For a guy who complains about family gossip, it was clear in this scene that he had been gossiping to Meri and Robyn about Janelle and Christine.


It was incredibly clear to me when Janelle and Kody had lunch, but they kept including Robyn in the talking head.


Janelle didn't get the memo that she's supposed to be shunning Christine. Kody really wants to run off all his adult kids.


Janelle got the memo she's supposed to love and support her sister wife. That's what kody has demanded all these, and now that it's not working out like *he wanted* he's angry.


Lololol! There is no room at Robyn’s either! Is he kidding? Also THIS IS MY HOUSE. right Kody. That Janelle an Meri paid for.


There must be space because didn't aurora say she moved downstairs where there is a separate entrance during the time they had covid. Also i read that dayton had moved back with his bio father so his space should be available. Robyn just doesnt want truely there


Gwen confirmed on patreon that Dayton still lives at home with Robyn and is getting a triple major


Guess what magazines write isnt always true. I read that article after gwen started posting on patreon


Somehow I thought he was living in that big ass fifth wheeler parked outside Robyn’s house. You know the one that looks a lot like what Janelle has but in a Kody-acceptable way.


This is pure speculation from the sun and totally unfounded. I also highly highly doubt kody would allow that.


I wasn’t presenting it as fact; I was asking……


😂Kody acceptable way🤣


She would be competition for her and her daughters


Yes Kody. You are wrong. On many levels. Starting with, If you want to see your adult kids you fit yourself into their lives. Not the other way around.


He is no longer the "CENTER" of the family anymore. They don't want to see him, they want to see their siblings and 2 moms. That has to bust his bubble. He wants control.


He’s completely dropped the charade that he has any home other than with Robyn. “This is my home!”


Also idk why he is upset at “neutral” territory and demands he wants them on his own territory? Bro that’s not how it works…


Control. He wants control of the situation, and he wants the boys to grovel, because he was right all along.


God he so badly wants a reason to be pissed off. Janelle is saying “hey, come see your kids. We got a vacation house for Christmas so we can all be together” and that’s….a betrayal. What he really means is he doesn’t want to suck it up and be cordial to Christine for his children’s sake. He’s disgusting.


He wants to be at Robyn’s house with Robyn and her kids…. He doesn’t care about anyone else


exactly. 'I don't know why I'm mad, I just am. Maybe Meri and Robyn can give me a reason."


Yes, Kody, you are wrong. I thought near death experiences made people more easygoing and appreciative, not raging lunatics.


His 99.8 degree temperature and sore gluteous maximus apparently weren't enough to turn him into a kind human being.


I had hoped the knife in the kidney would help…


Maybe he's wasting away like Robyn. She looks pretty well fed to me.


Those were near death. He had death esque sorta kinda like. Which means he had the same experience that Karen does when they don't get the manager.


Kody is really the ultimate Karen. All the sacrifices he’s made to buy that burger that didn’t come fast enough.


I'd love to replace "Karen " with Kody. I know some perfectly nice Karens. Seems unfair.


Excuse me he said DEATH LIKE experience


Certainly not an ego death, whatever it was


We wish lol


You would think he would be thankful that one wife is staying in contact with Christine as much as he threw a hissy fit that he wants 50/50 with Truely. You don’t ever want to see Christine again, so a thank you should be in order for Janelle coordinating with her to have Truely with you for Christmas. Fucking delusional asshole.


Didn’t he also want her to stay in Flagstaff? The only reason she had to move was to get his stink off her or whatever. The only consistent message he’s had about Christine is that whatever she’s doing is wrong.


Things that are Janelle and Christine’s fault: 1-Kody’s relationship to his children. 2-Telling the kids what Kody told you to say. 3-Trying to have Christmas together in some way




Meri shows up every once in a while to film and collects her check. I often wonder if she plays up the “I’m sitting over here waiting for Kody to come” so she has some storyline.


Kody doesn’t want Janelle making plans with Christine like they are still a family. He wants the remaining wives/their kids to completely push Christine out and shun her for leaving. He wants to operate like they are one big family but Christine doesn’t get to be a part of that anymore. The problem with that plan is that Kody stopped operating as one big family some time in Vegas. Once Covid happened, he completely neglected the one big family for his individual family with Robyn. Christine and Janelle were basically forced to keep their two families together on their own, and that’s how it will continue to play out. Kody doesn’t get to neglect his one big family for years when it suits him, and then only try to bring the family together against Christine when it suits him. Everything he has done over the last 10 years has been with selfish intentions instead of looking out for the whole family, so now they dgaf what he wants anymore.


