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I have had 1 shot of Moderna and my face is breaking out a lot more than usual. Especially around my chin and jaw line. I mean it is still worth it. But annoying as no one talks about it.


I don’t regret getting the vaccine, but all the unexpected side effects I’m having (from skin issues to an abnormally high resting heart rate) are frustrating. People kept saying all the stories were false, you’ll just get a sore arm and some fatigue, etc etc etc. Nope.


hi I know I'm late to this convo but I got pfizer and I'm experiencing the same thing... the high heart rate and cystic acne all over the jawline and chin


Any relief yet for you!! got my first pfizer on 2nd September and my face is not in a good shape now.


it took a couple of months but it did go away! but now im terrified to get the 3rd shot so :/


I have never had acne before and had none from wearing a mask since March 2020, but once I got my second shot in Feb 2021 I’ve had bad chin acne since and more eczema


Has it cleared up now?


My face did clear up after a month


I got the Moderna shot too! I can't recall if I broke out anywhere else except my chin and I got 2 (rather big) cystic acne pimples.


Same, i got the Moderna and I have had several cystic acne pimples (not something I get, have had a couple after I first got an iud at 49) I am steady increasing my vitamin C and melatonin and being ready for this part to pass on by! I’m 55 btw and sometimes I wonder if it’s menopause and the after affect of the vaccine combined. And I had my Merina removed after 6 yrs, thinking it was the perfect storm for skin eruptions! My poor sis ended up with a more severe psoriasis flare that her Dermatologist said was more than likely due to the vaccine.


Same here. Moderna one shot so far and my face is covered 3 weeks later. Even my neck and cleavage area. I have cried and cried. It’s nasty.


I am so sorry to hear this acne condition has brought you to tears. I hope it goes away soon. It is a relief to share these stories because you are not alone.


This prompted me to look into this more, and it turns out that women by a majority report more symptoms than men do and it could be for a number of reasons: [https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/women-vaccine-side-effects-johnson-pfizer-moderna-astrazeneca-1152206/](https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/women-vaccine-side-effects-johnson-pfizer-moderna-astrazeneca-1152206/)


Thank you for this


Dude. I have been wondering where these horrific cysts came from on my jawline. Literally no change to my routine.


I came to this thread to see if anyone else had this problem. I’ve had these intensely painful cysts since my parents got their vaccines.. 3 now, in 3 weeks. (I’m holed up with them as my new house readies for move in, please don’t judge haha)


Doesn’t it just flipping suck? Skin issues get me super down. I was not expecting this at all! Just a sore arm.




Weeks after Pfizer can confirm I’ve never had cystic acne until now. Again jaw like many others


Yoooooo So I got my second dose of phizer March 8.. and beginning of May.. seriously full face (mainly jaw line) of pimples :((((( maybe it’s my diet or stress but decided to see if there’s any info out there about it being vaccine related.. I also got a cold sore like 2 weeks ago.. and lots of new pimples wtfffffffff


Same here, breaking out like it's a day before prom all over the jaw and below nose. I'm 34 and usually only get 1 or 2 during aunt flow.


Seriously cysts UNDER my chin Wtfffff Is it possible?.. 2 months after vax


Ohhhh I’ll be PISSED if I break out from this vaccine.


I’ve heard a lot about the vaccine messing with women’s menstrual cycle so maybe it has something to do with hormones. There are a lot of women posting about the menstrual cycle effects in the covid vaccination sub. Personally I had a bit of a flare up on my jaw line and a rash on the arm I got the vaccine (2nd Pfizer dose) in but it all went away within 2 weeks. I hope yours resolves soon too!


omg, just the other day I got my first shot of Pfizer and I was SO emotional for a few days after. The guy I was dating canceled plans on me for a very valid reason and I ugly cried and broke things off (we are talking again), then cried for no reason because my friend was being nice to me but I felt like it must have been the vaccine that made me feel so emotional but couldn't find anything online about it. I've just finished my period recently so its definitely not period hormones.


I've also been way more cranky than usual after receiving my shot. Felt like how I feel when I'm on my period!


Yup. Hormonal acne on my chin and jawline. Worse periods than normal. VERY heavy, lots of...um (TMI) but clots. Two of my other friends are having the same issue since getting vaccinated.


Has the acne cleared up?


Agreed. My period was extremely heavy and I had it for almost a month. I only had a week off in a 30 day period. I'm now severely anemic and I'm pretty sure it's due to the unusually heavy period. I have an appointment with a hemotologist to find out.


Its been over a month since i had my second shot and my skin is covered in acne! I've never had acne before that I can remember not even as a teenager. Its really bad and has to be from the vaccine. Im really surprised its lasted this long and no end in site. Im using everything i can find, spent a ton of money on anti-acne face washes and creams. It calms down for like half a day and then pops back up all over my face.


Did it get any better? I took my 2nd dose a month ago and my skin is still breaking out really bad :(


I’m having the same issue. The shot messed with my periods and suddenly I have cystic acne that antibiotics are not even making a dent on.


Ah shiiiit😭😭at least were not alone. Smhhhhh


Hey! Had the same happen to me, really bad acne popping up all over my face, jawline, forehead and so on. Now its been 3 months, almost 4, and i’m almost back to normal. Just a couple acne scars and a few tiny spots. I’m 100% positive it was the vaccine, as it started after the first, and became worse after second shot. I got pfizer. Also, my menstruation was really off, started bleeding the day after 1 dose, didnt stop until a month after second. Only spotting, but still. Hopefully your skin will clear up within 3-4 months too! Really scary to think that it may be messing with our hormones!


I work at a site administering vaccines. It sounds like an allergic reaction. Have you tried taking Benadryl yet? Most likely you would also need to use a steroidal cream to lessen the symptoms. Also was this after your first or second dose? If it’s the first I would recommend seeing an allergist because the way allergies work is that reactions are usually worse the second time around so you want to be cautious with the second dose. Doesn’t mean you can’t get the second one but you want to try to avoid any severe reactions with a doctor’s recommendation. I’m not sure how the site you went to functions but at my place you need a letter from an allergist approving the second dose if you had an allergic reaction the first time around so you might want to check what their regulations are otherwise you might have to delay the second dose. If anyone is getting puffiness or anything that itches, or bumps that’s a sign of an allergic reaction. If it’s acne then it might be your immune system acting up because most likely it’s the body’s inflammatory response working with the vaccine. Hope this helps!


I’ve taken four Benadryl over the course of 1.5 days so far. First dose. Sadly I can’t have steroids due to having steroid-induced perioral dermatitis before.


The steroidal cream is just to lessen the symptoms but it’s not a must. Also based on your other side effects you were describing in other posts I would highly recommend seeing an allergist before receiving the second dose so you can prevent anaphylaxis. Air hunger and burning lips are also signs of an allergic response.


