Damn white people and their... *shuffles deck, draws card* ... veganism

Damn white people and their... *shuffles deck, draws card* ... veganism


You wanna talk about appropriation?I see tons of black people dye their hair blonde or red but last i checked that’s a European thing.Stop telling me what i can and can’t do or that argument will start to snowball on you.


Non-polishimmigrantsinfrance people CANNOT use radioactivity. It belongs to polishimmigrantsinfrance! /s


Intersectional cancer. F off with your nonsense appropriation claims


hey I'm Asian and I want everyone to appropriate Asian food as much as they like regardless of their skin color


Agreed. Y’all b*tches need tasty veggies


Hey, it's racist to buy Chinese food at Chinese restaurants if you are not Chinese. /s


Plot twist: it's not real chinese food so it's ok


True. I’ve spent some time in China, ate authentic. Nothing is breaded and fried. No fried rice. They served me a roasted pigeon with the head still on. But I ate it and earned some street cred.


The Chinese will eat anything I swear to god


Fun story, we had some of them over here for work, Chicago area. We were driving them around and passed a big flock of geese at a pond. One of them said “Nobody is eating them?” I don’t think they have much choice.


I’m Hispanic, I’d like to piggy back off this and give everyone carte blanche permission to appropriate as much of my food as y’all want. Especially when y’all do some weird hybrid fusion like a sushi burrito!


What dish would you recommend?


there are plenty to choose from, but you can't go wrong with a nice hot bowl of *pho*, or Vietnamese beef noodle soup


No, you don't. Snobby white liberal here to remind you that you're not allowed to feel anything but offended over this. Adjust your attitude or be labeled a race traitor! /s


I love Asian, so good.


I love Asian food so much I don’t care if I get called a culturally appropriating fascist, I’m still going to eat it!


What I can't seem to understand is why they call whites fragile yet get angry over people....enjoying a certain kind of food?


Projections. People who rail the hardest are usually guilty of the very thing they're fighting against, in this case racism.


This is only helping people wake up to all this BS.


On behalf of the Cuban community, we will be offended if you don't eat our cuisine. You have been warned.


I will straight smash a plate of ropa vieja and maduros...you have been warned.


“Appropriated……food” I’m so done with this shit and I don’t even live on the same continent with this nutjobs.


> don’t even live on the same continent with this nutjobs. Give it time, it's a long march.


The 'article' insists, at great length, that this is now a pressing matter due to living in a 'Post Floyd' world. Makes sense, a world where violent, drug addicted career criminals who die of heart attacks are seen as martyrs and burning down whole communities, looting and murdering are legitimate justified actions for African Americans... then of course this shit is valid, we've entered an insane parody of the world, why not veganism? Because vegans really didn't need another chip on their shoulders to whine on ad infinitum about, did they?


When antiracists go through their own racism reckoning the stimulation will collapse


So... eating fruits, grains, and veggies is... appropriating now? G'damn it. They're making me side with vegans and I can't tell you how much I hate that.


No no no. You don't get it. White people can only eat mayonnaise and parsnips. Every other food was found.by other races and eating it is cultural appropriation.


So it seems like they want white people to eat... other races? Can white people claim cannibalism?


No. That's strictly Polynesian culture. Also, you can't starve either because that is communist culture.


"Cultural appropriation is my culture. You're not allowed to judge someone's culture, bigot!"


I... don't even know what a parsnip is. And I'm no fan of mayo. I'm screwed aren't I?


Parsnips are pretty tasty to be fair, consistency like somewhere between a potato and a carrot, but kinda sweet. Tasty as hell roasted in honey


You should try a Kohlrabi ! they are amazing.


Only if you are northwestern European or descended from, it's their fucking vegetable and no one else's.


I took a free (shitty) DNA test and it basically said "Europe ya mostly Europe" :| no cool break down for french, Itality, etc.


Sus. I sprung for Ancestry and 23 and me. I can eat kohlrabi all I want. But I never have. But I can't eat Italian, I love that shit.


have some more cabbage my friend :) can't go eating the wrong foods now can we?


I love cabbage. I can also make sauerkraut which is yum. But no kimchi


It's like a white turnip. but you are cool. Every time i get shit for eating jerk chicken I just say I am what I eat.


Cool. Imma keep right on eating carne asada, discada, fajitas, and costillas along with rambutan, calabaza squash, tabbouleh, and tzatziki then. ​ Because food is delicious and should be shared.


I think the funny thing about all of this is it's never the people that come from that culture that say you can't eat their food or pay homage to their culture. Its usually some woke white asshole trying to control people's behaviors. Maybe that is the white suppremacy that everyone keeps taking about..


