I can't understand this game

I can't understand this game


My advice to you is to slow down. When playing against CPUs you can just run in and do whatever you want. Against people who adapt to your play style, that’s less effective. During your match, slow down your pace of play and watch for your opponents habits, favored defensive options, aggressive timings etc.. it’s easy to fall into the trap of always wanting to hold forward


Izaw's art of smash on YouTube


Just do what you think is the stupidest option. Most of the time they won’t expect it.


Ridley up b in neutral ftw


I’ve never played Melee, but from what I’ve heard, this game works totally differently. It’s sort of a middle ground between that and Sm4sh (in my opinion) in terms of pacing- not too fast nor too slow. My best bet would to just keep playing against CPUs or friends, and go online whenever you feel ready. Remember to relax and to just have fun. I honestly learned by pressing random buttons- and I had no prior Smash experience before this. At least you’ve got the basics (up+B can recover, you can grab, shield, etc.). And I still have no idea about the ultra-specific frame data and stuff like that… I’ll leave that to the pros. What you’ll want to look at may be some Bread and Butter combos for Wario (if that’s who you want to main). It may help you when battling opponents. I wish I could give you pointers, but I never really play him all that much. Just keep practicing and you’ll surely get it in no time- and remember to have fun as well :)


you just have to play to learn. instead of joining private lobbies try quickplay. after 5-10 matches youll start playing against people of your skill level. itll teach you how to improve instead of just jumping into the deep end


Falcon kick everyone, few people see it coming and when successful theyre so humiliated for falling for it, they give up


git gud lmao ^/s


How I learned all terms and and the diffrent tech was by just watching smash youtubers for fun like. Little z and poppt1 and some top players like marss and esam.