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Looks like a good set of products. I liked all the selections. If you aren’t having any irritation then your all good.


awesome, thank you!


I like that I have 75% of these products so I can reference this chart 🤣 I’m trying to get into a strict routine!


yay! i’m glad i could be of some use:’)


Same here. Totally helping me too! I’m just a few items and few routines away from yours. Thanks a ton


Lovely graphic so talented!!


thank you!


I don't have anything to add to your routine, but just wanted to say that the way you put this graphic together is so cute and satisfying, oh my gosh I love it!


thank you! i have autism so having my routine visually presented is a huge help. :)


No for real this is so good. I barely read post from this sub anymore but I’m still joined and normally scroll past posts but this one actually made me stop and read your routine


It's engaging and informative! Love it too!! If I may ask, how did you do it?


hi! i did it on my ipad with the goodnotes app :)


OP, can I commission you for one? 😅


Seriously though, I am actually saving this to my phone it's so helpful! I try so hard to learn this stuff but halfway through someone's written list I've already forgotten what I was reading. I love this!


Hi! I also have ASD and love skincare! Glad to see there are more of us 💛


Was just going to comment the same thing! It’s aesthetically pleasing ☺️




I know, right!?


I would recommend using the farmacy cleansing balm on days you wear sunscreen too, not just makeup. Sunscreen tends to require an oil to break it down properly just like makeup does. Or you could probably try a micellar water that says it works for waterproof makeup, if that feels easier to you.


ah that definitely makes sense. i’ll start doing that. thank you!


I also use the same cleansing balm! One days I don’t wear makeup, I just use micellar water with a cotton pad to remove my sunscreen! I don’t like using the cleansing balm when I don’t have to as it’s expensive!


Learning new things today! So if I used micellar to remove sunscreen I’d use it before cleansing right? I don’t wear makeup so have largely ignored makeup removers aside from micellar. Thanks friends!


Yes. Use the micellar water and then cleanse with whatever cleanser you normally use.


Thanks, from me and my face!


That seems like a great routine! I especially like that you choose certain products depending on how your skin feels that day. My derm has always told me to use my best judgement for certain products, like a moisturizer or a sunscreen.


that’s kind of how i’ve navigated curating my routine. i’ve never been to a dermatologist, so i had to do it myself :’)


You don't necessarily need a derm! (I just go to one because I have atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema that's incurable and makes me develop allergies.) Informing yourself with the right sources is great and if your routine works, you don't really need to see a derm and spend money.


Looks good to me! Also, super nice graphic!


thank you!!


On the (step 3) treatment night you use retinol with squalane, because it’s oil-based, I would use it after your (step 4) water based serums, but that kind of messes up the visually pleasing graphic with treatments in two places. For example, I personally use a cream tretinoin, so I use that after water-based serums / emulsions but before moisturizer since my skin can tolerate it. However when I’m moving up in strength and want to be careful about irritation, I will apply tretinoin cream over moisturizer. I also have that TO retinoid in squalane so would use it after serums but before moisturizer. Oil / balm cleanser > Cleanser > (optional low pH toner) / (alternatively can do sheet mask during this step, after cleanser while skipping toner, or after toner) > water-based, lowest pH treatment, like vitamin C serum, to higher pH treatment if doing more than one (BHA, then AHA) *obviously do not recommend stacking treatments unless you can definitely tolerate it* > (optional toner that *isn’t* low pH) > serum > (optional emulsion) > optional retinoid serums or creams (water or oil based) > moisturizer > (if sensitive skin, can use retinoid cream after moisturizer) > optional face oil Edit: [The Ordinary retinol in squalane](https://theordinary.com/en-us/retinol-1-in-squalane-serum-100441.html) says “Use after cleansing and water-based serums, before oils, suspensions or creams.”


thank you! i’ll try reordering my routine. luckily, tonight is retinol night.


I absolutely love this infographic


thank you so much :)


Skin is very resistant, unless you're skin is showing irritation then it's all fine


For sunscreen, have you tried using a Japanese or Korean one? I like beauty of joseon probiotics sunscreen or skin aqua in the gold bottle. Both HGs for me :) once you use Asian sunscreens, you never go back haha. La roche posay is also good if you prefer western


i have not! i’m gonna look into them now. thank you so much for the suggestion :)


These are some of my favorite Japanese/Korean sunscreens: Rohto Skin Aqua UV super moisture gel, Biore UV aqua sunblock, Isntree hyaluronic acid watery sun gel, Beauty of Joseon sun relief, ILLIYOON - Mild Easy-wash Sun Cream, Verdio UV Moisture Gel Water Proof


I just came here to see the graphics!!! 😉 Good job on it!


