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Ok, we're receiving some reports about this post, but he doesn't brake any rule. OP is allowed to post here.


He will be fucking the shit out of her all week, so you better get in there with them if you want any of that dick this week.






I've gotten so many messages and chats that I have a newfound respect for anyone posting anything lewd online. I'll post an update later tonight. For better or worse. Wish me luck.


Take him back and make your sister watch you fuck him


Good luck. Assuming this is happening to you, I'm sure you're freaking out... Go get some air, if you can.


good luck!!! enjoy your time as 3 adults!


That was nice of you to inadvertently feed her his nutrients.


Your sister is probably taking his cock all day while your at work and by eat her pussy your now their subslut. I do believe your going to have to share him from here on out or he will just fuck her behind your back constantly. I think deep down your a bi submissive and that’s why you instinct was to dive into her pussy and eat all his cum like a true submissive slut. Your just fighting years of social conditioning what a relationship should be. Do yourself a favor long term do what in your heart makes you happy even if that’s eating your husbands cum out of your sister it obviously got you wetter than you have been in years. Love and sexual dynamics aren’t some straightforward perfectly logical thing do what make you feel loved as a beautiful sexual being if that’s being a submissive and your husband being your master so be it no judgment.


/u/throughawaysqueee, we are eagerly awaiting your update :)


Good luck! Hoping things will turn out for the best


welp ill be following you now


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95% chance they had fucked before to be that bold to do it in front of you. They could use being high as an excuse but I bet they both wanted to dominate you and planned it.


I was thinking 6he same thing or some kind of boundaries were smashed.


For sure, they didn’t go from 0 to 💯. They both liked making her watch and making her eat the cum. They know her the best and obviously knew they could do it and she would enjoy being dominated.


They probably talked dirty talk about it.


While they fucked before she was aware of it.


Yes or sexted


Can't believe I'm the first to recommend this but r/incest will Looovveee this. Great story. Please update us.


Anybody else thinks this is not the first time her husband pounded her sister? I can bet on this.


So I'm going to work under the pre-text that this happened, and offer up some thoughts that I've posted before. Processing experiences can give you multiple feelings and sensations at the same time. You get to process them however you want, and there is no wrong way to do that. You (and your body) can have multiple, and opposing wants/desires (at the same time). So the thing I would like to note is that this may be a complicated thing for you to process completely. It seems you are experiencing conflicting feelings at the same time. And I'm guessing that you'll be hesitant to share this stuff with others (which is normal and fine). So a thing that looks like it is cropping for you is some form of self-shame. What I mean by that is: we all judge our own selves (typically) in very harsh manners. You may have some internal dialogue with severe self-judgement. If that goes on, without some form of counseling, or talking with people you can emotionally trust, that self-shame may work its way into how you deal with (and approach) sex and your relationships (and also your arousal triggers). If this goes on long enough, it may cause a very real change to your sex life. Processing your experience through conversation with someone who won’t judge you, and will leave you with a feeling of being emotionally heard, I think is important, and maybe something you should prioritize. This is most likely a counselor or therapist. With all the above said, understand that I don’t know you, and am “shooting from the hip”. How you process your experience is up to you, and valid. I genuinely wish you well, and hope the best for you!


Fucking this! This is some excellent advice


If this is real, that man better feel lucky that you got into it, and even then, he needs a stern talking to about how none of that first situation was okay


It's not




I haven't thought about it like that but that does make sense. That just brings up even more topics of conversation for tonight.


I don't find this true at all. Plenty of shit I'd do while drunk that would make me nauseous to try while sober.


Not true. Drunk me has done things that makes sober me want to dig a hole and go hide in it


That is a very misleading statement. A more accurate one is that most people do things when wasted they would never do sober.


They don't call it liquid courage for nothing


I gotta agree with you Clean


Does hubby have a brother you can fuck? In front of him. Sober. Or a good friend? Just to show him how it feels... Then make him eat that cum out of you


Love this


Why would your husband take such a huge risk? It sounds like you were a pretty vanilla couple, so it's a huge leap to assume you'll jump in to a 3 way with your sister


The pervert's always had a crush on her. Ever since we were teenagers. We're all very transparent on talking about anything openly. That night we were talking about my sister's dating woes, her dry spell, our kinks, my husband's and I's relationship in and out of the bedroom, etc etc. He also half-jokes with us that he'd fuck my sisters, or my mom, or my friends because he knows it gets a reaction out of me. So between all that and the booze and drugs, I guess he thought fuck it. Going home soon so I guess I can get a more concrete answer then.


