define ignorance. None of the ideologies he is so fond of would have allowed him to exist.


10yrs ago I would have said that is a satire account because nobody can be that dumb... but I'm no longer so certain... more and more of such accounts exist unironically.


the north korean flag is what puts me over the edge toward parody


i dont know why so many lgbt members support communism. All the well known communist leaders hated gay people


I guess they just defend the idea of communism, not the specific form it took in USSR.


The idea of communism, I can understand. But how in the fuck can this idiot follow Islam?


exactly, its a pretty big rule that you cant be gay


Communism is about utility for the collective. Gay people would be frowned upon in a communist system(they would be much worse actually) because communism seeks to spread and the only way to spread is people making more little workers to be indoctrinated. That is how I see it. By supporting communism these people are simply sawing the branch underneath them.


Bro, that's not its chief. Communism is "the doctrine of the liberation of the proletariat" that does not involve "utility for the collective" in parts such thinking is argued in many works by Engels and Marx in their advocation for ending "wage exploitation" what is done by the "extraction of surplus labor" classifying surplus labor (defined as the difference between the wage of a worker, the cost to keep the factory running, and the price it was sold for) coming to the conclusion that such things would not exist in a classless society as there is nothing is no such thing as production for profit due to the absence of an "owning class" what leads to the full value of said product going to the person which has created it, not to "the collective" This is a common mistake in criticizing Marxists and by understanding it you can better criticize Marxists themself without ending up with such a conclusion what they can scoff at. This incorrect line of thinking stems from the Marxist idea of private and personal property not being one and the same. While private property is things such as factories and farms and personal property being things such as toothbrushes, the products of your own labor and housing. Seeing the latter as something that is inherently yours as the first one as something that should be utilized by society itself instead of ran with a profit motive Hope this helps if you ever encounter any Marxist in the future, by reading about their ideas you can better combat them. Instead of the argument, you made you can instead make the argument about how many of the things that such people hold so dear are themself commodities or items they themself end up commodifying all while linking back to commodity production being feverously argued against by all socialists. A lot of these western leftists openly participate with the commodification of sexuality, bring that up, bring up the "rainbow capitalism" they buy into, bring up how they reject commodification but themself support it when it matches their ideals, ask them where there LGBT flags are from, ask them where they order the newest piece of technology every year. But yes, bringing up LGBT commodification and the Orthodox Marxist stance against commodity production will do wonders against most communards. Take care and God bless mate


Great take! Never thought about that. The only Marxist thing I read was The Communist Manifesto (only because it was like 1 buck:)). God bless and thanks for the argument I hope to use it against Marxists one day.




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Thats more than most marxists anyways, first chapter of state and revolution will do wonders when arguing with them and its only like 20 pages


I'd buy him a ticket to the middle east.


Or Afghanistan, I hear they are creating their own [Stonewall for LGBT+ people.](https://www.metroweekly.com/2021/07/taliban-plans-to-crush-gay-men-in-afghanistan-to-death-by-toppling-walls-onto-them/)


Not that I want to give the taliban advice, but that just sounds incredibly inefficient


*It's not about money, it's about sending a message.*




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wicked humor


I thought it was going to be a metaphor lmao


Not sure how they could turn that down. They're a "married gay Islamic" after all.


Where's he find an imam willing to oversee that marriage?






We used to hunt mammoths. With spears. Barefoot.


Would you do that to any homosexual or is he the only one you want to see stoned to death?


It's not about killing gay people, it's about showing gay Islamists that their fellow Islamists would kill them if they were gay.


>gay Islamists You just like throwing words out don't you


What? We are talking about a gay person of the islamic faith


Aha, because nowadays they separate between muslim and islamist. But i got you.


Brozzer, trying to reason with w*stoid is like trying to talk to women, it's futile my friend.


No one here dislikes homosexuals, they just dislike you


Blatant homophobia but ok


Should we tell him?


Nah, he’s got a North Korean flag on his bio. Let him go there and have Dear Leader tell him.


Like the dear leader would waste such time and breath


I’m sure someone already has, and he called them a nazi.


In the new SJW video game he is the final boss after you defeat his SJW warriors.


Pretty sure thats AoC


I see about five different examples of "if this guy got exactly what he wanted he'd be dead inside a week" all rolled into one here.


Probably would be first stoned by the Islamists, starved by the North Koreans, and then shot by the Russians.


Nah, we dont want to waste bullets, better send him to gulag and let him work to death. Куда блять всё катится.


He'd probably freeze to death inside a cattle cart on his way to the gulag in Sieberia.


He can be transported by the summer, its sometimes very hot.


Then the snowflake will melt due to the heat exhaustion.


Вспомни старое-доброе "православное национал-коммунистическое самодержавие" Мицгола. Такие персонажи время от времени появляются повсюду. Edit: hope it's google translate-friendly.


Dont worry this is my native language.


