This is the look of someone who’s heard it all before, except this time it’s not being directed at her.


Quite interesting reflection. Do you think we have been shed before from Kody aggressiveness?


Great point. She was the target of so much ire from Kody beginning several years ago. He refused to take any responsibility for the lack of intimacy in their relationship leading to her decision to seek out intimacy elsewhere. He slowly began a campaign of icing her out of his life and those of the other women. He forced them to take sides. But now someone else is in Kody’s crosshairs, Christine and Janelle. She knows he won’t hear a word she says if she stands up for Janelle. He’s only willing to hear what he wants to hear. That was confirmed when Janelle was saying all kinds of positive things about their relationship when she and Kody had lunch on the last episode. You could see it on his face. He struggled to acknowledge any positive thing Janelle said. He wants it to end. He literary had to tune out the words she was saying so he could say horrible things to her. Meri knows kody is doing this again with someone else. I can’t imagine she sees any point in engaging with him when he’s on a rampage.


It drives me bonkers that he’s never stopped to think: “Which came first, the “disrespect” and “disloyalty” or my lack of intimacy?” Does he honestly think this has happened 3x with 3 different women out of the blue.


yes he does lol, he will never admit his true shortcomings. he may take accountability for one thing or another, but all of those are symptoms of the bigger problem that he refuses to address


Kody take accountability?? No, that’s everyone else’s job.


he will do it performatively so no one can ever say he never has. “could i have been better in *this* way? sure.” but “this way” is something that he will never stop doing


At this point, he wants monogamy. He’s not even pretending to be a polygamist


The only reason he wants monogamy is because he thinks polygamy is the problem. Once he has monogamy, and Robyn, he'll turn on them, too. He'll start telling Robyn the family was great before she came along. Anything other than considering he's the problem.


This!!! I agree—he said it from season 1, he likes being the center of attention. Robyn kissed his ass to be the top wife, now that there’s no one left, I don’t think she’ll be sucking up so much. His testosterone use has also caused him to be more crazy than usual… let’s see how much longer Robyn will last.


Yeah, she looks miserable and has for many years. Cody has aged her terribly and I’m sure he’s a handful and she probably wants to be top wife with other wives around so she can get a break sometime. But when it’s just the two of them, they won’t last.


Until he finds a new younger wife that wants his babies


I don’t even think he wants more kids…. I genuinely believe that a decade ago, he saw the kids as an extension of his own self. It’s like he was reproducing to have little Browns that would love and adore him. However, once the older kids started leaving, he realized that he had way too many kids to have real relationships with them.


His kids don’t like him why would he want more


That article about Robyn perhaps "gifting" aurora and Breanna to him in the future was sickening. I don't really like Robyn, but she wld find that disgusting too. Wonder tho what she wld do if a wife of around 30yo was to come into the marriage now!? I mean, she's the one screaming about not wanting monogamy etc lol


I highly doubt that is a true story…




Your message was removed due to it breaking Rule 3: Take it easy on the kids.




Totally agree! It was clear that Christine was really wanting him to say I love you please don’t leave. We’ll work on things. Did he really expect her to stay in a marriage with no intimacy?


His mentality is literally “please, she abandoned my ass” he literally does not see his faults


That would require someone to be somewhat self aware.


Yeah I mean even beyond all this they have certainly known for decades that one of the biggest no no’s and worst things you can do in a relationship with a narc is say something positive about, correct them about, or defend a person that they are raging at no matter how clear it is the other person doesn’t deserve their attack or how blatant the narcs lies about them are: the second you say anything that isn’t explicitly supportive of their tirade or attacking toward the victim they will turn the entire thing on you. Only way to survive without joining the attack is to dissapear completely so you don’t get perceived at disagreeing and become the target.