How’s this- 6 more days of fantasy Fuck fest, then back to normal? Could be an annual thing…😬😱🤐


Super hot, don't get me wrong. But that's just one taboo that can't end well.


Can you describe all three of you? Why your sis would do it anyway? Since he went to bed first, seems like she initiated it.


really hot, could be the first story of a successful throuple (couple with 3 members) good luck and keep us updated


First time to get over the shock Second time to learn how to do it properly Third time to see if you actually liked it By now you've slept with your sister for the second time, so hopefully you both learned how to pleasure each other best. Tomorrow we find out if Sis is moving in with you guys or leaving town in disgrace, with awkward family reunions forever


That was way to bold for a first time. Your husband has fucked your sister before. The fact it turns you on is a good thing. It wont rune your marriage have fun with them both sweetie real who is it hurting. Soon you will all go back to your lives and you will have a special memory to keep with you forever






Make her eat his cum from your ass while you degrade her. You’ll all feel great at the end


Family dinner


lol your all adults and two of you with the same gene pool can't get each other pregnant so no worries 😏 this story is hot! please tell more as the week goes on!


What?? This is one of the HOTTEST stories I've read on here. Please give us an update


Y'all need to keep fucking her if you want a happy family. (Stay with me.) They have banged before & will bang again. Keep it in the family, be amazingly close play partners, have amazing sex, and keep the family together. If your sister is "off limits" that only makes them want each other more. Set boundaries & address the broken rules & STAY MARRIED.


Update Please?????!!!!


Hot as fuck!


I’m more concerned that he did that without talking to you about it, under the influence or not. Communication and consent? I hope you’re good, and just know whatever you’re feeling is valid.


I sincerely hope we haven’t seen an update yet because you are too busy eating another creampie and doing all sorts of other depraved shit that we all wish we were doing.


You know that by the time you get home he will have a load in her pussy and dumped at least one down her throat…. Maybe you should get your sister to eat a load from you


You'll have to have a good conversations with them if you want to decide where this whole thing will be going or if you want to make it stop Or you can not do anything, and by the look of it they'll decide by themselves what will happen, but maybe you'll end up liking it too


Need the get home story after reading this haha don't leave us hanging


I'm kinda dreading it. I hope no one remember anything and they were blackout drunk but I remember it all so.... yeah. It's going to be awkward. I'll think about posting an update. Not sure yet.


That is your cum. Regardless of what happens beforehand, he owes that to you. Tonight, make your sister watch him fuck you and let him cum in your mouth, swallow it and establish dominance!! If that’s where you want this to go


You'll probaby hear a lot about how hot it is and I agree that's really hot. Personally I don't see anything wrong with the fun you had. Yes it's incest but I think there are verying levels of it and you landed in the as long as it's consensual it's fine. That said if you do then I think you have to face it and set down the law if you don't want it to happen again.


We need the update.


We’re gonna need an update


Have fun and enjoy the ride!!!! Oh and keep us posted!!!


I'm not sure, do you have a cuckquean fetish?


oh...and...your husband is one lucky dude...get him to buy the lottery tickets this week


As a man i can definitely say a threesome with a pair of sisters was definitely on your husbands bucket list since he was 14. You just made this mans dreams come true. Incest doesn’t really count if its between 2 girls its just sexy all around. Don’t feel so ashamed. Discuss with your sister and surprise him together. You won’t just make his day you’ll probably make his whole decade


Perhaps you're also posting this here for advice, on top of the thrill, so i'll throw in my opinion on what's next, without judging what has already happened. Feel free not to read if you're not interested. ​ This could be marriage-wrecking material. You're goin through a lot of emotions: shame and desire, obviously, but also maybe anger. It seems to me that when you're talking about your husband in the post as well asin the comments, you do it with anger. I think it's entirely legitimate. And if this is what you feel, then you need to speak with him, alone. This doesn't seem to be a planned threesome, the conditions of which were previously discussed. I'm afraid without a proper talk, if you guys just throw it under the rug or fuck constantly in the next 6 days, when she leaves, it might be pretty ugly. I have no idea how your husband could be thinking about this (apart from the desire, which you also feel), and perhaps he needs to clear it up with you. ​ TL:DR: Imo, you need to talk with your husband to help each other understand what's really going on, and control the consequences it will have on your relationship




I really like the part where you said you go hard on Mondays apparently. I can relate to this.


okay shit, that is heavy. im terribly sorry for you, but what your husband did was not fair. he must'nt shush you for any reason - you had the right to be furious, he was fucking your sister! its absolutely ok to be horny about what happened, our brains allways evaluate sex as arousing. but here's the catch: when we see ourselves in situations of being cheated on, sexually abused or in very bad cases being raped, we get both: the arousal AND the anger/fear/etc. since those are not getting along, our brains come up with shame for what happened and usually ppl see the mistakes in theirselves instead of those who are actually to be blamed for. ur husband and sis fucked up and you dont have to just take it like that.


can’t wait for an update


Still waiting for an update....