Only a few things I would mention. Lots of dermatologists say cleansing two times a day is unnecessary and just to wash skin with water in morning. I think it depends on your skin type though if you are very oily, cleaning in the am as well as pm may work better for you. However, if not, it may strip your skin


No need to wash off moisturizer and serums in am with a cleanser, just water (unless oily)??


yes why should we get rid of moisturizers and serums unless the product uses like that?


Good point. I was just thinking of product just sitting on my face rather than something sinking in. And I wasn’t specifically thinking moisturizer or something good, just more like oh no product just sitting there = buildup, etc.


In my experience it's all absorbed by morning, so there's nothing to remove in the am. Different things just work for different people...


Okay, thank you. This answer is helpful to me because I always thought of a product just kind of sitting on your skin and needing to be washed off in the am, rather than the product sinking into skin and therefore not needing to be washed off. Thank you so much.


I thought this too for my skin but my derm is having me try cleansing in the morning as well because I am an oil slick lol Edited to add: it seems to be helping so far!


I worry about my retinoid not being washed off in the AM if I'm using other actives in the morning. I sleep with a pretty thick layer of aquaphor, so a warm water rinse really feels like it's only making a dent on the surface of my PM product. If I just plan to slap on some sunscreen (which I often), then a rinse seems good enough.


That’s the question I wanted to ask.


Do you find the lip mask makes a noticeable difference? I’m wondering if I should give it a try.


i have chronically dry lips, and honestly, 11/10 results. i swear i never wake up feeling like i haven’t had water in over a year anymore. plus. it’s supposed to be a dupe for the laneige lip mask. i haven’t tried it, but people say it’s very similar!


Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll give it a try!


oh gosh I have to try this then lol I also have chronically dry lips! and dry skin in general do u know where I can buy it from? just like drugstore or Amazon? (I live in canada)


I just searched my Target and couldn’t find it, but Google tells me it’s sold at Ulta Beauty and Walgreens drugstore, in the United States. So maybe an equivalent drugstore or beauty supply store in Canada Carrie’s the product.


thank you! after reading your comment, think I have some in mind that might sell it :)


It absolutely is a dupe!


Nothing to hurt but I just noticed that you use the ordinary 10% Niacinamide twice a day on resting nights. A lot of derms say that Niacinamide 10% itself is a high concentration sort of a booster so maybe using it twice a day is excess? Just an observation. If it works for you then it's obviously fine!


to be honest, i only use it twice a day because the ordinary website says that’s the suggested use. not the smartest move on my end. i’ll definitely see how my skin does when i cut it out at night. thank you so much!


Just a heads up, Supergoop sunscreen FUCKED me up. Like my entire face turned completely red and started burning. It was my first ever reaction to a sunscreen.


Some people are sensitive to chemical sunscreen. I am one of those people. Even the skin on my body is super sensitive to at least one of those chemical sunscreens, though I haven’t found out which one because I’m not interested in testing a bunch of different ones because so far most of them make me turn red, blotchy, bumpy and burny


I’ve only tried a few chemical sunscreens and none gave me a reaction like this. I’m thinking it’s the lemon oil/citrus stuff they add to it for scent. That’s my working theory for the moment cause I can’t figure out what else is different about it compared to the few others I’ve tried.


That’s probably more likely. I don’t think chemical sunscreen is a very common irritant but I know fragrance is.


Supergoop stings my eyes 😭 and the smell was weird to me, but I see why people might like it underneath makeup, it feels like a primer


That’s a great routine. I have started using a similar routine with cerave and the ordinary products. Great graphic to help organize the routine.


There's nothing harmful there! You could possibly simplify it by losing the toner and just having cerave in the tub for moistuiser once your current two moisturisers run out.


This is so so cute I’m obsessed! Definitely don’t think you’re harming your skin. If anything I would say to maybe look into tretinoin or adapalene if you’re struggling with clogged pores/sebaceous filaments? Although I can’t say how that would work with rosacea so def do your research if interested. I personally don’t believe in toners or hyaluronic acid serums lol. Looks like the toner you’re using may be redundant if you’re using a niacinamide serum as well. Toners can also be unnecessary astringent and irritating. Hyaluronic acid is also in absolutely everything these days, and is present in both of the moisturizers you’re using. There’s really no benefit of using the serum additionally, and too much may actually dehydrate your skin. But unless your skin feels/looks irritated there’s really no reason to switch up a routine that’s working for you, except to pair back and simplify things for the sake of budget or time.


Try La Roche Posay sunscreen. They are arguably the best in the market.