I always say to people who want to know why Meri or Janelle don't say anything that what can they say? They've know him for 30 years and knows how he is. What point is there? Unless all 4 of them stood strong together nothing would change. They were only as strong as their weakest link and that was Robyn. As long as she made sure Kody knew the sun shone out of his ass as far as she was concerned, no other intervention from the other wives would have mattered. If I was Meri I would make myself practically invisible too. Well I wouldn't be there but besides that, she knows what his wrath is like and he's only gotten worse since the catfish. No way would I put myself in his crosshairs.


I appreciate all that you wrote, but I also have a problem with Meri joining in on the Christine bashing. It’s like when the abused join the abuser to abuse someone else because they’re finally not in the crosshairs. Not cool. It’s much braver to do what Christine has done, which is leave his disgusting ass. But Meri didn’t have the balls to get out, and now seems to resent Christine for leaving the abuser.


You are so right. I should have gone further. Meri has taken it a step further than I suggested. She’s not just disinterested or staying aloof, she’s piling on and taking sides with Kody and Robyn.


She’s still trying to get Kody back with her, so of course siding with K & R is her tactic. Of course us watching wonder why she would ever want him back.


I think she was genuinely upset and sad Christine was leaving. Everyone on this sub hates her so much and loves Christine so much they don’t even pay attention to the entire aspect of their religion. Plus, even if they didn’t get along that well, Christine is still leaving the family and it’s a huge change. They’re all having to work out what that means for relationships with the kids and what it means for their celestial heaven.


Kody’s affection or lack of affection did not lead to Meri’s decision to cheat. Only Meri owns that. Meri did not clean up her baggage and close one relationship before starting another. I am no fan of how Kody treated her, she had other options than trying to hook up with an on line lover.


Lol she and Kody have a lot more in common than they think, starting new relationships before ending old ones.


I think with Meri it was a whole bunch of things all coming down at the same time… her daughter leaving and obviously she knows Kody and knew he wasn’t in love with her anymore and had fell in love with Robyn.. she wasn’t getting anything she needed to feel viable and the divorce hit her harder than she expected.. she was spending a lot of time alone and was lonely and was hearing excuses that he was needed elsewhere,instead of with her… I can’t say as I blame her because it had been building for awhile… However I do blame her for staying and siding with the bashing going on … nobody picked sides with Kody over the whole catfishing fiasco… the women were very understanding… she’s definitely there for the paycheck and she’s coming off like a greedy bitch who has no self respect… Meri won’t leave until she has someone waiting in the wings as that’s her MO.. the one thing Kody is right about,she can’t be trusted to hang around…


I have a friend who has NEVER been able to be without a man. Her entire self worth is centered on the fact she has someone. She is in a mentally and emotionally abusive marriage and came close to finally leaving - ONLY because she thought she found someone else. Who then ended up ghosting her, and her she still sits in her shitty marriage.


I’ve known women like that and when I was younger I was like that… I never overlapped relationships but I never stayed single more than a month or two which is just crazy.. I’ve been married four times and it took me till in my mid 50’s to figure out that I’m just not relationship material… I’ve now been single for over 15 years and love it and plan on staying that way the rest of my life… Meri just seems like the type to me that won’t truly leave Kody till she has another man.. if everything with Sam would of turned out to be real,she’d of been gone already.. I mean she was traveling around to meet Sam’s friends and family and was trying to hook up with him.. I actually do hope she finds someone and Janelle too if that’s what she wants… they all deserve more than the crumbs Kody is giving them which from the looks of it isn’t much…


comments pointing out that her cheating was wrong always get downvoted in this sub. It's still cheating, if you want out, get out. You don't get a free pass to have an affair if your spouse is a dick.


It looks like she has checked out to me. The look of a woman who is thinking of all the other places she'd rather be at that moment.


She’s probably thinking about her Lularoe inventory.


" I hope people keep buying this ugly shit'


Almost makes you wonder if this is her trauma response. She never contributes to these conversations. Maybe she is truly shut down and not necessarily choosing to not participate.


Disassociation! I actually do this pretty frequently but never knew it had a name or that I was doing it until recently. hey thanks therapy. Anyway that’s exactly what it looks like to me. zone out a little bit, don’t make eye contact, don’t get invested and I won’t get hurt. No sudden moves, no words. lol (funny but not funny hahah)


She's like a shag on a rock.