What's weird to me is... I remember low-key for real racism. Shaming a little white girl for wanting a black baby doll (I'm a 70s kid), or for having black friends. Things were changing, of course, but segregation was still alive and well unless you were forced to be around each other (Like at school). As things changed, things like Bo Deriek's cornrows (1979) came about. Fat Albert was a great kid's cartoon (Let's not talk about Bill Cosby, k?) Rap music and hip hop in the 80s was cool (And I loved it). And don't tell me some of the late 80s/early 90s clothing weren't inspired by the hip hop movement. TV featured Will Smith and the Cosbys (Let's NOT talk about Bill, k?). Get to the 00s - and let's talk about food here - supermarkets are featuring Asian food sections, Latin food sections, Indian food sections, and IDK if there's a "Black" section or not, but our local supermarket sells chitterlings and oxtails. There's been almost 40 years of change, of acceptance and sharing of culture these tards are undoing and it pisses me off.


>There's been almost 40 years of change, of acceptance and sharing of culture these tards are undoing and it pisses me off. Absolutely. They focus on the most petty and rediculous things. Like asking someone where they are from or what you wear for Halloween. Yet they completely ignore the fact that the left is saying that minorities are incapable of getting id to vote (despite the fact that almost 80% of them support voter id laws); or that shit like being expected to be in time, having high expectations of your self and being goal oriented are white suppremacy and detrimental to minorities. Insanity is the only word I have for it.


It really is racism, just in the guise of white saviors.


Pretty much. The worst racism I have experienced is in the north east. They don't even try to hide it. I just call them out on it now. Like they legitimately believe poor minorities and imigrants are incapable of making their own decisions. They are completely incapable of understanding things from their perspective. They think that reading a few blogs about it and donating to NPR makes them an expert on the plight of non whites.


More like a primitive carrot


Whose gonna tell the Greeks they can't have Gyros anymore?


You think that anyone can tell the Greeks what to do? They don't give a fuckk.


Well to be fair their depiction of traditionally white food is cannibalism of children of color, just roasting those infants on the spitroast and barbarically devouring their flesh!


When ever I see something done by vice now I just think back to the good old days when they actually did good stuff like sneaking into North Korea and buying nukes on the black market, this shit is fucking cancer.


So ... don't ever buy food from someone who doesn't have the same skin color as me? Or don't ever buy food that doesn't come from an area where my ancestors lived? Does this apply to the super market as well?


No, because supermarkets were invented by Superman and, unless you're from Krypton, visiting a supermarket is as culturally inappropriate as Michelle Obama's hair.


Is there nothing safe from these intersectionalists!


The thing I like about this stuff is the sense that it eventually has to collapse under the weight of its own absurdity.


Dear black meat lover's... stop eating hot dogs and hamburgers. You're appropriating American cuisine. Also, no more tacos, burritos, pizza, pasta, etc. Only bush meat from now on.


Here we go again, blacks taking shit that doesn't belong to them.


Woke vs Vegans *Popcorn time*


Next time I see a black person eating spaghetti and meatballs I am going to lose it.


Ethnic food proprietors: excuse me, could you fuck off? I don't care who my customers are as long as they pay.


Vice is a garbage news outlet


I’m part Norwegian and I forbid you all to eat Lutefisk. You’re welcome.


I missed that sub. Fuck reddit


I only want to eat plants but I also want to annoy you with it. Oh, and white people should not be able to eat anything since everything is originally non-white.


If I’m going to support anyone getting their white privilege checked, it’s vegans.


We’ve come full circle y’all, they’re attacking themselves.


Literally you could go to google type "X is racist " and you will get an article about it


They just don't like white people. All this "stop appropriating XYZ" is just an attempt to mask their hatred for white people but also to harass them.


“Long time coming” Translation: “Spur of the moment.”


I remember when vice did awesome documentaries... Now we get this shit.


Fellas is it racist to eat cabbage?


I'm actually seeing the Twitter comments and surprisingly most of them think this article is a parody or is stupid. Faith in humanity restored (slightly) https://twitter.com/VICE/status/1294136693465837573


Why do people who claim cultural appropriation do so in English? Isn't it bad because.... colonianism? My culture is not your language!


Vice is such a fucking joke now.


Anyone remember when vice wasn't laughable garbage?


Remember when Vice was edgy?


I find it more offensive when people refuse to make something from my culture because of "cultural appropriation."


Gotta be satire.


It’s called a melting pot, eat whatever you like this is a free country.


I'm vegan and it's so dumb seeing all the vegan organizations I follow having to make posts unrelated to animal welfare, like about blm or pride, just so they don't get cancelled. Like, there is actual oppression going on in factory farms and the woke mobs don't even care.


"Stop appropriating food" - someone who doesn't make a living off of the restaurant industry. Ethnic restaurant owner who wants as many customers as possible: "hey journo, STFU".


Vice went from visiting North Korea to being racist cancer


So black vegans want me to stop making my daily veganised Indian / SE Asian stir-fries... Very compelling, not-racist-at-all stuff. I wish more vegans were simply into animal rights as I am, rather than this intersectional horseshit which causes people to associate us with insanity. Veganism has nothing at all to do with "anti-racism", "feminism", or "gay rights", all of which are phony movements attempting to slay largely nonexistent beasts.