All of this is so helpful! This thread is the only thing I could find that relates to what I’m experiencing, after an hour of research. I’m fully vaccinated (Moderna) & tonight I was ready to light my face on fire (sarcasm) because the acne I’ve been experiencing will NOT go away. I’ve never in my life broken out like I have been for the past two months. I went to the doctor, who told me I had a bacteria infection of the skin & put me on an anti-biotic and steroid. I finished both and although it was helpful for about a week, the acne came back, persistent as ever. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what I’ve been doing differently to cause it; if I was eating something out of the ordinary, or if I developed an allergic reaction to the skin products I’ve been using for the past couple years. It wasn’t until tonight that it dawned on me that it could possibly be the vaccine that is making my face breakout the way it has been. Just like many others have said, I’m experiencing cystic acne on my jawline/chin/& lower cheeks. Although I don’t see anyone with any information on how to combat the breakouts, I can say that a weight has been completely lifted off of my shoulders knowing that others are having the same troubles. & it’s a huge peace of mind knowing the (possible) cause, as I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I was doing that was causing such breakouts.


Also, I can say that the best my skin has looked since breaking out so badly, was the day after I spent in the sun at the beach. Even after medication my skin didn’t heal as much/well as it did after being out in the sun (I used & reapplied a 30SPF the whole time I spent in the sun). If anyone is looking for a way to calm the acne or at least make it look a little better, I suggest tanning, whether it be in the sun or at a tanning salon. As for all of you ready to jump down my throat about skin cancer, tanning in moderation absolutely has health benefits. Because not only does the acne I’m experiencing look horrible, especially while at work where I’m serving tables & need to look presentable, but it also hurts worse than most injuries I’ve ever had. The constant stinging, burning, itching, and throbbing are the main reason to find anything that will help take care of the acne.


Reading this post 220 days later, as i took my first vaccine. I was shocked to see the links on my face as no one discussed this before. What can i do to my face? Have you come up with any solution? Help me...


Your description echoes what I have experienced. Thank you for sharing. I will share what you have said with my friends.


Here is my follow-up story explaining my whole experience! I also have photo evidence, but am learning that people don’t share personal photos to Reddit. If you feel like you resonate with my story & what I have to say, and you’d like to see the before/after photos, just personal message me and I’d be glad to find a way to get them to you. Also, before I start I’d like to state that I am 30 years old with no history of hormonal or nonhormonal acne. While growing up, going through puberty, and living the ideal college party lifestyle I didn’t experience more than a zit or two at one time and have always noticed that these seldom “breakouts” popped up around my menstrual cycle. I am so beyond happy that I found this forum & think that it is important for others in my situation to find/have this information. So shortly after finding this forum, my dad started an argument with me trying to belittle what I had claimed to have learned from reading it. If you look at the date I originally posted you’ll notice it was almost a year ago, which was not long after I received my final dose of Moderna (on April 11th, 2021). Back then I had just started hearing stories of/from women whose periods were being affected by the vaccine; and by that I mean I read one account of a friend of a friend on Instagram claiming her period was completely off schedule & that her MOTHER who had already underwent MENOPAUSE had spontaneously started bleeding just weeks after her vaccination (I’m not sure if it was after her first or last shot). It WASN’T until I saw THIS^ Instagram post that it dawned on me that the acne I was experiencing might be related to the vaccine (I swear, it hit me like a ton of bricks. After all of that time searching, it was a random Instagram post which made me aware of what was causing my acne). I immediately searched the internet for others who were having the same experience and the ONLY source I could find was this Reddit forum. I wrote the comment above on June 11th, which means that it took me nearly three months after my first shot & breakouts to realize that the reason behind my embarrassing, never-experienced-before, extremely painful, & impossible to cure acne could be the vaccine. Now that more time has passed and more side effects are known and studied, I have heard numerous women talk about how after their vaccination their menstrual cycles were coming at unexpected times or not at all. After hearing this and other complaints all specific to women’s bodies, it no longer made sense to me to think of the vaccine as affecting women’s PERIODS; but rather, the vaccine is having an effect on women’s HORMONES, creating an imbalance that is at the root of all of these complications. Because jawline, chin, lower cheek, and neck cystic acne are in most cases considered hormonal, I realized that the acne I was experiencing wasn’t directly caused by the vaccine (like the beginning of this forum supposed), but that the vaccine had been negatively affecting my hormones and my cystic acne was an unfortunate consequence of those newly ‘out of wack’ hormones. SO… back to the conversation I had with my dad. After criticizing my idea that the Moderna vaccine was triggering my hormones and producing the cystic acne I was experiencing, I had to find a way to convince him that my theory was legitimate. So criticize all you want, but I finally had the idea to check my camera roll, searching the dates around my vaccination date, and thinking maybe I’d get lucky and have a photo to back my claim. If he wasn’t going to believe other peoples (woman’s) first hand accounts, maybe he’d believe mine (after months of crying to him about my skin) if it was attached to photo proof. I checked my vaccination card which stated that my first shot was on March 14, 2021. After searching “March 2021” in my photos app a number of selfies from that month popped up and I had found exactly what I was looking for! I have a photo from March 9th with very clear skin, I was given my first Moderna vaccination shot on March 14, & I have a photo from March 26th where my skin the most red/painful/broken out I have EVER experienced before; persisting until September 2021, when I consulted my doctor. Although my doctor had a very underwhelming reaction to my theory (he said it could be true, but that there wasn’t enough evidence/knowledge about the vaccinations yet to know), and no desire to see my before and after photos (like come on dude, humor me), he couldn’t deny that it was likely that the vaccine was the source of my hormonal acne. So he put me on a spironolactone prescription, two pills taken once a day. According to goodrx, “Spironolactone slows down your body's production of androgen hormones, such as testosterone. These hormones can make the skin produce too much oil, which clogs pores and causes acne.” It took about a month of regular use to start seeing a difference, but since then my face has cleared back to my normal to dry skin; with the exception of an occasional bump here or there, usually around the same time as my menstrual cycle. Let me also say that before speaking with my doctor I spent months racking my brain. I started a new skincare line when the breakouts initially occurred, only to discontinue use after two months because I then thought maybe it was making it worse. I thought that my new habit of indulging in a blueberry bagel once or twice a week MUST be the cause because I’ve never eaten blueberry bagels so frequently. Obviously cutting out BB bagels had no affect on my skin. After that didn’t work, my mom talked to an esthetician friend of hers who mentioned that I should rule out a fungal infection. For treatment she suggested I rinse my face with white vinegar every morning/night. At this point my cystic acne was now open sores from continually picking caused by my ADHD. Im sure you can imagine how it feels to put vinegar into an open wound, but I’ll explain just in case you can’t. The burning sensation is so strong/intense that my eyes would be streaming tears. My boyfriend had to hold my head down and dab my face because it hurt too bad for me to do it myself (and I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance). To continue using the vinegar daily I had to mentally prepare by convincing myself that it was working, even though it didn’t end up working. As a last measure, which looking back probably should have been a first attempt, I bought close to 50 pillow cases and each night would switch all of my pillows into clean, non-scented detergent washed pillow cases. This also had no impact. After this being said, I want to ensure that you all know that I didn’t just immediately seek out a doctors opinion; but that I tried [unsuccessfully] for months to narrow down the cause of the acne and inflammation and treat it. I know this is a lot to read, but I thought that by being as detailed as possible I would have the greatest chance to help someone who is going through what I went through. If you are currently dealing with similar vaccination symptoms and side effects just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will find your way to clear skin again! The best of wishes & good luck on your journey ❤️


Thank you so do much for your informative description of your acne issue after the vaccine. So after taking one month of spironolactone your skin cleared up. Did you discontinue taking spironolactone after your skin cleared up? How long was it recommended for you to go on this therapy of spironolactone? Thank you!