This is giving Marshawn Lynch "I'm only here so I don't get fined" vibes 🤣


😂😂 Truth




She’s realizing after Janelle leaves, shit will flow her way!


I think we have only seen a fraction of the real way that Kody behaves to his OG wives. The rants to Christine and Janelle are off the chart and he said he still saw some value in those relationships. Imagine how he has gone off on Meri. The wife he doesn’t care about at all unless she’s giving him her money. I can see why she’s quiet. She may not agree with that he’s saying, but she’s aware that if she speaks up he will not only take what she says as disloyalty but she will make herself a target again. These women are victims of abuse. The deflection, silence and general demeanour when they are with with Kody is terrible to watch


And even though I can’t stand Robyn, I feel bad for her too. Especially when she said, “You still have 3 other wives here and you’re going to ruin those relationships too.”


Well if those relationships end Robyn loses her narcissistic supply. She needs those others to feel superior. She'll have no reason to live.


Well that's why she infantilizes her adult children. Then she can get attention as the doting mother that has to care for her wittle babies that can't care for themselves. She hobbles them instead of empowering them to become independent. Then she never has to be held responsible for doing anything AND gets the attention for being their caregiver. With the nanny of course. 🙄


BINGO! Then she will eat her young and Kody alive like a frenzied Gorgon!


Damn shit is getting real with noodle head


Agree. If she speaks against him, she knows he will turn on her with the “You aren’t even part of this family. You left when you betrayed me.” She responds like a battered wife.


And that's why I won't bash her. I know no one likes her reaction to Christine, but she is genuinely hurt, not a fake performing arts scene Kody does whenever he wants us to think he's been hurt.


I agree. Kody has treated her like absolute shit over the years.


“She may not agree with what he’s saying . . . “ Oh, she agrees. She said she was glad Kody went off on Christine. She said she was glad he said it. That is not a person abused into silence. That is a person who likes a ring-side seat to seeing abuse. She horrible.


Yep. The only way to protect herself without joining in the attack is to dissapear completely. Even that’s risky. If he perceives it as a lack of support for his upset or even remotely defensive of his victim he will turn the entire attack on her


There’s times when they’re sitting around a table in a group and she speaks and Kotex looks at her surprised like he’s thinking you’re still here?




Meri planning her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn retreat


Muffins and coffee for breakfast, then a singalong, mild stretching then hiking…


At the bargain price of just $6,999 for three exciting days and nights!


You pay for the flights and transportation to the Inn, Meri takes care of the rest!


Then my MLM pitch…oops I mean VIP one-on-one time with Meri


Most accurate!


And don’t forget the random old fashioned ice cream bar!


"....how do I effectively hide that no one actually paid to come??"


She's like a powered-off Westworld host. 🤖


haha, maybe someone whispered “freeze all motor functions”


YES! She definitely needs some "Analysis."


She takes several 100mg edibles before all of these meetings


Meri looks like I did in highschool when I figured out how to sleep with my eyes open..


Nice trick!


Meri looks like I did in highschool when I was done with everything and everyone and just counting down the days until graduation 😂 ...only I'm worried Meri won't actually "graduate"


I think she's super pissed off at how she's been portrayed and is going to refuse to talk from now on. Something in the contract must obligate her to show up but not obligate her to talk.


Which is why her go to is “I just don’t know what to think”


Which honestly is justified. She does get really manipulated edits. By far the worst out of all of them. There were some quotes of hers this season. That were directed at kody and were edited to seem like she was shitting on christine instead and she got soooo much hate that by the time we got the whole clip no one even noticed


She needs to keep her mouth shut. The comments are not going over well. When you join side’s it’s a mistake. Janelle is just being a friend to Christine because they have been for a long time. Meri screwed up her relationship with them with her 1st wife power. Now that Robyn has legal wife status Meri is getting back what she did. Meri deserves much better from Cody. Most husbands forgive and you work things out. Kody has never worked on any marriage he expects the wives to give to him and do what he wants, he always has a wife giving him what he wants so he never has to work on anything. This plural marriage doesn’t work.