As is mine, Желешка. I warry about the non-russian speaking majority of the audience.


We made a big mistake in this country when we started pretending mental disorders should be normalized.


That’s putting it mildly. We have started **demanding** that everyone else *indulge* peoples ~~fantasies~~ mental disorders.


i'm going to play along. for instance, i tell people i don't like pronouns so they need to start referring to my full name when referencing me at all. OR ELSE I'M OFFEEENDEAD


Imagine actually living in 2021 and still thinking the slippery slope isn't real.


I remember being 15 and hearing the slippery slope arguments against gay marriage and the pedophilia following soon after arguments. I felt like "yeah, maybe people are overreacting. That sounds crazy." Now you're a bigot for thinking it's weird that trannys read to kids at the library and you go to jail for misgendering people. They sing songs telling you they're coming for your kids. It's pushed on all social media and television. The gender confused percentage of children in grade school has gone from.0.5% to 20% in 5 years. "Desmond is amazing" has parents that aren't in jail for prostituting him to grown men and plying him with drugs. Slippery slope is a fact of life. It's what happens when you back away from principles even for a moment.


I was all-in on gay marriage rights. Still kind of am. But back then I thought slippery slope was a fallacy, too. I didn't understand that when an activist movement actually gets what they want, they don't congratulate each other and then disband. They double down and become 10x as crazy and demanding for the sake of keeping the movement together.


Republicans have no spine and make no effort. Dems have no principles and will side with any movement that gets them more control. Thats a recipe for allowing one party to be pushed straight to power on a wave of activist lunatics.


It really hasn't turned out well. The constant push to tear down well-established societal standards is disturbing.


All of the country flags he’s showing are places that are very big fans of his skittles flag. He should go on a tour showcasing its along with his other inclusive beliefs.


Oh boy, wait until he hears about Article 121 of the USSR Criminal Code.


It's funny because before Stalin died, he was planning his own Jewish Holocaust and Marx was super racist lol. A contradiction indeed.


I hope it’s satire because it’s hilarious


If he’s not just trying to be funny, then he’s a fucking moron.


You have to have so many mental issues to be in your 30's describing your entire personality with so many labels


It looks like a gay hitler


The first against the wall in an actual communist state.


When you try to find logic on a SJW Twitter bio...


He looks like that creppy ripperdoc in Cyberpunk 2077


These "gay Communists" or "gay Muslims" don't understand the reason homosexuality has historically been forbi9dden in Communist and Muslim countries----and in most religions. Gays don't make more people. A citizen's duty in a Communist nation is to provide labor for the state, and produce as many workers as possible. Islam is a religion of conquest, and that requires soldiers. It wasn't good to be gay in the USSR. It's still not good to be gay in China, officially. And we all know what happens to gays in Iran---tossed off a roof, or forcibly transitioned....


Punchable face.


It's like one of those refrigerator magnet sets that is comprised of random words.


Should some one tell him?


Surely this is a joke account?


Imagine if you showed this to the soldiers who stormed Normandy they’d turn back and say ‘fuck it, not worth it. We’re fighting for these degenerates? They’ll be better off speaking German’


seems like a parody.


I sometimes wish that communism or radical islam took over the world, or at least wherever those kind of people live, just to see them getting gunned down before everyone else.




Would love to see him organize a Palestinian Pride rally. See how it turns out. ... that said, this has to be a troll, right?




Hell have to make his trek to the mecca eventually. Then he'll see how he'll be treated.


The new rebel without a cause.


Tell me you’re ignorant and naïve without telling me you’re ignorant and naïve.


These kids play with a different kind of label maker than I grew up with.




He calls himself and Islamic Russophile, but I doubt either group likes each other nor would like him


As a Russian, this entire bio confuses me.


His current bio says he had a stroke, and he's posted about disabilities. You think it's true?


The worst part is that he's a Russophile and supports RF despite a shit ton of their government officials despise USSR


This just seems more like a whole lot of mental illness, more than a contradiction per say.


This might well be the saddest person on earth.


hahahahahaha bro wtf this can‘t be real xD the world is full of clowns


Bruh Россия not even communist no more tf


His own religion would tie him to a wall then push it over on top of him. His politics would see him imprisoned for the nature of Islam. What a dumb fuck


>against imperialism and bigotry >Russophile *laughs in Siberian*


Looks like Hitler if he went to art school instead.


When you have no real beliefs you just kind of string shit together.


Geez, this poor confused lifeform will be casualty #1 after the takeover is complete


Jesus. They are children. Literal fucking children..... He is basically rebelling and doing the opposite of everything "daddy America" wants him to do. This is the behavior of fucking children.


attention whore


I mean, this has to be a satire account trolling most of the groups listed... right???


This better be a troll......I fucking can't...


I hope it's a troll account


Well... I certainly hope he never attempts his pilgrimage to Mecca... He will not be coming back from that.


Gay russophile fighting against imperialism and bigotry. Clearly he doesn't know anything about Russia.