Yeah and the majority of Christine & Janelle's kids are adults and can choose who and where they want to go. He's so mad that his biological adult children and savannah/truly would rather get together without him & robyn. Cry me a river Kody, your kids hate you


Yup. He wants to pout, and let the other wives spend their emotional energy being angry with Christin on his behalf, to prove to him that they love him. Because how can anyone be nice to Christine if she’s hurt him? Total betrayal. See, in plural marriage, the sister wives are supposed to have such close tight relationships with each other, raise kids and handle finances and make it all work. But if someone leaves the husband, you gotta immediately shun your sister and completely detach. Even if you have a 30 year relationship, and it’s working well for you, you just have to completely end it to show loyalty to your husband, who you see once a month, who doesn’t care about you or your kids. He just needs to know you’re sitting home alone with no dogs in your bed, in case he thinks of you for a few seconds while he’s clogging the toilet at Robyns


I'm confused, Janelle is saying that Christine & kids are staying at her vacation rental and want to see Kody. I assume they want to see Kody at the vacation rental. Kody is pissed that they are not staying with him or that they will not come to his house?


*He* doesn’t even know what he’s mad about it. Their biggest gripe when she left was that they’d never get together as a big family again. Here janelle and Christine are trying to make it happen and he’s still mad. Robyn made it seem like she was mortally wounded that Christine didn’t want a relationship with her after she’d left. Yet Kody is saying that Janelle continuing a relationship with Christine is a betrayal. The real reason why he’s made is he doesn’t want to be cordial to Christine and he’s pissed off that Janelle still has a relationship with her. I think he likely wanted to host Christmas and pretend to be a good person/martyr and invite Christine while screaming how she would never do that for him and he’s a good person. Or he wanted to host Christmas and ban Christine to maintain control over everything. EDIT: he also wanted to force the boys to ask forgiveness in order for them to spend Christmas together in “his” home. Which he knew tbeh wouldn’t do so he could blame not spending Christmas together on Christine and the boys. But now that it’s a neutral location *he* has to choose not to go. And let’s be real, he really doesn’t want to spend Christmas with the whole family.




So then he can demand everyone respects him enough to attend.


I thought he said they were not welcome unless they apologize to him for some stupidthing. He is mad because they will not be standing outside in the cold, noses pressed up against the window. That is what he’s mad about.


He told her that they need to come and “make amends” before they can have the holiday together. The definition of to make amends is to do something to correct a mistake that one has made or a bad situation that one has caused. I.E. apologize. It’s just his fancy way of not saying the actual word so he can deny it at a later date, like in this clip, and make her the bad guy. What an ahole.


He only denies it in the talking heads.


what the actual fuck? the **BETRAYAL** is that your family of **25 YEARS** and your **KIDS** come to see you after Christmas? Didn't he propose a few months earlier to Christine to **GO GET MARRIED** and **COME BACK HERE** with the greedy husband? I thought this is what **ADULTS DO** *\*insert Grody voice*


Well, at least the mystery has been solved of why Kurls™️ was wearing his gloves…


Why is having Christmas at a neutral location so that way the kids from your divorced wife can see you such a terrible thing? YOU made it so that no one felt welcome for OVER A YEAR. And yet they still want to see you!!!! You should be thanking the heavens that they’re willing to do even that!!


Because then he’s choosing not to come. As opposed to him setting all kids of ludicrous rules for Christmas at his house that no one will abide by (you have to choose between me and Christine. The boys have to apologize to Robyn and me and show respect, etc). If that happens then he gets to keep complaining about how no on respects him and it’s everyone else’s fault that the family is falling apart. If he chooses not to go to a neutral space to spend Christmas together and admit he doesn’t want to spend Christmas with his family, then he has to come up with some other lie as to why that isn’t his fault.


We’ll have to see what happens after this clip, but Meri and Robyn saying nothing is so telling. He’s trying to bully them into saying something and they’re not comfortable. They’re both figuring out how to just survive this interaction. And this comes from me, who has a dislike both of them!