Why do any of these women still want this narcissistic QAnon rageaholic?


Meri is very broken inside and needs a lot of self help. This has been her facade for many, many seasons. She tries to convince the public that she’s happy in plural marriage but her actions speak otherwise. She’s never gotten along with Janelle or Christine from the beginning. Her relationship with Robyn isn’t real. Robyn manipulates and gaslights Meri. And Kody doesn’t hasn’t liked Meri ever since Robyn came into the family. Meri has had many painful events in her life that she needs to work through separate from the toxic Brown family.


She wanted Robyn in the family and sacrificed her own legal status to make Robyn's kids feel safe, and this is what she gets for it. Kody just feel entitled to that type of sacrifice so he never acknowledged it and made Meri feel safe too. She needed more support after that but got zip.


She loved Robyn's kids, and I do think that's a big part of why she agreed to the divorce. But, Kody and Robyn are takers only and not givers. So, they took and tossed Meri. Meri was pushed away from those kids even though she followed Robyn's intricate, complicated COVID protocols.


And she still keeps her allegiance to K and R and throws J and C under the bus. She gets what she deserves.


Meh. I don't think she is as loyal to them as you think. She's playing a role, and J & C know it. They aren't really upset with her. Their ire is where it should be focused - R & K


So you’re saying Meri, Janelle, and Christine are in cahoots pretending this entire thing? That’s pretty far fetched and they sure have been carry out this big ruse for seventeen seasons. Janelle and Christine can’t stand Meri and for good reason.


I don't think they are "cahoots," but they all know the deal. They all know what they've been through since Robyn joined the family, and they went through it together. Kind of like soldiers in a foxhole. Even if they don't like each other very much, there's an understanding there. C and J will never be buddies with M, but they don't hate her either.


I don’t think they hate her, I just think she a non-entity in their lives. There’s a tsunami of water under that bridge. I don’t think either J or C can stand being in Meri’s presence.


I agree. And, you all seem to forget that her mom died. That did something to her, and her "fahmlee" is no comfort to her.


Yes, when she said she was grieving all alone, my heart broke. Kody was shittier to her than one would be to a casual friend.


Meri created many painful events in her life. She is responsible for so much of her hardships. She’s not an innocent victim.


She’s leaning into her “Debbie downer” Meri mode this season, aside from the one clip of her with her friend. Anytime she’s with the family, it’s either a cloud looming large over her head or an anchor is dragging behind her. It seems she’s doing the bare minimum to get by with the show and the family. She’s been incredibly sluggish. Which stands in contrast to how she appears when not with family. Away from the family she’s animated and seems very happy. Why she stays is beyond me, unless it’s for the TLC money.


Like Christine told her one season "Meri, when you walk into a room, you bring a lot of baggage with you. It's heavy."


Meri is our little Eeyore.


“I feel unsafe with you, Meri.”


I love Christine, but the things she said to Meri were terrible, it was not Christine’s finest moment.


This reminds me of what Christine said in the episode where she moved, about (paraphrasing, but this hit with me) 'I'd rather be anywhere else than here, because anywhere else I'm happy, strong, capable.. here, I'm trapped in a loveless marriage' That's what I feel like it is EXACTLY with Meri too, why she seems to have these two sides.


Not only the TLC paycheck, but for the TLC "fame". You can't have huge downlines in your MLM unless you're a celebrity. And like it or not, this show makes her a celebrity. When the show is over, it will be harder to recruit in the numbers she does now. Also, it probably helps with her Bed n Breakfast in Utah.


Sounds like everyone’s money just gets handed to the Robyn household to keep her comfortable. Meri and Janelle need to up and leave. In the middle of the night. With their latest TLC paycheques and whatever might be left of their pride.