I used it for two months & my doctor made sure to give me a refill so if I start to break out again I can call the pharmacy and refill!


This is fascinating, and I appreciate everything you shared! I’ve struggled with acne off and on for years, but my face was almost completely clear (besides the 1-2 monthly zits) before I got my 3rd Pfizer booster. I lost 10 lbs (I was thin to begin with), had heart palpitations for a week, and now am struggling with mostly hormonal acne around my chin/cheeks. I got my booster back in Nov ‘21 and thankfully my heart is normal again and weight has stabilized, but the cystic acne persists. :( My dermatologist put me on Tretinoin 0.025% and Winlevi, but I’m considering Spironolactone as the next step. This helps to confirm that it’s all related and somehow the vaccine has triggered a hormonal response!


Hey! Had the same happen to me, really bad acne popping up all over my face, jawline, forehead and so on. Now its been 3 months, almost 4, and i’m allost back to normal. Just a couple acne scars and a few tiny spots. I’m 100% positive it was the vaccine, as it started after the first, and becamd worse after second shot. I got pfizer. Also, my menstruation was really off, started bleeding the day after 1 dose, didnt stop until a month after second. Only spotting, but still. Hopefully your skin will clear up within 3-4 months too! Really scary to think that it may be messing with out hormones!


Ive been trying to find other people that this has happened to, lol. I'm not under any stress and I have not had acne like this since I've went through puberty. It started like a week after my first dose. I'm not worried about it and will be getting my second dose, but the acne is painful and its all over my face but especially bad on my chin.


Same! Except it’s my chin & cheeks - it’s severe & antibiotics haven’t made a difference. (I also had a few weird periods following my vaccines).


I just received the. J&J vaccine the other day. I haven't had any breakouts or reaction at all. I also happen to have eczema and it has not caused a flare up for me. My mom had the Pfizer vaccine and also didn't have any skin reactions. I guess it's possible as they are saying some of the vaccines may be affecting women's hormones. Hope anyone who is not feeling well due to the vaccine recovers and those reactions heal.


That makes total sense about the hormones based on where my breakouts are


Viral vaccines can sometimes cause rashes... my son got a few eczema like patches on his legs after mmr shot.. erythema multiforme I believe it's called. Maybe it's the same mechanism, even though it's a different type of vaccine.


I'm going to be brutality honest. Correlation does not always equal causation specially when not listed as a side effect. You may just happen to have a breakout episode after taking the vaccine. I see it a lot on this sub, where people make outlandish links between a recent acne breakout and something that in no practical sense would make them break out. They try to correct for it, and shocker, they are still breaking out. I personally think the link is unlikely.


I think there's a correlation between the vaccine and hormones. Women are experiencing changes to their menstrual cycles after taking the vaccine and hormonal acne is a result of imbalanced hormones.


I’m sure this is the case with some people, but it’s really not that crazy of an idea that the vaccine could cause a shift in one’s hormones which then causes a breakout. I came looking to see people’s experiences because my first period after my second dose was weird, and I have cystic acne with it. Obviously something else could be a trigger, but I’ve never had cystic acne in my life and nothing else has changed in my life, and I can see others are having similar experiences as well.


Meeeeee Had my second dose of fizer early March.. March 8.. Had a normal March period/no crazy breakouts.. But then this last period I had.. which ended about 2 weeks ago.. Fucked me upppp so many pimples along my jaw unlike ever before. Cystic ones.. and the period I had was soooo heavy AND came with a cold sore breakout. And I don’t usually get cold sores. I was like WTF is happening to my hormones.. now the pimples/acne are starting to heal.. I also invested in an expensive retinol last week. But I can’t help but feel that this hormonal explosion could be linked to vaccine.. I’ve seriously not had a breakout + cold sore + period this bad ever before




I got Pfizer and have both regular (albeit unusually severe) breakouts and a separate rash spot. I also have burning lips, muscle fatigue, a sore arm, tachycardia (with resulting air hunger) and fatigue. I’m on Spironolactone so I just don’t break out like this anymore. It’s been over five years tbh.




Already did. They said to call the doctor because they couldn’t do anything. If they’re tracking anything, they didn’t mention it.


I haven’t had a breakout like this in years, though. And the facial rash doesn’t make any sense...


I had my second Moderna shot back in February and didn’t experience any breakouts. Hope it goes away soon for you!


I thought I was going crazy!!! I am 41 years old and I haven’t had acne since I was a teenager. My face is a complete mess. I have these red dots all over my forehead especially close to the hairline, cystic pimples on both cheeks and around my mouth and this itchy rash on my neck, it’s on the vaccination side above my clavicle and another one on the arm around the elbow... Today is 2 weeks since I took the second dose of Pfizer. My face has steadily gotten worse since the beginning of April (first shot April 4th) I didn’t get major side effects like fever, chills and body aches but I was exhausted after the 2nd shot and a week later I started to have chills (no fever) and my heart rate would spike up, experienced air hunger for about 5 days, those symptoms had gone away but my face is a disaster. Today I am fully vaccinated, it’s Saturday and I am too depressed to go out and show my face full of acne in public... 🙄


Me toooooooooo 30 years old My skin has been a mess this past month or so.. I had my 2 dose of fizer early March and seems like my breakouts have been increasingly worse.. jaw line.. neck area.. so not typical for me!


Same! Haven’t had acne since being in high school and my whole complexion is now messed up. First shot of Moderna. I don’t regret getting the vaccine but I wish I had known this could happen so that I could do some major skin prep beforehand.


UPDATE! What I thought was the vaccine turned out to be a reaction to a new vitamin Calcium with Vitamin D from Nature’s Bounty (they have reviews online with people complaining of acne and rashes) and also I was taking Nutrafol for hair and nails and the Biotin was making me breakout. Stopped all viyamins and my face cleared out in 48 hours.


Came here with similar experience. I’m reading about “delayed” reactions that have been recorded but for me it’s still happening a month after the 2nd shot? I started to get bacne on my shoulder on the same arm of the shot, huge cystic acne bumps! They’re still coming. But I feel like if it was an allergic reaction it wouldn’t be so delayed. Ah well, nothing I can do!