Desperate for an update


I mean...incest is only to prevent inbreeding. You're a woman and so is she. Enjoy it while you can, you probably have the same pussy genetics ak it's like eating yourself in a strange kinda way. Maybe you guys can all stay together in a 3-way relationship, make it comfortable.


It’s hot and got me hard and I want to hear more and come watch. If I’m being honest


So it's weird and kinda shitty that they put you in this position, but if you're all consenting adults you shouldn't feel bad about enjoying yourself.


If you really don't like it, you can boot her, and if you did like it, invite her to stay longer


This is hot as fuck. You and everyone involved had fun, try and enjoy it because your husband and sister will be going at it while you're at work.




Holy shit... After reading that story all i can give you is my opinion. Deep down in my gut i feel like you should talk to them individually and share how you feel about the situation. I mean we can all agree the party got a bit TOO WILD. Yes it was fun and a fantasy come true. But how is this gonna affect you in the long run? I think some ground rules need to be made. Im just worried that your sister and your husband have something more then you know of and youre gonna get hurt.. But if you all can tell the truth and express how you feel and keep things purely sexual i feel like you can have a fun and purely unique situation. Ive fantasized about my SO sisters a few times while masturbating but i would never admit that to her. Or even try it.. You are placed in a unique spot where it turns you on bjt its also considered taboo. I say you take advantage of this, but like i said. Ground Rules..


The only way to get over it is probably making your husband cum in your pussy and then force your sister to eat it out of you. Damn, wish I could watch!


Glad you’re going to talk with them about it. And it makes sense you’re severely conflicted. This is normal whenever boundaries are pushed. Are you more upset at your husband for not discussing first with you? Your sister as well? Obviously the wine and weed contributed. Did you like being cucked? Are you worried about how this will change your relationship with both of them? No judgement about the sex, which is a major turn on, but I’m interested in how you guys are going to communicate about this and what boundaries you need. It’s scary to have relationships disrupted, but if all relationships are loving and you all care about each other, there will be a way through this.


You need to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with both your husband and sister.


Honestly, incest between same sex siblings isn't an issue at all. As long as there is no procreation, the only problem is a moral one.


Yeah as long as both girls are really really hot


If everyone's consenting adults, and you can live with yourself after. It would be weird for me, maybe step sister would be fine. Great story and well written, definitely got me excited 🥒 even though its probably fake.


Why be ashamed? Sit down with both of them and tell them how you feel, both good and bad. My suggestion is tell them both you don't want them to fuck behind your back period, but if they are willing to do it as a threesome, you want to take it to the next level, whether there is liquor or drugs involved or not! My take is you really enjoyed the experience, but didn't like doing it behind your back?




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If you are telling the truth you need to have a conversation with both of then. first separate, then together. I hope you guys continue doing it, because it's awesome and it's hot. Also, fuck shame. That's not the reason to not do it. You need to feel good mentally and be ok with it. Seems like you have a slight sub personality, that doesn't mean that it's ok for then to treat you like that if you don't feel ok with it.


Hot story! But damn .. did you have to throw the Alabama part in there!?


How did it taste??




Shit happens


Have you heard from either of them during the day?


I haven't jerked off to a story in a long time. That one did it for me. Damn


You got 7 days left enjoy it. Don’t rent to much space in your head they both obviously wanted it to happen.


i bet as soon as you went to work they wake up and start fucking again ill be surprised if they don't




Nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing wrong with incest


Wow haha


It’s kinky, there weren’t any kids or animals, sure your husband did something pretty shitty. You obviously have some desire to see that. Let it be, use it in the ol’ spank bank lol


I thank it's verry hott I n sexxy I thank the More you get into it the y'all will enjoy each other's sexual company 😉😏😛🔥


great story someone likes to be humiliated


If this is something you want to try again you should do it. Never feel ashamed of anything. What you do in your own home is your business. All of you guys were adults so have fun


Girrll...you do you. As another woman on Reddit, feel free to DM me if you want to have someone to talk to about it. I know your inbox is full, mine was the other day. Haha I feel ya.


I hope we get to hear an update on this bc I could only hope my next girl would be half as willing as you good luck!


Do you think you hotter than your sister?




There's a whole subreddit for incest. You will be welcomed.


You have nothing to be ashamed of. Go home before your husband gets home and fuck the shit out of your sister. Then you two can dominate him.