I really wonder what the TLC contract states. Wouldn't be surprised there's a clause all 5 adults have to participate or nobody gets paid, show ends. The last scrap of loyalty for any one of the disconnected women may well be to that contract with none of them wanting to be the one to cut off the money to the whole group.


What did they say about Jimmy in A League of Their Own? "I didn't know if you were dead or asleep until you scratched your nuts in the third inning "


She died inside a long time ago she just refuses to acknowledge it 😔 Kody is a narcissist n will continue to abuse all his wife’s n children


I mean I’d be there too. If all I had to do to get a pay check was sit and a lawn chair and watch people scream at each other… where do I sign up?


Being on Sister Wives makes her a B listed celebrity and helps her sell her Lularoe imho


This! Meri knows that her customer base for her two business' are her Sister Wives fans. If she leaves the show it will impact her income.


B? A reality show on tlc make her more like a D or E list. Hardly a household name.


Honestly I think Meri is only there so she can see the little kids.


She got really attached to them and them to her. And, really, it gets downplayed on this forum, but Meri lost her mom! She's grieving.


So did Janelle.


Trying to fly under Kodys anger radar by playing dead.


I’m actually really frustrated with Meri this season. Her passivity and silence is disappointing. She appears to be siding with Kody and Robyn, but then have the courage to speak when opportunity presents instead of waiting until her talking head interviews. All of that time that she and Janelle spent with Nancy working on their relationship has been thrown out the window


I think Janelle understands Meri is in survival mode and is just punching in a clock right now. All the OG wives understand survival mode with Kody.


I would probably act the same way if I had been that abused and gaslit for so long. He only acknowledges her to side with him and he tells her to get up so she can see the plans… SO SHE CAN FEEL OBLIGATED TO PAY OF CP. He’s a pos and I wouldn’t be surprised if she knocked back a few before she got there.


That is the only reason she is there, for the money. Apparently yes because why would you put up with all the crap. Long time ago I used to like her. I gave no respect for her and she is so boring.


I don't think she (Meri) needs the tlc paychecks to survive by herself however I bet she still contributes her tlc income to the "family pot" the totally keeps Robyn, Kody (& their 5 kids) in the lifestyles they have become accustomed & believe they deserve! Disgusting...


For sure. She said she gave her Vegas house money to Robyn to buy her house.


This face shows all of Meri’s mental damage.


Maybe she is just contracted to be there. She is literally criticized for what ever she does or says. I think she has RBF and doesn't know how to express how she feels.


Yeah but she's a greedy bully just like Kody and Robyn. I hate how she talks and acts with Christine and Janelle. And don't forget the wet bar!


Omg with the wet bar again.


Yep, it really showed a stubborn side of Meri. Janelle was cutting back and Meri was demanding. Speaks volumes.


In her mind: *leggings, leggings, leggings, downline, leggings, retreat, leggings leggings, leggings* - she's not even listening at all


What happened to this strong independent tough happy mlm personality she acts like she has? Poor thing looks like she is just beaten down.


She already has her next retreat planned because the last one was so successful lol. She was probably thinking about her to do list. She looks so over it and only comes for filming because contractually has to be there.


She knows just like everyone else Kody only wants to be with Robyn. She knows he is trying to do Janelle the way he did her, or run Janelle off completely like Christine. Maybe its finally sinking in that she really will not ever have a marriage with him no matter what she does. Its becoming clear she is only there to help them with their bills and that will never change. She knows his anger over Covid is bullshit because even though she was by herself ALL the time, her good buddy Robyn STILL wouldn't let her near them. The one time Robyn did let her come over was throwing her a bone, gotta keep Mary on the line and make her feel she is a part of the family......


Mari looks like she’s done!! She’s heard it all.. so what now he needs their opinion he needs them to chime in for him. He don’t love her he don’t want to be with her, so fuck it.


She should get a life sized cutout of herself sitting thur. It’s no big dill.


Probably. By most ppls standards, that’s a hefty check. For essentially just living her life at that.