Yes! Same here- it happened a month later!


Have you found a way to get rid of it yet? I’ve been struggling since September!


Adding my thoughts to this! While I am glad to have gotten my vaccine, I have noticed some changes in my menstrual cycle, and I also developed severe acne after the second dose of Pfizer. I had two periods in one month after taking my first Pfizer shot. While I usually have regular periods, this period lasted for 16 days. It also happened to my mother, who is already going through menopause. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this side effect, although it does stink that I'm breaking out. I am happy to be fully vaccinated now!


Omg I think this happened to my bf. Granted he’s a nurse who wears a mask all day but then again he wasn’t getting much before getting the vaccine. Now he has acne all over his jaw. Hmmm. Oh and he also got the Pfizer one.


Has his acne improved? Mine has never been like this before on my jaw and I got Pfizer 10 days ago.


Has your acne improved after getting your Pfizer 6 months later?


No but my skin did flair up as I was recovering from covid. It was really weird, my skin was super clear before I got sick.




I got my first shot of moderna on March 3rd and it’s is now AUGUST 13th and I have never had such bad acne as I do NOW. I can’t find another reason than to blame it on the vaccine.


Same. I feel so disfigured from it.


I’ve had severe acne in the 8 weeks following my second dose.


Yes to this! My jawline and chin have been HORRIBLE and I’m very late on my period- skipped the entire month of May! I’ve taken test after test bc I was so freaked out! The acne are huge ugly cysts! UGHHHH


I feel like I am reliving my teenage years as well. After my second dose of Pfizer a couple weeks ago,I have been breaking out in white bumps that I believe are cystic acne. They are all over my chin, neck and collar bone. They are really sore as well. I have never had cystic acne, and my face has never been this bad.


After my first Pfizer vaccine I had a light red spot on my upper lip. The second shot seemed to make it worse. Since then I've had small and large pimples with red patches that have spread from my chin to my eyebrows. I've never had anything like this happen before. I understand correlation doesn't mean causation but this is too convenient. I've been to the doctor and they prescribed oral antibiotics, then antibiotic cream and both barely helped. Now steroid cream seems to help some but it keeps coming back. Soooooooo frustrating! Going to a dermatologist to look into it further. I feel your pain folks😭


Has it improved


Still dealing with it! After testing positive for COVID I had a similar skin reaction spread to hands and arms too. UPDATE: Still having issues but Minocycline clears it up, at least temporarily. It won't stay away though🤦‍♂️


Its extremely anecdotal but I have seen unusually strong breakouts in two women that I know, not normally acne sufferers, both on cheeks. But mask could also be a part the timing seems to be close to the vaccine.


I've never had acne or any sort of texture on my face in my life and I'm 38. Got my final does in May and by July I was and currently am broken out all over my face. It's terrible.


I received my first dose of my Pfizer shot around a week ago. 2 days after the vaccination, my skin started breaking out. I freaked the f out as I haven't had acne since 2 years ago. (Mind you my skin was so clear before I got my 1st dose. A pimple here and there every now and again.) I started doing some research and this is the only piece of information that I can find on the internet! Like the otherss on this blog, I mainly got it on my chin and cheeks. I wouldn't say I'm currently experiencing severe cystic acne. (But it's obvious enough to see.) In almost all cases, the rash did disappear in a week. (Give or take) Therefore, I thought it could be that as I was so confused as to why my skin was breaking out all of a sudden?? (My mild cystic acne is almost rash-like by the way!) ​ It's interesting to see I'm not the only one who is going through this. I drink plenty of water every day, my diet has not changed etc. The last time I got acne was probably 2 years ago and my skin has cleared up ever since! ​ Similarly, I mainly got it on my chin and cheeks. I wouldn't say I'm currently experiencing severe cystic acne. (But it's obvious enough to see.) Luckily, my skin is starting to clear up! I've been putting aloe vera gel on my cheeks and chin the first thing I wake up every morning. I've been avoiding anything that might be too harsh on my skin. I put on pimple patches (extra-large ones) every night when I go to bed. This new skincare routine sorta fixed my skin but I guess we'll see. (It is looking quite promising though.) ​ I am on birth control. (An anti-acne one and I've been on this particular one for almost 2 years now.) ​ It'd be interesting to see what happens after I get my 2nd Pfizer dose. I've very nervous as my skin is just starting to clear up!!!!


Is anyone breaking out from the booster shot?


Thought I was alone in this, that maybe it was a reaction to something else. My left cheek flared up with a massive red rash with some bumps. Went away after about a week!


Omg I just felt a huge wave of relief after reading this. Did this happen on shot 1 or 2 for you? When I was washing my face in the shower it felt like a large pimple, but in the mirror it’s clearly not. It’s more like a red patch with some small bumps present. The puffiness was deceiving on feel alone. Wish I could put some hydrocortisone on it, but I had steroid induced perioral dermatitis before so I have to avoid it like the plague.


Shot one for me. I’m getting shot 2 at the end of the month and tbh I’m more about the skin changes than the covid symptoms 😭


I’m concerned about the second shot tbh! Did you try using any topicals on your rash? Debating putting on some colloidal oatmeal w/water as a quick mask, or some colloidal silver gel.


I didn’t do much - I paused my normal daily vitamin C serum, and just kept to a minimal routine (wash - moisturize - spf in the AM, wash - moisturize - thin layer of Vaseline on the affected areas).


Hey maybe call your doctor just to be sure it isn't an allergic reaction?


I might, but they’ll probably make me come in for lots of $$$ only to “prescribe” Benadryl and time so I’m giving it a few days.


YES!!!! ME TOO!!! I thought I was going crazy by thinking this but my face is so broken out. I got Pfizer. Did you too? I got my second dose like 3 days ago and granted it did kick my ass and I didn't have the energy to do my skincare routine, I didn't think that not washing my face for one night would wreck so much havoc on my face.


Yeah, Pfizer!! I got a lot of spots around my lips in particular. And now this stupid rash thing I can’t figure out. It’s like I gave myself a chemical burn when I legit didn’t use a thing on my face recently except my trusted chamomile cleanser.


i am also breaking out near my jaw after my first shot of Pfizer! and i got this weird breakout on my neck, where my shoulders meet on both sides. I thought I got an allergic reaction to something but i think its from the vaccine.


I was just cruising this sub for product reactions—I hadn’t connected these dots! I’m one shot/6 days in with Pfizer and couldn’t figure out how a new bottle of the same Cerave could have prompted this breakout


I never heard for this reaction, thank you for sharing!


Didn’t notice any skin issues after my moderna shots. If you feel this is an allergic reaction I would reach out to wherever you got it from and ask about them about it.


