I don’t know if it’s normal, but maybe take and antihistamine incase you’re having a reaction to a product. Also take some ibuprofen to calm any inflammation. Not sure what else to suggest but it may well just calm down on its own in a few hours. You could also gently apply some frozen peas wrapped in a towel to cool your skin down.


What type of facial was it? Did they use suction?


Not suction but some kind of tool to get the impurities out, apparently my skin was dirty


It could be a reaction but honestly looks like slight bruising. Often they use a suction head to go over the skin to pull out impurities which if too strong, can create bruising like that.


Yes i think its bruising too. A little bit of the bruising has gone away, but you now can see the 'scratches' where she scraped my skin


Do not go back to this person. They were clearly way too rough with your skin. Moisturize and only use gentle products. Stay away from acids


I now see that she kind of took some skin of at my nose as well:( i have tiny wounds there now


You will need to heal but you will be fine. If you feel so inclined I would tell her you are unhappy and why, and would like a refund for the equivalent of the other two sessions you paid for


I actually ahvent paid yet! It was a deal for the next 3 appointments so no money lost


I'd ask my money back as a minimum if not for compensation


Thanks for your advise! She gave me a deal for 3 treatments for a cheap(ish) price compared to her normal prices, but i am not going to take it now because of all the scratches.




Yeah, but normally it costs €65 and i got is for a deal. So normallys he isnt cheap but youre probably right


Maybe he is always that cheap but lies on the website/over the phone to make you feel like you're getting a deal and get more customers. Maybe he did genuinely gave you a deal and rushed thru it to save money/time and that's why he screwed up so badly.


If it's bruising, then ice should help. Put a wet washcloth in the freezer for 15 minutes before laying over your face. Should help with swelling and redness too!


My mom told me that she was once told by a skin care specialist in Italy, that you should treat your facial skin like it’s silk. It sounds like she went to hard on your skin. I wouldn’t go anymore and find a new place and tell them your past experience.


>apparently my skin was dirty This right here is the biggest 🚩IMO. No one who is professional will tell a client their skin is dirty. Congested, but not dirty. That's how you shame clients. It also has the added bonus of making the client feel like they need to depend on you in order to have "clean" skin. Manipulation at its finest.


CONGESTED is the correct word to use. Your skin should not look at all like this. A bit of tenderness from blackhead extractions/milia removal is all I saw when I left the salon. Certainly not this colour or rawness!!


You are completely right. But I think the dirty part , is just badly translated.


You have a lot more faith in people than I do, lol.


If it were a reaction, I believe it would be all over your face


Not necessarily. My skin has sensitive and non-sensitive areas where only the sensitive parts react.


Put an ice pack on various areas of your face, not longer than 10 minutes at a time. Gets the red out of my skin right away and calms it down. You might also want to try Aquaphor healing ointment on your skin for a few days.


I had the same advice. I’m the queen of sensitive skin.


Damn. I’m an esthetician and it looks like she gave you an allergic reaction or something. Did you do a consultation beforehand or did she just go straight in?


No just straight in


Don’t go to her again LOL. As an esthetician you’re supposed to ask if people have allergies or sensitivities. That’s on her. Looks like she peeled off a layer of skin.


I get like this when I put something on my face with niacinimide.


Tbh don’t go to estheticians at all. Some are totally fine but because it’s not a highly regulated profession you really don’t know. If you’re going to get a facial go to a dermatology clinic with those kinds of cosmetic procedures. The derm doesn’t always do it but they’ll usually look at your face and do a consultation and decide what treatments are best, and you’ll generally have a treatment better suited for your skin


You can’t “give” someone an allergic reaction. OP might have been allergic to something she used.


you know what they meant and so does everyone else


You read minds? Cool.




OMG! I look “weird” to a stranger on the internet! GTFOHWTBS.




This could be a minor chemical burn. Sometimes facials aren't good for sensitive skin havers (like me) because the use multiple products that could irritate the skin like this. I'd avoid using any products and maybe rinse your face with cold water if it is a chemical burn.


Generally not, if you can contact your esthetician


If I were you I’d gently wash your face to remove anything still remaining on your skin, in case that was causing or adding to the irritation, and then follow up with any of the great suggestions already on this thread.


Facepalm to all answers… a mechanical facial, essentially pimple popping with a tool - leaves slight bruising. Keep your face clear and away from any harsh chemicals for 24-48 hours. Do not use make up. Apply non comedogenic calming cream. That is it. It isn’t a burn, or anything to worry about. If a popped pimple gets inflamed go back to salon for topical treatment.


Yikes it looks like the reaction I had to a couple of products recently. I used hydrocortisone cream (very limited quantities) and antihistamines to resolve it. But it took a couple of days.


Oof that sucks! I have to work again tomorrow and the rest of the weekend looking like this:(


Benadryl helped me when I had an allergic reaction on my face. Hydrocortisone made it worse, so maybe patch test if you decide to use it. It works for most people, but didn’t for me - only the allergy meds subsided the reaction.


If you have nosey customers, tell them you just got back from a long beautiful vacation!