It makes me miserable to see her so miserable


Not sure if I’m right, but she really reminds me of someone suffering from depression.


I'm applauding her for getting paid while sitting quietly not saying anything. But I do still hope she gets out soon.


OP is so funny. To your question about the paycheck. I don't think she needs the TLC check. The B&B is booked. Her leggings are still earning thousands per month because she's an upper tier. What she doesn't need is $6400.00 a month rent in Flagstaff. She has extra cash always taking trips.


Imagine having your self esteem so beaten that you let a neurotic mess like Kody, continue to beat it down. Something is so very very wrong.


Meri is playing the long game. Her control over Kody is NOT leaving even though he keeps trying to force her to leave.


We've all dates a guy with "crazy" exes just to end up figuring out he was the issue. Kody is one of those people that you could show him proof of him being wrong and his contradicting bs and he would still deny it. He will never acknowledge his part in all his relationships falling apart. It's always the shittiest people who think they're perfect 😒


It looks to me like she’s completely disassociated. That’s a trauma response and quite appropriate for the moment.


Let's not feel sorry for Meri. So often, she seems pensive or sad for others, but when she opens her mouth, she's bashing a sister wife or feeling victimized. She has seen the despicable things he's said about her behind her back. She has stood in front of him as he's told he he doesn't want her. She's made some half-assed contact with Janelle and Christine over the years, but they've been burned by her too often. If that catfish had been real, she'd have been gone before the sweat dried on Kody's balding brow. She has now seen how her 'friend' Robyn only allowed Meri in her's and Kody's house because she got caught on camera looking unreasonable. For whatever reasons, Meri has seen all that we have and much much more, and chooses to stay. I will not feel sorry for her.


I am not a huge Meri fan, but I give her some grace. The same can be said of janelle and Christine. They have all said shitty things about and to each other. Janelle divorced Meris brother to marry her husband. Yeah I would take that bitterness to the grave. Janelle is stupid enough to give Robyn all her Vegas house money for her mansion, she has no room to complain now. Both Christine and janelle stood by while kody and Robyn treated their children like shit over these last few years and did nothing. All 3 of these women have self-esteem issues and have been beaten down emotionally and that is sad. All of their infighting is exactly what kody thrives on. He always pitted them against each other. None of them are better than the other. Christine just left first. Yay so what 5 years too late for her children. Same for janelle. Meri get a bad rap, mostly deserved but damn, none of these women are mother of the year.


Yeah she looks miserable af but I don’t feel bad for her. She’s delusional about getting back together with Kody and has been just the worst to Christine and Janelle. She absolutely could say something supportive. She has all the experience, and literally nothing to lose but she won’t.


Someone get a mirror.


It's not just the TLC paycheck, but her LLR paycheck depends on it as well. The main reason Meri has success with her MLM is because of the show. People want to sign up under her to just be near a "celebrity". People choose to buy from her because of the show. She probably thrives on the attention she gets from the LLR events. I always thought that the "Look at the mountain" moment between her and Christine was code for think of the show (aka money). That's why Christine said that she didn't care any more. Probably also explains why Meri is giving Christine the cold shoulder in the recent episodes.


No… but I am sure she needs the attention!


Unfortunately yes she does need it, thats why shes not saying anything to anyone..she just shows up to the chritines bashes..


Meri offers nothing to this show. She enjoyed listening to Kody verbally abuse Christine. I’m waiting to see if she enjoys Kody turning on Janelle, now. She’s just sad, bitter and delusional to think anyone would pay $6,000.00 to spend time with her, and be empowered.


Meri being like “I gave up my \[insert whatever plans here\] to sit here listening to this shit?” ”I wish Kody would talk to me like that…spicy”


I wish Kody would acknowledge me like he did at Christine’s (*flirthy smile)


Yep. She does. Additionally, throw in low self esteem, negative body image, jealousy, insecurity and fear of never finding another dude and we have a desperate woman, folks. Yet she is all about blathering on social media about self- empowerment. Hypocrite.