Are you sure youre okay with this? Regardless of if you like it (because I get it), he did have sex with her without asking you first...




Is there a subredit for things this didn't happen so much that it unhappened things that did?


You're a cuckquean now


I'd dump multienloads in both of you and watch you 69 eachother to get it out


Sounds hot AF too me! How did your sister's pussy taste?


............like vagina?


With cum?


You hit the nail on the head


Oh your sister definitely got nailed! Maybe she can watch you tonight and eat your husband's nut out of your pussy! It's only fair!


Wow, you're stupid.


Make sure your sister in on the pill or have some morning after ready, if your going to take this set make sure you set up some clear boundaries with your husband, you don’t want him to think that fucking another wemon in your bed without you is acceptable


Hot af 🔥


Hit it again while you can


Omfg this is incest


I get that its incest, but there is no possibility of a child with common genes here so is it really that bad? Maybe its just from my cocks point of view but its not brother/sister. Thats gross. Sister/sister is only gross if they think it is, at least thats my take and obviously she has some issues with it which she'll have to figure out. Thanksgivings going to be fun!


You should indulge your passion. If it feels good, and no one is hurt by it, do it. Why wouldn't you? No one else has to know what you've done and it's none of their business.


Go fuck him so hard and good that he never wants your sister again






Well idk how to react to this other than to blame the drugs alchohol and hormones


Have you decided what you will say once you get home? Talked to either of them today at all?


Hell I want to hear what happened to you all when got home I hope another night like that 😘🌹🌹🌹


So hot, your a good little sub wife now.


Hot af


Now that’s sex


Update me


the fact that none of them seemed concerned when you walked in on them seemed a little weird but i can totally get the rest of it


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!remindme 1 day


i lost my boner when he was like just sit back like a good girl. blghhh.


ok, sounds great but remember, in an original star trek episode a robot went off the deep end because "Mud", who by the way was a professor, said, "I never tell a lie" and "I am dishonest"...in the same sentence. see what I mean? so, if you feel an urge to start turning in circles and saying "it does not compute" over and over again go immediately to your emergency department...


Didn't you do eat her after they fucked in the hot tub on day 1?


Damn I would’ve had a threesome everyday




Dam id feel betrayed atleast u have a strong bond know lol




Had to be some potent high! 🤤










I wanna fuck both


Well it is what it is. Taboo yes …. As taboo as maternal brother and sister. Not so much …. I say go with your gut . Has your husband had a vasectomy? Maybe invite other women into the mix you like . Find a happy medium. I thought the story was hot !


Guess we won’t be getting any updates here since the user has been deleted


I really like the part where you said you go hard on Mondays apparently. I can relate to this.


Absolutely don't be ashamed. Nothing you did was unnatural or shameful, despite what has been pounded into our heads all of our lives. I'm been married to a great woman for the almost 8 years. I love her dearly. Even so, I've loved my younger sister even more for her entire life. I'm 63 years old, and in very good shape....as is my 59 year-old sister. We have secretly, and independently, desired each other very much since we were teenagers. This, she revealed to me in an email on her own, and without provocation from me, 12 years ago...along with an offer of herself to me. I, in turn, revealed my long-standing desires to her and accepted her offer. A few days later, she got scared and it never happened. Even now, the tension and the long looks are still there, as are the unusually warm, full kisses whenever we meet. I still hope that she and I can allay those fears together someday before we're too old and feeble to enjoy the experience together. Enjoy your time with your husband and your sister. Do what your desires drive you to do. Your an adult, you can decide for yourself what's right for you. Best of luck!


Geez, I should spend more time proofreading my writing...Muff


So is this a female cuck? very hot to read


How did the conversation go when you got home?


I don’t care if this is real or not, it’s sexy as hell, IMHO. 😉


Pretty please keep us up to date with the aftermath if this. I'm very curious how that turned out.


Hi, just stumbled on your story. Very hot. Hope you're doing well, and not beating yourself up over it. Take care.


Any update?


1. That Guy belongs to the streets 2. That's fucked up 3. If something like that would happen to me, I would kill both of them and live a better life




> I decided that what I needed to do was suck his cum out of her pussy. That's my cum. I thought this only happened in porn games and hentai, not irl


Not everyone gets a chance like this in life. Don't waste it. Enjoy it and have fun with it. Let him fuck you while your sister watches. Maybe she'll suck the cum out of your pussy.


I have fantasized about something like this happening. The thought of it just makes my cock hard


What a sexy story. Can we get a pic of you to see what you look like (below nose/face obscured obviously)


You only live once. Have fun.