This totally depends on the type of facial, as well as your skin type. I’ve def gone into facials and because my skin is SO sensitive I’ve come out with patchy redness. Hydrofacials will do this to me


Just apply aloevera and rest for sometime


Normal when they take out the dirt from pores and blackheads from nose


God no it's not , yes after a facial skins been touched so yes it can glow , look like a reaction to what was used ,


I have very sensitive skin, and mine looks like that afterward for about 3 hours sometimes, depending on what I had done. Aloe Vera helps calm it down if you are worried.


Have it too, especially after dermapen


Try not to put makeup or anything that will irritate it more.


Good thing i almost never wear make up!


Wash your face if it pricks, you are having a reaction to one of the things used on your skin after the facial was completed.use a cold compress and take Benadryl


I just washed my face, that already feels better! She just send me a message that my smin is very sensitive and that it will be gone tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and that i should wash my face with cold water


This looks painful ibuprofen and cold compress then alovera.


Wear a face mask to work.


Have you been on tret ? That can sometimes exacerbate such things. I had part of my upper lip peel off with waxing once, and this facial does seem to have bedn a but intense, so...


I’m wondering if she’s using tret too.. the same thing happened to me years ago when I got my eyebrows waxed, my skin peeled off


It’ll go away but u shud never do any facial a day bfr work, not the best idea. But try using a calming gel or cream.


I didnt know that


Looks like a reaction to the products she used. Try some topical aloe & aquaphor, and take Benadryl. If u still feel prickly and are red by day 2-3, see a Dermatolagist. They can prob give u a steroid to calm things down. Please DO NOT put makeup on or anything else. It will aggravate it!


this is not normal get yo self some natural topical aloe with few additives and reapply as often as you can!


You have a very, very, irritated and disrupted skin barrier, whatever tool or technique they used was a little too aggressive for your skin type! The next few days I’d take it easy and just use a gentle face wash, plenty of moisturizer and sunscreen! I’m sorry this happened.


Don't use any makeup or regular skin care. Witch hazel as a cleanser toner and see if aloe vera gel is tolerated. You can also try a patch test of Aveeno Ecxema or maybe Arinica Gel. As others said antihistamine in case you were allergic, and ibuprofen for inflammation. If it doesn't clear in a day or two go to Doc or an urgent care, you might have contact dermatitus, which usually clears up on its own, but you can also have a skin infection.


I have a witchhazel serum, would that do? I also already have aloe vera gel, so i will see in the evening if it tolerates


If your face is makeup free right now, I wouldn't bother with the witch hazel or anything but cool water. Less is definitely more when your skin is this angry. Antihistamines was a great suggestion too.


I took some citirizine, and it is make up free! I will shower colder than i normally do tonight


Good luck! Hopefully it will calm down before you have to work, but if it doesn't, try not to feel insecure. You just look like a lovely person who happens to be having a reaction to something!


Haha thanks. I work in healthcare so i will probably just say i had a reaction to something. They will (probably) understand


Honestly op this looks bad go to a derm and get professional advice, i dont think trial and error is a good idea


Take Benadryl now, it’s always a good way to relieve inflammation. It won’t hurt you at all.


Looks like a reaction to me. Was there a peel or acids involved at all? Avene has a product which is a healing barrier cream called Cicalfate. It was recommended years ago at a pharmacy, so I’ve always kept a tube in my vanity. It works every time I have a flare up or have redness or irritation. It’s cooling and will help your skin calm down. It’s similar to sudocreme but gentle and perfect for the face. Alternatively, get your hands on therapeutic grade essential oils - tea tree diluted with some cool water and dab it over your face with a little lavender.


Truly looks like an allergic reaction


This is a histamine response. You’re allergic to the products. Do you know what was used? Take some benadryl and contact the esthetician that did the facial. They will definitely want to know about this and should be able to provide more insight.


Don't go back there unless you're trying to get your money back, and talk to the manager of the salon. She clearly didn't know what she was doing.


Please don’t go back to her.


Possible chemical burn? This looks like when I burn my face when the wax is too hot.


Omg she did you so wrongly… I’m sorry. Should heal up soon but if she worked someplace I’d complain about your service- that’s horrendous. If she’s solo just never go back to her. Maybe even send her pics to make her aware of what she’s done so she doesn’t fuck someone else over


Leave them a bad public review because this is a job that's not well done and never return back. If it's painful and your skin is peeling everywhere, it's wrong. I used to be an avid supporter of beauty salons and their facials, but more often than not those people are not even qualified and outright ignorant to be messing with your face or skin!


Ha, someone took your comment personally. I agree she should leave a review. OP said in another comment that the aesthetician didn't even consult with her or explain treatments before starting on her face. They're clearly not very professional and could end up damaging somebody's skin.


Avoid makeup. If it’s hurting try rubbing an ice cube over your skin.


Aquaphor and cold compresses.