Do you use regular lotion on your face? I’m curious because I’ve tried in the past and it’s way too heavy.


i don’t. the one thing i love about cerave moisturizers is how light they feel on the skin. the daily moisturizer is a bit heavier than the pm. so if you’re going for as light as possible, i definitely recommend the cerave pm moisturizer.


Just curious, do you not use the Cerave AM because it’s a lower SPF, or did you have other problems with it?


What don’t you like about the sunscreen? It’s what I currently been using for a year but I honestly never held a stance whether I like it or not lol


it’s more of how it makes my makeup look. i’ve noticed that it makes my pores extra visible (which might totally be my fault. i’m not an expert with face makeup lol). i’ve heard really good things about the supergoop matte sunscreen for people with big pores.


I have big pores but I don’t wear makeup as a guy. Maybe I should wear makeup to test this out!


Love this so much!


I freaking love the cherry cleansing balm. It smells sooo good (like cherry dilly bars ). I was so sad when mine ran out.


i miss cherry dilly bars so much… my dairy queen stopped selling the cherry dipped stuff years ago.


But it’s the best flavor! 💔 cherry dipped cones are good too. I recently asked them to put some cherry dip into a brownie Sunday and was surprised they actually did it.


May I know what’s the purpose u use azealic acid in the morning routine? And hyaluronic acid only during night routine?


This infographic is so good! Such a good way to visualise a routine! This routine I think is pretty good. A lot of these are similar to what I use and I think if you’re not having any issues should be good to continue :)


I love the same cleansing balm!! 😍


Hyaluronic and Tret?


Is it for men or women


I understand that you have oily/combination skin just like me. How are you liking the Ordinary Retinol in squalene so far? I've been meaning to start using retinol but I've heard that The O. formula might be a little heavy for my complexion due to the squalene.


I also like the cerave pm lotion for the day time 😂


I hated the neutrogena sunscreen, it burned my face. I use mad hippie brand now with zinc added, it’s great


you should always break down your sunscreen with an oil cleanser!!


What is your skin type??


i have classic combo skin- oily in some areas and dry in others. the oiliness is amplified when my hormones change. :)


Is this okay if i ask you some questions?


Not that what you're doing is harmful, but you can get a Cerave moisturizer with SPF for daytime, then you wouldn't need a separate SPF layer. I use their Ultralight one.


does it feel like a regular moisturizer? i’m really picky with textures lol.


Very close! It definitely doesn't feel as lovely as putting on a nice, thick moisturizer - but I don't wear those in the AM anyways. I have used both the Neutrogena SPF that you have and the Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF. Both left me feeling greasy and icky. The Cerave Ultralight is so much better!


It’s a bit OTT.


Some of your product’s companies are still testing on animals. I’d swap out Cerave and Neutrogena for more Farmacy, ELF, The Ordinary, and Wet n Wild products if you already like how they are working for you …and that way nobody’s skin gets hurt! 🐰


PM during the day?


Everything looks great, and I just want to say I love how you organized everything :) it is visually stunning!


This is so cute! I love the way you have it all displayed! :D /gen Is it alright if I do this woth my routine too? (Also I dont see anything "wrong" with your routine it all looks amazing! )


thank you :)) and yes, of course! it was really fun to make and has helped a ton with keeping me on track. i’m glad you like it and i hope it’s just as helpful for you!


Thank you! Im autistic and adhd so hanging this up will hopefully make me remember!


I would switch the the ordinary serum’s 10% nia for another brand that has 5%. Cause 10% has been associated with irritation especially for POC.


Any SPF?


Lol is this a humblebrag?


yeah, totally. definitely didn’t ask a legitimate question.


Well, it looks like when someone posts an amazing photo of themselves and asks if they look bad. Being more humble to appear not conceited when it's obviously great. The one criticism comment I saw was downvoted, which makes it seem like you're asking for criticism but may not actually want it. If you do, your very polished presentation may have created a space where only positivity is accepted by others. Heads up for next time I guess.


because i presented my routine in a pretty picture (something i made for personal use in my journal, not for a reddit post), i’m not willing to accept criticism? would you have the same response to someone that posted a beautiful photo of their skincare product collection? i’m assuming the one critical comment you’re talking about is the one where someone said i took a medication that i never mentioned. unhelpful and off-topic questions are going to get downvoted, that’s just the way it is. there’s lots of comments that point out flaws in my routine and i’ve gladly acknowledged and accepted them. if you find a visual scheduling a way to “brag”, i think it would benefit you to speak to some autistic people and learn how beneficial it can be to us. that’s all this was and i’m sorry if that’s how it came across.


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Are you on accutane?