I got pfizer back in December and i noticed i broke out a bit on my jawline its back to normal now


I noticed a mild breakout after my first shot (Moderna). Mostly around my mouth and chin. There were one a day after the shot, but I did not really care as I have a history with acne though my skin was clear for a few months. Then, a couple weeks later more and more acne appeared while the old one had not gone yet. I tried to figure out the reason my diet, sleeping, daily routine were the same, so I think it was my body's reaction to the vaccine. Fortunately, they all gone after 4 weeks. I got my second shot last week and everything has been great so far. The vaccine worth it though!


My skin has never been worse after getting the first dose of Pfizer 10 days ago... I’m insecure about it and considering calling my doc. It’s all on my chin, so I’m assuming it may have to do with hormone changes due to an increased immune response. Has yours improved since your original post?


I came here looking for this same thing. I got the Pfizer vaccine 5 days ago and started having a bad breakout. I’m also on spironolactone and have not broken out in almost a year. I’m not assuming causation, but I was curious about other people having the same thing. It makes sense based on the changes in menstrual cycle. I don’t get a period bc I had ablation several years ago and don’t pay attention to my body changes anymore. But my acne is hormonal in nature. Just very interesting. Did yours clear up? I’ve struggled w acne my whole life (I’m 44) and spironolactone is the first thing that’s worked. Bc it’s a lifelong struggle and it affects my mood drastically, I’m hoping it won’t last long.


Omg I got my first pfizer dose on Apr 19 and my second May 6, my face has been cystic acne central all over my chin like painful and horrible. I’ve been eating well, drinking tons of water and it’s been brutal. My forehead completely broke out in inflamed acne spots as well.


I had my second dose of Pfizer and started kinda breaking out! Bumps on my head and pimples around my jawline and 1 on the cheeks my skin is pretty clear and this very unusual:(((


I came here looking for answers for my mom. A person who has never had bumps on her face. Never had acne. After getting the second dose of Pfizer she broke out all over her forehead. Allergy medicine doesn’t do anything. No change in diet or detergent. Process of elimination says vaccine. Now after reading everyone’s testimonies I’m more convinced.


Omg. I thought I was crazy coz yeah I've cut down almost everything and I'm wondering why I broke out crazy. And IT GOT WORSE after getting my second shot.


About 4-5 days after my 2nd Pfizer vaccine I broke out is massive cystic acne, which I’ve never had before. I’ve been on antibiotics for 7 weeks and hardly no improvement. I’m feeling very self-conscious as a nearly 40 year old woman. I use my face in my biz, so now I’ve been avoiding making marketing materials for almost two months. I take really good care of myself, so this is incredibly frustrating. Not sure what else to do.


I'm so glad to have found this thread and am thankful to all who have shared their experiences. I received my 2nd Pfizer shot on June 22 and, for symptoms, only seemed to have had a slight fever the next day and extreme get-in-the-bed-at-730pm-on-a-Friday fatigue three days afterward that had resolved by the next morning. But sometime over the last month, my face has exploded with acne. There have been times when my face has throbbed, felt like it's on fire and no amount of makeup or Zoom "enhance my appearance" could cover it all up. The welped skin and acne have been concentrated on both cheeks, chin and nose (nose hasn't had bumps....just very red). And I've had a few rogue bumps on my forehead. I'd like to believe that it's simmering down now though it still looks and feels terrible. I've gone without makeup for the last few days to give my skin a break and I've used some gentle cleansers on my face. I've read that zinc may be helpful so I'm going to add zinc and Vitamin D supplements to my daily regimen starting today. I hope to report back in the very near future that time has been the best treatment of all and that I'm now..... All Clear.


Did it improve??


All these people saying they will update, but they never do. Are they dead?


Mine didn’t improve, been half a year


The same thing has happened to me! After my 2nd Moderna vaccine, I initially had a swelling face and pimples started popping up. It’s now been 3 months and the pimples are still there. Similar to others, this was mainly around my jawline, chin, cheeks and a bit around my temples. I’ve started taking acne medicine that is somewhat calming this down now but I still have worse acne than even my teenager years. This has been so traumatic since I haven’t had terrible acne in over a decade and had pretty smooth skin before this. Is anyone else’s acne persisting like mine?


I have been on Accutane the past 9 months, finally clear skin! Got my Pfizer 1st shot about 2 weeks ago & about 5 days ago I’ve noticed random tiny clogged pores all over my face, popping up everyday. My forehead is covered in tiny tiny itchy pimples. Now reading all of these, my period right after the injection was super heavy. I haven’t had a heavy period in over a year…. Hope this clears up soon 😞


Hi. I’m late, but this is the ONLY source I have found mention the cystic acne I’ve been experiencing since getting the Pfizer Vaccine (2nd dose September 23rd). I have painful bumps covering my entire face & driving me crazy, exactly what everyone else is describing. Has anyone found a way to clear this up? I’ve been dealing with it for months now… Will it go away eventually? Are there any products that will help?


Little late commenting but my friend is losing her mind over her acne(rightfully so), she said her doctor confirmed it’s most likely from the vaccine but should be fine after a few menstrual cycles. It still has not. She is normally someone with clear skin but is breaking out worse than ever before. She got the Moderna shot twice and doesn’t even want to get the booster now because she’s so afraid. She’s went vegan, changed her diet completely(took out pop, junk food)generally just eating clean and she said it’s not getting better. She says it flares up and hurts really bad too, junk food or not. Any remedies so far?? I’d love to be able to give some answers to my friend. Thanks in advance!


I’m going to see a dermatologist tomorrow and see what can be done about it. It’s been months since I was double vaxed but still having issues with these ‘cysts’. Had clear skin before all of this. As there’s a correlation between the vaccine and hormone levels, I’m going to have those checked.


YES. Thank you for posting this. I got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine almost two weeks ago and am breaking out so badly and hadn’t even considered it may be the vaccine until I developed a rash on my neck, which I’m pretty sure is pityriasis rosacea. It’s so incredibly frustrating and scary, I’m praying the second vaccine doesn’t make it worse and my skin will go back to normal soon :(


I had a really similar breakout about a week after my j&j vaccine


I got an itchy rash on one side of my face the night after getting my first dose of the Pfizer. Like, kept me awake at night levels of itchy and didn’t respond to anything other than an ice pack. It cleared up pretty quick though...we’ll see what happens with the second shot!


I actually did have a really bad breakout about a week after I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, but it was also right before "that time of the month" when I tend to break out anyways so it could just be that.


Omg thank you! Got J&J on April 6th and i noticed 3 days later I started breaking out everywhere but mostly my cheeks and chin. So many whiteheads and a couple cysts on my chin :( I haven’t broke out like this in years and I haven’t changed anything I was so confused what was happening to my skin so I’m assuming it was maybe the vax


Same actually, my lips burn almost like razor burn. Did you get the moderna vaccine also?


Yep, the burning lips are so weird. I got Pfizer.


I normally have hormonal acne and feel like it has lessened since my first Pfizer shot. I tried googling it but didn’t find anything to suggest it’s possible. I was hoping I’d see someone else here that experienced the same. Curious to see what happens after the second.