This happened to me when I got my first hydrafacial. It got worse over the next couple days. My dermatologist told me to lather my face in Aquaphor and OTC scar ointment. Wash with very gentle face wash, and just personally I would limit any strong skincare for a while. Mine happened in the summertime so I went without makeup for a while too. I don’t think a cold wash cloth with advil would hurt anything either. I’d stay away from putting ice on your face directly. I ended up getting a full refund from the medical spa I went to. I was pretty persistent that the esthetician didn’t ask me really any questions about my skin, skincare, needs, etc. I felt kind of guilty afterwards but it was such a bad reaction my friends told me I did the right thing. I now obviously avoid any harsh facials! I don’t do anything with physical abrasion or suction.


What kind of facial was this?


My skin is very sensitive. It’s not normal but when I used to have acne, my face used to be worse than yours. Tonight use gentle skincare products. You can use as much a you can thermal spring water [avene](https://www.aveneusa.com/thermal-spring-water-50ml?utm_id=go_cmp-17207375668_adg-137233064620_ad-597133122840_kwd-1656899696_dev-m_ext-_prd-_mca-_sig-CjwKCAjw_MqgBhAGEiwAnYOAeoOaBd_YjLR-X90SivsvOh2bN07nwHerGM604gvBE03xcN3TTszo7xoClrUQAvD_BwE&utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid-search&utm_campaign=SPRK_US_AVE_USD_RG~ec-multi_multi_GENB_TXT_Thermal+Water_GLB0003GNU&gclid=CjwKCAjw_MqgBhAGEiwAnYOAeoOaBd_YjLR-X90SivsvOh2bN07nwHerGM604gvBE03xcN3TTszo7xoClrUQAvD_BwE) Try to sleep on a smooth surface like satin pillowcases your skin will be very hydrated and healthy. I love mine. Great satin quality and price from this brand [satin pillowcase](https://www.olkibeauty.com/shop/p/satin-pillowcase-pink-king-size)


Happens to me sometimes when I try a different esthetician. Could be an allergic reaction or your skin is very sensitive. They just wash my face with water, if its an allergic reaction. Otherwise, I just use gentle products for about 4 days to repair my skin barrier. I get facials monthly and I love how clear and glowing my skin becomes the days after the redness and swollen skin calms down.


On a side note this looks strangely like a malar rash. For reference: Malar rash, also named a butterfly rash, is a common facial presentation of multiple disorders. It is characterized by an erythematous flat or raised rash across the bridge of the nose and cheeks, which usually spares nasolabial folds. It may be transient or progress to involve other areas of facial skin. Malar rash may occur in several systemic and local diseases. Differential diagnoses for malar rash are as follows: systemic lupus erythematosus, cellulitis, rosacea, erysipelas, dermatomyositis, and pellagra. Treatment starts with sun protection and management of the underlying disease. This activity reviews the role of the interprofessional team in the evaluation and treatment of this condition.


It's either allergic reaction or rosacea?


Definitely not rosacea


Hopefully they steamed your skin before any extractions. It can take up to a week for you face to calm down, but the redness should be completely gone if not severely reduced before tmrw. Also, some of the facial cleaners they use and other products can cause extreme redness, but you'll be ok. It looks like you got a good clean out. 👌


Your skin looks raw, especially around your nose. When i use too many harsh chemical exfoliants/peels/retinoids too frequently or get it too close to my delicate skin areas like around nose and eyes it looks like that. Or when my skin is kind of raw from peeling and i pick at those areas while they are super sensitive/delicate , it gets extra raw like that. Almost like raw skin from a sunburn. May not be caused by chemicals but just from being a little harsh, sometimes even just too harsh scrubbing with a wash cloth can make it raw like that. I would just be super delicate until it heals and use light products and lots of moisture


That happens when they use a Skin Pen. Normally they would let you know that and usually it takes about seven sessions.


No, this is not normal.


Oh wow, yep I'm staying away from facials like that. Hope your skin gets better quickly


Salons have insurance for the occasions when the few clients adversely react to their products and treatments. People don’t make use of this compensatory system as often as they should and suffer in silence. Report this reaction to the salon and make a formal complaint. Keep evidence of how your skin behaves over the next few days. And seek compensation. I think it’s unlikely your skin will return to normal next day. I’m a qualified beauty therapist and this is not what we expect after any treatment. The products used should be suitable for your skin type and clearly something is not right. I presume you were given a consultation on your first visit before any work was done. No? Then they are breaking their professional ethics. Use aloe vera or another calming balm to help the skin repair and seek medical help if the skin gets worse. Best wishes.


Has it gotten any better


I have posted an update! But yes it has gotten better, a lot of the redness is gone. But i still have a couple of scratches and some tiny wounds on my nose where she (i think) took of a layer of skin


Oh I’m so sorry, I saw it yesterday. What exactly did she do? You look young


I'm 24, but she just did a facial. First she cleaned my face, then she went to town on my face to get the sebum out, after that a peeling for 10 mins, then a couple of thing i dont really remember and she ended with a mask against the production of sebum for 20 mins


Ouch girl I’m so sorry! Go to the doctor


It's a infection, please contact to skin doctor