The only suggestion I have is if your skin is on the dryer side, like mine, I would not wash your face in the morning with a cleanser. I just sweep mine with some micellar water.


I have also read that niacinamide pairs really well with retinol, so I would look into using that on retinol nights, as well. Also, highly suggest double cleansing every night if you wear sunscreen


Off topic… is this a note taking app? I just like how it looks.


hi! it’s the goodnotes app. :)


I absolutely LOATHE Neutrogena sunscreen with a passion! It’s making my eyes burn and tear just thinking about it! can’t forget that white clown makeup it leaves behind! But really nice routine minus that little devil.


do you have a sunscreen rec that doesn't irritate the eyes and make you tear up? I've been looking for one


I use Algenist spf 50 fluid, its the greatest sunscreen I've ever used and it dries down matte and makes your skin look flawless and doesn't harm my eyes in any way thankfully otherwise I would not use it. its not cheap tho its 30 dollars for one ounce and the way you're meant to use sunscreen, its not gonna last very long but I think its worth it, I just ordered some Korean and Japanese sunscreens so if those are as good as everyone says ill start using those full time as well..


omg thank you so much for sharing! I hate crying while just trying to protect the skin around my eyes oh thats so cool! which k and j beauty sunscreens did u order? id love to hear your opinion on them later as well if possible


Have you ever started using the sunscreen?!?! 🤩🤩🤩 🧴


So you also prefer the ceravè PM during the day over the AM? Or is it a cost thing?


ive never used the am, but i love the way the pm sits on the skin & how moisturizing it feels.


I’m not a fan of the AM, but I have it and use it bc my brain feels like it needs to use the AM in order for my routine to be complete 😂 It’s just the PM but with sunscreen. It’s thicker though and harder to rub in


Can the Cerave PM moisturizer be used during the day too?


from what i understand: as long as you apply spf on top, it’s safe for day use.


How long do you wait between applying each product? If there’s another thread with answers on this, could you please point me to it? Thanks for sharing your routine and graphic (which is amazing). Thank you!!!


hi! it honestly depends on the step. i always wait until my skin is dry to apply my pm treatments (retinol will just absorb the water on the skin, from what i understand). for the serums, i like my skin to be damp, but not wet and i apply moisturizers directly after. it’s just whatever feels “right” tbh. i know that’s not much help. i’m sure you can find something more official on this sub.


this is helpful, thank you!


Am I the only one who expects applying toner right after cleansing? I had to double-check if the toner is missing on OP’s night routine 😯


This looks good! Some people find Azaelic acid and Niacinimide irritating and some people can’t tolerate certain exfoliants but as long as your skin tolerates them and they are all working for you they are all great and highly effective ingredients ! If you’ve been using it for a few weeks / months now with no issue you’re good. If you’ve only started just take note of any signs of potential irritation like persisting redness/ burning / itching / rashes etc. and pause any newer products until it clears. The only way you could harm your skin with this would be by irritating it but if it’s not irritated you don’t need to worry and it’s normal for retinol to irritate for a while so that’s not even something to worry about


I loved the graph! It's so lovely. You're talented!


is there a reason why you don't like the Neutrogena sunscreen? also I love the graphic!!


Try skin better science tone smart spf !!! It’s amazing !!!!


i would just be careful about using retinol and various chemical exfoliants only because accutane is so so thin and sensitive!!! but if your skin is happy then 🤷‍♀️


wdym accutane? sorry if it’s obvious, i’m very new to all the terminology haha 😅


You’re not wrong, OP. Accutane is the oral version of really strong retinol. Your routine is honestly perfect. I agree with the commenter about using the cleansing balm when you wear sunscreen. Otherwise, perfect. But I’m honestly mindblown at this graphic. It’s so pretty. I have no idea how you made it, my brain is hurting thinking about where I’d start. But I love it. I have adhd so I feel you on the visual assistance! ❤️


Would Accutane help with for Keratosis Pilaris?


i saw a post on here that said accutane can trigger it. although, i do have it on my arms and i use the farmacy honeymoon aha/bha body lotion. i’ve noticed a huge difference.


Thank you for the info. I’ll look into that lotion.


I can’t imagine why not, but I’m not a doctor, sorry! I don’t think KP is enough reason for doctors/insurance to prescribe and cover, though.


thank you so much! i did it on my ipad with the goodnotes app. it took quite a long time, but it was worth it. :)


When I first got into skin care, I wrote my routine down on a piece of paper and had to reference it daily for like, 6 months & yours is much more aesthetically pleasing :)


hey, absolutely no shame… mine is still in a composition book from when i first started :’)


Skip the morning cleanse, as long as your pillow case is clean then water is enough.