Totally worth it, but I did get a nodule on my jawline after first dose of Pfizer. Not certain it’s related, but it has been a while since I’ve had one of these. Period was longer than usual too. Getting back to normal now though.


Already had my 2nd shot of Sinovac and it's really weird cause it helped get rid of my chest acne that's been plaguing me since highschool. Guess the vaccines differ from person to person.


Had my Pfizer shots, 2nd on the 3rd of April and since then, the most stubborn and awful jawline breakout I ever had. I am not prone to hormonal breakouts usually and everything else I had cleared up pretty well the last year but this was so strange because nothing changed. I got sick, my CRP (marker of abnormal systemic states) were elevated and it has been more than a month with the breakout not getting better at all/worsening kind of. If someone had success with something, please share ! Photos are on other posts on my account P.S : not assuming causation too but here to find a solution as I am on differin/skinoren too since one week, derm thought it was hormones but recent blood tests show nothing major.


I had my Pfizer shot a week ago and broke out really bad on my cheek, I never break out there... I hope it goes away soon as I rarely ever get acne.


Same here, no acne for 5 months 1 week after vaccine I have 10 cysts and 10 other smaller spots and inflamed skin around the ears? Other side effects were fatigue for 3 days, pain in the arm of the injection spot and heightened heartrate.


Yes! Definitely rosacea/acne on my cheeks post vaccine (second shot). My skin is usually super clear!


Same thing. Moderna, fully vaccinated. A month later I have a lingering pimple like a cyst on my back and also had one on my neck-where men get razor burn! I’ve never had acne or big pimples like this.


Same here after covid I broke out in cystic acne! I have always had a clear complexion, my entire life. I am not on birth control nor have I been in over 11years. I also got cold sores 2 weeks in a row! This is definitely linked to covid. Something very sinister is going on. People need to wake tf up and know this!


Just confining another helpless victim of hormonal "beard" acne after the Moderna vaccine as my second shot. Pfizer-1, Moderna-2. Complete breakthrough of my prescription acne routine, primarily in the form of cystic acne.


Same with me. Thanks all for sharing. I've been freaking out b/c I never have acne. I get one pimple with each period but otherwise very clear face. Every day brings 3-10 new sealed white bumps, which then progress into larger red bumps that ache and burn. Possibly cystic. All different sizes. Also, a lot of red spots that aren't raised, also different sizes, all over cheeks, neck, etc. It's been 3 months since I got my 2nd Pfizer shot, and this problem only started about 3 weeks ago. Erythema, large patches of puffy red like rosacea, broken blood vessels like spider veins all over my arms, what looks like eczema on my arms when I've never had eczema, and weirdest of all... on my forearm, what looks like burn scars with purple bruising. Not burns, but burn scars. That said, I have been using Manuka Honey 810+ to excellent results. The only trouble is, like others are reporting, new ones crop up every day.


I got the Pfizer shot a few weeks ago and I got a lot of acne on my forehead all of a sudden for a few days following, I'm way past puberty and my skin rarely breaks out and never on my forehead and yet I got all these pimples and bumps that were resisting toners, patches and other acne solutions. Now they're gone just like that! I joked that was a side effect of the vaccine but turns out a lot of people are complaining about the same thing


Hi! Wow okay I’m wondering if I am experiencing the same thing. I have never had acne like this before and have zits all over my cheeks and jaw. I have been dealing with this for two months now and got my second moderna in May. Has anyone figured out how to help it? Please!!! I am desperate


Commenting because I think the same thing is happening to me. I’m 32 and have never had acne before in my life! Got shot 1 in April and 2 in June, I’ve had acne since May and cystic pimples too which I’ve never had in my life! I thought it would pass but still hasn’t. Could be a coincidence but either way DAMN.


I spent 15 months on accutane 3 years ago, had no acne for 2 years. after the Pfizer vaccine I got acne back worse than ever on my cheeks jaw and around my lips. I have had an iud for a year and a half have not had a period since I got it inserted. Got my vaccine and 4 weeks after I got a period. Now 4 months later I’m still getting a period every 4 weeks with an unreal amount of blood clots. Nothing in life has changed low stress same foods. So I finally made an appointment and my doctor asked me if my symptoms started before or after the vaccine I said after and asked why and she just ignored me and said see you at the appointment


I am glad I found this thread. I always have a little breakout in my cycle but it then goes away. However I have had the worst breakout for the last few weeks even though I drink water, watch what I eat, wash my face .... And it doesn't go away. I had no problems with wearing masks and now it is suddenly out of control. Mostly on my cheeks and chin. It just won't go away 😭


Hi did it clear up or improve ?


I'm so glad I found this thread! Unluckily for me, my second dose of Pfizer cominarty coincided with the second day of my menstrual cycle (which is usually the most intense). I have a history of mild-severe acne which put me on a low dose of oral isotretinoin for about 2-2.5 years and now my acne is still here but way more manageable. I was breaking out a bit (nothing unsual) but after I took my second dose, I woke up with my face swollen and covered in red welts that kind of resembled the start of a cystic spot. But they were in some areas where I was never prone to breakouts before. I went to my derm and he concluded that they were not pimples or breakouts and i got prescribed 'travocort' to apply topically and it has gone down over the past few days. I have a strong suspicion that this 'breakout' had something to do with the vaccine and the body's response to handling inflammation...


How long has it taken for the acne to clear after the vaccination? What treatments if any have helped. Had 1st shot in May 2nd in July and I have had continual acne on my jawline and check (never get it there) since June along with reoccurring cold sores. The acne is combination cystic and red puffy skin with raised bumps.


I got my first Pfizer vaccines in January and ever since I have developed cheek acne on ONLY my left side. My right side has remained COMPLETELY clear. This isn’t the normal hormonal chin cystic acne either, as I have dealt with that in my 20s pretty severely. I also have started spotting between every cycle since the vaccine as well. I had never spotted between cycles ever until this past year. I am going to an endocrinologist Friday, maybe get some answers?! I saw a dermatologist and he prescribed me antibiotics but I never used them because I don’t believe that is what I need, nor do I want to take them as I use to take them all the time for acne (and they never worked, just messed up my gastro system long term)