So….he’s mad that Janelle extended her holiday rental with her boys (cause the boys refuse to over to Kathy and Robyn’s and apologize and grovel) and he considers it a betrayal of him because she provided the boys another option that allowed them to escape Kody’s selfish demands? And then Janelle is allowing the evil ex wife to come to the rental also….so that’s double betrayal. So if Kody doesn’t get over his ego he will miss the holidays with all of them cause they will all be having a blast at the rental and he will be stuck at “his home” with Robyn and Meri alone? Cause that sounds real fun 🙄 It sounds like Kody thought he had the boys over a barrel and Jenelle took care of that like a boss.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me the rumors that Janelle has left this douche are true. She's way too good for him.


That would be Robyn and Meri. Kody doesn't need to try very hard, Meri is firmly up their butts already.


This is all about him not wanting his other kids to maintain relationships with Christine too. And a neutral place feels like a good starting point because the kids have long felt un welcome at Vultures Palace.


He’ll just say that he can’t leave the “tender littles” at Christmas.


Grody in his talking head: “I’m not saying they actually have to apologize to me and I’ve corrected that many times already” Does he watch the show? Does he remember his conversation at Fat Olives? Did the excessive lemon consumption erase his memory? “Maybe Garrison should reach out to me and sort of make amends” out of the mouth of Grody. Merriam-Webster defines making amends as “to do something to correct a mistake that one has made or a bad situation that one has caused.” **When you make amends, you go further than just saying “I'm sorry.”** You acknowledge your errors, then take action to make up for what has happened in the past. So is he saying he wants more than an apology? He’s evil.


He is such an ass. All to show Robyn what he will do for her.


It's getting to where it's not fun to watch him abuse his wives anymore. He's always been a shit person, but the abuse feels like an escalation and it's not fun. TLC is exploiting victims of abuse at this point. Which i guess if you watched Seeking Sister Wife, this isn't really out of haracter for the producers. but ugh.


I know, I’m about ready to quit watching.


Yeah, he’s done with Meri (although she doesn't seem to have accepted it) and Christine is gone (taking his kidneys with her), so now he can turn his ire on Janelle. He pretty much signaled this is the way he was going to go when they had their lunch, last episode. He hasn’t wasted much time.


You know, the clips from this coming episode, idk if Robyn is down from COVID, but she actually seems kind of humbled. Just this scene, and the other sneak peek where she was asking Janelle and Kody to talk it out even if it wasn’t pleasant. Maybe it’s just me, and I’m NOT a Robyn sympathizer, but it just seems like a different attitude. Maybe Christine leaving opened her eyes to some things? 🤔Looking forward to Sunday to see how off base I am.


This has aged Kody. He’s looking worn out!


I'm confused. So her boys dont want to go to Kody's because they refuse to grovel to Kody & Robyn in order to get an invite to their Christmas. The boys want to be with their mom but her apartment/RV (wherever she is by now) is too small so they got an AIRBNB. Also the boys invited Christine to the air bnb so they can see her and their siblings from Christine. Kody is butt hurt no one wants to kiss his and Robyn's ass in order to get the invite. Am I tracking right? I like Janelle, don't get my wrong, i'm team Janelle but she's a little two faced. She says what she has to to his face. I think Janelle is playing both sides here and that just won't work because Kody is demanding she cut off contact with Christine and her sons. I don't see how Janelle can continue a relationship with her husband when half her family (sons, Christine) refuses to be in his presence and/or are not welcome at his home. She is either going to have to live an isolated life with Kody & Robyn and give up everyone who matters to her, or cut the cord with this Noodle head and get her own life. I mean, I don't see why Janelle won't stop with her bullshit and tell Kody & Robyn "If my sons are not welcome at your house for Christmas, for WHATEVER reason, I won't be attending." END OF STORY. I get Kody is a narc but Janelle is smart enough to know she is damned if she do and damned if she don't with him so its pointless for her to attempt to walk the fence. Kody isn't going to treat her nice no matter what and ultimately, we know Janelle is going to do whatever she wants. She needs to grow a spine and say what she says in her confessionals, to Kody & Robyns face. She needs to stop letting the narc control her life at this point. Also, Robyn is probably fine with this situation - she didn't want anyone coming over to her house anyways. She's probably annoyed AF that Meri gets an invite.


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The sneak peaks are so funny