He should go to some of the places he listed flags for, he'll be a flying contradiction




Another fatherless child


A walking poseur, anyway.


Is this the new Godfrey Elfwick?


[Is this a Drawn Together Reference? ](https://www.google.co.cr/search?q=xandir+and+tim+sitting+in+a+tree&client=safari&hl=es-cr&prmd=ivn&sxsrf=ALeKk00SLxRuYieTiGCn96hxqjJQPCWwqg:1627578125069&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwibpfT_4IjyAhW7SjABHV5IBHwQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=375&bih=553&dpr=2#imgrc=3234m8G3OWXeJM)


I have no idea why but this seems like something I’d have seen on family guy three years ago.




Proof that they don’t actually read any of the text.


He could've just said "whatever makes my father angry" and saved himself a whole bunch of typing.


All of the flags of the countries he has on his bio would toss him off of a building without a second thought. All of them.


All of the flags of the countries he has on his bio would toss him off of a building without a second thought. All of them.


Satire surely.


When you have no self identity so you check every box


What part contradicts?


He is LGBTQ+ and Islamic, need I say more?


Yes, clearly.


They throws gays off buildings and publicly execute them. They'd probably do worse to this guy because they hate communists more than the average 1960's American did.




Communists typically hate religion.


Yep makes sense, it's mostly (or at least regularly twisted to be) ancient rules to control people for the benefit of the few and communism is supposed to be... communal.


Christianity has done similar things at similar frequencies, albeit only slightly further removed. There are still states, that are ostensibly Christian, that make sodomy illegal. There's anti LGBTQIA2S+ discrimination everywhere. There is no hypicricy in being religious and LGBTQIA2S+ They hate the Russians as much as the Americans do. Perhaps less so. It's the same thing


Walk into a church and scream "gay pride." Do the same in a Mosque and tell me the results. Christians are far more willing to accept gays than Muslims, at least in modern times.


I will pay you $100 to do that in the city you're in. PayPal transfer if you like. Record it and we'll see.


I just got an easy 100 dollars because I don't go to church and I don't live in a city.


Why would I pay you if you don't do it?


Listen if you worship Greco Roman paganism homosexuality might not be a sin, but if you are a Muslim the Quran explicitly forbids homosexual behavior.




>Christianity has done similar things at similar frequencies, albeit only slightly further removed. "Christianity did almost the same thing hundreds of years ago so its okay if Islam still does it today"


Hundreds of years ago? Really? Also, I never said it's okay in any way. Simply said it's not a contradiction fucker Carlson


How is it **not** a contradiction if Islam simply doesn't tolerate homosexuality, dumbass?


"Because Islam has no central governing body, it is not possible to state clear policies regarding issues of interest to LGBTQ people. Depending on nationality, generation, family upbringing, and cultural influences, Islamic individuals and institutions fall along a wide spectrum, from welcoming and inclusive to a level of rejection that can be marked by a range of actions ranging from social sequestration to physical violence. In the United States, there is a growing movement to create inclusive communities for LGBTQ Muslims and their allies. This encompasses scholarly work that interprets sacred texts through a lens shaped by Muhammad’s own celebration of the diversity of Creation." Do a miniscule amount of reading, instead of just injecting Fox *news* into your veins. Muslims are people just like you and I. Don't be an idiot and assume that they're different or more extreme. They're exactly the same. Their faith, like all faiths, has sects that are more and less inclusive and that tolerate homosexuality probably better than Christians. If you looked outside your sphere of influence for a couple minutes a day you'd wake up to the world and all the beauty therein. Quit looking for people to hate because you hate yourself. dumbass:"a stupid or contemptible person. " Who does that sound more like? Someone advocating for education, open mindedness, cultural diversity, diversity of opinions? Or, close minded you? Hmm


Holy shit, you dumbass. Islam **IS** a body of government in many middle eastern countries and the so called progressive muslims in the western world you are talking about, are just some dumb feminist calling themselves "muslims" for more oppression points. No Iman in the world would ever except any of these people. You wrote all that bullshit and still are wrong with every word you wrote. Islam is simply far more aggressive to homosexuals than christianity. Like how can you be this dumb and be like >yes, muslim countries kill people for being gay but there are some sects who are more tolerant so it's actually better than christianity where nobody dies for being gay


Yes, classic what aboutism. Also, Christians did such shit in the past (mostly) whereas such activities are rampant in the Muslim world today. Also 2 wrongs don't make something right.


It's not what about ism when I'm saying there's nothing inherently wrong with Islam. Comparing it to the largest religion (Christianity) is very reasonable when my point is all religions are stupid and inherently violent towards *others*. That does not make a person's religious and sexual choices hypocritical


"Русофил fighting capitalism, imperialism & bigotry", for example. Those three pretty much summarise Mother Russia in her current state (maybe incompetence and stupidity need to be added). Other parts are not better though.