I came here hoping to find out I'm not crazy, and fortunately for me I feel 100% validated... unfortunately for a lot of you (and also me) I'm more convinced than ever that COVID/the vaccine has been wreaking havoc with my skin. I got COVID in early May, and starting while I was sick I started breaking out, specifically in those creases that go from your nostrils down toward the corners of your mouth. My boyfriend who was also sick had exactly the same breakouts. However, once we recovered, his acne disappeared; Mine definitely didn't. I then got my first Pfizer dose at the end of May and my second 3 weeks later. The acne continued, and continues to this day (late August), but it's slowly migrated down toward the corners of my mouth and chin. It ranges from small pimples to big acne cysts. I've tried Rx creams, tea tree oil, salicylic acid face washes (and make up), plenty of water, vitamins, etc. Only thing that helps is sun...which turns my fair skin a spotty brown. Fantastic. I'm super self conscious and so frustrated. And I didn't make a connection until I read other people's comments, but my period has also been very weird - I've been spotting a lot and my PMS has been Very Extra. It seems like there could be a correlation between the stronger immune responses that occur in women, which you could also think about as inflammation, which is the body's natural response to stress of any kind. I think I'm going to try using natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric extract, and low dose ibuprofen if I'm having an especially bad skin day. Someone else already linked this article but I'll repost: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/women-vaccine-side-effects-johnson-pfizer-moderna-astrazeneca-1152206/


Daaaang. Here because I’m going thru the same thing. 2 weeks since my first moderna shot and I have cystic acne popping up all along my chin line, exactly where hormonal acne usually is. I never get zits anymore. Maybe 1-2 when I have my period but not cystic. It has to be related to the shot. Especially if it’s messing with women’s cycles. 😅


I actually came down with Covid a few days ago. One side effect that I have is an acne breakout on my face, neck, tummy and chest. Has anybody else had this symptom when contracting Covid?


Huge relief that others are going through the same issue because I thought something is wrong with me as I had my first shot of Covishield (aka AstraZeneca) on 5th August and almost after a month I'm breaking out on cheeks and forehead. It's not the cystic acne that we usually get due to hormonal changes as I sometimes get those on chin. These are like usual and common pimples. They are active just for a day and after that there's no pain or inflammation but they remain there for a few days and then subside on their own. If I'm trying to put something to heal them, they get worse so I'm not touching them at all. I'm trying some ayurvedic remedy for this problem from tomorrow. Will update if they become better.


Im 50. I’ve never had acne in my life. My chin is broken out and scalp. Im on HRT as I’ve been through menopause. The first week after the shots I had night sweats again. I’ve had 3 doses of Moderna now. This breakout is the worst yet. I thought at first it was from masks. I wear kn95 masks. I’m immunocompromised. But the thing is I don’t wear masks often as I’m home 99% of my days.


Hi. I'm so happy I came across this feed. I've never had acne at all my entire life and I'm 40 and after receiving both vaccines I've been experiencing the the most horrific breakouts. Cystic acne type. All over my chin and cheeks. I couldn't wrap my head around what was causing this as I haven't changed anything with my routines or products until it donned on me what if it's the vaccine. So I Google it and that's how I came across this. Seeing as so many of you are all experiencing the same thing shows me that's quite possibly the answer. I decided to get proactiv the original one and after just over 2 weeks of consistent (3×/day) use it seems to be helping get things under control. But man has this ever been frustrating. Its not gone but its definitely getting better. None of my other products I usually use were helping at all which is what made me decide to use proactiv. Its been a nightmare. Not to mention I also ended up with myocarditis and pericarditis after the vaccine too. Feel like a walking billboard of side affects. Don't regret getting it but definitely unimpressed with the side affects. Thanks everyone for sharing, at least I know I'm not alone.


I should also mention I had pfizer for both doses too. I've had horrible migraines since and it's been 2 months since my 2nd dose. I'm still so exhausted all the time and I'm seeing a cardiologist since after having myocarditis and pericarditis my heart isn't functioning the same. 1 of my valves isn't closing properly. All in all it's been a pretty brutal go. Was off work for a month and only working part time currently. Forgot to mention this above so thought I would add it incase it's helpful to anyone else.


2 days after my Pfizer shot I started getting cystic acne on my chin. It’s been 2 months since my 2nd shot…still got it. Im 37, I’ve done a whole gut overhaul, I’m gf, df, almost entirely grain & sugar free. I drink rarely. Im so sick of it. Glad to see I’m not alone, and sorry that others are going through it.


Same!!! I got the pzifer and i have acne around my chin and jawline. I have never had acne and it really sucks i hate it


Has anyone had it clear up? It’s been about a month since I got my second dose of moderna and I’m experiencing really bad cystic acne that I have never ever experienced. Like everyone else on here it’s my chin and cheeks, all over my cheeks though. My diet and routine has not changed. If anyone has had it clear up how long did it take? I am also doing a detox to see if that helps.


I got the Pfizer. I noticed some breaking out after the first shot. It's been 4 months since my second dose and I'm still breaking out. This is extremely odd . I haven't had acne in over 10 years. I'm in my early 30s now. Thanks Pfizer 🙄


Yes i have acne all over my head now, I'm a 38yo male. 1 dose of astra. Getting pimples on the sides of my head, my neck and now i can feel what seems to be a syst behind my left ear. Also my head hasn't felt right since the shot i got 2 weeks ago. My brain feels swollen and slight headache 24/7. I will see a doctor soon.


I have this same issue, got my first pfizer dose on 2nd September and my face soecially forehead and cheeks gone crazy. Everyday there is a new one popping out and I am/was so worried. Huge relief to see that its not only me but still worried as what will be the cure as I still have to get the second dose. I'll book an appointment with Doc now. If find anything good will share here with you guys.


Got vaccine A month ago and I’m 37 never had acne in my life had some in high school .. my face and neck is breaking out in acne


Did anyone found something that actually helped with the acne? I’m thinking of going back to birth control pills on hope that would help. I’m 31 and this is ridiculous. Nothing seems to work


I too am so relieved to see that there might be a logical explanation to this crazy skin of mine. I am a 34 y woman, haven't had acne like this before. Now my jawline and chin look like I'm a teenage boy. It's all red and bumpy and has yellow "mountain tops" - I try not to touch them but I can pop at least two every day, and new ones will appear after a couple of hours... Had my second Pfizer shot in the end of August, by September this mess had begun... I thought it was because I started a new job, or due to my recent switch to coke zero, I even let go of dairy products for a couple of weeks. But now i think the vaccine caused it. I had no issues with my period though, it's been like clockwork this whole time. Do any of you have any experience with skincare products that may help? And, like everyone else, I have to ask: Did any of you guys get better from it?


YES!!! I didn't get it from the first two. But I just got the booster shot and all of a sudden I have a CLUSTER of pimples on my forehead between my eyebrows. Like LITERALLY 10+ white head pimples. I'm 39 years old. I haven't had acne like this since I was 12. I haven't had more than one pimple on my face at a time for over a DECADE. I had to work at an event with it too. It was humiliating.


I got it following the booster of the Moderna (all 3 Moderna). Has been going on for a month, gets worse every day, huge and awful looking and painful and antibiotic ran its course and didn't even do anything. Frustrating. Interesting to read others' accounts, hadn't realised a potential connection.


I’ve seen no mention of remedies unless I’ve missed them. I’m 42 yo F with no history of acne. It’s horrible cystic on my upper back and shoulders and back of neck. Smaller stuff pops if around my jawline and face all the time and it’s been since April. It’s now December. That’s 8 mos for me.