This is gonna sound very harsh, but with her hair like that and her makeup she kind of looks like she's wearing a Michael Myers Halloween mask 😬


It's nice when some of us have the life we deserve. Doesn't happen often enough.




I feel for Meri - she needs to leave too but, I also hold her semi responsible for all this. She sought out Robyn bc she felt left out. She had tough relationships with her sister wives. Christine & Janelle got along well, had several children. Meri was the odd man out. She saw Robyn, she put the bug in Grody’s ear….now it’s blown up. It’s sad. Be careful what you wish for….or whom you bring into your circle. Get out, get laid & live happily ever after! I’d watch a show about Meri, Janelle & Christine dating - Let’s GET IT LADIES! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼


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I have to be here for the paycheck, but I don't care or have to pay attention. There is nothing in it for me anymore. Even when she's gone kody still gives Christine more attention that I get. Oh please don't let robyn glom on to me and start crying, I just want coffee and lunch. wish I could pull out my phone. Is he done yet?


It's too depressing at this point


I wonder if TLC makes her come to the tapings...the writing is on the wall, she has to know it.


“Why am I here?”


Like a lump




Does anyone know how long their contracts go for?


Kody needs the TLC check. He's up to doing anything for cash. It's called greed and we keep watching and feeding it. I'm starting to feel like one of his wives. I keep saying I am through watching this mess then I always come back for more.. like Meri. The show is depressing as hell. It doesn't have one bit of entertainment to it and should just really put me in the holiday spirit.


I really don't understand why she even comes to these things.




Sobyn needs you to bash Christine and Janelle You know you are next


Can she sink any lower in that chair


Please, she doesn’t see any TLC money. She lives off leggings money.


I think the divorce between Meri & Kody was when it all ended for Meri. It’s been so obvious for years that his only love interest is Robyn. That whole adoption thing & health insurance was an easy excuse to dump Meri & bring in the only one that Kody had eyes for. So happy Christine made the break & spoke honestly by saying she was in a loveless marriage, not easy to admit but I admire her courage. I just hope Janelle & Meri see the light. Move on & let him live happily ever after with Robyn!! And as far as all the kids, most are adults except for Truely & Robyn’s let them do what’s best for them!!


No Kotex and Snobyn do


She doesn't get the money Kody gets it.




TLC pays Kody.


Why only him




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They all sit around and look miserable.


She's like Aunt Ellsbeth from My Sweet Audrina. Just hanging around, waiting for Damian to notice her.


That is one sour-faced miserable bitch.


Meri just sits in the camping chair and stares during these awkward encounters


She’s looking more and more like the dude from Halloween ![gif](giphy|jbJYmyIdelAJh9LQPs|downsized)


TLC needs to boot Misery Meri, Kody, and Robyn from the show. They are toxic and codependent and it’s beyond hate-watching at this point. It’s infuriating to see how the children in that family are treated and the other wives. If Meri wants to tagalong hoping Kody will change his mind, that’s on her. She hates Jenelle and I think deep down she must really resent Robyn but can’t bring herself there because she has to stay in Kody’s good graces. It’s almost like this strange escetic Ancient Greek tragedy penance that she’s putting on herself. Maybe she FILLS if she RILLY contributes financially to the FAHMILY that they will also love and accept her.


Not Robyn.


She loves this and she loves being on TV.


Meri (Robyn’s and Kody’s emotional support animal) is waiting patiently for Kody to speak directly to her again…like he did on Christine’s porch!


She’s dead inside.


It’s total disassociation. But Chris Pine wore it better.[https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/chris-pine-zoning-out-is-internets-favorite-new-ubiquitous-meme/](https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/chris-pine-zoning-out-is-internets-favorite-new-ubiquitous-meme/)


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Irresponsible! Hustles! Meri Brown Drops Breaking News to kody! It will Shock you. https://youtu.be/PGOtqWPLtUE


This must be that life of joy she is alway posting about.


She looks like Michael myers 😅