Necroing this threat so say that 2 weeks after the booster shot (moderna) I have a ridiculous amount of acne. Fuck this. I'm not getting anymore covid vaccines.


It’s been 6 months and I’m struggling with this. And I feel like you’re not even allowed to say anything because everyone assumes you’re anti vax if you do. Like people expecting you to just ignore all the side effects it has. Not gonna get the booster like this. I need more explanation on the side effects and actual treatment for them. I feel like I’m an animal in a laboratory.


Explanation?? Have you noticed, there isn't even s single video on youtube in regards to the breakouts caused by pimples? I wonder why


Hesitant to take the booster (3rd) shot, because I too have experienced severe and stubborn acne outbreaks after my first 2 Pfizer jabs. I started breaking out after my first jab with cystic acne all over the left side on my jawline, the right side stayed completely clear at first. It took over 2 months before this side cleared up, after which I had a brief moment of clear skin during my period. After that, it was the left side’s turn and my right side stayed clear although was now covered with scarring from hyperpigmentation. I had a history with bad acne but have had clear skin for years, so going through this again really affected my mental wellbeing as I struggled a lot with depression during my harshest times with acne (hated looking in the mirror, leaving the house again etc). I can’t remember the exact timeline, but in total it took at least over 4 months straight before my face cleared up again. If I’m gonna get this booster I want to go in as prepared as I can. If anyone has any tips on what has helped clear their acne, please let me know. Any supplements, topical treatments, I’m open to any suggestions!!


> doesn’t even want to get the booster now because she’s so afraid. She’s went vegan, changed her diet completely(took out pop, junk food)generally just eating clean and she said it’s not getting better. She says it flares up and hurts really bad too, junk food or not. Any remedies so far?? I’d love to be able to give some answers to my friend. Thanks in advance! I'm on the exact same boat. I am 26y/o male and it comes in patches. I'm going to see a top derma today - will keep you posted


Yup. Never had acne before the vaccine. Broke out in cysts and hormonal acne and had to get on antibiotics to try and help. It’s getting better but I’m left with nasty scars and red marks everywhere.


Late to the thread but I have had horrible, cystic pimples on my chin ever since I had my booster, and I always had pretty clear (minus KP) skin before and haven't changed my skincare routine. I hope this goes away soon, I am glad googling sent me to this thread so I know I'm not alone or going mad.


For anyone who is still breaking out from the vaccine, try incorporating a salicylic acid toner 3-4 times a week. I struggled for about 5 months post vaccine with continuous breakouts and have finally cleared. Happy to share full routine if anyone needs!


Omg I searched this on google and so glad I found your post! YES! I have had major breakouts all on my jawline!!! I had my first vaccine about 5 months ago, and second 2 months ago and they’re not going anywhere 😭 nothing I’m using skincare wise is working! 😢


I just lamented to my sister how I have these weird pimples on my temple and jawline -- they're painful and red, more like big bug bites, and seemingly came out of nowhere/won't go away. She said, did you get the booster? Turns out she'd struggled with the same thing, when she got her 3rd Pfizer dose a few weeks before I did. Thank you for this post and everyone's helpful sharing. The cdc should be talking about this, no?


Yes! My face has not cleared. Whenever it looks like it is, these cystic pimples appear. I took the final dose of the vaccine early June 2021 and I’m still experiencing it.


So it hasn't improved in the slightest? I'm 7 weeks after the booster and I look terrible. This means nothing helps?


So I was biased and was unaware at the time. I consistently wore masks. I am on vacation now and have been for almost 2 weeks. I believe I have been experiencing mask acne (although new mask worn multiple times a day and a serious face routine) since I have rarely worn one while vacationing at home. So there is hope. My problem is more than likely connected to the masks for those cystic pimples I experienced.


Same 😭 after my first dose . Acne/pimples are popping out. Especially after the second dose , breaking out a lot more. So stress of thinking how to get rid of it. Since I am not into an acne / pimple prone , sometimes when during my period . But this time i can't explain where they came from. My face now is full of scars and another acne are trying to pop up again..


Same problem 40 years old male. Never had acne before. First break out occurred 2 months after second dose phizer with follow up terrible break outs 1 month after booster. On 100 mg monocycline + differin atm and just hoping these side effects will soon be eliminated, I think it may take 4-6 months hopefully less


So vaccines do not cause acne, so no


Ahhhh! I was literally just fussing over my random breakout and trying to figure out where it came from. I got my first shot last week and I have several new pimples that are in places on my face where I don’t typically get pimples. It was kinda making me crazy, but now I think it’s because of the vaccine.


I struggle with cystic hormonal acne but it has been mostly under control for the past six months. After my first shot, (Pfizer) I definitely broke out a bit. After the second, I broke out majorly on one side of my jaw. At least 7 cysts. Other than that my side effects were just sore arm and sleepiness. Breakouts are turning the corner now after lots of TLC. Hope yours clears up soon!


How did you start to recover from the breakout if you don’t mind me asking? This is my first hormonal break out it 5 years due to being on an iud and not getting periods and I have no clue what to do!


I'm sorry I didn't respond to you sooner. Honestly it's been a life long struggle for me but the most helpful thing by far has been taking supplements. I currently take skin discipline by Zitsticka and it has really helped but every month without fail I still get a few on my jaw. I know how frustrating it can be. A good vitamin C with alpha arbutin (I use the ordinary) and cicaplast baume by La Roche Posay really seem to speed the healing process. Good luck!


Nope didn’t notice any extra acne after dose one of Moderna.


I have chronic hives and getting covid (not the shot) made what i assume was my immune system freak out and gave me hives (which were under control) and an allergic reaction where my lips and face swelled. It could be your immune system freaking a bit.


I'll be checking back in once I get my second dose of Pfizer, no side effects from the first I was lucky but sounds like the second one can kick you in the teeth ha


Dang, you ARE lucky! I’m having a lot of side effects. Would not have predicted any of this, and thought it would be a total cakewalk.


What other effects are you experiencing?


Muscle weakness, tachycardia, air hunger, fatigue, burning lips.


Same here I got oxford one and my fucking face popping out And i never had a single pimple on my face even in my teenage thanks to my good skin But fuck vaccine has taken that away


My side effects are awful. Stuffy, chills, diarreah, etc the whole 9 yards. I woke up from a fever dream with 7 pimples all ready to pop. Definitely can relate.


Hi everyone. I’m having the same problem. I developed 3 cystic pimples on my chin and one by my eyebrow. I have my occasional breakout when I’m on my period but never cystic acne. Saying that, I got my period 6 days after the 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine. My period came again about 2 weeks early. I have been reading about women experiencing spotting, heavy periods, more than one period in a month etc. due to the vaccine so it makes sense that I’m breaking out. I’m glad to see that I’m not going crazy. Let me know if anyone finds anything to help the acne.